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chapter 5: life mission and death!!
That very view sent a shock wave down my whole body. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took the frame in my hands and watched it carefully. It was all the same…yeah it was me. Ditto my face and features…starting from my complexion to every small things… !! i didn’t know what to do next.. i decided to take the photo along with me.
I straight away went to mr. Malhotra’s house…… his wife had taken good care of twinkle… she seemed fresh. I decided not to disturb her with the present conditions so I didn’t tell her anything. I came out to the living room…. I was very curious… so I asked mrs malhotra..if she knows anything regarding this. She was quiet. The silence indicated the arrival of a deep mystery. “plzz tell me.. plzzz” i urged her…

She started.. “I don’t know much… bt since my marriage I m here…and I have not seen or heard anyone taking up flat no. 6 of capos le trans… the building is quite a old one u see… most owners have died or have settled other places… after the renovation new owners and few old owners started giving those flats at rent. I heard the this flat no. 6 owner stays somewhere else…he has a big bungalow there..but he never comes here. He stayed here for few months bt then moved to that place…no one knows why ppl cant stay here for more than a week or so… bt I guess u are the first one who stayed for more than a week…”
Her speech was interrupted by the arrival of mr. Malhotra..Whose expression said he wasn’t happy with his wife narrating the story…yet it was incomplete or should i say not yet started… i requested him a lot. I almost begged him… god i never saw such a stubborn person… but I somehow managed to convince him…

He began “ kunj… the apartment u rented is haunted!! People say there is a ghost in that flat… no one could stay there more than 2-3 days… i though u will also go back…or shift..but i was surprised u didn’t… the story begins from 12 years back… a girl used to stay here with her family and she got married to the love of her life. Her father had gifted this apartment to her. The couple began to stay here… one night we heard that the guy died in an accident. The girl was totally shattered… her mom and dad were out of station during those days.. and her husband was merely an orphan who had no one …. the girl couldn’t led the monotonous life and attempted suicide… police reported that her body was not found…because she had set fire..which crumbled her soul into ash….thereafter her parents sold the apartment and settled abroad. No one knows what had happened hence…”
I could somehow relate the story… with the incidents… the girl could lead a happy marriage life so she didn’t wanted others to do the same… whoever rented that flat were married couples so they couldn’t stay there… but we had peaceful living… y?? I suddenly remembered the photo.. i took it out and saw…maybe I looked the same as her husband… “yes….yes..she thought her husband is back… she never harmed she was close to me..” equations seemed to match… btw whats the solution now…

I was thinking as i tried to fix the broken window pane… suddenly i heard a soft sound… what was it… i looked down from my balcony… a priestly mullah was singing…. his song described the mission of life and so on… hearing that i asked my self..if life has a goal or mission whats our mission after death…. i don’t know what was it that brought me near the mullah …. straight away i asked him… “baba..yeh jo gana ap ga rhi hain.. isme insaan ke zindagi ka maqsad to zaheer hota hain..par kya uske marne ke baad koi maqsad nehi hota??”
He seemed amazed by my question… “ maqsad insaan ka hoya hain..par sabka poora nehi hota.. khuda hi jane ki marne ke baad insaan kya karta hian..magar haan.. jiska maqsad pura nehi hota.. uski aatma koh shanty bhi nehi milta…” saying this he left…
Aatma..shanti?? i guess i had got my clue… i rushed to mr. Malhotra once again… after a few set of question it was evident that no body had done antim sanskar for the girl..may be thats the reason her soul was wandering about…

Few days passed … i had shifted to mr. Malhotra’s place.. twinkle was recovered completely…now it was the time to face the reality…. I had a plan in my mind…. i went to the apartment. It was 10 pm when i reached there… i quietly sat on the sofa and waited…. just a s the clock stuck 12… i could feel her presence… i knew she had approached…. near me.. she again tried to get hold of me.. i remained calm… slowly the shadow began to take form… and there she stood.. right in front of me… her whole body was that of a burnt girl…she looked exceptionally horrible …… bt i had no choice…. in a nasal tone she said… “look m back..ur prerna is back..” i understood her name was prerna…
She smiled at me in a weird manner… she was coming closer to me..closer..more closer… when she got stuck… yes something prevented her from coming towards me.. next she burst into a loud cry..with the next few second i saw her body smashing into bits… the was a smoke and then… all clear..!! i was relieved…

Pir baba had saved me ..yes i had gone to him for help…. he did something.. i don’t know what spells he used bt it did affect the spirit…
Spirits also have some mission… I i completed the antim sanskar…as said by pir baba… i prayed her soul to rest in peace…

So by this we come to the end of the story… sorry i couldn’t extend it any further…bt yes i will write an epilogue and thats for sure… and I will reveal my identity there only… sorry krystal u have to wait for a little more…

So guys what do u think… how was the story… i don’t know whether its a good ending or not..may be it could have been better.. anyways plzz m in need of that.. best regards..

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  1. Amazing…… It was damn good.. But the only part which was a bit disappointing that twinkle’s role was not important in d story… Otherwise… It was fabulous…. U know from today my vacations have started and yesterday in PT period I narrated ur story to my classmates, and d funny thing was at d part when kunj went to d basement ..2 boys were listening to d story hugging each other …but u know I didn’t told them that where I read d story and ended till ch4 only…they all were hell angry on me for leaving them in suspense……. they all will b reatless 4 know what happened next….????

  2. Awesome yaar… had a wonderful and thrilling experience while reading ur ff. Sad coz it ended soon…

  3. Its very Good

  4. Horrible but amae one dear

  5. Nice…its too gud or i say horror story…i loved it as. I love horror stories…n plzz reveal ur identity…n do come with some more fictions or some slots…

  6. good yaar you should write some more also

  7. it was amazing yaar, especially the horror the story part

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  9. The ending was amazing.. the story was mind blowing.. but, I was soo eager to know who you were.?

  10. it was fab n a thrilling one bt cant wait for the revealation of ur identity anyways i loved it re uh r awwwsssuuummmmm

  11. Awsme bt ismein twinkle ka zyada role nai dikharah tha oderwise its good

  12. Hey it ws fab thriller n amazing loved d epi bt ending so soon nt expected bt ws outstanding fabulous loved it

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  14. amazing just beautiful ?????????
    tooo goood ????????

  15. u are awesomee writer
    please continue writing ,horror stories
    and eager to know who are u
    my support is always with u

  16. Ur story is not good ……
    infact it’s too good yrr …..this much horror nd suspense….. woooww
    Hats off to u for choosing a different concept …..we all had romance nd comedy In our tei ff but ur once was totally different with a great pinch of horror…. hope u come back with u new one …excited to know ur identity dreamer….

  17. Hey writer u know what…u r a superb writer…u r story was totally different but very good too…I luved it.

  18. m sad u didnt keep my words of extending ths stry… ending ws nyc….bt fr punishment i ll say u hav to write another such marvellous stry….

  19. U no i rele loved ur story i was waiting for the apartment to show up on TU rele sry for late comment kinda sad its finished bt on a gud note I’ll get to read epilogues plzz come back soon n waiting to know who u r 🙂

  20. Really loved it

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