Anything for you (Short story)



Starts with a girl cycling early morning.. She hears some girls talking about a guy, who is jogging is very hot and super cute!!

That girl listens to them.. And thinks is he that handsome?? Let me check!!

She goes near that place.. And watches a guy looking at a hot sun and taking rest making his eyes small by the sunlight…
He is fully sweating…

She looks at him and gets stunned… She thinks.. Woww he is soo handsome!! I think love at first sight… And stares at him lovingly!!
And at evening she watches him with blazer and totally falls for him.. Seeing his style!!

She wonders how can he be soo handsome…

From that day the Girl started loving him.. She used to come daily to that place.. And she used to follow him..
And finally falls for him.. She’s in deeply love!!

2 years later:

A gir who was heart broken.. She was crying sitting near the corner of her room..
She thinks… Why did I love him?? He is an idiot.. He don’t know what’s love, he cheated me.. I hate him soo much!! How can he tell me to marry someone?? Can’t he stop my wedding!!
She cries remembering the moments she spent with him!!

Next day:
A boy in gym.. With earphones in his ears and just gets involved in music and gym.. Where his friends just look at him confusingly as he dint Even have a bit guilt for hurting his girlfriend..

His friends stares at him angrily..
Nd starts calling him…

Friend: ?sanskar!!

(Yes the boy was Sanskar)

Sanskar: Yess what??
Friend: how can u be soo normal after what all happened yesterday night?? How can u hurt her man?? She’s ur girl friend!!

Sanskar: (angrily) guys, plzz!! She’s not my girl friend anymore..
Friend: what?? How can u be soo happy after ur breakup Sanskar?? U know whole college love ur bond!! All love couples used to take ur couple as an example.. But ur soo happy after breakup?? It’s hurting Us!!

Sanskar: ooff!! Guys, what’s worrying u guys?? you all know about me right??
I respect girls, I will take the best care of them when I’m with them.. Il do everything for them.. Nd last but not least, you even know another thing about me too, that I hate marriages!!

Frnd: but Sanskar when u hate marriages.. Why did u love her?? How can u cheat her??

Sanskar: (confused) r u mad?? I never cheated her.. In fact she’s the one who started loving me… Before we Into a relation, I already said her briefly that I won’t marry her….I said that Will be like good friends.. I even said that I won’t disturb u when u marry someone, she accepted.. After she approved we were into living relation… But now where this love came from??
How can she tell me to marry her??

Frnd: but Sanskar, live in relation is soo wrong.. It’s not acceptable!!

Sanksar: arey yar.. Why it’s not acceptable.. I hate long relations.. We both are happy when we are into living relation.. Nd I like short and sweet memories.. Nd guys if u think about security…
And for ur kind informtion.. We just rarely kiss each other and We never had any physical relation till now…. Because she’s not my kind.. I can’t cheat her by using her… I want her to be happy… She’s my girl friend and a good friend too!!
And We just roamed late nights, Nd Yaa used to party hard that’s it.. Nd when she’s around me I’ve taken the best care of her…
I dint cheat her man..
Just ask her… She will tell u!!

He gets angry and leaves…

After few days!!
Girl house:
Her marriage arrangements were going on.. The girl was happy with the marriage.. As she accepted wholeheartedly..
All her friends starts gossiping.. As they r very confused.. They get angry and goes near her..

Frnd: Ragini.. What’s happening to u??

(Yes the girl was Ragini)

Ragini: (smiles and keeps her earings) Kya hua girls??
Frnd: how can u marry someone when u love Sanskar soo much??
Ragini: Yaa I love Sanskar, but he doesn’t love me anymore.. When he is happy without me even I can be happy without him… It’s waste to think about him!! And plz don’t bring his topic before me….Anyways I’m happy.. By d way, I’m not correct for him.. He will get a girl who thinks like him… Let’s see who is that unclucky girl!!

Saying this she leaves… And finally she gets married!!

6 months later

One fine Morning…

A girl landed in USA… She reaches her flat, and that time she gets a call from her dad.

Girl: dad!! I reached my home.. Nd it’s soo beautiful.. I just loved it!!
Dad: swara baby!! Take care darling, ur dad is missing u soo much!!

(The girl was Swara)
Swara: dad miss u too!!!

Her sister takes call from her dad..
Sister: Swara, take care.. And all the best for ur goals.. I’m soo excited Swara..
Swara: (blushes) Thankyou di!!
Sister: be careful sweetheart, don’t trust anyone blindly.. Be careful okay…
Swara: my dear sweet sissy…. Don’t worry.. I will take care…bye siss.. Love u!!!

After the call.. Swara goes to her balcony and watches the beautiful scenario… At that time a girl from opposite house comes to her balcony and she looks at Swara..

Girl: hello… Hi…
Swara: Hii!!
Girl: (smiles) will u join me for a coffee??
Swara: (smiles) Yaa sure!!

She goes to her house.. And Swara introduces her…
Girl: hi I’m kavya!!

Swara: nice meeting you..(she hugs her)
They both spend some time together talking..

Kavya: soo Swara, any friends here??
Swara: no Kavya.. Tomorrow my colz starts… I don’t know anyone here.. And Today I’m free .. I don’t know how to spend my time alone..

Kavya: don’t worry Swara babz! I’m here with u… Today I’m going for a pub with my friends.. Will u join me??

Swara: (smiles) sure…

They both talk.. They Share some personal things… Kavya totally gets to know about her completely and gets impressed!!

Kavya: okay.. Swara.. Will meet in the evening.. Will go together..

Swara: actually il Come directly.. I need to do shopping, u know I don’t have any short dresses to wear in the pub.. Il buy the dress and il come directly..

Kavya: Kk Swara babz!!

Swara leaves….




Sanskar and all others are sitting in pub.. Kavya joins them… And she looks outside searching for Swara..

Sanskar: Kavya!! What r u searching for??

Kavya: Sanskar I’m waiting for my friend… can u give ur mobile to me plz?? I need to call my friend!!

Sanskar: hmm sure..

Kavitha calls Swara from his mobile and tells her to Come fast!!
And she keeps on speaking to her continuously irritating Sanskar… Sanskar looks at her angrily…seeing his anger
She cuts the call and gives back the mobile to her..

Sanksar: who is she Kavya? Ur talking too much nonsense with her!!

Kavya: she’s my neighbour from India… She’s a kiddo.. Not of our age.. She became my friend.. She so hot, s*xy and beautiful…
U know Sanskar, today we talked many hours.. She’s soo talkative… I dint know the time being with her… And u know what she behaves like u.. Nd you know we even had a personal talk.. She clearly said that She hates marriages.. She thinks living relation is better than marriages..

Sanskar: (smiles) really??
(He gets excited to hear about a girl who thinks like him)

Frnds starts teasing Sanksar:: woww Kavya.. I’m soo excited to see her.. How can a person think like sanskar…I used to think Sanksar is a big idiot.. But now even This girl has joined him.. Wowww!!

All starts laughing…
Snaksar: shut up dude.. If one thing matches it doesn’t mean that our likes and tastes will be same…I can bet her taste wil completely be different..

Frnd : let’s see… If at all ur taste and her taste are same.. U should take that girl for a date..

Sanskar: haha Kk done.. But I bet, no one can ever think like me!!

At that time…Swara enters the pub.. She first gets tensed seeing everyone, but gets relief seeing Kavya!!

Kavya: (smiles) there she is…

All looks at her… Including Sanskar.. He gets stunned to see her beauty.. Her dressing.. Her black cute perfectly fit to her figure… Nd her red lipstick make her look more pretty.. And her eyes.. More beautiful with her black Kajol!!!

Frnds: woww she’s is soo pretty man!!
Kavya: (smiles) Yaa she’s soo cute.. A person who dates her he is soo lucky!! What U say guys??

Sanskar is busy in staring at Swara..

Kavya: hi Swara!! Meet my friends…
Sanskar, Ajith, etc..

Swara : Hii guys.. I’m Swara!!

(She looks at Sanskar, and gets stunned to see him…she gives shake hand to Sanskar.. She feels so happy with her touch)

Sanskar: (smiles) Hii Swara.. Nice meeting u!!

Swara smiles…hearing her name from his mouth

Kavya: Swara what drink do u want to have.. Vodka? Beer? Wine??

Swara: actually I never tasted these drinks.. Hmm but I love breezer.. For a girl breezer is enough, I think like that..

Sansker is stunned to hear her words..

All laughs and looks at Sanskar..
Ajith: arey Sanskar, she’s is thinking like u… Even u used to feel that breezer is more than enough for a girl.. Haha stRange

Sanskar just can’t believe.. He wonders how can she think like him…

She started to drink breezer..

Kavya: Swara ur dress is very nice.. And black suited u so much.. U looking soo cute

SwAa: Thankyou Kavya.. And u know what I love black….. That’s my fav colour.. I don’t know why when I go for shopping My eyes falls on black…

Sandkar smiles as even he likes black!!

Ajith: soo Swara, So any boy friend till now??

Swara: Noo.. Actually, I don’t trust these love and marriages.. I just love sweet relationship.. That’s should be memorable.. If I get a person who thinks like me.. Definitely I will date him..
(She winks)

Sanksar gets more shocked as He gets impressed with her to see the way she’s thinking as it is same as he thinks…

Ajith: arey Wahh!! That’s soo fab Swara..u know even Sanskar thinks like that.. U both think in a same way…

They all spend some time talking… Sanskar stares at her while Swara looks at Sanskar and smiles

After sometime!!
Ajith: guys it’s late.. Come lets go home now.. After sometime we can go to ur houses..

Swara: ohh wo actually I need to go home!!
Kavya: come on Swara!! U can have fun with us.. And Yaa don’t worry.. We both can go home together!!
Swara: no actually, I should talk with my family.. They will be waiting for me on Skype.. Will meet some other time!!

Kavya: okay!! But can u go alone??
Swara: (tensed) Haaa ya I can…

Ajith whispers to Sanky
Sanky: did u forget our bet?? She thinks like u.. U should take her to a date!!
Sanky: (smiles)

Ajith: Kavya, if h don’t mind.. Sanky is going on that way.. He will drop Swara!!

Sanskar: Yaaa come Swara.. I will drop u!!
Swara: (smiles) sure!!

They leave…
In car:

Swara just enjoys.. She looks outside.. And looks at the night beauty of USA!! Nd she gets soo excited!! Sanskar looks at her excitement and smiles

Sanskar: u look so happy today? Any reason?
Swara: I’m soo happy everyday.. Il like to be like this.. Nd this new place.. Only with me.. Without my parents.. Soo nice na!! This is life… With my own freedom!!

Sanskar: (smiles) you know we both think in a same way.. I’m soo glad to meet u!!

Swara: same to u..
Sanskar: soo friends???
Swara: sure…

They both spend some talking… Nd he drops Swara…

Sanskar: soo Swara, u reached ur house.. By d way where is ur flat?

She shows her flat..
Sanskar: nice.. So??
Swara: (teases) soo?
Sanskar: soo Swara.. Hmm Kk anyways bye!! Meet u again!

Swara: haha Sanskar ur soo funny..(She hugs him) and tells him bye..
While leaving she looks back and winks!!

Sanskar smiles looking at her winking and leaves..
Till he reached ajith house, he Keeps laughing thinking about her smile.. He feels some happiness when she’s around him!!

He reaches Ajith house..
All starts talking and having fun, while Sanskar thinks about Swara..
Kavya notices him blushing!!

Kavya: sanskar what’s d reason ur blushing!?
Sanskar: Kavya, ur frnd Swara.. She’s soo special.. How can she think like me.. I feel soo happy to meet a person like me!!
I don’t know why I feel like talking to her..

Kavya: (teases) achaaa!! Soo I think ur in love again??

Ajitha and Kavya teases him…
Ajith: arey Sanskar call Sunil na.. How much will he take??
Sanskar: (smiles) okay!! and he was about to call his friend but unexpectedly he calls Swara from his phone..
(As Kavya before called Swara from his number)

Swara lifts the call..
Swara: hello!!
Sanksar is shocked to hear Swara’s voice.. And he smiles.. Thinking about the wrong number!!

Sanksar: hi Swara.. It’s me Sanskar, Actually I was about to call my friend… But

Swara: haha no worries Sanskar..
Sanskar: soo?
Swara: soo???
Sanskar: soo
Swara: hmm soo what else??
Sanskar : (laugh loudly) Swara ur soo funny seriously.. By d way tell me what r u doing now??
Swara: hmm I’m reading a novel..
Sanskar: ?what novel?? You know Swara even I love novels.. Tell me Wch novel ur reading?!
Swara: really u like novels?? U know Sanksar I’m reading Sydney Sheldon The Darkside of Midnight!

Sanskar: woww Swara.. I just loved that.. Did u read chasing tomorrow??

Swara: Yaa Sanskar, I loved it!! It’s my fav book!!

They both get involved in talking for hours..
Kavya and Ajith look each other and smiles…

Sanskar: so Swara??
Swara: hahaha Sanskar, what so so so?? It’s soo irritating??
Sanskar: hmm k.. So shall we meet tomorrow??
Swara: wow sure.. But tomorrow I have colz.. It’s my first day..
Sanskar: hmm don’t worry.. After ur colz il pick u up..

Swara: soo sweet of u Sanskar!!
Sanksar: k Swara bye..

She cuts a call…

Next day:

Swara goes to her colz.. She gets excited to meet new friends.. She just loved the college.. After the college..

She goes out.. And gets surprised to see Sanskar waiting for her near the gate with his goggles on him!! He is looking soo handsome..

Swara smiles and goes near him..

Swara: woww Sanskar, ur just soo handsome.. (She pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar: haha arey Swara!! What’s happening to u??
Swara: arey what did I do.. I’m just complimenting u…

Sanskar: okay come lets go now..
He keeps his hands on her shoulder and takes her..

Sanskar: soo Swara, where shall we go now??
Swara: hmm shopping??
Sanskar: ?shopping with girls??
Swara: hahah Sanskar, don’t worry.. I won’t take more time..
Sanskar: anything for u.. Come lets go!!

They go for shopping, and Swara keeps on making fun while shopping.. Where Sanskar enjoys her company a lot..
They both do shopping.. And later they go for lunch..

Sanskar: so??
Swara: ooff!!!! Sanksar what so so so???
Sanskar: ?haha so what u want to eat Swara??
Swara: Hahha.. Ur so funny!!

They both order the same food as they tastes are same..

They just enjoy spending their time together.. Forgetting about the time they spend..
Sanskar: Swara.. I want to tell u something frankly…. As I’m starlight forwards..We both tastes are same, and I’m soo happy being with u.. I want my life to be like this.. I think I’m in love with u..

Swara: thinks!!
Sanskar: I know even u like to spend ur life like this.. So what r u thinking about?? Be with me?? Let’s enjoy this world!!

Swara: (smiles) nice idea.. But I have a condition..

Sanskar: condition? What’s that?
Swara: we r u just lovers, that’s it.. Later don’t tell me to marry, I hate marriages..

Sanskar is shocked to the way she thinks is exactly same!! He gets happy

Sanskar: sure,
Swara: and there should not be jealousy between us like other lovers do, Nd we Shouldn’t have egos.. We should be like this.. I want say life long.. But when I’m not happy with u il breakup..

Sanskar stares at lovingly… He feels soo happy to hear her words.. As he feels like he is talking to himself!! He is soo surprised and love for her has been increased!!

At that time the restaurants lights turn dim.. And the couples are dancing..

Swara looks at them and gets excited..

Swara:(excited) Sanksar I want to dance.. But I don’t know dance…
Sanskar: (smiles) don’t worry I’m here na…Come lets dance..

They both go to the dance floor..
Sanskar holds her hand and keeps on his shoulder, while Swara looks at him lovingly..
Sanksar looks at her smile and holds her waist..

They both start dancing romantically looking at each other..
They were just lost in each other eyes..

Sanskar: Swaraa ur soo beautiful!! I just feel like hugging u?? Can I??
Swara: (blushes) I’m ur girl friend now, you have that right on me..

Sanskar smiles and hugs her.. Holding each other tightly.. Nd lost in each other embrace…

Swara:(smile) sanskar, did u notice??
Sanskar: what??
Swara: ur perfume and mine are same?

Sanskar: haha we both tastes are same na..

They look at each other and smile.. At that time they feel some drops falling on them.. Slow drops turned into a shower.. It was a rain dance… All couples started to dance and they start becoming romantic

Seeing them Swara starts blushing, seeing her blush he looks at her red lips.. Which was wet.. He cups her face seducingly, while Swara looks at him with lots of love..

He holds her more closely, her wet body touches him which made him become more romantic…

He couldn’t stop himself and slowly gives a peck on her lips..

Swara: (shocked) what r u doing??
Sanskar: (smiles) ur my girlfriend.. I have all right on u..(he winks her ?)

Swara: (blushes) Achaaa!!!
Sanskar: Yaaa..
(Saying this he holds her waist closer.. When he was about to kiss her again She stops him..)

Sanskar: what happened??
Swara: it’s a public place.. I don’t like to do these things here.. (She winks?)

Sanskar smiles and pulls her to a side
And looks around.. He watches no one around..

Sanskar: soo??
Swara: what soo??
Sanskar : so can I kiss u in this place..?

Swara smiles and leans to kiss him.. He holds her forward and paused just before He could touch her lips. He saw, she had closed her eyes and that was all the permission He needed. 
They lips meet…
Swara eyes are filled with tears.. She was happy, tensed and all kind of expressions was in her face…as it was her first kiss!!

He starts kissing her passionately Nd even Swara starts kissing him back…

At first They could feel the tenderness, then she grabbed him by his hair pulling him towards her in a sudden move of passion. it was a passionate kiss…

“Stop” she breath between kisses.

Scaring him..
Sanskar: Kya hua??
She muttered “Sorry, I can’t keep kissing for long times, I need to breath between kisses” she winks ?

He smiled and kissed on her forehead..
Sanksar: I love u!!
Swara: (blushes) love u too!!

Seeing her blush.. He again starts kissing her!!

They both smile looking at each other….
Swara : sanskar, it’s soo late.. Come lets go home!!
Sanskar: (teases) soo soon!! Plzz Swara, don’t leave me alone!!

Swara: Hahahah ur soo funny!!
Sanskar: Hahha.. Anyways come il drop u..

After couple of hours Sanskar drops Swara to her house.. He gets down..
Sanskar: (hugs Swara ) Thankyou for being with me whole day.. I just loved it..
Swara: (smiles) no thanks and sorries between us!!

Sanskar: achaa!! (He kisses her forehead) soo when shall we meet again??

Swara: hmm after the college?
Sanskar: nooo!!
Swara:?nooo, why??
Sanskar: il come morning itself!! ?

Swara: Hahha Sanskar.. U scared me..

They both talk for sometime and he leaves to his room..

Next day:

Sanskar wakes up, he thinks about last night.. He smiles..Nd thinks..
These girl is soo special.. He smiles and calls her…

Seeing his call Swara gets happy and lifts the call…

Swara: hello Sanskar!!
Sanskar: Swara where r u??
Swara: I’m in colz Sanskar..
Sanskar: Kk I’m coming.. Wait outside!!
Swara: Kk.. I’m waiting!!

Sanskar gets ready and he goes to meet Swara..

Swara waits for Sanskar… After sometime Sanskar calls her and tells her to come near the parking..

Swara goes near parking and watches Sanskar..
Swara: hello Sanskar… What’s up??
Sanskar: (he looks at her dressing) woww Swara u look soo cute!!
Swara: Thankyou Sanskar.. U know my sister bought This dress for me.. It’s soo nice na!!
She keeps talking…

Sanskar stares at her lovingly… He smiles and hugs from back and kisses her cheeks..

Swara: ?sanskar, this is college?
Sanskar: I don’t care.. And Whenever I feel like kissing I will do it!! I don’t care who is around!!
Swara stares at him lovingly..
Sanskar: why r u staring at me??
Swara: ur something special.. I love u!!
(She hugs him) anyways I need to go to my class.. Il meet u later..
When she was about to go.. Sanskar stops her…

Sanskar: bunk the college Swara.. It’s just starting.. No one will come to the classes.. Plzz for me!!

Swara: (she thinks) hmm Kk… Anything for u!!

Sanskar : woww darling.. Soo sweet of you!!! Come now let’s go!!

Swara: but where r we going now??
Sanskar: surprise!!

Swara: woww I love surprises..
Sanskar: u love it!?? Even I love it!!

He takes her to his house…
Swara: woww this house is soo big.. But why did u bring me here Sanskar??

Sanskar: Swara this is Mr. Sanskar Maheswari’s house!!

Swara: what?? This is ur house?? It’s soo beautiful!! But Sanskar Kavya told that u used to stay in India.. With ur mom.. But who is staying here??

Sanskar takes her to his room.. Swara just get stunned to see his room.. It was soo beautiful!!

Sanskar: Swara, my mom and dad were divorced.. My mom is in India, and my dad is in US… I love both of them… So I stay with both of them..
U don’t believe Swara, when they were together.. They always used to fight for small things.. I just feel soo sad!!
Finally one day they were divorced…
And now they r really happy..
When I’m with my mom.. She’s happy with her life and same with my dad too..
That’s why I decided not to marry anyone!! I love to be like This… I like to enjoy my life like this…

Saying this he goes near her and starts kissing her neck!!
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar can I ask u onething??
Sanskar: haa ask!!
Swara: am I ur first girl friend??

Sanskar is shocked, he looks at her… He watches her tensed face..
He makes her sleep on his lap and he caresses her hair..

Sanskar: Noo Swara, I used to have a girl friend before.. We broke up!

Swara: but why??
Sanskar: her marriage was fixed, she was asking to marry her, I already told her that i can get into the relation of marriage.. I’m afraid Swara..
If at all we r married, when we had a fight, taking divorce, court cases.. It brings more enemity in life.. I don’t like it.. I don’t want enemies in my life..
Nd now she’s married, she’s happy!!
She’s my best friend too.. I want her to be happy.. I know she may not forgive me..

Swara gets up and closes his mouth..

Swara: shh Sanskar, u don’t need to tell me anything.. I trust u.. U know Kavya said that ur soo caring!!
Just care me like That until I be with u Sanskar

She hugs him tightly..Sanskar smiles and kisses her cheeks!!

Swara: sanskar u know, I just like to enjoy my life… But my dadi, my dad all are like girls shouldn’t go out.. All bullshit!!
I couldn’t bear they torture..

At that time Swara gets a call from her dad..

Swara: (tensed) Sanskar.. My dad!! Be silent okay!!
Sanskar: (smiles) hahah Kk!!!

Swara lifts the call…

Swara: hi dad…
Dad: Swara beta.. R u in colz??
Swara: Noo papa.. I came to my friends house.. From tomorrow il go to colz..
Dad: okay.. (He keeps on talking to her)

Sanskar gets an idea and starts teasing her by keeping tickles…
Swara: ?shhh!! (She signals Sanskar)
He smiles and starts being romantic…
He starts kissing her earlobe…
And lifts her top slightly and places his hand on her belly…

Swara stares at him and feels shy…
Swara: dad, il talk to u later… Bye!!

(She cuts the call)
Swara: sanskar what r u doing?? How can U do like this when I’m talking with my dad..

Sanskar starts laughing…
Sanskar: ohh god look at u!! How scared u are..

She starts beating him!! And they both fall on bed.. Nd Swara starts beating him..
Sanskar stares at her lovingly… He suddenly gives a peck on her lips…

Swara blushes and stares at him lovingly.. And she kisses his cheeks..

They spend some time talking to each other… Sanskar shows her childhood pics.. They spend their time…and they forget about the time..
Sanksar: Swara do u want to have drink??
Swara: Yaa sure breezer!!

She keeps on drinking breezer.. She get and idea and acts like she’s was not in her senses

Sanskar: Swaraa r u fine??
He understood that she drank soo much.. He smiles and brings her to his room.. And places her on her bed..

He calls his lady servant and gives her his shirt and tells her to change her dress.. She changes her dress…

Sanskar comes inside and he caresses her hair and kisses her forehead wishing good night.. He places a blanket and sleeps beside her…

Swara just watches his care.. Nd smiles..
She turns towards him.. She stares at him lovingly, her eyes are filled with tears… and hugs him tightly…

Swara: I love u Sanskar.. Ur my life!! Ur soo good.. And idiot..ur not marrying because of ur parents past??? … But Sanskar, marriage is something very precious.. It depends on understanding…
Ur soo good Sanskar, I will change u.. I will show u love… I will make u know the importance of long relations.. And u mental, u know what…. I came to US only for u… Because I love u Sanskar… From 2 years im loving u… I’m soo crazy about u!! I always used to follow u in India.. But u never looked at me?? ? And do u think, I’m a girl who thinks like u…
Noo Sanskar, I’m not… My life is very different… I just changed myself for u!!


One fine day!!

A girl sleeping peacefully… She gets a dream..

She was cycling early morning.. She watches a handsome guy jogging!!
She gets dazzled by his looks and style.. And gets attracted…
She can only see his attractive eyes, his style..
She looks at him and proposes him giving a tight hug…and kisses his cheeks!!
And she smiles…

Suddenly her dream gets disturbed by her sister Uttara…

Uttara: swaraaa!! What r u doing?? U kissing me idiot..?

Swara suddenly gets up Nd laughs remembering her dream!!

Swara: (sits and dreams) arey wah!! Such a sweet dream!! He is soo handsome!! Uttara how can he be soo cute.. I just love him.. Love him so much.. Soooo sooo much!!

Uttara: Swaraa.. U saying this since 2 years..
What kind of love is that Swara?? It’s been 2 years.. U dint propose him yet.. Nd whenever u see him and his girlfriend together, u used to cry soo much..
He has Girl friend Swara.. Forgot about him.. Ur so beautiful girl.. Whole college is back of u.. And ur loving that stranger??

Swara: ?not stranger… He is Sanskar… My Sanskar.. I love him Uttara.. Nd Yaa I used to feel sad.. When he was with that Ragini… They both love each other soo much..

Uttara: hmm Swara.. Leave all that… Today is our last day in college.. Now come gets up.. We need to go.. We need to meet our frnds!! Come lets go..

Swara: hmm kk..

She gets ready and goes to college…swara friend comes running to her…

Frnd: Swara Swara, I brought a great news for u..
Swara: whats that??
Frnd: Ragini got married

Swara: (eyes are filled with tears and starts crying) what Sanksar married Ragini??
(She starts crying)

Frnd gets shocked!!
Frnd: arey idiot… Ragini is married with some other person.. Not Sanksar..

Swara face starts glowing…
Swara: what?? Ragini got married with some other person!!

(She starts jumping)
Swara: wowwwwwwwww!! Thankyou for this great news…
She gets soo excited!!

Uttara: hmm.. Swara il kill you, if u say that you will propose him??

Swara: now he is single na Uttara.. I will propose him.. U know so many of them are trying to snatch my Sanskar.. Before they snatch I will propose him…

Uttara: hmm kk.. All the best.. But Swara he is 5 years elder to u!!

Swara: Hahha mad girl!! Age doesn’t matter in love!!

Saying this she leaves to canteen…


Swara thinks how to propose him.. As she never talked with him..

Swara: Uttara, how can I propose him?? I don’t know anything about him..will he accept me??
(Her eyes are again filled with tears)

Uttara: (watches her tears) Swara.. Plzz don’t cry.. He will accept u, ur such a darling!! Ur my Sweetu na.. He will accept don’t worry!’

Frnd: girls I have a plan.. I know his friend sister Kavitha .. Let’s take her help.. May be we can get to know about him..

Swara: okay…

They meet Kavitha… (Sanskar frnd sister) in a coffee day..
They tell her everything.. As soon as they said Kavitha starts laughing!

Kavitha: ohh god!! Swara Ur loving Sanskar?? U don’t know about him.. They was a rumour that he cheated Ragini.. Be careful..
Swara: ?I know about my Sanksar, he is not that kind..
Kavitha : Swara.. I understood ur love.. But just before u do something.. Nd I want to give a news That Sanskar is going to USA To stay with his dad..

Swara: ?what US??
Kavitha : Yess!! Nd Swara if u want to know anything about him.. Just ask Ragini she will tell.. Only she knows about him completely..

Saying this she leaves..

Swara gets tensed as how she can ask Ragini…
Days passes and months passes..

One day..

Uttara gets shock when she watches an admission letter to Swara from US university..

She angrily goes to Swara and ask her..
How can she apply to US university.. Without informing her..

Swara: I’m sorry Uttara.. I thought to inform but I know u guys will laugh seeing my madness on Sanksar.. So I dint inform.. I’m sorry!!

Uttar: (shocked) swaraa!! Why do u love Sanskar soo much??
Swara: I don’t know.. But he is my life!!

Uttara eyes are filled with tears seeing such a true love for some stranger andshe hugs her..

Uttara : Swara now I promise you.. I will help u somehow.. Ur sister is with U..

Swara gets happy and hugs her..

Uttara thinks about a plan and she decided to meet Ragini…


She meets Ragini and tells her how her crazy sister is in love with Sanskar.. Ragini gets angry and tells her to bring Swara to her house.. Nd gives her address!!

Uttara takes Swara to her house.. Swara gets tensed seeing Ragini..

Ragini: soo ur Swara??
Swara: Yaaa!!
Ragini: why do u love Sanskar??
Swara: (smiles) I don’t know but I love him soo much!!
Ragini: (smiles) im happy for u Swara.. I can see ur love for him in ur eyes.. But Swara.. I pity u.. He doesn’t trust u think he will be with u life long?? Noo Swara.. He won’t..

Swara: ?what??
Ragini: Yess.. He doesn’t trust marriage and all.. But if he starts caring u.. He will treat u like a princess..He is soo caring.. When we into a living relation..u don’t trust me Swara.. We used to stay in same room.. But he never touched me.. Because he knows that I won’t stay with him forever..
I used to feel so secured around him!! He is soo caring… Seeing his care I starting wanting him.. I thought to marry him.. I just want him to be with me for ever.. But he rejected me.. As he don’t trust marriage.. Ya I agree I was heart broken to think about our breakup.. But he is true.. He never told that he will marry me.. He said me before itself..
Nd now I can’t compell him… And now I’m happy.. Because I got a good husband ..

Swara: then how will he love me?? I want him to be with me forever.. I can’t see him leaving me (she keeps. Pout face and starts crying)

Ragini smiles…
You don’t know about Sanksar Swara..
He is very caring, good lover and a good friend too…
He should be happy.. That’s all as a lover I want.. But he is not trusting marriage..
When Uttara said about u, I felt happy… I want him to taste true love in his life…he should settle in his life, he should have a family of his own.. I hope u will show him the meaning of true love to him!!

Swara: but will he accept me??

Ragini: Yess Swara.. But I have a plan.. But it’s bit risky.. But If u willing to do I will tell u..

Swara: what’s that??
Ragini: be like him.. Uttara said ur going to US for him… Meet him, behave like u hate marriage.. Be friendly.. U both get into a realtion.. After that.. Show him ur love.. If ur love is true he will be urs forever..

Uttara: ? u mean living realtion?? Ur telling Swara to accept living realtion??

Ragini: Yaa why not?? If you want to get him.. U should do that Swara.. If u directly propose him he won’t accept.. What u say??

Swara thinks
Swara: I’m ready… Anything for him!! I want to prove that my love is true…I will change him!!

Ragini smiles and hugs her..
Ragini: I’m soo happy Swara.. My best friend is going to taste love in his life from a sweet girl like u…I’m happy for u both!!

Swara: but where is he in US?? How can I meet him??

Ragini: Swara don’t worry.. My friend Kavya is there in US.. She’s sanskar’s frnd too.. She will help u!!

Swara gets happy!!
They leave…

************flashback ends*************

Swara eyes are filled with tears… She looks at Sanskar.. The person whom I loving since 2 years.. Now he is with me On same bed..
She feels so protective, even though she’s drunk, he dint take that as an advantage..

She stares at him lovingly and gives a peck on his lips..

I love u Sanskar… I know being in living relation is sin… But I accepted for u.. Because I love u Sanskar.. Plz don’t leave me in the middle.. I can’t live without u..
(She cries and She sleeps beside him.. Hugging him tightly!!)

Next day:

Sanskar wakes up… And looks at Swara who is sleeping peacefully hugging him…
He caresses her face.. And looks at her beautiful face…
When he was about to get up, he finds a grip on his hand.. He looks at his hand.. Swara was holding him tightly!!

Sanskar: (calls) Swaraa!!

Swara wakes up and looks at his handsome face… She smiles.

Swara: good morning Sanskar!!
Sanskar: good morning Swara!!
(She smiles and kisses him and hugs him more tightly)
Swara: don’t leave me plzz!!
Sanskar: (smiles and hugs her) Swara, get up… I slept soo much, u need to go to ur college.. Did u forget??

Swara: (smiles) hmm Kk!!
She gets up and gets ready…

Swara: sanskar, drop me home.. It’s already 9, I should get ready too…Nd go to colz

Sanskar: Swara from tomorrow don’t stay there..stay with me.. U can be with me all the time..

Swara: but here?? Noo Sanskar…
Sanskar: what’s wrong Swara, why do u want to waste ur money by paying rent.. U can stay here.. Nd trust me.. Ur my responsibility.. Without ur permission I will never touch u..

Swara gets happy with his words…

Sanskar: (teases) but Swara, u can’t stop me from kissing u!!
(He gives a peck on her lips)

Swara: (smiles and hugs him) u gave that surety that’s enough to trust u.. Love u Sanksar!!

Evening: Swara brings her luggage.. To his room..

Sanskar: welcome to my world Swara!!
Swara: Thankyou!!!

Sanskar: get ready, will go to any Indian restaurant.. U know I just want to have Indian food.. Rice, sambar..!! I’m missing that!!

Swara: sanskar… Why to go to restaurant.. I’m there na.. I will cook for u!

Sanksar: u know cooking??
Swara: Yaaa..

She goes to kitchen and she cooks his favourite food..
Sanskar gets happy to eat such a delecious food!! Nd he compliments her!!

Swara gets happy… Nd she promises that until she’s here.. She will cook him all his favourite dishes!!

Sanskar gets happy…

Everyday, they were together.. They used to go out.. Spend some time with friends.. He used to daily drop her to the colz.. Days by day they were soo involved in each other company… Swara’s love for Sanskar was increasing day by day…

One night:
Swara and Sanskar goes to a pub..
Kavya and Swara talk.. While Sanksar is having drink with his friend..

Kavya: so Swara, how was ur relation going on??
Swara: it was good Kavya.. He is happy with me.. But how can I make him love me more..
Kavya: Swara, just show him more love, he should not forget that in his life.. I know ur doing so much for Sanskar, but I think this is the right way..

Swara nodes okay!!

While Sanskar was enjoying with his friends, Swara goes towards him and stares at him… Hugs him… Confusing him..

Sanskar: Kya hua Swara??

Swara: take me home Sanskar..
Snaksar: why??
Swara: I’m not feeling well…

Sanksar: (worried) not feeling well?? But what happens??
Swara: I’m fine.. Just want to take some rest..

Sanksar: (smiles) Kk come!!

They reach home…
Sanksar parking the car, while Swara goes to her room… And suddenly shouts…

Sanskar gets tensed and runs to his room…
As soon as he enters he was shocked to see the room filled with candles.. And a birthday cake!!

Swara goes near him and places a peck in his lips…
Happy birthday Sanskar..

Sanskar is shocked..
Sanskar: woww.. Thankyou Swara.. But when u did all these??
Swara: before we r going to pub I did it.. Nd now when I reached I just lit the candles.. Did u like it??
Sanskar: woww…Swara!! It’s so beautiful like u!!

She makes him cut the cake.. And they spend some time..
Applying cake.. She watches him being soo happy…Nd hugs him tightly…

Sanskar: Kya hua Swara??
Swara: I want u to smile like this forever!!

Sanksar: Thankyou and even you keep smiling like this..

Swara smiles and whispers kiss me Sanskar!!
Sanksar: what!! ??
Swara: Yess… Sanskar… I’m soo happy being with u!! I just want to make this short relation soo memorable.. Make me urs completely Sanskar..

Sanskar eyes were filled with tears.. He can see love in her eyes!! He gets happy He looks at her romantically!! And starts kissing her passionately!!
She responds to his kiss with lots of love..

He lifted her up and took her towards the bed.
He began running his hands on her face,
He then kissed her neck and slowly nuzzled his head on her chest.

She began moaning, and her heart was beating faster and faster.

Her eyes were filled with tears.. It was of joy.. She’s making her beloved one happy!! What else she want!!

She sensed him, he was breathing a lot harder too. She was going crazy with desire.
“Are you ready?” he whispered, breathing heavily and smiling…
She found it hard to speak and just answered, “Yes…”

They made love for the first time after the journey of 1months of they living relation!!

It was the first time for both of them…but he was very gentle and understanding, and she had the best time in her life that night. Each and every touch had his love. After sometime she rested her head on his chest, he ran his hand on her hair lovingly.

They slept hugging each other peacefully!!

Next day..
Swara wakes up and looks at him sleeping peacefully… SHe kisses him.. She thinks…

Sanskar today I want to show my true life.. The way I leaded my life till now…
She smiles

She gets gets ready.. She wears a beautiful pink saree… She completely in traditional attire…She gets ready… She blushes thinking about yesterday’s night!! At the same time she has that fear in her heart… What if he don’t like her…but she thinks to be positive..

She goes towards him and splashes water from her hair irritating him…
Sanskar angrily opens his eyes and watches her smiling face… Which made him smile!!

Sanskar: (smiles) good morning Swara!
U woke up soo early?? (Wides his eyes) you look soo different today?? What’s the matter??

Swara: Sanksar, I will tell u but before that get up.. Today is ur birthday.. We need to celebrate ur birthday, but very differently!!
This full day u should spend with me…

Sanskar: wow.. Sure sweetheart!! But before that… Where’s my birthday kiss..

(He smiles and pulls her, Nd kisses her.)

Swara: sanskar, ur spoiling my saree!!

Sanskar: saree???
Swara: Yaaa!!

Sanskar: where show me??
(He gets up and looks at her from top to bottom)

Sanskar: Swara Bebz!! Awesome.. Such a wonderful surprise.. It superb!!

Swara: (happy) really?? But I thought u don’t like traditional dresses..

Sanskar: Yaaa but, I like sarees?

Swara: haha Kk… First go and get ready..

He comes out after his bath… Swara gives him white shirt and black white blazer!!

Sanskar: ?Swara, what’s all this? Plz don’t tell me to wear this..

Swara: plzzz Sanskar.. Only for today.. I told u na today ur going to enjoy ur birthday differently..

Sanskar: hmm Kk.. Only for u!!
Swara: ?Thankyou soo much!!
(She hugs him)

Sanskar gets ready and she serves him breakfast..
Swara: sanskar, I prepared this breakfast for u.. It’s completely Indian breakfast..
Sanskar appreciates her…

Next Swara takes him to a temple..

Sanskar: Swara r u crazy?? Seriously?? I dint expect that you will bring me here??
Even u don’t trust God na.. But what’s all this..

Swara: sanskar… Shh!! Come in…

She takes him inside the temple.. After the puja they sit near the stairs.. And Swara starts telling him about her childhood days
That how her mom used to bring her to the temple at her birthday.. How they used to spend their time… She tells him some importance of God!!
Sanskar listens to her patiently!!

After the temple, she takes him to restaurant.. She orders all her favourite dishes…

Sanskar: Swaraa.. I hate this curry.. Why did u order this??

Swara: sanskar ur daily having the food which u like.. But today plzz.. Try different..
She feeds him with his hands..
Sanskar slowly starts liking it..
Sanskar: arey wow.. This is beautiful!!

Swara: did u like it??
Sanskar: Yaaa!!
Swara gets happy… Even she starts eating her fav dish.. Being with him…She forgets about her favourites…

After lunch..
Now choice is urs… Tell me where shall we go?? Shall we go to pub?? Movie?? Musical night??

Sanksar: Noo Swara… I want to go home!! I want to spend some time with u.. U surprised me with new things!! So only u and me..

Swara smiles… Ok!!

They reach home…
It started raining heavily…

Sanskar sleeps on Swara’s lap looking at the rain… While Swara caresses his hair… and they start talking

Swara: sanskar, how will u live without my absence??
Sanskar: (smiles) what u mean??
Swara: I mean, u don’t know how to select ur dresses, you don’t know how to cook, u always eat outside food.. U always make ur room messy?? Untul im with u I will make u happy, But without me how will u manage?? Can u manage Sanskar??

Sanskar looks at her cups her face
“Dont speak as if ur leaving me now!!

Swara: hmm k!!

At that time Sanksar gets call from his friend Sunil…

Sunil: happy birthday dude!! Where r u?? Actually I want to meet u.. U know my sis came to US.. She was soo excited to meet u!!

Sanskar: ohh woww sissy came…its been many days since I saw her…Come home..
Sunil: Noo Sanskar she’s in hostel.. I’m going to meet her, will u come with me??

Sanksar: sure!

(He tells Swara and he goes to meet Sunil sister)

They were waiting for her..
Sunil: sanskar, my sis want to tell u some important matter.. She soo excited from 1 month.. U know about her excitement na!!

Sanskar: what soo important??
Sunil: don’t know..

Sunil sister comes.. She is non other than Kavitha…

Kavitha: Hii Sanskar bhai??
Sanskar: hi sissy… How r u?? By d way what’s soo important u want to speak to me??

Kavitha: (starts laughing) bhai.. U know what… U Have a crazy fan in our college.. She loves u soo much.. Actually she dies for u.. I was shocked to know that she’s in love with u.. Since 2 years she was following u..

Sanksar: what?? Since 2 years??
Kavitha: Yaaa bhai.. When she got to know about u and Ragini breakup.. They met me… They asked about u… Nd I told her that u went to US…

Sanskar: hahah Thankgod!! U saved me…

Kavitha: but bhai.. U know what… She even came to US for u… my friends were telling me, I was completely shocked, how can she loves u soo much without knowing u… She’s soo innocent, very traditional.. Very sweet… I just felt sad for her…

Sanskar: what?? She came to US??

Kavitha: Yess!!

Sunil: who is she Kavitha??
Kavitha: I don’t know her personally… But she has a gud name in our college… Her name is… Swaraa!!! Swara Gadodia!!

Sanskar: ?what??? Swaraa??

Kavitha: Yaa bhai Swara.. U know our college guys are back of her but this girl loves u!!

Sanskar is shell shocked… He shows her picture to Kavitha for confirmation!! He couldn’t believe… He was soo angry.. How can she play with his feelings!!
How can she make him believe that they both tastes are same…

Sanskar gets angry.. Nd he goes directly to Ajith house.. He watches Kavya and Ajith talking!!

Kavya: hi Sanskar, where is Swara??
Sanskar: ? she cheated us Kavya.. (He tells them what Kavitha said)

Kavya: sanskar, we know that…
Sanskar: what??
Kavya: Yaa Sanskar… She’s not like ur taste.. But Sanskar her love is true.. She loves u soo much.. She did what all we said.. Because to get ur love… She’s innocent Sanskar… Plzz don’t leave her…

Ajith: yes Sanskar.. Because she is innocent….She totally changed herself for u.. She hates drinks, but she had for u… She has a pure trust in marriage… But she accepted to be in living relation for u..
Just think Sanskar … She’s a gold!!
Plzz don’t hurt her Sanskar… U can never get such a person in ur life…

Sanskar gets angry to see his friends support to Swara… He goes home..he watches Swara sleeping in hall.. Waiting for him…

Hearing his sounds she gets up…

Swara: ? Sanskar u came?? (She hugs him) Where did u go?? U know how much I missed u!!

Come will have dinner together..
Sanskar: ?Noo!! I’m not hungry!!

Swara sees his face…he was drunk..
Ur drunk?? Kk sleep for sometime..

She takes him to his room and makes him sleep…
She sleeps beside him.. Making him sleep!!

Next day:
Sanskar wakes up quickly.. He watches her sleeping… He looks at her angrily…
He remembers Kavitha and Ajith words not to scold her or hurt her..

He goes down, he brings breakfast to her…as he knows that she dint eat anything last night..

Nd he wakes her…
Swara: ?Sanskar, is this for me??
Sanskar doesn’t talk…

Swara: r u surprising me?? Tell me na Sanskar..

Sanskar: first eat.. I want to talk to u..

She gets down from her bed, she brushes her teeth and goes back to bed and starts eating her breakfast..

Swara: now tell me??
Sanskar: Swaraa, let’s breakup!!

Swara is shocked.. Her eyes are filled with tears..
Swara: hahaha breakup?? Ur kidding na?
Sanskar: Noo Swara I’m serious.. Let’s break up!! I want to enjoy my life single… Let’s be friends… This relation and all.. Let’s part our ways… I’m done with this..

Swara is shocked… Tears started falling from her eyes..
Sanskar notices her tears… Nd behaves as if he doesn’t care…

Sanskar: I know we think like same.. So this breakup doesn’t hurts u.. Because it dint hurt me at all…

Swara: (covers) haa Yaa… We think same na.. Why should I feel bad…k let’s break up!

Saying this she goes to the washroom and starts crying!! Sanskar too starts crying… But he was full angry!!

After some time she comes from washroom..

Sanskar: Swara, from today u can go back to ur flat!!

Swara: ?okay!!

Sanskar: come il drop u…


They were complete silence.. Swara just keeps crying looking outside…

She reaches her flat.. When Swara turns back… Sanskar leaves without talking to her…

Swara gets sad and cries falling on her knees…
Kavya watches her and comes near her.. And consoles her..
She tells her everything… How Sanskar got to know the truth…

Swara feels guilt for cheating him.. And she calls him to talk to him… Seeing her call.. Sanskar doesn’t lifts it..

Swara cries seeing his anger… She leaves many messages but he doesn’t reply anything!!

Days passes…

One day.. Swara plans to go back to India.. As her cousin also going back to India.. Swara’s dad tell her to come with him…

Before going she thinks to meet Sanskar… She goes to his house!!

Sanskar, ajith, Kavya and other friends are in his house..
Seeing Swara, Sanskar gets angry… But he doesn’t talk to her… He acts being close with another girl making her jealous..
By placing his hand on her…

Swara gets sad seeing him with another girl..

Kavya: hi Swara.. Where were u these days.. U left even the flat..

Swara: I was with my cousin…by d way im going to India today.. I just thought to meet u All before leaving…
(Tears falls from her eyes)

Hearing the word going to India… Sanskar gets angry and he gets up and goes to balcony… As he doesn’t want to hear any word from her..

Seeing his anger Swara goes back of him…
Swara: sanskar I’m sorry.. Plzz talk to me!!

He doesn’t look at her… Swara cries and hugs him from back…

Swara: (cries) I love u Sanskar.. I dint have other way to come into ur life… I don’t know why… But I love u soo much.. I know you don’t love me.. The moments I spent with u.. Is more then enough for me for this life.. I want u to be happy… Bye Sanskar… I’m leaving… I will never again Come into ur life…

(She hugs him tightly, and kisses his cheeks and leaves crying)

Sanskar eyes are filled with tears… He just stood like a statue…he don’t know why he started missing her..

Swara leaves…

Weeks passes…

Sanskar alone at his house… He starts missing Swara..
He remembers, how Swara used to care for him… How they were happy together..
He remembers how Swara told him that how will he manage alone without her presence…

He cries remembering that… He thinks how can she loves me soo much.. She did soo much to me..She even physically gave happiness to me… For my love…But what did i do?? I hurted her.. She’s really soo innocent… How can she leave me, how can she go far form me…He cries and realises that that he cannot stay without her!!

He thinks to get her back.. And gets happy and goes to India…


He don’t know anything about her address…
He searches for her near his house.. Her college..

One fine day…
He watches Swara…he gets happy and runs to her…
But get shocked seeing a boy with her…

Boy:(shouts) swaraaa surprise!!

Swara smiles
Swara: lakshhhh!!! Woww Thankyou soo much!!
(She hugs him)

Sanskar is heart broken to see them close… He feels jealous

Laksh: Swara.. Did u like it???
Swara: Yesss I liked it!! Thankyou Laksh… U know I love these books!! Thankyou for giving me all this..
(She hugs him again)

Laksh: ur soo crazy Swara… I never seen a girl like u.. Why do u love these Sydney Shelton books??

Swara: these are my life laksh.. U know Sanskar loves this soo much!! These are the memories which I had… I will read all these books now… Because I never read any books until now!!

Sanskar gets shocked… His eyes are filled with tears of joy.. To see her love for him!!

Laksh: Swara.. Don’t tell me that u will read all these books one day??

Swara: (smiles) I will… Anything for him Laksh!! I will read This books in one day…I’m a great lover na!!

They both started to laugh….

Sanskar smiles and leaves thinking to surprise her…

After few days

Shekar: Swaraa u left ur studies in the middle … Leave that… I brought a match for u… The boy is perfect for u..

Swara: match!! Plz dad!!

Shekar: this is final… Ur going to get married that’s it… Come down he came to meet u…

Swara eyes are filled with tears… She thinks about Sanskar and cries!!

Uttara: (teases) Swara, he is very handsome… Forget Sanskar and go down!!

Swara comes down but she doesn’t look at him…Sanskar smiles seeing her tensed face and winks at.. uttara

Sanskar: uncle.. I think ur daughter doesn’t like marrying me??

Shekar: Noo beta.. She’s tensed that’s it…

Sanskar: uncle I want a girl who should love me soo much… She should do anything for me… She should take me to temple… She should cook me my favourite food…she should feed me.. Nd she should read all my Sydney Shelton books in one day!!

Swara gets shocked and looks up immediately….she notice Sanskar standing looking at her…Nd winking at her..she gets overwhelmed seeing him…
But acts she’s angry on him…

Sanskar laughs seeing her acts and goes towards her…

Laksh : hey that’s Sanskar na Swaraa!! Woww Sanskar… Nice meeting u..

Sanskar: (teases) nice meeting u… By d way who r u?? What r u doing with my fiancee week back!! ??

Swara is shocked to see his sudden change.. She clearly understands that he came for her…

Swara: ?he is my new boy friend… Why do u want?? You have new girl friend na… Go… Go and be with her!!

She pushes him….

Sanskar: (teases) new boyfriend?? Swaraa!!! How can u leave me like that… I came for u from US…

Swara: Noo need goo!!!!

Sanskar: ahaha!!! Really???? Okay il go… But not alone…

He goes near her and lifts her….

Sanskar: but with my darling!!!

Swara: ?leave me Sanskar… I hate u!!
Sanskar: I’m sorry Swara.. U know I became mad when u came back to India.. I love u Swara…

Swara starts crying….
SAnskar gets her down and hugs her…

Sanskar: swaraaa I’m sorry…(he hugs her and starts kissing her face) I love u Swara…

Swara too hugs him… Nd cries

Saanskar: soo??
Swara: (smiles) soo??
Sanskar: soooooo??
Swara: (slightly hits on his head) what so so so?? It’s so irritating…
Sanksar: so will u marry me??
Swara gets happy

Swara: (teases) but u don’t trust marriage na!!

Sanskar: u made me realise the importance of it Swara… We lived our life happily together in our house.. I got full trust that we can live like that even after marriage…and we can live happily life long!!

Swara smiles and hugs him…

Sanskar: but Swara, one condition.. I will marry only after u complete reading Sydney Shelton books?

Swara: : hahah sure!!! anything for u darling!!

They both smile looking at each other…

Story ends!!

I don’t know what I wrote.. I just wroted in a jet speed!! Plz don’t bash me

Credit to: Neha

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