HELLO really very happy with ur response for my introduction part..thanks a lot..keep encouraging means a lot to me….back to episode..

First day in my very happy,excited and nervous too..My first day of engineering in delhi university(don’t hav any idea abt this university from Singapore..just for story sake im using this)This new atmosphere brings new hopes in me..I love it..Bt still im missing my family badly..coz im staying in a hostel..till yesterday I never stay without them..not even a single day..we don’t have any relatives..Because my mom and dad did love marriage..Their own family disowned them..So from childhood itself me and vinay always spend our time with our parents only even in our holidays..This is the first time am gonna stay alone without them..But I have to stay strong to make my dad happy..Afterall I’m dad’s princess na?

Life always holds Unexpected things for you..My mom always say this to cheer me..Im mumma’s boy..She is my everything..always kind towards everyone..I never seen her with dull face..Always smiling eventhough she bears manythings for me and my little heard it right..Our family is a joint family..We live along with my chacha’s family..My dad is always rude towards everyone especially wen it comes to mom he behaves like an animal..I don’t know the reason..but he always mistreats my mom like anything..I hate him to the core for this..My mom always stays srong for me and my brother..she is my support system..My oly dream is to make her happy and free her from dad’s torture..Sure ill do tat for you maa..Today going to join engineering in delhi university..Its my dream..Im sure these 4 years will change our destiny..

Swara and sanskar both starts their new journey..Both are in different departments..they don’t know about each other till first year completed..Swara have 2 best friends sanjana and sahana..sanjana and swara are room mates in hostel too..sanjana is little tom boyish..she is always protective and possessive towards swara..

In these 1 year,sanskar becomes popular among students..Because he is an athlet and volleyball player too..Girls are always behind him..Bt he not at all paid any attention towards them..He has his own gang including Ragini,Bubblu,Kavya and Ajay..sanskar shares a special bond with ragini..Because they both are childhood friends..Ragini knows everything about sanskar’s family..Eventhough he has many friends,sanskar shares everything with ragini only.

Ragini is modern,friendly and straight forward girl..sanskar and ragini are neighbours..During their second year of college,Ragini’s family shifted to US for business purpose..But ragini need to stay back there for her studies..After her parents leaves to US,she joined hostel..In hostel,swara and ragini are room mates..Within short span of time,they both became very close..

After 1 month,sanskar and gang chit chatting in canteen..Sanskar notices ragini being very quiet..Usually ragini is a he feels something is wrong..
SANSKAR: (with caring tone)what happen ragini?y r u so quiet?is everything ok?
RAGINI:nothing Sammy(ragini oly calls him by this name)..just feeling little feverish..
SANSKAR:what feverish?(checking her forehead)r u mad?u are having fever ragu..hw careless u r?come we will go to hospital..

RAGINI:relax sammy..nthng to worry..its just a fever..ill be fine..
SANSKAR:r u a doctor?no more arguments ragu..u r coming with me..thats it..(in a strict tone)
RAGINI:Sammy listen to me fine..i just need some rest..ill be ok after tat..dont worry..
SANSKAR:no ragu..i cant take risk in ur health..u r always careless about ur health..
Bubblu,kavya and Ajay are watching this whole scene silently..they know that sanskar is always protective towards ragini..atlast they try to convince sanskar.

BUBBLU:relax buddy..she is telling na..she ll be alrite..let her take rest..
KAVYA:yes sanskar..if she not well after taking rest,we ll take her to hospital..
SANSKAR: (death glare towards them)just shut up guys..hw could we leave her alone in one is there to take care of her..

RAGINI:no Sammy..ill manage..swara is there na?she ll take care of me..she is same like u don’t worry..i promise ill take care of myself..
SANSKAR:ok then..give me her mobile number..Ill cl her and tell her to take care of u
RAGINI:no way Sammy..i knw about u very well..ull cl her every one hour to knw abt my telling u na..ill take care sammy..

RAGINI: (smiles)pakka
SANSKAR:ok..u go to ur room and take need to attend to afternoon classes..and no more arguments in this
RAGINI: (smiles to see sanskar’s caring)ok pls smile..bye..
SANSKAR: (smiles)k bye..take me if u need my help..
After ragini leave to her room,sanskar also leaves from there..His friends understands that he is they don’t tell anything..

Ragini is sleeping in room when swara and sanjana enters their room..swara worried for ragini becoz ragini always return late to her room after chatting with her she went to ragini to check her..
SWARA:oh my god,ragini..u r having fever.
.come lets go to hospital..

RAGINI:oh god,agaye Sammy version 2..swara listen..nothing to worry..its a normal fever..ill b fine after taking relax
SWARA:no ragini..wat if it is some viral infection..
RAGINI:oh madam..dnt panic..its normal fever oly..ill b alright dear..
SWARA:r u sure?
RAGINI:s swara..dont worry..
SWARA:ok..u take rest..ill get some soup and medicine for u..
Sanjana watching all this silently..she dont like ragini from starting itself..she feels like ragini try to use swara’s innocence..she always warns swara to maintain a distance with ragini..Bt swara being innocent,always trust ragini and treats her equally like sanjana..
Swara feeding ragini soup..At that time,ragini get call from sanskar..she gets happy and attends the call

RAGINI:hello Sammy..
SANSKAR:hello ragu..hw r u feeling nw..hav u eat anything..had any medicines or not?hw is ur(interrupted by ragini)
RAGINI:Sammy relax..take a breath ..listen much better nw..swara is feeding me some disgusting going to take medicine also..dont worry..swara is taking gud care of me..i told u na she is a lady version of u..
SWARA: (gives wat the hell look to ragini while feeding)
RAGINI:laughs by seeing this and tells sorry just kidding u dear..
SANSKAR:ragu if u dnt mind can I speak to swara..i just want to assure abt ur health..
RAGINI:ok wait..ill give it to her..(to swara)swara ,Sammy wants to speak with u..
SWARA: (signs ragini wat to speak)
RAGINI:dnt wry swara..he just want to knw abt my health..
SWARA: (hesitately gets her mobile and speaks)hello
SANSKAR:how is ragini’s health nw?
SWARA: (in mind)hw rude?nt even a hello..he dnt knw manners or wat?
SANSKAR:hey u.. r u ther or asking u something
SWARA: (irritated with his behavior)im me by my name and ragini is better nw..
SANSKAR: (gets angry becoz of her tone)whatever..listen..take care of ragini..she never stays alone like this before..dnt be careless..its her health issue..give her medicines on time and (interrupted by swara)
SWARA: (gets angry) look mr.sammy me sanskar..sammy is oly for my close ones
SWARA:whatever..listen mr…..ragini is my friend too..i knw how to take care of my too care for pls stop ordering me..u oly disturb her by calling her..let her take rest and keep ur stupid advices with giving back to ragini..
SANSKAR:hw dare u..
RAGINI:wat happen sammy?y swara is angry..wat did u tell her?
SANSKAR:hw disgusting she is she ur frnd?im just telling to take care of dare she speak like dis with me

RAGINI:just shutup Sammy..i knw hw politely u said her to take care of me..y u r exxacerate dis simple thing Sammy..its just a normal fever..u knw wat..after returning from college,swara sits beside me and taking care of me without doing her own work..she skips her music practice also just to take care of me..nw see..just becoz of u she is upset..
SANSKAR: (feels guilty to behave with swara like tat)im sorry ragu..actually u r staying alone for the first time in this condition..uncle aunty also not here to take care of u na?thats y im little bit disturbed..sorry..nw dnt get angry..give mobile to swara..ill apologize..
RAGINI: (turns to give mobile bt swara is sleeping)she is sleeping Sammy..

SANSKAR:ohh..dnt wry..tommorow ill sure say sorry to her..just send me swara’s mobile number..nw u take rest..sleep well..gud night..
RAGINI:gud night..sleep well..after tat she sends swara’s number to Sammy..
SANSKAR: (in mind)I really behaved very rudely with her..hw could u sanskar?infact u should thank her for taking care of ur no..u always behave like a stupid wen u r in anger..really u r an idiot pbm..tommorow my first job is to apologige her..
By thinking this,he trying to sleep..but he cant sleep..he don’t knw wat to he send swara a sorry message..
Swara sitting beside ragini and reading something..she diverted due to beep sound in her mobile..she checks her mobile..
MESSAGE:sorry for being soo rude..and thank u too..By sanskar

Swara smiles reading the message..Usually swara don’t get angry quickly..she behaved politely with everyone even those who behaved rudely with her..Bt dnt knw y she behaved with him like tat..( she dnt knw sanskar is not like everyone..he s spl in her life)so she too reply him..
(mobile conversation)

SWARA:its too behaved soo rudely with u..i shouldn’t speak with u like sorry too..
SANSKAR:u no need say sry..mistake is mine..i shouldn’t react like tat..actually ragini is very close to me..dis is the first time she is staying alone..tats y im little sorry..
SWARA:its need to be sorry for this..i can understand ur happy tat ragini is having a great friend..
SANSKAR:thank u so sweet of u FRIENDS?

SANSKAR:u can call me sanskar..dont be so formal..
SWARA:ok sanskar..nw happy?
SANSKAR:super happy..dont u sleep..ragini told me tat u slept already..
SWARA:no actually I wake up to check ragini..thought to be with her..wat if she needs something in night..

SANSKAR: (feels guilty by hearing dis)im sorry swara..
SWARA:oh ho sanskar..pls stop saying more sorry and thank u..
SANSKAR:ok..u too go and sleep swara..ragini don’t wake up in the middle bcoz of medicine u too take rest..tomorrow hav to go college right?
SWARA:ok sanskar..ill take care..bye..gud night
SANSKAR:gud night..

After the conversation,both sleeps peacefully with a smile in their face..They don’t know this incident is going to change their destiny..They start their friendship with a misunderstanding bt their destiny gonna make them a heavenly couple..

Precap: swasan friendship

This episode is full of swarag and ragsan bonding..u all may thing is fever is a that much big health issue..But through this episode I just want u all to knw the bonding between them..for further episodes,it will be helpful for u all to understand..Because my story will revolve around these characters mostly..Our real story will start from next episode..that will be full of swara and sanskar.. lets enjoy the wonderful journey of our lovely couple from next chapter..

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