Hey guys ananya here…part 2 chapter 2 for all of u..pls guys do comment only den i will be able to know what u guys r interested in only den ill b able to write what you want….please its a sincere request
Lemme make some points clear 2 u:
1. Romi didnt propose mihika for marriage in my story
2. Even mani didnt propose ishitha
So here u go njoyy(hope u will)
Last time v saw ishtiha raman and ruhi’s union….Vivaan’s entry

As aaliya and vivaan r leaving India dey go out and giv a party to their friends seperately…..
N der vivaan is at some place n aaliya is at some place… both r njoying..
Den suddenly vivaan gets a call from aaliya’s friend diya
Vivaan: ha diya bolo
Diya: bhai wer r u
Vivaan: jus now party got over so am going home
Diya: bhai please aap yaha aayiye…please come and pick up aaliya
Vivaan: y she came der in her car right??
Diya: ha bhai but i dont think she will b able to drive bac home all by herself
Vivaan: matlab saaf saaf bolo diya baat kya hain
Diya: bhai shez drunkk….bahut nashe mein hain voh..
Vivaan: whattt but she doesnt drink na
Diya: dont know bhai shayad hamaare friends mein se kisi ne juice mein mix kiya hoga
Vivaan: whatt…oh no am coming der right now
Please uska khyaal rakhna
Diya: of course bye
Vivaan: bye
Vivaan’s pov: omg she is drunk….agar voh sab kuch bata diya toh….no man dis cant happen…if she speaks out da truth den she will b in a big prob…i will not let her land herself in such a trouble

He went to da place
Der aaliya is seen roaming and singing and diya failing in controlling her
Diya: bhai thankgod aap aagai..i cant control her anymore
Vivaan: omg thanks alot diya
Diya: jus dont b so foramal bhai..bye tc ha
Vivaan: bye yaar
Vivaan gives her a side hug n here aaliya falls down bcz vivaan leaves her
Vivaan: omg aaliya get up
Aaliya: aap kaun
Vivaan: pagal u forgot ur brother
Aaliya: mera bhai?? Am i having a brother
Vivaan: hain bhagwaan please isko sambhalne keliye mujhe ded saare shakthi dena
Aaliya: oh ur vivaan
Vivaan: oh thankgod u alteast rmbr me
Aaliya: arre buddhu how can i forget u…uf i forget u den who will buy me chocolates
Vivaan: so u will remember me only bcz i give u chocs
Aaliya: any doubts
Vivaan: ok lets go home..aao
He keeps her hand on his shoulder…..while walking she slips and both of dem fall down der a cake is kept in a plate and dat gets on to vivaan’s face
Aaliya: oh wow chocolate cake and she take a bit with her finger and licks it
Vivaan: ewwwww….aaliya u b here ill go n wash my face n come u b here..mind u dont go anywhere
Aaliya: ji sir and she marches towards a chair but slips
Vivaan: aaliya b careful
He takes her to a chair n makes her sit
He goes washes his face n comes out but doesnt find aaliya
Vivaan: arre yaar ye stupid kaha chala gaya
He goes out
Der aaliya is roaming on da road and is having a pic in her phone
She is looking at dat pic n singing tum hi ho tum hi ho zindagi tum hi ho
Vivaan: aaliya now v r going home so please dont speak anything about ur aashiqui ok please..if u, den every1 will get to know about it…sab kuch gadbad hojayega
Aaliya: yes sir and she salutes
He makes her sit in his open top car n starts going home
Throughout da journey she is continuously looking at dat pic n singing romantic songs

Der at home
Ishitha: mani call vivaan once donno wer dey r
Mani: arre ishu u dont worry dis is da last time dey r njoying wid their frnds so party karne do raman: arre mani ye madrasan ese hi hain.. u know she is a very possessive mom u kno wen adi was small he used to have a friend called vini…and breaks down into laughter
Mani: yaar either u laugh n tell or tell n laugh
Raman: is pagal ne uski kamre mein cctv cams install kardi…
Mani: kyun
Raman: dekhne keliye ki voh kya kar raha hain
And he breaks down into lauhter
Ishitha:haso math….ek mother hone ke naathe its my right
Mani: wow tu itne possessive thi….u were never lik dis wid aaliya n vivaan
Raman: uski plan ne ulti kardi isliye tabse voh ese karkate nahin kar rahi hain
Ishitha: leavr about dat adi se yaad aya…jus show me his pic..mere baccha howz he 20 yrs itna bada hogaya
Raman: ha voh toh hain….phone pe battery nahin hain ill show u later
Ishitha:ho bad luck. ..mani aaliya ko phone karo..kaha hain voh log vivaan ne usko pickup kiya na nahin
Aaliya: hum yaha hain
All look towards da door
Every1 is shocked seeing aaliya lik dat
Mani: vivaan what happened to her
aaliya: mujhe pyaar hua..
Vivaan: aaliya chup karo
Aaliya: tujhe dekkhe mujhe pyaar hogaya
Vivaan: aaliya shut up
Ishitha: pyaar hua what does dat mean aaliya
Aaliya: it means mamma ki am in l…
Vivaan shuts her mouth wid his hand
Ishitha: let her speak vivaan
Aaliya: ha lemme speak…mamma am in luv
Every1 gets shocked
Shagun comes der
Shagun: wow dats great aaliya
Ishitha: what great ha…..is dis any age for such stupid things
All at a time: luv us not stupid ok
Ishitha: ok ok
Aalia climbs onto da sofa and sings songs n slips but raman holds her
Mani: aaliya enough is enough…vivaan take her to her room
He silently goes…..
Ishitha: mani what will u say
Mani: kal subah baat karenge
He goes….
Shahun: ishitha tomorrow u speak to her once n am sure she will tell u what da matter is
She nods shagun goes
Raman hugs ishitha from da bac
Raman: madrasan dont take stress ha n am sure she must b luvng sm1 decent n nice guy dont worry come lets go n sleep

Precap: aaliya apologises to evry1…dat guy comes to their house to meet every1

Hey guys i hope u lik it…comment karna please

Credit to: ANANYA

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    who mixed alcohol in aaliya’s drink?Who is her bf?waiting eagerly 2 know

    1. Its her friend…remaining answers ull get to know tomorrow…last epi

    2. I mean the person who mixed alchol in her jiuce is her frnd

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome……. I loved it soooooo much…………

  3. Nice who’s the guy and please in English as well

    1. Thanks…some dialogs r in bindi ..sorry will make sure it’s not like DAT…ull get to kno about dat boy in da last epi I.e part 3

  4. Really awesome??

  5. Nice episode love it

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