THE APARTMENT: (an ff on manmarziyan) ch 6 epilogue

Hello everyone.. how are u all?? Oh god thank u so much guys for ur lovely comments m on cloud nine!! Ok so here is my hearty thanks to all who commented on my ff… thanks to brin, Jessie, gauri, sathya, aliya, starz, sweetie, dipika, myra, neetz, sv, subha, Sammy , roma, ritu,jnana, sree_deeksha, kk, rossy di, geeth, shreya, Chandra, gianna, faima, ana, ruhani, nitu, prathi, hashmy, anu singh, sobha, amber, and all the silent readers of the ff. Guys i have alot to tell u so u have to bear me today but before that lets begin with the epilogue…

THE APARTMENT (an ff on manmarziyan) ~~ The Epilogue

It was a sunny resplendent morning. The rain washed sun of early autumn took the hue of pure gold. Its brilliance made even the dingy rundown houses of inner lanes of Delhi look beautiful.
Few days turned into months and when those few months converted them into years was difficult to remember. It has been four long years since we have shifted to delhi. This time we opted for a bungalow, as radhika always wanted. It was our very own bungalow which was transformed into home by my beautiful wife.

She decorated it with all her passion. After leaving Chennai my life suddenly changed. I got promoted twice and our happiness knew no bounds. But happiness seemed to be just for few days.. “chan dino ka mehman”. Soon a phase of darkness captured us when we came to know that radhika could never conceive. The doctors were unable to say the real cause. My estimation says something weird happened with her when she was captured by the spirit. I again remember those words about life death and its missions… was she successful in destroying our life?? Was her mission completed…all sorts of weird thinking gathered in my head. It pained I thought it would burst out some day. But more than me someone else was in pain. Yes it was radhika. The saddest part was she herself didn’t know what had happened to her. I never told her about the past incidents. She had totally forgotten them. Every single day she used to cry bitterly. I could no longer bear her pain. So I decided something…ADOPTION!!

I thought it was the only way through which we could get back our happiness. First i was hesitant to speak to radhika about this…but greatly was I surprised when she readily agreed to it. Without wasting much time we applied for a child adoption and within a week we were called. We went there and chose a baby girl..she was only 2 months old.
Today is the day when we are suppose to bring her home. It was just six o’clock…when i was looking out at the sky through my balcony. Radhika came to me with tea. Both of us sat on the balcony and gazed at the sky. It indicated something auspicious.
In evening we brought home our little princess. I felt the happiness of becoming a father. Radhika was the happiest woman then. She started playing with her. Seeing that I was relieved. Suddenly radhika said “what should we call our little princess , arjun??” frankly speaking i didn’t think much and just after a moments silence I answered “Prerna!!”….

Its not about how big or decorated the apartment is..its all about how happy the ‘home’ is.
~~~Apartment (house) is made up of walls and beams….
Home is made up of happiness and dreams~~~

So finally it all ends here… hope u like it… guys I can’t thank u enough for what u have done to me.. This was one of the best phase of my life..Which I shall cherish lifelong… i just have a small request.. m giving a brief intro about myself…and would be grateful to u if u also do the same…and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz silent readers also comment… as i wont be coming to TU before mid of October…. i really want u all to cmmnt… plzzzzzzzzzz

So, i am Tara, a girl of 17, from Kolkata. West Bengal… who u won’t believe but cried a lot when mmz ended on a sudden note… i used to cry every single night while going to bed…i missed it like hell… i used to listen to the songs of mmz.. “kyun iss seher ke khali se raaste..” and “khwaishon pe likhi dilki yeh arziyaan, kaisi yeh manmarziyaan” they still continue to be my ringtones… i still have Goosebumps when i hear those.. i can feel something within… u know still i have hope that someday i could see our ardhika together… may be in mmz ssn 2 or in some other show… i just love ahem Sharma.. and its just coz of him i started watching brahmarakshas….

So if u find m crazy…u r on the right track… u will soon come to know how crazy i am actually…. and yes as per my promise i will come up with more after my exams..(u knw m in school) so till then.. keep in touch.. loads of love..take care.. bubbye…. 

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  1. Sammy

    hi tara ..i am sammy …18 year old girl ..lives in UP ….and me too want a mmz season 2 ..though i never saw mmz on tv …but after coming to this page it’s because of the ff’s that i started liking manmarziyan so much …….and the epilogue was awesome dear ..all the best for your exams

    1. Tara

      thank u so much sammy…
      wooo thats indeed great…

  2. I m sorry I m writing this here … but I think its a twinj ff … and written by you only ..pls cinfrm if u r the same tara who writes twinj ff also

    1. Tara

      yeah meena.. m the same tara..
      i mentioned it in my ch-1 that m posting this ff as ardhika

  3. Hey..Tara…u blllaasttt it dear…it WS superb epilogue.. I am waiting 4 ur nw ideas. Ns ff.
    BT dear..realllyy this ff WS very different from others in evry aspects and hope u carry this unique thing forever with u ..and with this u will always be remembered and ever…u kn wt dear in starting i would b having romance, separation etc…as I am fond of than …bt as u started it gave me a new look 4this show….looking 4ard 4 new more interesting things ….lv u a loads ..bye tc ..see u soon

    Last bt not th least I am also die hart fan of ahem dharma…he is realllyy killing men.. I lv him like any thing..

    1. Tara

      thats so sweet of u dear ana..
      m blessed…
      thank u so much…..
      love ya

  4. Brin

    Awesome ending, hope you do great in your exam and come back soon with another ff. 🙂

    I’m a mother of 2, I was also fan of Ardhika and Nesam in mmz, was so sad that the show ended, but glad I found this site, you all write beautiful ff of mmz it feels like it never ended, I also write ff because you all inspire me. 🙂

    1. Tara

      omg!! mother of 2….
      aww m sure u got ur cuties … 🙂
      well i shoudnt be calling u with ur name .. so u suggest what should i call u?? di or something else…
      btw thank u so much for ur wishes

  5. Jessie

    Tara.. tat was a brilliant stroke.. naming Prena..awesome girl.. the story s all crisp.. Will be waiting.. n all d best 4 ur exams my lil sis.. am a Ardhika., aham n Manmarziyan fan. I missed d show but aftr being here I feel like I have everyday overdose of Ardhika through all ur ffz.. TC n loads of love

    1. Tara

      thank u so much jessie di…
      haha m so happy u called me that..
      in tei page everyone calls me di.. i was bored… now i can call u all di lol 😛
      love ya…

  6. Starz

    Tara….my real name is deeptha….I am 16….11 standard student…. studying in Chennai. But I am malayali. I too was heartbroken when mmz ended suddenly. Still now I see mmz in hotstar and admire ardhika….when I read all ff I feel like our mmz is still alive…..

    Awesome episode Di ….all the best for ur exams….old do come with more beautiful story….lots of love and take care

    1. Tara

      first of all dont call me di..
      secondly thank u so much for ur love and support…
      nd yes i will surely come back

  7. Awesome epi tara. Arjun named his child prerna that was the spooky part. To b frank I don’t watch any serials. I just visit this site for stories.I mostly like horror And yours was the best horror thriller I have ever read.

    1. Tara

      oh thanks aliya… that was a great compliment indeed

  8. Beautiful epilogue, a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Al the best for your exams and come back soon with lovely stories like this one. Stay blessed

    1. Tara

      thanks dear..
      love ya

  9. Hi Tara same pinch yar still I watch manmarziyan in hotstar my msg tone is manmarziyan music I too was heart broken wen manmarziyan comes to end
    And abt the epilogue super arjun named their daughter as perna this is very suspicious ? if radika named her daughter as perna I must have had a mini heart attack ha ha ha thinking dat perna had made something to radika pls continue writting ff of same genere waiting for your next work take care ?

    1. Tara

      thanks geeth..
      haha lol
      yeah u knw i was still watching mmz…
      again i cherished those ardhika moments…

  10. Gauri

    Awesome FF and amazing epilogue 🙂 u nailed it Tara 🙂 loads of love

    1. Tara

      thanks gauri..
      love ya
      take care

  11. It was lovely my dear…I had to catch up last one and this one today together….I enjoyed a lot. You are so young my dear…your writing is good….more success a head…best wishes and do come back with new ff…

    1. Tara

      aww thank u so much…
      yeah i knw m young… 😛
      surely will come back…
      love ya

  12. Nyc epilogue dear..thanku so.much for the short and crisp story..come back with a new one soon..
    Me tooo was sad when mmz came to an end all on a sudden 😉 ..
    Hope to C u soon wid ur new story 🙂

    1. Tara

      thanks neetz…
      m happy u all liked it..

  13. S.v

    Tara my dear girl amazing epilogue dear soo amazing mot always that a person should have kids on his own even an adopted kid is their kid so cute and realstic. Lovely one dear and thats a good news that u are coming with new ff we will wait for thaf and even I love kaisi yeh manmarziyan song even today I love to hear the song yup they make us feel happy even I wish to see ardhika and nesam to see on screen either same season or on new season wish that comes true. Love u soo much and all the best for ur exams too.

    1. Tara

      thank u so so so much dear..
      i blessed to have all of ur support..
      take care
      love ya

  14. Rossy

    Oooh finally my exam over…relief…oooh god Arjun’s daughter name will be prerana…that is cool…come with a next ff..

    1. Tara

      thanks rossy di.. will surely come…

  15. Sweetie

    Hi Tara,mind blowing epilogue dear,too good.. 🙂 Well I’m a computer engineer and soon going to pursue another graduation that is Law and I’m 5 years elder to you.. 😛 Calculate it,haha.. 😉 I didn’t watch any other serial after Manmarziyan not even Brahmarakshas because I can’t digest any Ekta show.. 🙁 So keep myself away from the serials and all.. 😀 I’m admirer of Aham too.. 😀 Even I want Ahamica in some other show.. 🙂 All the very best for your exams and come back soon with another FF.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Tara

      hahaha… so u are…. “22”
      grt still digestible..
      others are so elder..
      anyways thank u so much for the comment…
      even i dnt like ekta.. bt like ahem so <3 hehe

  16. Awesome, marvellous, lovely epilogue tara…loved it to the coreeeee. .arjun named his adopted daughter prerna was kind of thoughtful. …..I loved this story very much. …..

    Well my intro, I’m mother of 3, Engineer n live in Michigan USA…lots of ppl know me here as I’m diehard fan of mmz n Aham, monica n shravan 😉 … u know all here call me Roma di but u can call whatever u like…I won’t mind…as in friends there is no age barrier….I’m very busy with job n family n now also with masters in EE but still can’t stop myself reading my favorite ffs…I wrote my mom’s story on mothers day here in TU. ….also thinking of writing ff on mmz…but that will need lots of time n dedication…coz I know I’m not a writer at all……I wanna say a lot but always short on words…..ok I stop my blabbering now…best of luck for your exams. ..u keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug. .. 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Tara

      sorry for late reply…
      idk y i didnt see ur comment… u are quiet a busy person…bt yet u read all ffs thats really sweet…
      fin e i will call u di only as m chota bachha .. 😛 haha
      and thank u so much for the comment.. and ur wishes..
      love ya..
      btw what is this bear hug??
      idk abt i find u all use it..

  17. _Ritu

    Fabulous epilogue Tara…so sorry dear for commenting late…nd about me I m ri8 now preparing for AIPGMEE..its nd all India exam for post graduate in medical…will be waiting for ur nxt ff..come back soon…loads of love. 🙂

    1. Tara

      oh wow u doing great job..
      all the best
      and thanks for ur comment..
      i will be back soon..

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