Appearance matters in love o.s

In an auditorium
Chief minister has came to give best business man of the yr award
Cm-this award goes to the young business man Mr sanskar swara
Sanskar comes on the stage and receive the award and gives thanks to cm …media start questioning various things than someone from media
Media-Mr sanskar as we know you are the son of Durga prasad maheshwari & ap but your surname swara

Sanskar -smiles the surname maheshwari given me status fame attitude hatred selfishness but swara is the one who given me the real reason of living thought me to love. ..
Media -sir if you don’t mind who is swara
Sanskar -smiles and keep his paam above his heart. …honour of this heart ….
Goes towards his car but stops by hearing a couple
Boy-ragini have you seen your face in mirror. .it’s big thing I love you the Laksh gonieka loves you but you are a behenji not beautiful I can’t ruin my image by bringing you with me in public

Ragini -I am sorry Laksh I won’t repeat it my happiness depends on your happiness. ..if you don’t like me to come with you i won’t come. …..goes
Sanskar comes towards Laksh
Sanskar -Mr Laksh
Laksh -hey sanskar sir I am your biggest fan u are my role model
Sanskar -Laksh don’t repeat the mistake which I have done yrs ago ….Laksh beauty leaves by the time which remains with you is love
Laksh -but my status in friends circle

Sanskar -wait
Sanskar goes to his car and takes out a dairy and gives to Laksh
Sanskar -read it once…..I only want to say is that girl love is pure without any mixture. ….and goes
At night
Laksh came to his room and think of today Incident then he remember about sanskar and dairy ……Laksh takes the dairy and open it …..get to know it’s not Sanskar dairy it’s swara’s dairy
Let’s starts
Swara’s point of view
I was 6 yrs old i become orphan you know dairy I have no one to share my pain and happiness as family but have a friend kavya she always support me …
And another important person in my love Sanskar his smile gives me strength to face any difficulties of life …but he hates me because I am not fair nor rich i have no status and I am fat not to much but I am fat

Swara’s point of view end
In xyz clg
Sanskar and his group is standing near entrance gate by support of boundary …..sanskar sees swara coming
Sanskar-rajat let’s go yrr lectures are going to start
Rajat-how do u know
Sanskar -look their baby elephant is coming
Kavita-that’s why I am thinking all of a sudden

Samay-i want to salute this who is tolerating this much wait daily….
All hifi each other swara seeing sanskar happy she happily goes from their
Kavya -swara from which mud u are made he always make fun of u and u become happy
Swara-his smiles give me feeling freshness like ocean waves just touch my face .give peace to my heart as first rain which falls on dry earth
Kavya-its waste talk to you. …..for now stop sanskar puran u remember na next week we have to submit project …and yrr i am going for a trip
Swara-with rajat na …I know he told me I will submit both of your projects
Kavya-thank thank you I will complete it in evening and give to u
Swara -now come

In class professor announced sanskar to submit 3 project compulsory other wise he won’t able to pass ……
Sanskar gang thought very much and finally concluded that only swara can save him ….so Sanskar played the game of friendship. …….he started spending time with swara as kavya and rajat where out of town for making swara aware

Swara’s point of view
Dairy I am very happy you know Sanskar came to my house and had dinner with me…I know it’s not a big deal for u but orphan like me it’s big deal because daily I have my dnr alone …for us it’s life Time achievement when someone is their to spend time with you play with for you ..
Dairy he proposed me yeahhhhhh I am so happy I will get a family and more a surname i so happy. …..i have made his project. …tomorrow i will tell him that I also love him
I am missing rajat and kavya they both got this time only for trip….no worries when they comes i will tell
Swara’s point of view end

Next day
Swara is very happy she wore her favourite dress came to college and find out Sanskar in class
Sanskar -hey swara …my project
Swara-here we go ….sanskar i want to say something
Sanskar -say it yrr…I have many work
Swara-i…I. ..I
Sanskar -i don’t have full day time
Swara close her eyes

Swara-i love you
Sanskar and his gang then whole class bust in laugh
Sanskar -baby did you seen your face in mirror. ….babes I want this project that’s why I had just played with u babes otherwise think who will like spend time with orphan fatty and ugly creator like u…
Tears where flowing from her eyes
Sanskar -last tym she sit on my bike ..people where asking where are you going with hipo….forget people in one week i have changed 8time tires.. .. you low standard
Swara came towards sanskar. ..and wipes her eyes

Swara-sanskar every person have hurt which have feelings. …..sanskar every person have the rights to love rather playing with my heart if you just told once about the project work i have done it for you. …….
Swara with full of tears in her eyes goes towards the door and turn
Swara-sanskar it’s not my mistake that I am orphan. . Sanskar u don’t know the pain of loneliness ….it’s the problem of orphans when someone care for us show love to us .we like fools believe them …..goes

All students in the class understand the pain and sanskar heard the breaking sounds of a pure heart in billion peaces .
Next day
Swara is walking lifeless her condition is miserable because her reason of living and her love is broken her a truck is coming towards her but she is not in her sense before truck hit her someone pull her. ..
Swara comes to sense and see kavya runningly comes to her and rajat is lying next to her ….Rajat get up ….by seeing kavya swara hugs her and cry miserably by seeing her condition kavya and rajat understand something big happens ..rajat takes both girls to his house … lots of insist and sware swara tell everything to them by hearing it both became angry. …but swara gives them their sware. …..from that day both Rajat and kavya always be with swara

On otherside sanskar starts missing swara…..her antiques as swara is not with him .it’s hard to prepare for exam…
His friends gives him wrong idea he some of his friends secretly ….but their bad luck peon get to know someone stolen exam paper and he got sanskar bracelet. .boys somehow runaway
In hall
Police came to clg premises and Dean is also very angry he told about yesterday’s incident all where shocked and Dean slapped sanskar and show his bracelet and police came forward to arrest him he is seeing his for support but they moved away

Swara’s point of view
I can see fear in his eyes for his future and for his parents….he is feared for his family his feared for breaking his dreams
Point of view end
Before police arrest sanskar

Swara-i have leaked the papers it’s my bracelet. …if you have turn the bracelet swara is returned
Principal -u shameless creature get away from sight officer take her
Sanskar is shockingly seeing swara….Police arrested swara and take her away …
Sanskar goes to his house and think about the time spent with swara and her sacrifice ……sanskar jumps on bed
Sanskar-i am in love with swara yeapi …when she will come i will tell her how important she is for me yeahhhhhh

After 2 weeks

Swara comes to clg but principal expelled her from clg her carrier is finished now no clg will give her admission. ..on the other hand Sanskar got to know about swara ..he runningly comes towards swara but stops by hearing comments on her by students
Students 1-hippo of your clg is going. ..I thought from her weight one day this college will enter inside the earth
Boy 2-now we can walk with out fear if she falls on us what will happen to us
Boy3-look how weird she is ugly and fatty who will spoil his image by making her as her friend
By hearing them Sanskar fear for his image in the clg so he keep quite and go by seeing her teary eyes
Flashback ends
Laksh -how could he do this with her …even though she is not beautiful and s*xy but she has golden heart which is loving him unconditional. .
Laksh remember his behaviour with Ragini he realise his mistake are similar as sanskar. ..Laksh opens the dairy
Flashback starts
3 days later

Swara’s point of view
My life completely changed I destroyed myself with my own hands but I have not regret because I have nothing achieve or losses ..I have troubled rajat and kavya a lot but not any more …..I am going from this city ….
I have only one desire left to see sanskar for the last tym
Sanskar point of view
I am sorry Swara. ..I couldn’t stand for you but don’t worry I will prove u innocent and later tell u how much I love you

Sanskar point of view end
As sanskar going to tell his to principal regarding question paper leak…his gang members came to know about it so they beat sanskar very much shoot bullet on his heart …..
Kavita saw it she recorded it and after they go she take him to the hospital and inform swara about his condition

City hospital

Swara ‘s point of view
As I was going to meet sanskar kavita call me and told about sanskar. ..I didn’t think much and run towards hospital their i saw my love is lying attached to many wires and oxygen mask
Swara’s point of view end
Doctor -his condition is very critical bullet is stucked on his heart …If we take bullet poison will spread on his blood and nervous if we don’t his heart will blast
Kavita -then what we should do …their should be Any remedy
Doctor -new heart planning
Flashback ends

Laksh checks further page all is empty but their a letter
Dear sanskar
Don’t feel guilty for me ..I enough for me you love me ..kavita told me for proving me innocent u reach to this situation. .u thought for me it’s enough reason for my leaving completed because today I got someone who love me care for me…Sanskar. .if you love someone please tell them because life give you chance tomorrow is not necessary. ..once u broken my heart but now it’s our heart take good care of it
Sanskar move on in your life …life will become more beautiful when you leave it for love once I have personal experience. ..I will be always in u ……take good care of my Sanskar. ..
I love you

Ugly creature
Laksh ‘s point of view
Swara’s letter given answer to my question what has happened. .I don’t want to confirm it with sanskar her love story teach me 2 things
1.if u love someone say it love status appearance and beauty doesn’t matter what matters is only love
One thing is clear I am not going to return this dairy to sanskar and I am not going to do same mistake done by him by waiting for tomorrow

Laksh point of view end
Laksh takes his car and reach to Ragini ‘s house and climb the pipe and reach Ragini’s room ….and apologies to Ragini next day he introduced Ragini to entire clg as his love and would be wife
When ever Laksh see sanskar He run away and one day raglak is romancing on beach they see a couple is fighting
Husband -suhani as your face your image and status is also black
Suhani -it’s my mistake that I am black and I am not rich like u yuvraj Birla. …..before marriage also u know I don’t have quality u want in your life partner. ..goes
Laksh -smiles. .
Ragini -why are you smiling
Laksh -i am just coming

Laksh goes towards yuvraj
Laksh -hey yuvraj
Yuvraj -sorry I don’t remembering you
Laksh -i am Laksh gonieka. ..I heard your fight with your wife…….I know it’s your personal life…before u take any decision please just read this dairy once …your concept on love and life will change


Plz dont throw tomato on me I know it’s not good sorry

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