Thanks to loveleen, dreamer, ria, ritzi, sayeeda, mitali, disha, sadaf khan, cutie pie, zikra, harna, salma, sam, hima….and all the silent readers for reading this ff. Loveleen i was expecting u to comment at first and it happened….and yes most of u guessed it right..its a horror story..or u can say thriller romance…but guys its going to be few shots…i have not decided how many…may be 5-6.
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CHAPTER 2: Terrified!!
I was shocked to see twinkle sleeping peacefully….is she playing prank with me… “twinkle….!!” I called out….she got up at once… “what the hell is this??” my wife looked dumb. “twinkle..I asked u something…do u think its a joke…??”
“What have I done?? U only came here and called me..u disturbed my sleep…at late night u r creating a scene..and asking me all this?? And y the hell are u shouting?? Now I am asking what’s so funny??” said she.
I was taken aback. I realised how rudely I had behaved to her. Else it was impossible for a girl like her to even raise her voice above 60 decibel for a normal conversation. I was ashamed..I said sorry. She slept again. Although i lay on bed…I couldn’t sleep. There was something which kept me bothering the whole night. But it was difficult to say what it was that bothered me. Whether it was that I behave so rudely with my wife which I had never done post marriage…or was it something else?? It was all calm now..but not my brain not my mind….as they say silence is the most powerful scream….and so it was screaming in my ears..I held them (ears) with my palms…. tightened them…the noise seem to fade…my vision also faded…!!
“kunj….kunj…get up…its 8…u will be late..don’t tell me then…..” I could hear someone shouting. I opened my eyes with a lot of difficulty. I saw twinkle standing in front of me…when did I sleep?? I really had no idea..
T: kunj….c’mon get up…

Rubbing my eyes I got down the bed…I went to the washroom…while brushing my teeth also I thought about last night…I washed my face…
At breakfast wife looked annoyed. She just served me. I was blank..I didn’t know from where should I start… “still angry??” said a hesitant me. She just gave me a look. And it said all… “okay..I know its my fault….I overreacted….(before i could complete)
T: no it isn’t ur fault..the fault is on my part as I failed to understand y u even ‘reacted’??
I decided not to involve her into this matter… “nothing…just forget it..”
Apparently my answer didn’t satisfy her. And now she was more than angry. I got up from my chair and made her do the same. I held her hands… “ look twinkle..m really sorry..please forgive me..please…please..” her expression seem to change a bit. From ages men knew the art of pacifying women..I held her waist and pulled her towards me…she smiled..I tried to kiss her..but she shifted her face. She laughed…and ran away..
“twinkle….where is my handkerchief??” I called out…she came to the room…. “what will happen to u if m not here??” said she taking out the kerchief from the drawer.
K: y ? r u going somewhere?
T: no I mean in my absence what will u do??

I moved close to her… “Twinkle u nd me are meant to be together…so no force in nature can separate us…better don’t say all these..” said a disappointed me..
“awww… my cute li’l hubby…don’t be angry dear…m not going anywhere….” saying this she planted a kiss on my cheeks…I could feel the soft I wanted to feel more…nd more but she insisted me to leave for my office… and i was like.. -_- -_-
In the office also I couldn’t concentrate…arghh… i wanted to kiss her….somehow i managed to complete my work and gave an excuse to go home early. My boss thought that its because I have shifted. Whatever…my motive was fulfilled…I was sure…that today I would kiss her…definitely….
I rang the bell…no one opened…I rang it again…still no one opened.. my mind began to fill with all sorts of bad thoughts… restless..i banged the door.. after a moment…the door opened… bt where is twinkle?? I could see no one …who opened the door then?? “twinkleeeeeee….” calling her name..i got inside….I looked here nd there..but she was no where to be seen…suddenly..I noticed that our apartment was enlighten with candles…I went upto my bedroom to see rose petals spread over the soft bedcover….i understood my wife was in a great mood…then out of blue she came out in a night gown..I was mesmerised seeing her…she called me near her..I flowed in her beauty…i moved closer…i leaned on her to kiss…just then I saw something….something out of this world..something one can never imagine….!! it almost gave me an cardiac attack..


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