An appeal to the readers of Swaragini ff readers


Hey there..! I am a regular reader of many of the Swaragini fan fics out here. I won’t disclose my name. Please read this once.

So I wrote this because I feel it is really very wrong to be so much biased. I am not asking you to read each and every fan fic out here because they are in millions and its not at all possible to read each and every writer’s story.

But it is an appeal to you all that if you support a writer on his/her intro of any story and comment all the good, like “I am your fan now” and “this is the best ff I have ever read” and bla bla bla…, then support them till the end.

I have seen many writer’s getting a large numbers of comments on their story’s intro and as the story proceeds, the number of comments shrink. Don’t you guys think that would definitely depress any of the authors?

You guys talk of brilliant writers over here and they are just so because of the number of comments. Is it..? Why do we judge any story by the number of comments it got? And if you talk about the best story ever written, it is not so. And even you know that. Many authors are much better. And you treat them all like their works are good enough than Sidney Sheldon and Paulo Coelho. WTF..!

You very clearly know whom I am talking about. The so called BEST WRITERS OF TU. But let me ask all those readers who do not post anything here.. If we were to write a story here and we give all our time to it. What would you guys expect in return? Good comments. Right?

They do motivate the writers. Trust me, there are many rising stars who are doing an amazing job. Are we not the one who could and should fulfill their wishes? Wishes of getting good reviews.

Writing is not an easy task and not everyone of us could just write a story. Its difficult. You have to give your time and mind to it. And I feel that we should definitely appreciate those upcoming writers. They might take lots of pain to write.

I am not asking you all to stop reading those fan fics which are hell popular. Each ff has a different writer and thus, different views involved. Who are we to compare?

And its not that the ones whom you call THE BEST are the only people here. Give everyone a chance. And if you do not like the story do not even comment on the intros. Trust me, it feels even bad when there is a sudden decline of good reviews on your story. I can feel that because one of my friend is posting her work here.

And you writers.. I hope you guys understand that even well. I do not wanna bash any writer here. Everyone one is unique and have their own talents.
And those stupid analyses.. Those are total sh*t. You know how much your blabbering about those few POPULAR writers can hurt anyone whose story is not so supported here? The biggest problem is that you guys have given some few of them so much importance that others just feel like dejected. And that’s the reason in sudden decline in the number of FFs. You know very well what was the number before and what it is now.

I cannot force anyone. Appreciation is merely a choice. But if you guys support in the beginning and go incognito suddenly, that’s the worst thing you’ve done.

So please guys open up your eyes and see the talent and not the popularity.. Hope you’ll understand and not bash me instead.

-A reader

Credit to: Anonymous

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  1. Vyshu10

    I would just like to say if i ever loved a story, i never stopped suppoting them

    1. AnuAnn

      Me too… That’s all

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