Hai friends..Thanks a lot for ur love and support..I ll try my level best to entertain u all with interesting episodes..keep supporting and encouraging me..Back to episode..
Episode starts with swara tells everything to sanju and ragini..
RAGINI: I knw everthing swara..sammy called me and tell everything..y u didn’t go for coffee with him swara?
SWARA:I just thought to go with u both ll be fun na..
RAGINI:hmmm..kk we all will go..treat will be mine for both my friends..
SWARA:sanskar told me abt his match ragini..
RAGINI:he told me too sure he will win the match..u knw he s a amazing player.. 2mrw full day u ll be in ground..
RAGINI:no swara..i don’t go to ground..u knw swara till nw I nvr watch volleyball when Sammy plays..
SWARA&SANJU: (shockingly shouts) what?????
SANJU:sanskar is ur close friend na ragini..then how is it???
RAGINI:its nt like I dnt want to watch too wants to be there to cheer him wen he plays..but u knw wat I cant handle tat tension nd nervousness..especially wen he couldn’t win the match..i cant see him loosing..
SWARA: (smiles)that’s y u r soo special for him don’t u think dis wrong ragini..he too expects u to be there na?he wants u too cheer him wen he plays..its just a game ragini..u r thingking about u r missing the celebration and happiness wen he wins..
RAGINI: (thinking)u r right wat to do..
SWARA:so 2morrow u ll go to ground..u should be there to cheer him..this match is important for him na?
SANJU:swara is right ragini..he too expects u to be there.. u both will also come with me..
SWARA:ok..lets surprise him..dont tell him tat u ll come..
RAGINI: (hugs swara)ok swara..u r the best..nw lets feels sleepy..
SWARA:k..u sleep..gud night..
As usual sanskar wakes up and doing his daily routine..He thinks to call ragini to know abt her health..when takes his mobile,he sees message from swara..he immediately opens with a smile..
(Mobile conversation)
SWARA:gud morning sanskar..all the best for ur match..sure u ll win and I have a surprise for u..i knw u ll love u in college..
SANSKAR:gud mrng swara..thank u for ur wish..what is that surprise swara?
SWARA: hello mr.angry bird..its a surprise..
SANSKAR: (smiles)k k madam..I ll not ask u..and am nt angry bird swara..pls don’t cl me like tat..
SWARA:i ll try..enough of chatting..u r getting late sanskar..Get ready..Bye..See u in college
SANSKAR:k bye..take care
(conversation ends)
After chatting with swara,he calls ragini and speaks with her..Throughout the conversation,he expects ragini to wish him for his match..But she didn’t wish him..He thought that may b she forget..he gets ready and go to college..
Sanskar directly goes to ground after change into his dress.. He is busy with his team mates coz match gonna starts in few minutes wen he hears “ALL THE BEST”.He gets shocked hear the voice and turned towards that direction..
RAGINI:all the best Sammy
SANSKAR: (shocked excited and what not)ragini u here?is it really u?
RAGINI: (slaps his shoulder friendly)
SANSKAR: (hugs her friendly in excitement)thank u hw cme u here?
RAGINI:surprise Sammy..actually swara oly convinced me..she oly made me understand hw stupid I am..
SANSKAR: (stunned to hear swara’s name and remembers morning conversation)is swara also come with u?
RAGINI:ya Sammy..she is there with sanju and other friends.(by saying this she point towards the direction where their friends sit to watch match)
Sanskar looks towards the direction and sees swara already watching him with a sweet smile..He just stares her lovingly and signs her something..
SWARA: (understands sanskar trying to say she too signs him WHAT)
SANSKAR: (signs her thank u)
SWARA: (gives him death glare for saying thanks)
SANSKAR: (understands that and chuckles)
SWARA: (smiles and signs him all the best)
SANSKAR: (smilingly nods his head in approval
[Guys the above conversation is a silent conversation between try to imagine the scene like ll be doing the same while writing..just imagine the expressions of varun and helly..lovely] After that match starts..sanskar’s friends cheer him throughout the match..Ragini is very excited to watch sanskar playing..swara silently watch the match with a smiling face..Finally sanskar’s team win the match and he got selected in university team too..His friends celebrates this and congratulates him..sanskar tell his friends that he is going to changing room to refresh and meet them in canteen..
RAGINI:ok guys lets go to canteen and celebrate this..
SWARA:ragini u go to canteen..i hav some work in library..ill join u later..(to sanju)sanju u too go with them..
SANJU:ok swara..come soon..we ll wait..
When sanskar going to enter the changing room,someone calls him from back..He turns to see and murmurs SWARA..S guys its swara..she comes towards sanskar..
SANSKAR:swara?wat r u doing here?
SWARA: (she holds his hands and starts walking without speaking)
SANSKAR: (confused becos of her behavior)swara asking u something and where r u taking me swara?
SWARA: (calmly)keep quite and come with me sanskar
SANSKAR: bt swara..
By this time,they reached near medical room..sanskar sees this and starts to blabber asusual..
SANSKAR:medical room?swara r u k?y u bring me here..if u r nt well come we will go to hospital..
SWARA:sanskar pls keep quite for some time and sit here..(makes him seat in chair there and get first aid box)
SANSKAR: (confusingly)swara wat happen to u?wat r u going to do?atleast tell me na..
SWARA: u got hurt in ur knee me ill dress that sanskar..
SANSKAR: (shocked)bt hw u knw swara..i didn’t tell this to anyone..becoz ragini will b worried if she know this..
SWARA: (smiles)I knw sanskar..tats y I didn’t tell her anything..i told her that im going to dnt wry..nw show me ur wound and sit quietly..let me bandage ur wound..
By saying this she kneels down in front of sanskar with first aid kit and holds his leg to dress..
SWARA:oh god,its bleeding sanskar..hw could u b dis much careless..(while cleaning the wound carefully)
SANSAKAR: (stares her lovingly and gasp when she touching the wound with antiseptic liquid)
SWARA: sorry sorry it paining ?im sorry..ill do it slowly
SANSKAR: (smiles)swara relax..its nt paining..dnt wry swara..its common for sports person..
SWARA: (in caring tone) I knw tat u should bandage it sanskar..otherwise it ll get keep quiet for sometime and let me do my work
SANSKAR: (silently admires her by resting his chin in his hands and thinks “how many shades u have swara”.. meanwhile swara finished)
SWARA: its done sanskar..nw u go and change..all r waiting for us..ill go and join them..
Swara stands and turns to leave..Bt feels a hand in her wrist..she turns and sees sanskar holding her wrist..
SANSKAR: (while holding her wrist) call me Sammy swara..
Swara just smiles and leaves from there leaving confused sanskar behind..Sanskar sits there for sometime and smiles thinking about swara..many things running in his mind..He is really confused..
What happen to u sanskar?u never allow anyone to call u wat happen nw..y u attracted towards her..y u r always silent wen it comes to swara..oh my god..wat u did to me sanskar u cant get disturbed with all this..there is nthng..u r just confused..thats it..
Somewhat sanskar convinced himself going to his changing room..meanwhile in canteen,swara joined with all her friends..all are chatting with each other..swara and sanju also mingled with everyone well..After sometime sanskar also comes there and sit beside ragini..They all celebrate sanskar’s victory..
RAGINI:ok guys..i have to meet im leaving..sammy u come with me…
SANSKAR:no ragu,im very im going home..
RAGINI:no pbm Sammy..ill go with kavya..swara ill directly come to room..
SWARA:ok ragini..
SANJANA:swara, need return this notes to sahana..she ll be waiting for me..u finish ur coffee and come..ill wait for u near library..
Everyone dispersed from there leaving swara and sanskar alone..they both didn’t speak anything..swara finishes her coffee and starts to leave..Sanskar holds her hand stops her..swara turns to see sanskar and she feels something in her palm..she gives him “now what” look..Sanskar smiles and takes his hand from her hand..
SANSKAR: yes chocolate..dont u like it?
SWARA:I love dairy dis is for wat?
SANSKAR:dis is for ur surprise swara..i really love ur surprise..ragini told me everything..
SWARA: (looks at the chocolate and smiles)bye..
Sanskar too smiles seeing her expression..after she left from there..he too leaves to his home..
Swara doing her college works..Ragini busy in her phone talking with sanskar..After speaking for sometime,she goes to sleep..its their routine to speak with each other before going to sleep..After sometime swara also finished her work and going to her bed wen her mobile beeped..Swara takes her mobile and checks..Its a message from sanskar..
SANSKAR: r u there swara?
SWARA: yes sanskar..y?
SANSKAR:nthng swara..just feels like talk to I disturbing u?
SWARA:I ll kill u if u ask me like this again..
SANSKAR:k k..wat r u doing till nw..dont u sleep swara?
SWARA:just nw I finished my work sanskar..
SANSKAR:if u feel sleepy,u go and sleep swara..its already late
SWARA:no pbm sanskar..i dnt feel like sleeping nw..
SWARA:wat happen sanskar?wanna say something?
SANSKAR:call me Sammy swara..
SWARA:no sanskar..
SANSKAR:y swara?i knw the reason..u didn’t call Sammy becos I scold u for that I right swara?bt that time I dnt knw u na..
SWARA:nt like tat sanskar..i dnt call u using tat name becos ragini oly call u by that name..u hav other friends also in ur gang..they oly call u sanskar na..tat means till u nvr allow anyone to call u by that name except ragini..
SANSKAR:u r thinking too much swara..see nw im oly telling u to call me na..then wats ur pbm..
SWARA:its nt a pbm sanskar..listen..ragini hav the feeling that she oly call u by that name coz she is special for u..if I call u like tat she ll get hurt..i dnt want to hurt her sanskar..
SANSKAR:she ll understand swara..i knw abt my ragu..
SWARA:leave that sanskar..i hav a special name for u..
SANSKAR:really?wats that
SWARA:angry bird..
SANSKAR:not again swara..pls
SWARA:just kidding u think im close to u, oly wen I call u by this same..if u think like that then u r wrong sanskar.its just a name..i knw who am I to u..i ll make my places myself sanskar..nw stop thinking..go to sleep..i feel sleepy..take rest..gud night..

Precap: sanskar’s feeling towards swara and a shocking twist(may b villain entry)….

Im ending my episode here sanskar’s love story starts from here..r u excited?If u r excited like me pls let me knw through ur comments..will meet u all with another interesting episode..

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