THE APARTMENT: (an ff on manmarziyan) ch-4


Thank u all of u for so much of love and support… I never thought this story will be such a hit…i m really thankful to each and everyone of u… keep supporting me guys..
Chapter 4: Mysteries unveil

What was it?? I thought…. nd where the hell is my wife?? I didn’t know what to do ..suddenly I remembered about mr malhotra…he was the one who behaved so weirdly…. surely he can help. I rushed to his house…. unfortunately he was not there… disappointment hinged me from top to bottom..what m I to do now… I was clueless… I dragged myself to the apartment… while going up… I came across a old women… she was shocked to see me… I had no idea y… she murmured something….. “she is back…she is back…. she wont leave u….she won’t” I was going to ask her when a man came and stopped her… he took him inside… he apologized for the inconvenience… and said she was his aunt… she was an psychic patient…. i said its ok..

God knows what was happening with me… i had no idea where my wife was..nd who the hell was she in radhika’s avatar ?? a ghost?? What rubbish… how can I even think that… its a sin even to think like this in this era.. surely something was wrong….
As I sat on my couch..I kept thinking about all these… suddenly I heard a noise… as if a glass had broken… I rushed to my bedroom to find the window panes banging..and one was broken… the wind was blowing very harshly… just then i saw a shadow… on the if someone passed… I turned around.. bt there was no one.. I shouted.. “who is there??” to my great surprise… a saw an image… it was something more than a shadow… taking a grew …nd grew large….larger…I was horrified…. bt chose not to panic…it came near me… it looked as if a shadow was walking… beads of perspiration ran down my head… “who r u nd what u want??” said I…

The only sound that could be heard was the sound of heavy wind… amidst that i felt i heard something… it was a low fading sound saying.. “uuuuuuuuuuuu……..” i gulped… next I felt someone touched me…. someone was embracing me.. bt i could see no one… i tried to my way was blocked… i sat on the bed..and pretend to sleep… nd I actually slept… i don’t know when….

The next morning… i got up by the bell of the milk man… i was feeling tired.. i went to the kitchen to make coffee… while searching for the coffee I opened a cupboard… and i was all amazed to see a small door inside it.. curiosity had built a strong nest in my mind… i opened that door …. it had a staircase … i stepped in..nd went down the stair case… it let to a small store room… “architecture at its height…” i thought… i mean first of an apartment ..then inside that a room that too from a cupboard in the kitchen..!! there was a lot of stuffs…nd too much of dust… I coughed….

I looked here and there… bt didn’t find anything…except dirt… suddenly I felt my legs hit something… it was a sack… i tried to put it aside.. but it was so heavy that i felt..just then.. my suspicion increased… I opened the sack and was shocked …. “radhika???” yes radhika was there… i hurried took her out and and went up to the apartment…i closed that door and locked that cupboard…
The doctor had come to check radhika… he said she was suffering from dehydration… though i got back my wife… my mission wasn’t over.. i needed to know what was all this.. bt how…??

I decided to keep radhika away from all this… so I took her to Mr. Malhotra’s house… his wife agreed to take care of her.. mr. Malhotra was out of station.. so he couldn’t help me.. next i thought of that old woman.. though she was psychic.. her words seemed to have some meaning.. i rushed to her flat… there was a no. of people gathered… i asked them whats happening… their answer only disappointed me… they said the old women had passed away today morning… again I was clueless…

But wait… there was some connection… this woman was my only source.. and she died… i was confirmed that something was really wrong… i decided to go to that room again…i went there and searched the place.. I was sure to get a clue this time.. nd my eyes located a picture frame on the wall.. it had a thick layer of dust on it.. i cleared it… i was stunned… there was photograph of a couple… a girl in her wedding dress and the guy accompanying her.. who may be his husband… had exactly my face….!!
Did u like it?? If yes plzz comment ..else no proof reading… probably.. this is the second last shot… so one more episode to go… I hope u r not bored.. umm what else..plzz comment ..m waiting..

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  1. Brin

    Wow this is good, waiting for the next shot, I like the direction your story is going. 🙂

    1. Tara

      thanks brin…
      m glad

  2. Rossy

    Omg…what’s happening here…totally thrilling…m glad my rads is ok…waiting for the next one dear…update soon plz

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  3. Like it

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  4. Jewel

    really nice one tara. i am glad that radika is alive. and that photograph?? is that the past of arjun?? waiting for the next…

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      well time will say so..
      thanks btw

  5. Hey….Tara..amazing epi…actually it WS quite interesting.

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      thanks ana

  6. Spooky one tara. Got literally scared. I saw another one on abhigya also. R u writing abhigya version of this??

    1. Tara

      no aliya.. i have written this only for twinj and now m posting this as ardhika.. no more of couples… riyadcruz copied this ..
      anyways thanks for reading

  7. Jessie

    Tara.. its raising my curiosity levels high.. so d guy looks like Arjun..and a ghost s der..hmm.. eager 4 nxt epi..

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  8. S.v

    tara my heart beat raised super awesome the effect of scare was at the peak i want the next part a bigger one and pls dont end this curious ff soon and many questions radhika inside the sack and mr. malhotra not in town and the lady was dead and for all who was in the picture pls save my nails im all the time biting. Next part soon wanna read it more and more curiosity to the highest level love you dear

    1. Tara

      sv.. m sorry to hurt this ff is already i cant make any changes.. m just changing the names and posting this on mmz original ff which was a twinj one is also 5 shots… so cant help it..
      but m really happy that u liked it.. and thanks for the support

    2. S.v

      Not a problem at all dear u r soo superb in this plot and pls dont say sorry pls love u soo much.

  9. par tara . i have read this ff on tei page too . did u write this ?

    1. Tara

      yes dear..
      m basically a tei ff writer.. i mean started my writing from there.. and in the first epi only i said that its already been posted as tei (twinj ff)
      so plzz dnt get cnfused..
      bt the abhigya one isnt mine..

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  12. Sweetie

    OMG!!That was really scary..Now what will happen??Husband has the same face as Arjun,now me dead.. 😉 Waiting for the next dear..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

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    loved it superb

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    omg husband has same face as arjun? u r raising our expectations day by day waiting for nxt epi…

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  19. Prathi

    Not at all boring Yaar, I became so hooked to this story that it dragged me to this page to read it! I ask a Kkb fan. U know right Riya posted 2 chapters when I saw your comments I wasn’t able to hold myself back so came here to continue with this awesome story!! I am loving it??

    1. Tara

      omg.. u liked it so much…
      thanks a lot…
      bt m sorry i couldnt give her the permission to post further
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  20. Awesome, spooky update and I loved it a lot.

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      will update tmrw..

  21. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome one yaar I have goose bombs on my body…. spooky update….. update asap please…..

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  22. Wowwww tara…it’s mind blowing. ..the secrets of this apartment is very scary…thank God arjun found rads…but mystery still intact. …very curious to know. …keep it up honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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      thank u so much roma.. m so so so happy u ppl liked it so much

  23. Hashmy

    Mindblowing tara. I m so addicted to this one. And also big fan of gauri, manha, they r also exellent writers.

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    Wow Tara…u gave me Goosebumps…read d part in one go…going to read d nxt…loads of love 🙂

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