Hiiiii lovely people how r u all
Well today I’m wid an os
Actually thought to post it on April 1st per busy thi isiliye aaj post kar rahi hu
I hope u All will like it

Ok ok let’s start wid a smile


April fool
A beautiful house is shown which is small one yet beautifully maintained.
Bedroom is shown.
Where a girl is shown laying on bed n seems like she is deeply thinking n let’s see her face n she is none other den twinkle (u all guessed right)

Twinkle pov
Hi guys my name is twinkle taneja. I’m a orphan n I always carved for love. When I was child in orphanage all used to mmake ffun of me nobody likes me. I’m a type of girl or u can say nerd. Yup all calls me dat frm childhood. I’ll never mingle wid anyone bcoz all r der just to play wid my feelings n hurts me. They atleast don’t have any idea how much someone gets hurt whenever anyone plays wid der feelings. All calls me nerd in my scl. N dis name is continued till clg. Now I’m doing job in sarna group of industries as a personal assistant to kunj sarna sir he is d only who have not hurted me either by his talks or by his gestures except him whoever came have always hurted me.I just hate my life but I’m not dat coward dat I’ll commit suicide as I know to expect love n respect frm others is waste specially in dis cruel world but when u love urselves no one can make u weak. N I love myself alot. But still I hope someone will love me widout any expectations n also care for me . I just hope. Are twinkle let’s sleep if u will awake upto late den u will get late for office tomorrow so let’s sleep . Bye guys
End of twinkle pov

N by diis she slowly drifted into sleep.

A beautiful mansion is shown where it’s named as sarna mansion
Next a beautiful room is shown where a boy is talking tto himself while seeing into his mobile. Let’s see who is he ?
He IS none other den our handsome dashing kunj

Kunj pov
Ttoday is a big n spcl day for me bcoz today I’m going to confess my feelings to my lady love , love of my life. Yes I’m in love . I the great kunj sarna is In love wid u twinkle (so kunj was seeing twinkle photo). I have fallen for u deeply madly. I have fallen for ur simplicity for ur innocence n for u. I know I’m sounding crazy but i really love u twinkle don’t know when I havve fallen for u. But today I’m going to propose u n i hope u will accept.
By dis thoughts kunj got freshen up n got ready to propose his lady love.

Twinkle room
As soon sunrays falls on her face she gets up n sees time
T-oh God I should hurry else I’ll be late
By dis she went to take shower n came back n wore a simple anarkali n had kept light make up.
Twinkle pov
Today Is April 1st means fool day n everyone will play prank on me I just hate diss day. I hope no one will cross my path however I’m late I should rush to office
Twinkle pov ends

Kunj pov
As soon as i entered office everyone greeted me n I greeted dem back n went to my cabin n my eyes r searching for d moat beautiful person my lady love. I think she havve not camed yet no worries but I wanna see her. Stop it kunj she will be in her way.

There was a knock on d door n I said “come in” n as soon door opened I can sense it’s none other den my Angel n I quickly looked towards her as I’m waiting for her n she was looking Gorgeous in her anarkali I just can’t take mg eyes from her but I came out of my world by her ” “I’m sry sir” she said n I just simply nodded.But I can see her upset don’t know what’s wrong. I brushed all thoughts n asked her to bring some files from receptionist n she just simply nodded her head n went. I again engrossed in my thoughts later got disturbed by phone call n to lift call I went out n talked for a while n later hanged d call n I listened to some talks of a girl who is insulting some one n I turned towards her n what I saw was shocked me. I have seen that some one a girl is insulting my Angel how she dared to do dat wid my Angel n my Angel she juat kept silent. She is saying dat my Angel is a nerd how can she say dat I got angry on her so I went to dem “what’s going on here?” I asked n my Angel said “nthng sir” she is so innocent she has not even blamed her but I cant stay silent n I said “stop twinkle I have listened everything n u (pointing towards girl) how can u say dat she is a nerd but for ur kind information she is far better talented den u n she dedicates herself towards work so better I jope u won’t repeat it again ” I said to dat girl n she nodded n said sry to twinkle n went. I went to my cabin followed by twinkle. She said “thankyou sir “. I turned towards her n I said “twinkle I love u I don’t know how n when I have fallen for u I only know dat i love u deeply n madly will u marry me? Will u be my better half ? ” n afrer saying dis I can see her shocked n slowly tears formed in her eyes n she said ” what u thought mr. Kunj sarna dat u will play wid my feelings n I’ll allow u no no mr.sarna I won’t I know u all only want to just hurt my feelings I thought u were as a nice person but no u r not u r also among who hurts someone feeling but no I’m not n I very well know today is April 1st so u r playing dis prank on me so dat i may become fool but I’m sry ur plan has flopped n I won’t let u allow to play wid my feelings u better get dis” by saying dis she went away. But srsly how she can think dat I’ll play wid her feelings I trulylove her. No I can’t loose my love I should make her understand dat i love her n I’m not playing any prank
Kunj pov ends

Twinkle pov
After kunj sir said he loves me I just shouted at him n came out to d nearby garden n was crying how can someone play wid her feelings how can dey do dis . I thought kunj sir is different from others but no he is not he is also like others. I just hate dis world I don’t want to live here. When I was thinking all dis someone kept der hand on my shoulder n I turned to see dem n I was startled to see kunj sir “sir what r u dng here…..?” Before I can complete he kept his finger on my mouth n said “shhh twinkle just look into my eyes can’t uu see love for u in those eyes. I love u twinkle n I really do I don’t know y I fell fp ur simplicity for ur innocence n y u thought I’m playing prank on u ha I love alot twinkle n I can’t imagine my life widout u. U have became.e important in my life ” by saying dis he removed his finger from my lips n I can see true love in his eyes n he again spoke ” it’s ok twinkle if u won’t believe me no worries if u will say den I’ll accept u n if u will say no den I’ll work hard n jab tere layak banunga na tab phir se aaj propose kaunga but life time I love only u ” by saying dis he juat turned n Don know what happened to me I hold his wrist n made him turn towards me “I’m sry sir for my rude behaviour at ur cabin but what can i do sir whoever came in my life just played wid my feelings they always hurted me n especially on April 1st all just played pranks on me n had fun but dey don’t know how much it hurts n today is April 1st n u proposed today so I thought u also playing prank but ” I stopped in mid n sir said “but ” I continued “but when I have seen in ur eyes I can see love for me n den I got to know how wrong I’m ” I ended . “So u dont love me? ” sir asked wid a cute pout he look so cute n I blushed n looked down “yes sir I do but realized today only” I said wid a blush n don’t know what happened to me I hugged him tightly n hide my blush n he also hugged me back. Once we departed sir said “I love u twinkle alot ” n I replied “I love u tooo kunj sir ” sir frowned n kissed on my cheek n I was startled “no kunj sir only kunj” I smiled n said “I love u too kunj ” n hugged him once again n he hugged me back n kissed on my head

Later we got married eo


Note -IT was meant to hurt anyone feeling

So how was it do u all liked It
I know boring tha
Okplsss do comment. Whether positive or negative

N about MY ff guys now I’m running out of time as soon as I’ll get time I’ll post it

Hope u all liked it

Love u keep smiling gguys

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  1. Sohi

    Really awesome os

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sohi
      Love u keep smiling

  2. Presha

    Hey ramu….
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it… ????
    Love u… ???

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou preshu
      Love u keep smiling

  3. Wow ammu it was interesting
    Feeling sad for twinkle how can ppl play with someone’s feeling
    I loved it ammu
    Love u

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou nisha akka
      Love u keep smiling

  4. SidMin23

    Nice short cute and love it ?

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  5. Fatimaa.

    Heyy ramu..
    Kya os tha yaar..
    Awesome..loved it..

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou Fatima
      Love u keep smiling

  6. Purvi128

    Woooww ramyuuu… amazing ??????? superb os… too cute… it was looking too cute when twinkle was saying kunj sir… it looks cute from her mouth… aww ??? the whole os was mindblowing.. just too good. Loved it..
    Post ur ff soon..
    Love you ??❤??

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou purvi
      Love u keep smiling

  7. Cute

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aduuuuu
      Love u keep smiling

  8. Simiyy

    It was really cute
    Post your FF soon too

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou smimyy
      Love u keep smiling

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous fantastic

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou purnima
      Love u keep smiling

  10. Hey ramya,
    Boring kaha se…I mean to say kis angel se…pagal hae tu jo itni achi writing ko boring ka naam de rahi hae…Yeh aur boring kabhi nai…April fool just loved it…kunj ne uss ladki ko twinkle ke liye data I was like wow kya pyaar hae…aur phir woh confession kunj ne seriously kaha tha aur twinkle ne joke samajh liya…just love everything about it…post soon ur ff aur ek request jab ff post karegi na short summary ya phir link jarur dena plz.

    Loads of love,

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou aakriti
      Love u keep smiling

  11. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 It was sweet 🙂
    Not at all boring …
    Do keep writing more of this 🙂
    Love you 🙂

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou sidmin
      Love u keep smiling

  12. Baby

    hayeee……my ramya… 😀
    ramya re ramya 😀
    srriee sriieee bt kya kahun ohh god amazing just sooo cute……..loved it…..
    lods of love…. ☺

    1. Ramya

      Thankyou baby
      Love u keep smiling

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