Hai friends,im back with next episode..I need a suggestion about karan character..which actor u want to play that role..give me ur suggestion..nw back to episode..

Episode starts….

Swara sleeps after lot of struggle..Ragini and sanju getting ready for college..still swara is sleeping..They are waiting for swara to get up..They are very excited to knw about karan and his family..After sometime,swara wakes up and gets starlted to see sanju and ragini sooo closely watching her sitting in her bad..without giving swara any time,sanju and ragini excitedly shooting their questions..Swara smiles seeing her friends excitement..
SWARA:relax guys..let me speak then oly I can answer ur questions na..
RAGINI:u knw hw much excited we both are..we waited for u bt dnt knw wen we slept..
SWARA:tats ok ragini.. I came late at night..
SANJU:leave all that swara..tell me..hw s karan..
SWARA: (fear occupies swara’s mind bt composes herself)gud sanju
RAGINI:just gud?wat is dis swara?
SWARA: (in confused expression)wat ragini?
RAGINI:tell us about him swara..hw is he looking..wat u both speak?hw he s behaving with u..
SWARA: (don’t knw wat to tell manages to tell with fake smile) he s looking gud ragini..we just speak about common things only..aunty is soo sweet..she takes care of me very well..
SANJU: (with excitement)wow means u like him..see we told u na..nw everything will be gud swara..
RAGINI:really really happy for u swara..(hugs swara)

Sanju also joins the hug..the three shares the group hug..ragini and sanju kisses swara’s cheeks..
SANJU:love u swara..i knw..nthng wrong will happen with my swara
SWARA: (hugs both of them)love u both..
RAGINI:ok ok nw get ready..all will be waiting for us..they all too waiting to knw abt karan..
SWARA: (hearing this again swara thinking about sanskar)no too u both nt coming..
SANJU: (with naughty smile)ok ok..u r really tired or wanna speak with jiju?
SWARA: jiju?who is jiju?
RAGINI: (laughs seeing swara’s expression and hits sanju friendly)don’t tease her sanju..swara she is talking about karan..
SWARA: (giving I ll kill u look)sanjuuuuu
SANJU: (understands her look)ok ok bye getting late..will see u in evening..come ragini..
RAGINI: (smiles seeing this and turns to leave)
SWARA:ragini one minute..
RAGINI:haan swara..
SWARA: (hesitate to ask)hmmmm…hw s sanskar?did he call u?
RAGINI:he s fine swara..he called me last night..wat happen swara..
SWARA: (fake smile and acts normal)nothing ragini..just like tat..u go..its already late..
RAGINI:ok swara..take care..bye..
SWARA: bye ragini..(in mind)thank god..sanskar is y he didn’t attend my calls..he speaks with ragini..then y he didn’t speak with he avoiding me?no swara..he never do that..then y.oh god…I cant understand anything..its all confusing me..
Swara sleeps again while thinking all this..

Sanskar is speaking with himself while watching swara’s pictute in his mobile..From yesterday evening,he didn’t do his regular works..he just locks himself in his room..He refused to hav dinner also..He is thinking about swara only..
From morning im waiting for ur message swara..u daily message me habituated to ur messages in morning day always starts with ur looks very empty I should behabitual to tis here after..nw u have karan..i cant expect these all from u hereafter..

Sanskar thinks that swara forget to message him because of karan..sanskar’s thoughts interrupted by his mobile ring..its ragini..
RAGINI:Sammy where r u?class going to start..
SANSKAR: ragu I hav some work I will nt come..u go to class ragu..
RAGINI:ok Sammy..take care..will call u in free time..bye
SANSKAR:bye ragu..(in mind)I want to ask ragu abt I cant ask her..wat if she feels difference in my behavior like yesterday..i cant take tht risk..i hope swara is fine..wat r u thinking sanskar?ofcourse she will be fine..nw karan is there to take care of her..

Day passes like this..Its almost evening..Swara ans sanskar both cant take dis anymore..They both missing eachother..Swara thinks that he is avoiding she don’t knw the reason..she is thinking about that only..Meanwhile,karan called her many she is nt in mood to speak with him…She is continuosly avoiding his calls..Bt he is calling continuosly..She gets frustrated becos of this and switched off her mobile..To divert her mind,she goes to music room for her regular practice..
Here sanskar cant take this he decided to call her..he tried her its switched off..Nw he become restless..he cant ask ragini abt decided to ask ajay..he calls ajay..

AJAY:hello sanskar
SANSKAR:hello swara there with u all..i tried her mobile bt its switched off..if she is there pls give mbl to her..i want to speak with her..
AJAY:sanskar,swara is nt here..infact she didn’t come to college..
AJAY:yes sanskar..wat happen
SANSKAR: (tells ajay about everything that hw he didn’t reply to her calls and messages)I didn’t speak with her fom last night ajay..nw she is nt in college..she is fine na?
AJAY:relax sanskar..she ll b fine..if she is nt well ragini and sanju will tell about that na?bt they both r normal dnt wry..
SANSKAR:no feeling very restless..i cant ask ragini also..
AJAY:ok sanskar..if u want to knw about swara means ill ask abt her and tell u..wait

After sometime,
AJAY:hello sanskar..i asked sanju..she told me that swara is nt in room.. she is in music room..
SANSKAR: (thinking something)ok ajay..u wait there..i ll come..
AJAY:r u sure sanskar?
SANSKAR:s ajay..i want to see her..i ll see her from distance..i just want to see that hw is she..i ll come
AJAY:ok sanskar..i ll wait for u near entrance..

Sanskar entered college ..Ajay already wait for him there..
SANSKAR:come ajay..
AJAY:no sanskar..u go and meet her..i ll wait for u in ground..
SANSKAR:ok ajay..
Sanskar runs towards music room..He don’t want swara to see he stands at the entrance and sees through the window..There he sees his angel singing..He just mesmerized to hear her melodious voice and leans to the window..

Swara feels sanskar’s presence..Bt she feels sad that sanskar is not there 2day..thinking about sanskar,tears rolled down from her eyes automatically..She closed her eyes and starts singing..
Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
kaise tumhe roka karun
meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
aakhon mein tum ko bharun
bin bole baatein tumse karun
agar tum saath ho…
agar tum saath ho
[swara thinks about their first meeting,sanskar’s care,his behavior from last night,karan’s harsh behavior…tears starts rolling down her cheeks while singing] [Here sanskar also thinks about swara’s care,his love towards her,how she tells about karan..he closed his eyes and leans to the window lost in the voice and thoughts of swara..]

Swara completes the song and open her eyes and sees sanskar’s image near the window..Without wasting a second,she runs towards the entrance of the music room..There she sees sanskar standing near the window with closed eyes..
Swara smiles seeing sanskar there and slowly moves towards him.. She stands infront of him and strares him lovingly with teary eyes..Slowly she touches touches his cheek with one hand and calls him lovingly ‘SANSKAR’
Hearing his name and feeling the touch,sanskar opens his eyes and shocked to see swara there..He too stares her lovingly..Both had a long passionate eye lock..Finally swara speaks breaking the eye lock..

SWARA: (still cups his face)sanskar…(crying)sans…sanskar…u r fine na..wat happen to u sanskar?
SANSKAR: (tears start brimming his eyes seeing swara..he touches her hand which cupes his cheek)swara… fine..dnt fine swara..
SWARA: (crying continuosly and closed her eyes)u r not sanskar..i am trying to call u hundreds of times..u knw I prayed god to keep u safe..u are fine na sanskar?
SANSKAR: (cups her face)swara..see..look at fine here in front of u..pls don’t cry swara..(wipes her tears)
SWARA: (still cries)why u didn’t call me sanskar..u knw how long I was waiting for ur call….r u avoiding me sanskar?
SANSKAR: (still cups her face and wipes her tears)im sorry swara..its my mistake oly..(to convince her)actually I was busy with some work swara..that y I didn’t attend ur call.pls stop crying..
Hearing this,swara got furious..She cant control herself
SWARA: (holds his collar in both hands)how could u sanskar?how could u do this..u knw hw scared I im praying for ur safety…u knw how much I cried for u..i died every passing seconds..nw u r simply come and saying that u r busy with some could u sanskar?dont u hav 2 minutes to call me u hav any idea wat I was going through last night?am asking u something sanskar..ans me..(shouts in anger)
Sanskar stunned to see this side of swara..he didn’t think that swara will react like this..he cant understand how to react ..he just stands there blankly..
SWARA: (wipes her tears)ok fine sanskar..u dnt need to answer me..hereafter dnt talk to me..bye..
Saying this swara starts running..Sanskar comes out from shock and looks swara running towards ground..he too follows her..
SANSKAR:swara stop…pls listen to me once..pls stop running swara..(finally he holds her hand and stops her)swara listen to me once..
SWARA: (still crying and looks somewhere else)
SANSKAR:pls swara look at me..i knw I did wrong..i thought u ll be busy with karan..i didn’t want to disturb at that time..pls understand swara..
SWARA: (angrily looks at him and again look somewhere else)
SANSKAR: (makes swara sit in the bench there..he too sits beside her)pls to me..u knw na I cant stay without talking to u..
SWARA: (in angry tone)oh really…that’s y u r nt talking to me from sterday..
SANSKAR: (in a pleading tone)pls swara..i knw I did im sorry..i really missed u tats y I came nw to see u..
SWARA: (gives him I ll kill u look and turns to other side)
Sanskar try to convince she is nt at all look at him..they both sitting there silently for sometime..finally sanskar starts to leave..

SANSKAR: (stands from the bench)ok swara..i dnt knw wat to do to reduce ur anger..pls swara..try to understand me..if u dnt want to forgive me..then ok..i ll wait for u to firgive me swara..i knw u dnt want to speak with me nw..i dnt want to disturb u leaving..
Saying this he turns to someone holds his hand and stops him..He turns to see..its swara..
SWARA: (with tears in eyes)im sorry..pls don’t go..
SANSKAR: (smiles and kneels down in front of her)dnt say sorry swara..i should say sorry to u for hurting u…for nt speak with u…im really sorry swara..pls forgive me..i nvr repeat dis again..promise
SWARA: no sanskar..i overreacted..u knw..i really scared sanskar..i dnt knw y..i felt very disturbed..i really missed u sanskar..pls don’t do this again(tears in eyes)
SANSKAR:I promise..i ll nvr repeat this mistake again..pls stop crying..(wipes her tears)
SWARA: (speaks looking into his eyes)u knw sanskar..i nvr felt this much close with anyone except my family..nt even with my school dad is my everything..i cant even spend a day without talking to him..i feel very protective with my dad..i can share anything with him..i can feel his presence..he always do little little things to make me happy..he is very specia for me..u knw y Im telling this to u nw?because I feel all this with u also sanskar..i cant afford to lose u sanskar..i really cant..(cups his face)U ARE REALLY SPECIAL TO ME SANSKAR..i cant stay without talking to u..i want u to be with me in all situations sanskar..I CAN SEE A CARING FATHER,PROTECTIVE BROTHER AND A LOVELY FRIEND IN YOU..PLS DNT LEAVE ME SANSKAR..u don’t leave me na?
SANSKAR: (stunned to hear all this..he places his hands on swara’s hands which are cupping his face and just nodes in no to swara with tears in eyes)
Both looking in to each others eyes..Its a long passionate eyelock..Bt they are unaware of a pair of eyes watching this all with a shock..Episode ends here..

Precap: sanskar’s decision and karan’s reaction

Guys actually speaking im not satisfied with this episode..i just write whatever comes in my if it disappoints u all,im really sorry for that..comment your views guys..

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