Hello everyone this is Kruti one amongst d craziest twinj aka sidmin fans
I know that no one knows me as I’m one amongst the silent readers but I have been reading ff’s on TU since 6-7months.
This article I’m writing tdy is neither an ff nor an OS or an episodic analysis……. this article is a token of APPRECIATION to all the ff writers……
I never commented on any ff till d recent past and even now I comment very rarely…..I dnt know y I don’t comment there’s smthng that stops me from doing so…….though I don’t comment I read almost all d twinj ff’s …..
Starting from

Pali-ur ff is lk my mrng cup of coffee….. cnt literally appreciate u with words fr being such an amazing writer

Crazy -ur ff’s , OS’s and SF always drive me crazzzzzzzzy

Tara-the way u describe the scenario and d locations is just fab

Aakanksha Singh-the day twinkle meet with d accident and went into comma in ur ff u stole my heart

Ritzi-what do I say abt u …..tumhare romantic scenes and Pluto r just d bst part

Sweetie-tumhari ff’s mein sabse achi baat twinj ki friendship hai

Misha-ur POV’s…….ahhhhh d way u describe them just love them

Shamz-tumhari story ka to kya kehna….kuch nahi keh sakti bcoz u always make me speechless

Shatakshi- ur just meant to b a writer

Mitali-ur OS’s r just the best

not only their ff’s but I read all d ff’s of ridhima, roshini, Sara, sanam, ria, akanksha Alisha, jazz, shreya, Fatarajo, shona, siddhi, smc, anushka, amaya, twinj fan, avantika, prapti, ramya, tannu(tanvi), rushi, bhavika, afa, Sonali, sonal, rakshita Lara, aarti and saibo

I know I might have missed many of d names but I have never missed to read any of d ff’s ……. but ya I have always missed to comment on them

Thank u is a very small word fr u great writers….. ur ff’s have just become a part of our daily life…… I never thought I would get addicted to smthng lk literature

and one thng I would lk to say…..from now onwards I’ll surely try my best to comment on all d ff’s and if any of u fail to find my comment pls don’t b angry u all just add +1 to the total no.of comments bcoz I never ever miss reading any ff and my comment will always b positive bcoz I can’t dislike anything which is related to twinj/sidmin……thank u once again to all the ff writers keep this gud job going…….keep smiling nd keep writing
and a gud news fr all sidmin fans(mostly all of u know abt it but still)
OUR SidMin r performing together as twinj at the gold awards on pashmina song from fitoor…..omg omg omg…….just can’t wait fr it
and they r on their way to Durban this Saturday i.e 11june fr a concert and sidmin r performing there also
Mostly these r d last memories of sidmin as twinj fr all d fans……..already missing them a lot

Thank u all
Loads of luv frm
Kruti Kumar

Credit to: kruti

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  1. Oh that’s so sweeeeeet kruti(di)….thanks for adding my name too….its so nice of u to appreciate all here ….and I really excited for goldawards’ performance…..

  2. Hyy….i m just lk u yrr….. i also comment rarely….bt read almost all the ff …os…epi analiyse..etc…n 2 njoyed it alot.. bt i m stick 2 TU from 3 yrs…n yeah a big sorry 4 nt comment 2 all d.writters… luv u….n keep writing thz way plzz….i hd stopped watching tei…n i miss twinj 2 yrr….so ur precious ff or os…we can imagine them…luv u all d writters n sidmin fans…..

  3. Aww u mentioned me secnd
    Thanks so so much
    Means a lot
    Special when being a writer some one of ur reader becms a writer n praozes u z d best mmt
    I nvr said it to any1
    But yeah guys I always take screenshots of ur cmmnts n keep them in phone vault
    Coz they really means a lot to MD
    N dear thanks so much once again
    Lots f love

  4. hey kruti i saw ur comment i guess… m not sure whether it was u… bt thanks a lot… thank u so much… u knw this is the best gift one can get… u guys make us feel so good what to say… i find many of u doing this.. so a hearty thanks from my side… nd i loved the way u said to add a +1 to the no. of cmmnts… really feeling grt..nd m glad u liked my descriptions…. that is what i always wanted…somebody to praise me on my descriptions.. lolzz coz m very bad in descriptive essays.. nd tend to skip them always in exams…. i guess m blabbering a lot..
    lastly i would say thank u again.. and love u loads…

  5. Thanx a lot Kruti for the appreciation. I’m really glad that there are so many of you all to appreciate the writers. It encourages all the writers. Thanx a lot to all the writers who are there to entertain us and to all of you who are there to support us.

  6. Thankew soooooo muchhhh Kruti….though u were silent reader but this article is like a thousand comment… Thankew soooooo muchhhh to make us feel so special and your each and every words means a lot to me…..once again Thankew…..
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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