Hai friends..thanks a lot for ur response for my previous episode..ur comments encouraging me a lot especially my regular readers..A special thanks to u all friends..Regarding the story,I really need ur suggestion nw..Actually in further 3 to 4 episodes,karan will play equal role as sanskar..Tell me if u r ok with it or not..If u all nt ok with this karan track,then no pbm..I ll cut short them..Dnt forget to tell about this wen u comment guys..i ll be waiting for ur suggestions..Now back to the episode..

Episode starts with swara’s pov..
Wat is happening in my life?i cant understand anything…till yesterday wen someone come and tell me that u ll marry ur bua’s son means im sure I would make fun of them..becos till I dnt have any idea about them..i didn’t see them nt even in a nw im here get ready to meet karan,..Im very restless and nervous nw…bt its nt becoz im going to meet karan..its something different..i need someone to hold my hand nw..i need to share this with someone who can understand me..thinking about someone my mind tells me that someone is sanskar..yes I need sanskar now..he s my strength..he s the only one who understands me completely..Its nt like ragini and sanju nt understand me..they sanskar is different..i feel very protective wen he s around me..i dnt want to tell him anything..he understands everything from my expression always feel blessed to hav him in as my friend..After my papa and vinay,he s the one I want to share everything..i tried his mobile for past half an he s nt picking my calls..

While swara thinking about this,shekhar reached there to pick up swara..He notices tension in swara’s he try to comfort her..
SHEKAR:princess shall we leave?
SWARA:ok papa
SHEKHAR: (cups her face)wat happen swara?y u r soo tensed?r u nervous abt karan..dnt wry princess..he is a nice guy..everything will b fine..(kissing her forehead)
SWARA: (fake smile)dnt wry fine..

In car,shekhar is driving and swara sits beside him..swara continuosly trying to call sanskar mobile..she sends messages there is no reply from his side..
SWARA: (in mind)wat happen sanskar?y u r nt picking my calls..u nvr been like really tensed..u r fine na?wat if something happen….no no no swara..wat r u thinking?nthng will happen to him..god pls keep him safe..
Shekhar and swara reached karan’s mansion..


It’s a big mansion with beautiful garden at the entrance..swara enters the mansion..she became more nervous..When they enter the hall,a middle aged lady comes towards shekhar excitedly..yes its kaveri,shekhar’s elder sister..
KAVERI:chottu ,u came..
SHEKAR:di pls..dont call me chottu nw..nt atleast in front of swara..
KAVERI:u r always chottu for me shekar..ok ok where is my swara?
SHEKAR:see there di..
Kaveri looking towards the entrance..there our angel entering the mansion in red and gold anarkali suit with open hair..kaveri runs towards her and hugs her happily..
KAVERI: (with teary eyes)welcome swara..u looks like a princess..
SHEKHAR: she is my princess di
SWARA: (watches them blankly)

KAVERI:wat r u seeing swara…im ur bua..ur papa’s elder sister..
SWARA: (takes blessing from her)I knw aunty…
KAVERI: (caressing her her)thanks for coming swara..come and sit..i ll call karan..
Hearing karan name swara’s nervousness reached its peak..After sometime a tall and handsome guy approaching towards them..He is really handsome guy with a gud physique..any girl can fall for him..he s in his casuals..he approached towards swara..
BOY: (to swara) swara right?

SWARA: (just nodes her head)
BOY: (forward his hand to swara)im and uncle told me about u a lot..
SWARA: (just smiles and shake hands with him)
KARAN:soo hw is ur studies?u r doing engineering right?
SWARA:ya..everything is going well..
They speaks for sometime about some common things..While speaking with karan,swara continuosly checking her mobile..

KARAN:wat happen swara..r u waiting for any call..
SWARA: no no not like that..
Meanwhile kaveri comes there totake swara..
KAVERI:swara come with me…I ll show u the whole mansion..
SWARA: (smiles)ok aunty..
Kaveri takes swara with her and shows her the whole mansion..After sometime they enter into the room which looks beautiful with amzing interior..
KAVERI:this is karan’s room swara..everything should be neat and clean for him..he s very possessive abt his things swara..he never allowed anyone to use his things nt even me.. looks nice aunty..
KAVERI:swara I want to ask u something..

SWARA:yes aunty..u can ask me anything..
KAVERI:do u like karan?answer me honestly..shekhar told me that u agree for the I want to knw about ur opinion personally swara..
Actually swara is nt comfortable here..she don’t want this all..she cant decide she is helpless nw..
SWARA:im ok with whatever papa decides for me aunty..(she tells this becos after meeting karan also she don’t hav any idea about him..she is nt interested in him..the oly reason for saying yes is her father)

KAVERI: (thinks that swara feels shy to say directly)(hugs swara)im so happy karan is so blessed to have u in his life..
SWARA: (smiles faintly and moves from there)
Meanwhile in hostel,ragini thinking abt sanskar..she felt something wrong with she thought to ask him..Ragini calls sanskar..sanskar lift the call bt he s silent..
RAGINI:Sammy r u there..y r u silent..nt even a hello
SANSKAR:haan ragu im here oly

RAGINI:wat happen to u Sammy?r u ok?
SANSKAR:im fine ragu..wat will happen to me..
RAGINI:no sammy..i knw..u r nt well..dnt try to fool me Sammy..
SANSKAR:ragu really nothing happen to absolutely fine..
RAGINI:no Sammy..i knw u very well..something is bothering noticing u from morning..u r nt normal Sammy..tell me wats ur pbm?
SANSKAR:nthng like that me im fine..

RAGINI:u r hiding something from me na Sammy?
Sanskar’s heart pinched after hearing this..he cries covering his mobile..
SANSKAR: (in mind)s hiding my life’s biggest truth from wat can I do..i cant tell u abt could I tell u that I lost my love my life..i cant ragini..u cant tolerate this..u ll be more hurt if u came to knw abt this..i dnt want to see u like tat ragu..u r my oly support nw..)
RAGINI: Sammy r u there..u r hiding something na?
SANSKAR: (compose himself and tries to cover)u knw abt me na ragu..y would I hide things from little disturbed..u knw abt my family na..
RAGINI:wat happen Sammy?again uncle torture aunty?

SANSKAR:its usual na ragu..u dnt wry..i ll take care of everything..
RAGINI: (in a caring)is aunty fine?
SANSKAR:she s fine ragu..u dnt wry..u go and sleep..
RAGINI: dnt wry sammy..everthing will b fine soon..i knw about my Sammy..he will make everything perfect..bye..gud night
Sanskar immediately cuts the call and breaksdown..
SANSKAR: (in mind)im sorry ragu..i lied to sorry..ur sammy is useless ragu..his life his love is going far away from him infront of his eyes bt he cant do anything..ur sammy is just helpless ragu..
Everyone in dinning hall..Swara sits there blankly thingking about something..(we knw wat that something na guys)she checks her mobile frequently..Meanwhile karan stares swara continuously..After dinner,its time for swara to leave..
KARAN: uncle if u dnt mind shall talk with swara alone before she leave?
SHEKHAR: (smiles)of course beta..u can..go princess..
Karan takes swara to his room..
KARAN:swara wat do u decide abt this marriage?
SWARA: (holds mobile in her hand tightly in nervousness)my papa’s decision is my decision..
KARAN: so u dnt hav ur own opinion..
SWARA: ( sees him with questioning look)

KARAN: (in stern voice)look swara..i dnt care abt anyone’s opinion..actually Im nt at all interested in this marriage wen mom told me abt u..i thought to reject u..Bt after I saw u,I hav decided that u r mine..just mine..make that clear in ur mind swara..u got it?
SWARA: (shoched with his behavior so without answering him she looked somewhere)
KARAN: (holds her arm tightly and turns towards him)look at me wen im talking to u swara..(in a dangerous voice)do u get that..
SWARA: (just nodes her head with tears brimming in eyes)

KARAN: gud..nw come..uncle is waiting for u..
Before leaving swara hugged sumi and cries..Sumi and shekhar thought that she is nt comfortable with this marriage..Bt kaveri convinces sumi that swara little nervous..shekhar thought swara she is worried because they r leaving 2morrow..Swara without saying anything bid bye to kaveri and sumi and leaves with shekhar to her hostel..In car,swara continuosly trying to call there is no response from him..she literally breaksdown inside because of the bahaviour of karan..she telling herself not to breakdown in front of shekhar..


Swara bids bye to shekhar and runs towards her room not able control her emotions anymore..She wants to hug ragini and sanju and cried her heart out..Bt to her disappointment wen she enters the room,both sanju and ragini sleeping peacefully..Seeing them sleeping,she don’t want to disturb them..She sits in her bed and cried silently..Lots of things running in her mind..
Swara continuously trying to call he didn’t pick up..she trying without a gap..Sanskar seeing his mobile..there are hundreds of missed calls and lots of messages from swara..

Im sorry swara..i cant speak with u nw..i knw u r calling me to tell about karan..i I don’t hav the strength to hear anything about him from u swara..i dnt hav that strength swara..i ll break down..first I need to control myself swara..i dnt want to create any mess in ur life..u should be happy without any guilt..for that I hav to control myself…i have to be strong to face the needs some time..till tat I will nt speak with u..ur voice will make me weak again swara…im sorry..

Here swara continuosly trying to sanskar mbl..after sometime she feel like she cant control anymore..she runs to washroom locks herself and cries louldly..

Pls sanskar..lift my call only once..i just want to knw that u r safe and gud..pls..i want to tell u everything..nobody is here with alone..i need u nw sanskar..i want to tell u about karan..he s nt gud sanskar..He scared ur swara(unknowingly she addresses herself as sanskar’s..poor swara)…u just come and tell me that all will be fine..pls sanskar..only once ..IM SCARED SANSKAR..I NEED U NOW.. I NEED U TO HOLD MY HAND..SEE IM SHIVERING..UR SWARA IS SHIVERING IN FEAR..SHE NEEDS U BADLY…PLS CALL ME ONCE SANSKAR..

Episode ends with swara and sanskar’s crying face…

In fear people will blurt out whatever their heart and mind says without realizing that swara also addresses herself as sanskar’s without realizing..hope she ll realize her feelings for sanskar soon..ok eagerly waiting for ur comments..pls read and share ur views..And onemore thing I ll update the next episode on Wednesday only..because 2mrw is singapore’s national will meet u all on Wednesday with fresh episode..

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  1. Wowww dear awesome part…its rlly painful fr swasan…swaras last talk in washroom ws heart touching…nd i thnk sanskar shuld tell ragini abt swara bcoz if c comes to knw later c wl b hurt more..nd ya wthin 2-3 epi end dis karan track..hw bad he is…hate him…waitng fr nxt eagrly…

    1. Sahana

      thanks a lot dear..actually I’m eagerly waiting for all ur reaction after writing this episode..nw I’m happy..sure will end karan track soon..

  2. Oh my god dr……i want beat that idiot karan…..poor swara feeling bad fr her and sanky…..sanky also right in his place…..but try clear this soon dr…..
    Epi was just awesome dr…..just loved it…..then meet you on wednesday….till then bye dr…..

    1. Sahana

      thank u madhu..I’m happy that u like this episode..pls save ur anger dear..much more to come..will give karan a big treat at the end..see u on Wednesday..take care dear..

    2. Sahana

      thank u so much happy that u like dis ur anger dear..much more to come..will give karan a big treat at the u on Wednesday with new part..take care dear..

  3. Jwala

    awesome. . who is playing role of karan?

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      thank u Jwala..wat abt barun sobti..I like him a lot..if u don’t like means pls suggest ur fav..

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    Superb! Wow…Swara adressed herself as Sanskar’s. And I think….the view from Marina Bay Sands tomorrow will be amazing!

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    Awesome dear.. Want to end karan track soon.. Plzz don’t choose barun sobti choose any other becoz I love them as siblings than pair

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    sahana, i luv it sooo much, sorry for late comment

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