THE APARTMENT: (an ff on manmarziyan) Chapter 3


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CHAPTER 3: my sceptical wife!
I was leaning on radhika..when I noticed that outrageous thing….i couldn’t believe my eyes…. how can it be… My wife was not visible in the mirror!! Yes…. she was sitting right in front of me..I could see her ..feel just behind in the mirror..where I could see my wife was not at all visible…. “Radhika…..” I shouted… as I woke up from the deep sleep… I saw everyone looking at me.. what?? am I in the office?? Was it a dream?? Few of my staff members suggested that m stressed and should leave… I decided to do the same…..
When I reached my apartment it was 7 already… I wondered what radhika was doing…. I rang the bell. After some time she opened. Our apartment looked beautiful..she had managed to decorate it with all household stuffs…radhika always aspired to become an Interior Designer….nd i could see the talent in her…

A: are u all right??
R: yeah…why??
A: no..just like that…
R: hmm…u tell howz ur day??
A: bakwas…
R: why??

I went close to her and whispered in her ears… “coz i badly missed u..” she smiled at first then pushed me saying,, “nautanki..” she went to the kitchen…
Yaar i don’t understand girls… if u tell them u haven’t miss them at all they get angry, insecure,,, and sometimes even jealous…bt the moment u say u miss them..they start behaving weird..I mean take radhika into consideration.. what’s nautanki in this if I tell her i missed her… women and their thoughts!! Unpredictable… really!!!
After dinner I was in my bedroom..working on my laptop…it was already 11:30… but where is radhika?? What is taking he so much time…in the kitchen… I thought to check once…and to my great surprise…she wasn’t there.. I looked here and it was of no use…it reminded me of my dream… suddenly i felt someone’s hand on my shoulder.. i was terror stricken… i turned back to see radhika… “ufff…” said i in a relief tone..

R: what happened??
A: nothing…where were u??
R: in the balcony…
A: so late?? Anyway..lets go to sleep…
R: u want to sleep??
A: yeah… y??

R: oh… I thought we would spent some time together…
I was touched by her words…but i had office the next couldn’t help it… “radhika…we shall spent time on i really have work..” i could understand the disappointment on her was helpless…. it was probably the first time she wanted something..nd m that unlucky husband who missed it… i knw she also wishes for something..nd we need to give our marriage a chance… although it was arranged marriage!!
She was sleeping when i was thinking about all this… a lot of time has passed since our marriage..but we never thought of consummating it…it was high time now..and our family was also expecting our kids… I thought …. !!

The next day:
I spoke to radhika about my feelings… “radhika…tum samajh rehi ho na…I mean.. humein humare rishte ko aage barahna hoga…u knw what i mean…….
“stop blabbering….m I a kid..that i wont understand??” said she.. I was shocked at her direct reply…

Few days passed..i guess both of us were waiting for the week ends… but I was little sceptical about radhika’s behaviour… one day she said she was going to the terrace…but when i went there she was no where to be found. When i returned to the apartment i saw her sitting there…. again one day I found her cutting veggies..she cut her hand by mistake.. but didn’t allow me to bandage he finger…i sort of ignored al this….
On Friday night when I returned from my office… i saw the apartment decorated in the same I had dreamt… i was surprised…. radhika came out in the same night gown…she called me near her…i was a bit hesitant… she grabbed my shirt and pulled me…she pushed me down on the bed…i was again surprised by her wild behaviour…she slowly came over me…she began to unbutton my shirt… somehow I was not liking this… i got up…
R:what happened??

A: radhika…..
As i was going to tell her….I saw my image on the mirror..nd she was not visible there….I was horrified….i pinched myself..nd it was not a dream..!! i got up with a sudden jolt…. she was surprised… “what happened arjun…?? my love…” i stepped back… “ come near me….don’t just…” she didn’t listen….she stepped forward… “arjun aaj toh humare Milan ki raat hain na…tum darr kyun rhe ho” I knew she wasn’t my radhika…I found a flower vase…nd as she came near..I banged it on her head…nd to my great surprise…the vase broke…bt she didn’t bled…. inow i knew she was….. “where is radhika??” I shouted…she smiled…. and then she disappeared…

To be continued

Okay so most of u might have understood…what has happened… bt yet many mysteries are unsolved…so i will be 2-3 shots bear me till then. don’t forget to wishes

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  1. Sree_deeksha

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    1. Tara

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      yes.. it was called manmarziyaan: roots of friendship and love
      bt i suggest dont read that.. its boring..
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    Really wanted to know what will happen….please update next one soon ….. Awesome episode…. loads of love and take care….

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    tara ..are you the riya d cruz ..who is writing the ff named Apartment kumkum bhagaya ..actually i found the same plot with very small changes ….but i loved and this was so awesomme

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    Superb….superb Tara…still I have Goosebumps…what happened to radhika…poor rads…horror thrill…it chilled…n if u have time continue with ur previous ff…I remember that when trio went to movie they bumped into Arjun n had a little word exchanged…lol…m crazy to remember many things…sorry if m wrong about ur story

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    Awesome Tara.. hope Neil knew abt d ghost.. scared Arjun!!loved. Reading it.. curious 4 nxt chappy.. will Arjun find Radz..

    1. Tara

      thanks jessie,,
      umm btw there is no neil in my ff..
      i had mentioned earlier
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  18. Awesome story just read all 3 episodes at once and I just have one word AMAZING

    1. Tara

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  19. Awesome. ..but where did rads go???…plz don’t seperate ardhika. ….loving this story very much. ..keep it up honeyyy. you loads

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