Hello everyone.. how are u all?? Oh god thank u so much guys for ur lovely comments m on cloud nine!! Jasmine, shreya , jisha, mahi ,jasmin, sohi, krystal, sam, ria, krystal, cutie pie, zikra, harna, srija, Fiona, sayeeda, dreamer, loveleen, romaisah ,sadaf, aastha, fatarajo, anushka, disha, shatakshi, rupam, ruchi, fan, tamanna, rashi, ritzy, mitali, salma, hima, syeda, aliya…. and all the silent readers of the ff. Guys i have alot to tell u so u have to bear me today but before that lets begin with the epilogue…
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It was a sunny resplendent morning. The rain washed sun of early autumn took the hue of pure gold. Its brilliance made even the dingy rundown houses of inner lanes of Delhi look beautiful.
Few days turned into months and when those few months converted them into years was difficult to remember. It has been four long years since we have shifted to delhi. This time we opted for a bungalow, as twinkle always wanted. It was our very own bungalow which was transformed into home by my beautiful wife.

She decorated it with all her passion. After leaving Chennai my life suddenly changed. I got promoted twice and our happiness knew no bounds. But happiness seemed to be just for few days.. “chan dino ka mehman”. Soon a phase of darkness captured us when we came to know that twinkle could never conceive. The doctors were unable to say the real cause. My estimation says something weird happened with her when she was captured by the spirit. I again remember those words about life death and its missions… was she successful in destroying our life?? Was her mission completed…all sorts of weird thinking gathered in my head. It pained I thought it would burst out some day. But more than me someone else was in pain. Yes it was twinkle. The saddest part was she herself didn’t know what had happened to her. I never told her about the past incidents. She had totally forgotten them. Every single day she used to cry bitterly. I could no longer bear her pain. So I decided something…ADOPTION!!

I thought it was the only way through which we could get back our happiness. First i was hesitant to speak to twinkle about this…but greatly was I surprised when she readily agreed to it. Without wasting much time we applied for a child adoption and within a week we were called. We went there and chose a baby girl..she was only 2 months old.
Today is the day when we are suppose to bring her home. It was just six o’clock…when i was looking out at the sky through my balcony. Twinkle came to me with tea. Both of us sat on the balcony and gazed at the sky. It indicated something auspicious.

In evening we brought home our little princess. I felt the happiness of becoming a father. Twinkle was the happiest woman then. She started playing with her. Seeing that I was relieved. Suddenly twinkle said “what should we call our little princess , kunj??” frankly speaking i didn’t think much and just after a moments silence I answered “Prerna!!”….

Its not about how big or decorated the apartment is..its all about how happy the ‘home’ is.
~~~Apartment (house) is made up of walls and beams….
Home is made up of happiness and dreams~~~



Ok so u know its me.. Tara.. loveleen knew it… nd others were waiting for it… so finally I revealed it.. 😛 😛 . kris I hope u r happy…. nd now u know that even though u didn’t commented in my ff.. u still commented in my ff!! Shreya ur comment made me so happy i cant tell u… i wanted to reply instantly but resisted myself..u told the story to ur friends..nd two boys were scared lolzzz …this was height!! But m happy that u enjoyed it… aastha may u r busy.. bt i remember u commenting in this… and as usual ur comments touched my heart!! Ok enough of bakbak… guys this was the end of the story.. nothing more for this.. sorry to all whom i disappointed by ending it… bt i had no idea how to extend it more.. nd also i m unable to handle the pressure of three ffs… so back to normal life.. yes I will do write more like this.. if not horror..may be something with different concept… so i have just one request at the end… plzzz comment..silent readers as well plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz if u feel i have entertain u plzzz comment..and today m definitely gonna reply to ur do come back nd check it!!
Last but not the least love u all.. stay blessed!!

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  1. Nice write more ff like this

    1. thanks sam..

  2. nice write more like this one. awesomeeeee

    1. thanks mitali!!

  3. oh my godddd! taraaaaa! srsly i never thought it would be u…. srsly yaaaar but ya these writing skills i srsly smtyms used to think i hv cam through thses accent nd skills but srsly bever thought it was u…… srsly it was awesome

    1. ohhh ritzi..ur comment made my eve..lolzz btw u used the word ‘srsly’ so many times !! haha
      thanks a lot..after five long chapters m replying to my readers..feels grt!!

  4. good tara what a change in story I think prerna is the name of that ghost

    1. yes u r sohi… prerna was the spirit!!
      thanks a lot…

  5. great tara?????
    u r a brilliant writer??????

    1. thanks srija.. love the way u use emojis.. 😛

  6. lol it was u tara
    amazing work

    1. hahaha.. thanks.. fiona..

  7. Taraaaaaaa amazinggggggggggggggggg yaar how do uh manage to write so well n amazing loved so much n do write more ……????????????

    1. thank u so much zikra….

  8. Nice … will miss your FF

    1. thnks.. i guess u r the one who started a new ff.. i read that …it was good

  9. It was superb.

    1. thnks ria

  10. awesome

    1. thank u harna

  11. Taraaaaaa…..R U KIDDING ME!!!!
    That was really a shock
    Arreee not the epilogue but the identity… Yaar I didn’t though that it was u…
    But anyways the epilogue was Fantastic..
    Do write such mysterious ff

    1. lolzz 😛 😛
      that was the best part u knw…more than my ff my identity was a suspense!!
      bt m really happy to see ur hard work is successful now!!
      thank u so much dear

  12. Just loved it ❤pllzzz begin a new ff will be surely waiting for it ?

    1. thanks dear…. well i will surely start bt not now.. as my school will be opening..

  13. Gandi bacchi humlogon ko writer ke naam lekr ollu bana diya…..when I read it’s u Tara …I was like hayyyy…mouth wide open …I was so excited to know the real writer name behind this great ff …I hadn’t read ur epilogue first infact first I searched the name nd is surprised..
    Bt I thoroughly enjoyed ur horror ff….love uu Tara…

    1. lolzzz hahaha… ur comment is epic!!
      thanks dear.. u were a regular commentor.. really enjoyed ur comments..
      love u too

  14. Tara seriously I luved u r ff…it was completely different….tara really u r very good writer…keep on writing.

    1. thanks dreamer… it a great compliment…

  15. tara it was uh lyk srsly i neva thought ki tu hogi yaaar meko laga tha ki koi nayi identity aayegi lv uh re omg what a story n the suspence loved it

    1. mujhe pata tha tum yehi mujhe tumhara exprssn dekhna tha…yaar.. anyways.. thnks a lot.. i hope now ur soul is happy.. hehe
      love u too

    1. thanks lama

  16. Just loved ur ff. Do write such mysterious stories..

    1. thanks a lot jisha.. even ur story is good..
      i will surely write..

  17. so shall say nythng…?? i recognsd u at once wen u stated my name in ur 2nd episd…bt as per ur instructns i kept ur secret…bt yeah u knw m lil selfish so i need smthng in return…ie..u need to write another epic piece lyk dis…????

    1. yaar tum log nehi sudhroge.. haha
      koi nehi.. i will surely write… for my chasmish!!
      thank u.. nd love u

  18. wow dear i have send u a frnd request accept it asap…

    1. ok i will

  19. And dear i never thought in my wildest dream that u r writing this …..omg ..i am still blushing….u wrote so well…i never thought u can write horror story also so nice.?. And dear today was my entrance test so i was busy and also tensed that with a plaster cast how i will go to examination hall…. bt dear due to ur blessing my entrance exams gone superb as soon as my result will be declared i will tell u.

    1. lol.. i guess my ff (regular one ff of tei) is very ppl find this one quite diff nd thus dont blve its me..
      anyways.. thanks for the complement..
      good to hear that…
      nd yes will be waiting for ur results..

  20. I never thought it would be u tara di…
    but i knew that the writer is some1 known to me…
    u have a,azing writing skills…seriously..di
    i seriously enjoyed it…
    n m seriously saying that u r n amazing writer..
    hats off to u…

    1. oh jasmin..ur words are so sweet.. u made my day rather i wud say night…m so happy u all likes it.. thnk u so much

  21. Its awesome

  22. Wow Tara loved it when I saw the name I thought maybe it’s u but when I saw credit name I thought I was wrong in the end I was right lol I didn’t know I guess so well I guessed 4 diff ff correctly and the person I guessed was correct one is this one 😛 I wish I can guess well like this in exams then no one can stop me from being the topper 😛

    1. lol… haha i also wished that jo..
      anyways thanks for commenting.. i was waiting for ur cmmnt…

  23. I had doubt it was u only but was confused because of horror story wanted to know ur identity sorry for not commenting I enjoyed reading and I can’t understand y ur writing in tu only u should become writer n write novels . written by Tara d cost wow it sounds good luv u dear waiting for ur next surprise .

  24. I had doubt it was u only but was confused wanted to know ur identity sorry for not commenting I enjoyed reading I must say u have good writing skills I can’t understand y ur writing in tu only u should become writer n write novels . written by Tara d cost wow it sounds good luv u dear waiting for ur next surprise .

  25. Ayee u dont say anything bad abt tara’s ff else i will beat u ??? yaar i srsly cudnt guesss tht this was u
    The apartment is one if my fav stories or shud i say ff? ? i rele loved it tho so sad it ended but yes i hv ur season 2 to read n im waiting eagerly for u to upload it !! Love u tara n u huge wala fan of ur writing skills:)

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