Hey guys ananya here this is the 1st out of da 2 chappies of da last part of my ff…hope u all njoy this

Its next morning
Aaliya wakes up and thinks what happened last night i dont remember anything..oh no shit did i spill out the truth in that hangiver..omg dont kno how will amma and appa react if dey c me
Vivaan vivaan i should go and speak to him
She goes

Vivan’s room
Aaliya: vivaan vivaan wer r u
Vivaan: so u woke up finally
Aaliya: did i do something yesterday
Vivaan: no baby u didnt do anything serious u jus told every1 about ur ur…(sarcastically)
Aaliya: oh shit..duffer y did u lemme tell
Vivaan: what dis is too much yaar
Aaliya: sorry
N holds her ears
Vivaan: its ok go n speak to amma and appa
She goes

Ishitha’s room
Mani is also der
Mani: i think v should meet dat guy once
Ishitha: do u seriously think so?
Mani: ha ishu am sure she must hav kjvd da right person
She nods in hesitation
Mani: ishu u dont worry she is my daughter i have complete faith in her
Ishitha: helloo excuse me she is my daughter also
Mani: ishu now raman is bac in ur life so he may take it otherwise
meanwhile raman comes
Raman: mani what r u saying? She was ishitha’s daughter n will always b n ya she is my daughter also from now so u need not worry abt others
Dey keep on discussing something
Raman also says something
Ishitha nods in acceptance
Aaliya and vivaan listen this
Aaliya: v r lucky yaar
Vivaan: yes hame saath is tarah ki maa papa hain
Both have a side hug
Dey go in

Aaliya: amma appa
Ishitha interrupts her
Ishitha: v want to meet him once
Both of dem get happy
Aaliya: wow amma thanks alot and hugs her
Appa tq n hugs him

Meanwhile shagun comes
Shahun: wow Ishitha am glad dat u guys took a wise decision
Raman: hello u should thanks me also aaliya and u should appreciate me shagun
Every1 laugh
Aaliya: thanks uncle
And gives a side hug to him also

In da evening
Aaliya and vivaan r in aaliya’s room
Vivaan: aaliya call karo usko
Aaliya: ha bhai ek sec
She calls him
Aaliya: aa rahi ho na kaha ho
Boy: ha baba am coming dont worry
Vivaan signs her to on da speaker she does
Vivaan hey man hi
Boy: hello dude how a u its been so long bac frm tour ha?
Vivaan: am fine ya its been a while when i spoke wid u ya am bac yesterday
Boy: hmm cu soon man coming der only
Vivaan: kk dude bye
aaliya: jaldi aana bye
Boy: byee
She ends da call

In da evening
All r waiting for him
He enters
He gets shocked seeing shagun n raman even dey get shocked (i think u already guessed who he is…yes u r right he is none other than Adithya Raman Kumar Bhalla)
Raman n shagun r dumbstruck n dazed to c adi der bcz he told dem dat he is going on a tour to Amreica
Adi is happy as well as dazed seeing ishitha
Raman: tum yaha kys kar rahi ho??
Shagun: ye hain tumhari America trip??
Aaliya: u already know him????
Ishitha: same question here
Adi: aap zinda ho
Ishitha: main tumhe jaanti hu kya???
Raman: madrasan no der is no need to show u adi’s pic
Ishitha: y
Shagun: omg ishitha still ur bulb didnt glow he is ur adi
She is shocked and dazed
Meanwhile pihu n ruhi come der
Pihu: adi bhaiya aap yaha
Adi: meri pyaari behen mera bhi yahi sawaal hain
Looking at raman and shagun in anger
Raman: adi..
He stops him by signalling wid his hand
Shagun: adi please meri baat toh suno..
He starts leaving from der
Adi: aap zinda ho yeh baat yeh log jaante hai lekin phir bhi kisi ne mujhe nahin bataya
He starts leaving frm der
Ruhi: adi bhaiyya
He turns bac
At first he doesnt understand who it was
Raman: ab sunoge meri baat?????
Adi: 1st temme who called me..hey ur popstar ruhaan right??? N ya what r u doing here
Ruhi: not ruhaan am RUHI RAMAN BHALLA
adi: what the..but how can this happen
Ishitha: bolne toh do
Adi stands still
Raman tells him everything
Adi: mera ruhi n hugs her tightly..ishimaa kitna miss kiya maine aapko
Raman: mr tu yeh baat this is ur America right
Adi: papa voh…,
He feels shy
Aaliya wow adi ur already related to me
Ishitha: adi u hav bcm so big..voh tumhari frnd vinnie kaisa hai voh
Adi: ishimaa i dont even kno wer da hell she is…i really miss her
Aaliya feels jealous
Aaliya: toh jao na doondho usko
She starts leaving from der
Adi pulls her and catches her by her waist
Dey share an eye locked
Raman’s pov: baab se badkar haha he has exceeded me in such things
Vivaan coughs
Shagun: tumhari do do maa hain yahape adi n ur doing such things
Adi: sharm kis baat ki hain shagun mumma sab log mera toh hain
Ishitha: aaliya ladka hame pasand nahi hain..yeh kuch zyaada romantic ban raha hain what say mani
Mani: ha ha yeh baat toh hain
Raman: hello excuse me yeh ek punjabi ladka hain itna toh karna padega
Adi:ur right papA
all laugh n share some lighter moments together
No precap

Credit to: ANANYA

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Aaliya’s bf is adi.wow…ishita adi meeting was so sweet.adi ruhi meeting was just wow..1st time somebody mentioned vinni in ff.i used to wonder what if vinni makes a re entry when adi aaliya luv is on air…here tho vinni hasnt entered she is atleast mentioned.thx 4 that

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Just Awesome yaar………

  3. Samreen Chougle

    Really nice u should try it on insta

    1. Thanks u mean instagram?????

  4. Very nice but in English subtitle as well please

    1. Thanks ya ill try to write in engkish only

  5. Its fantastic……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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