Aphorism:The Girl that is a Beauty (Swasan short story by aashi)

Hello guys, it’s again Aashi back with a new story. This story definitely have a happy ending. Hope you will like it.


~Aphorism: The Girl that is a Beauty~

Part 1:

A strong wind of power came and attacked her, everyone at her back shouted,” SWARA”.

Long time ago, when the kingdom of Shimla was a happy-go kingdom. A ruler of kingdom had two sons –
Durgaprasad Maheshwari and Ram Prasad Maheshwari. Everyone was happy, there were no issues for the next heir of thrown, As Durgaprasad never wanted to rule, he had left it for his younger brother Ram. Both of them were married to beautiful ladies namely Annapurna amd Sujata. Everything was fine, but as we know internal enemies were a threat to the kingdom and it was. The minister of kingdom – Bhusan Saha always wanted to rule or wanted to king maker, he thought if Durga would be the ruler, it was easy for him to achieve his dreams. After the demise of king, he planned against Ram.
The attempt was successful, Ram had to vacate the region. He went away with the people who trusted him and established his own kingdom.

Days passed, months passed, years passed.

The heir to the kingdom was Laksh Maheshwari, the only son of Durgaprasad.
The city of Shimla, was now destroyed.
Crimes&corruption was in the highest peak. But sanskaar Maheshwari, heir of Manali was in the hearts of people. He was a epitome of perfect king.

Laksh maheshwari hated his brother,due to his father deeds,as he was not knowing the truth. Whereas Sanskaar always wanted to prove his father innocent. He knew about the activity of Bhusan Saha.

One day the war started, Sanskaar had a beautiful valley of Normallinga under his kingdom., Laksh always had a eye on that.
He attacked the place under the guidance of army officer Shekhar Gadodia.

Shekhar Gadodia had two daughters – Ragini and Swara. They both were very opposite in nature. Ragini was a reserved and a household lady whereas Swara was a valiant soldier. She led the arm forces under her father. Ragini marriage was fixed with Laksh.

The battle had began, men and horsed all slept in a heap. Blood was everyone.
Then someone attacked Swara and took her away.

Everyone shouted Swara, they thought they had lost their jewel. Grief had taken over the palace. They never thought that will swara come back!

Kingdom of Manali

Sanskaar: Doctor she should be healed.
Coming out of the room,

Minister: sir it’s our luck that this girl is captivated by us,we can use her as a medium to Neutralize the hatred between the kingdom.

Sanskaar: You are correct, Mammohan. Be sure that this girl should be saved, but I’m really angry on your soldier, that was a wrong way to captivate her.

Manmohan: I’m sorry sir.

Sanskaar: Make sure that she does not feel uncomfortable over here.

After sometime when Swara gains conscious,she remembered what happened with her. She knew she was under Sanskaar captivation. She feel disgusted that how they had used cheap tricks. She found herself on a cozy bed with fruits and a medicine on a side table. She smiled seeing that. Her stomach was growling. Without any hestitaion she ate all the fruits.

She saw the surrounding, their were guards everywhere, she needed to escape from here.

She called one of the guards.
Swara: Hey,can you bring me the jug of the water, see it’s finished.
“Yaa sure ma’am.”
Before he could go, swara kicked him making unconscious.
She took the mask, the his coat and went outside the room.

After a few distance, she didn’t know where to proceed. She went where their was less security, even no security.
She started running and trash she had fallen something.
She panicked.
Here sanskaar had listened to the sound. He went outside to see and saw someone running
He followed and catch, the mask fell-off.
In a moment:”Sanskaar said,”aphorism: The girl Is a beauty.”

So here is the part one, hope you all had liked. I dont know what I had written,
actually this idea I given me by a my friend. I don’t how have I written.
Do tell whether it is good. Shall I continue this? Please tell.

Bye love,

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