Hai friends..Happy friendship day to u glad that u all like previous episode..From this episode,our swasan’s intense love story starts…There will be lot of twists and problems too..But at the end of the day,they will be one..I hope u all will enjoy this..Get ready to feel their love..Now back to the story…

Episode starts with sanskar thinking about swara..
I cant really understand what is this feeling swara? u r making me crazy..i nvr feel like this before..ur every action makes me mad..ur smile..oh my god..i can do anything for that..u speaks very less ur eyes and ur actions speaks a lot..u become very special in this short span of time..i dnt knw whats this feeling I knw onething clearly that I cant lose u swara..i just cant…

Sanskar sleeps thinking about swara..Days passed like by day their bonding inceased..Nw swara and sanju also mingled with other friends..They all used to spend their time together in canteen..Ajay starts liking sanju..Sanskar’s feeling towards swara increased day by day..Bt he don’t want share this with anyone nt even his ragini..

Now sanskar’s day starts with swara’s gud mrng and ends with her gud night..he meets her daily in music room to give chocolate..Bt that’s just a reason to meet her alone..really he wants to spend some time with swara..just two of them..But swara has no such feeling towards sanskar..She treats him like her best friend..She shares everything with ragini including their meeting in music room..

Ragini thinks “y Sammy didn’t share this with me”.It looks weird for her..Becoz he used to share everything with her even his family problems..He thought that he have some she decide not to ask him until he himself tell her..

Almost 3 months passed like this..They all are very happy especially sanskar..Bt he doesn’t knw that life is not about happiness always..He don’t hav any idea that within few days,the biggest shock of his life is going to hit him..

After 1 week,

Sanju and ragini getting ready for college..Bt swara is simply sitting and thinking about something..
SANJU:swara,wat r u doing?its already late..go and get ready..
SWARA:I ll nt come sanju..u go.. I ll join u after lunch..
RAGINI:wat happen to u swara?r u alrite?
SWARA:nthng ragini..(in sad tone)last night dad called me..they come here to meet me..
SANJU:wow that’s great swara bt y r u so dull
RAGINI:yes swara..u should be excited u look so disturbed..
SWARA:nthng like that something is bothering me..wen papa calls me,he sounds disturbed just thingking abt that..papa’svoice and this sudden visit..its all confusing me..
RAGINI: (gives impossible)swara really?
SANJU:u r thingking too much swara..everything will be fine..(to cheer her)may be they are missing u..thats y they coming to meet their princess..
SWARA: (smiles hearing this)
RAGINI: u r right sanju..after all she is papa’s princess na..
SWARA: (laughs loudly and hugs her both friends)
SANJU: (hugs back her)that’s my swara..dull face doesn’t suit u swara..
RAGINI: ok..get ready..after meeting ur parents join us..We ll b wait for u in canteen..Come sanju…will go..we r getting late..bye swara
SWARA: bye


Sanskar is restlessly checking his mobile..there is no message from swara..he messaged her bt there is no reply from her side..He is waiting for her message impatiently..At that time ragini enters the class and sit beside sanskar..
RAGINI: hai Sammy
SANSKAR: (without wish her back)hw s swara ragu?she is fine na
RAGINI: (looks him for a second and blankly says)she s fine..she is in hostel..y u r asking abt her suddenly?
SANKAR: (understands from her expression and composes himself)nthng ragu..u r late to the class..i knw u r fine coz I speak with u in thought that something happen to swara..
RAGINI: (convinced)oh ok Sammy..she is fine..
SANSKAR:bt y she is in hostel..
RAGINI:actually her parents are coming to meet her 2day..she looks very disturbed Sammy..i nvr seen her like this before..
SANSKAR: (worried)is there any pbm?y her parents come here suddenly..
RAGINI:Sammy they r her parents..may b they missed her..u knw she is very much close to her dad..she always speaks abt him..she missing him a lot..Bt I don’t understand onething..she should b happy abt meet she looks very disturbed..oh god..nthng should go wrong..
While ragini saying all this,sanskar is in his own world..he is worried abt swara..he just want to meet her nw he cant..he wants to speak with her she s nt picking his calls..he feels very restless..


Shekhar ans sumi waiting for swara in visitor’s hall..swara excitedly came there running to meet them..
SWARA: (running towards them and hugs them)maa papa..hw r u both..hw s vinay..y he s nt come with u..i miss u all badly..
SHEKHAR: (releases hug and kiss her forehead)we too miss u princess..
SUMI:hw s ur health everything fine?
SWARA:am too gud maa..hw s vinay?y don’t u bring him?i miss him maa..
SUMI:he is gud..he too miss u a lot..will bring him next time for sure..
SWARA: ok maa..(looks towards shekhar..he looks looks at her smilingly)papa y r u looking like ur same princess papa..
SHEKHAR: I knw swara..u will b my princess always..i want to speak with u..its really important beta..
SWARA:wat happen papa?any pbm?u ok na papa?
SHEKHAR: Im fine beta..its nt abt any pbm..its abt u swara..
SWARA:abt me?wat is it papa?
SHEKHAR:u trust me na princess?
SWARA:wat question is this papa?ofcourse,I trust u..more than myself papa..u r my everything dad
SHEKHAR: (after hearing this he don’t knw hw to start..he looks towards sumi..she signs him that everything will b fine)princess u knw na I hav one elder sister..
SWARA: I knw papa..her name is kaveri right?..u told me that she was like ur mother..u miss her na papa..
SHEKHAR: yes swara..she came to meet us 2 days back
SWARA:its really a great news papa..i always seen u missing her a lot..i listened u wen u talking abt her with mom..nw u get back ur sister..u should b happy y r u so dull..
SUMI: let papa speak beta..
SHEKHAR: im happy princess..she was like my mother..she treats me like her child..after marriage I really missed her more than my parents..nw I get my di back..

Swara notices lots of happiness in his face wen he tell abt her abt his sister..
SHEKHAR: (continues)she is lives here in delhi only..she lost her husband 2 years back..she has one son..his name name is KARAN..actually swara….(hesitates to talk further)
SUMI: (continues)swara ur bua asking ur hand from shekhar for karan..we discussed abt that..we knw u nvr go against ur we said yes to her..

It’s a greatest shock for swara..she nvr expected this..Its nt like she don’t like his father’s decision..she ll agree for any guy who her papa selects for her without any second thought..Bt its too early for her..She has lot of dreams about her career..she dnt knw hw to react..tears started rolling from her eyes..sumi and shekhar shocked seeing swara crying..
SHEKHAR: (immediately hugged swara)dnt cry princess..i cant see tears in ur eyes..pls forgive ur papa..
SWARA: (sits there without any expression)
SHEKHAR: (seeing this he also cries) am sorry princess..pls speak something..if u don’t like this marriage,no pbm..
SWARA: (composed herslf)don’t cry papa..see im nt crying..
SHEKHAR: (wipes his tears) do u love anyone princess?
SWARA: (hurriedly)no papa..nthng like tat..
SHEKHAR: (cups her face)see princess..we wont compel u..i want my princess to be happy..karan is a gud guy..well settled..he has his own company..if u marry him,we don’t need to worry abt u..becoz my di will b there to take care of u..we ll be happy that our princess is in safe hands..if u dnt want dis marriage,then no pbm swara..ill handle everything..i dnt care abt anyone.. I just need my princess to be happy..
SWARA: (thinking abt his happiness and excitement wen he says abt his sister)papa its nt like i dnt like this..i will marry anyone whom u choose for me..i trust u its too early for just in 2nd year papa..i hav lot of plans about my career..i wants to be independent..i just want to do something for u from my own earnings papa..
SUMI:beta u dnt wry about this all..u can do wat all u want..we just want fix ur marriage..thats it…we don’t tell u to marry him 2morrow..they will wait for u swara..ur marriage will b after ur studies dnt wry abt that..
SWARA: (thinks for sometime)ok ur wish..
SHEKHAR: (hugs swara proudly and kiss her forehead)I knw that u ll say yes..u always makes me proud princess..
SUMI: (hugs her)im very happy swara..i knw u ll be happy with him..we are leaving delhi 2morrow morning oly swara..we are staying in ur bua’s house oly..they want to see u..if u r fine,will u come there for dinner..papa will come to pick u..
SWARA: ok maa..i ll come..
SHEKHAR: ok then..i ll come here at 5 pm..get ready princess..
SWARA:ok papa..ill be ready..

By saying this they bid bye to swara..swara walking towards canteen without any reaction..lot of things running in her mind currently..she just want to share this with her friends nw..


The whole gang is there in canteen including sanju eating and chit chatting except sanskar..He is lost somewhere..Actually he s restless..Bt don’t knw the reason..He feels like something bad is going to happen..He impatiently waiting for swara..finally swara came there..sanskar get relief after seeing her..Everyone asking her abt her parents..She didn’t say anything just lost somewhere..sanskar notices this and ask her..
SANSKAR:wat happen swara?what r u thingking?
RAGINI:ha swara..wat happen..u lost everything k..uncle aunty fine na?
SWARA:they r fine ragini..
SANSKAR:then wat happen to u?wats ur pbm?
SWARA:actually papa fix my marriage with my aunt’s son karan..
That’s it for sanskar..he cant understand wat he hear just nw..he feels like somebody stabbed him ruthlessly..He just stares swara without any reaction..tears are anytime flows from his eyes..
RAGINI:marriage?wat rubbish?u r just in ur 2nd year swara..hw could theydo this tu u.. that too without ur concern..
SWARA: no ragini..there is no mistake of my papa in this(explains everything to them..)
RAGINI:I can understand
SANJU:wat do u think swara?r u ok with this marriage?
SWARA:I dnt knw sanju..i cant able to think anything..its too early for me..i hav lot of dreams about my career sanju..
RAGINI:then tell uncle that u don’t want this sure he ll understand..
SWARA:no ragini..i cant do that..he is happy about this relation..after many years,he get bach his sister..i cant snatch that happiness from him..
SANJU:then y r u so dull swara?wat is bothering u?
SWARA:I dnt knw sanju..i just want to pursue my career..wat if karan,doesn’t understand me..
RAGINI:if u r confident about ur decision,dnt think negative..wat if he ll be a goog guy..uncle choose best for u swara..
SANJU:moreover they don’t tell u to marry nw..they just say yes for don’t worry..u hav lot of time to understand him..hope for the best swara..
SWARA:u r right guys..i should give it a try..i don’t want to disappoint my papa..
RAGINI:wow..super friends,our is going to meet karan 2day eveng..its a celebration time guys..lets celebrate..(hugs swara)congrats swara..

Everyone congratulate her except sanskar..he is broken completely..he cant control anymore so just excuse himself and leaves from there..
SANSKAR:excuse me guys..i hv some work in library..will be back
RAGINI:arre,atleast wish swara and leave sanskar..
SANSKAR: (controlling his tears)congrats swara(blankly)

Sanskar leaves from there quickly after wishing swara..Ajay notices that something is wrong with he too excuses himself and follows sanskar..sanskar running towards ground and falls down in his knees and cried his heart out..someone from behind places hand on his shoulder..
AJAY: (places his hand on shoulder)sanskar..
SANSKAR: (just turns to see ajay..he cant control after seeing ajay..he hugs him tightly and cries)
AJAY: (cant understand anything just holds sanskar)sanskar wat happen to u?y r u crying like this?tell me sanskar..pls control urself

After sometime,sanskar somewat composes himself..Ajay makes him sit in the bench there and starts to confront him
AJAY:wat happen to u sanskar?i nvr seen u like this before
SANSKAR: (stares somewhere)
AJAY: (shakes him lightly to bring back him)im asking u something sanskar..wat happen to u damn it?y r u like this
SANSKAR: (in a shaking tone)swara..i cant live without her ajay..i just cant(tears starts rolling from his eyes)
AJAY: (shockingly)do u love swara?
SANSKAR: (controlling tears)s ajay..i love her..i cant imagine my life without her..Bt nw everything over ajay..i lost her forever(hugs ajay and starts crying)

Ajay shocked to hear this..he don’t knw wat to do..he don’t knw hw to convince sanskar..He trying to convince sanskar..
AJAY: sanskar pls control urself..we ll do something..see be strong..u hav to be strong nw sanskar..tell me onething..did swara knw abt this?
SANSKAR: (just nods hid head in no)
AJAY: r u mad sanskar?if u love her means y u didn’t propose her..
SANSKAR: (sits there without answering)
AJAY: (feels bad to see sanskar like this)no pbm sanskar..u go and tell her everything sure she ll understand u..we ll sort out everything sanskar..
SANSKAR: (thinks somethingfor sometime and then in determined tone)no ajay I cant do dis nw..if she also love me like I do,then im sure she didn’t agree for this..i knw abt her very well(smile faintly wen saying dis)it’s nt a right time to tell her about my feelings..i just want her to be happy always ajay..i knw her happiness lies in her family..i can do anything for her happiness..
AJAY:bt wat abt u sanskar?see we hav still 2 years to complete our course..she ll be here with us oly..hw could u control urslf..hw could u hide ur love wen she is dis much close to u..
SANSKAR:I hav to do this for her ajay..i hav to forget everything for her..i want her to be happy always,,for that I can bear any pain ajay..
AJAY:u can sanskar…bt I cant..i cant see my friend like dis..if u dnt want to tell her no pbm..ill tell her sure she ll understand..
SANSKAR: (holds his hand and stops him)no ajay..promise me..u will nt do anything like this..u wont tell this to anyone not even ragini..
AJAY: (interrupts)bt sanskar
SANSKAR: (nt allow him to continue)pls understand ajay..if she come to knw abt my feelings nw,im sure she ll blame herself for my condition..i cant see her like that..i cant lose her completely..(in a trembling voice)atleast in these years ill be with her na?thats enough ajay..pls do dis for me..
AJAY: (huds him)ok sanskar..i wont tell I want my friend back..i cant see u like this..i want my friend with u sanskar..try to forget this ..pls try to come out from this..
SANSKAR: (breaks hug)(in mind)that’s impossible ajay..she s my life..hw could I (to ajay)I ll try ajay

At this time,sanskar’s mobile rings..He checks the call and its from swara..
AJAY: lift the call sanskar
SANSKAR:I cant ajay..
AJAY:sanskar pls..if u behave like this,she ll come to knw abt everything
SANSKAR: (calms himself)hello
SWARA:hello sanskar,where r u?i was waiting for u in canteen so u didn’t come..
SANSKAR:work didn’t finish thats y I didn’t come..
SWARA:checked in library u r nt there..
SANSKAR:im in ground with my coach..
SWARA:ok sanskar,2day eveng im going to aunty’s house to meet karan..
SANSKAR: (controlling his tears)ohh
SWARA:wat is this sanskar?how excitedly im telling this to u..
SANSKAR: (composes himself)nt like happy..
SWARA:sanskar r u k?any pbm there?y ur voice Is dull
SANSKAR: (try to cover)im fine with my coach..thats y..i ll call u later..
SWARA:wait a minute sanskar..dnt go to music room 2day..ill nt b there..bye

Episode ends with sanskar’s cring face..

Precap:karan entry and much more…..

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    Nd Happy friendship day

    1. Sahana

      sry for making u cry too feels bad for sanskar..dnt wry..u ll enjoy the upcoming episode..thank u for ur wishes dear..

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      thank u ani..dnt feel bad..sanskar will get his happiness soon..

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  4. Oh god you made me cry…….ahhhh poor sanky…..feeling bad fr him…… update asap dr cant wait any little longer…….
    Awesome part dr….

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      sry to make cry dear..i was literally waiting for ur comment..dnt feel bad..i ll update my next episode in evng..thanks a lot dear

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    Awesome. Feeling sad for sanskaar

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      thank u khushiii..dnt feel bad..evrythng will b fine soon..

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