Hai friends,im here with another episode..hope you all will like it..THANK U SO MUCH for all ur response for my previous episode..its really encouraging me a lot..keep supporting me..if u have any suggention regarding the story or way of writing, pls let me know through ur ll help me a lot in story improvisation..Nw back to episode..


Sanskar wakes up by his alarm tone..its his daily routine to wake up at 5am..after his exercise and jogging,he usually helps his mom in her morning work..its his way of spending time with his mom..this morning time is specially for his mom only..just two of them..he always share his previous day happenings with her in this time..
SANSKAR:gud morning maa(hugs her and kiss her cheek)
ANNAPURNA(AP):gud morning beta(kiss him in forehead and gives coffee)
SANSKAR:thank u maa..ur coffee is always makes me fresh
AP:beta u r fine na?y r u looking soo dull 2day?(checking his forehead)
SANSKAR:im fine maa..actually sterday I didn’t sleep well that’s y little tired maa..
AP:wat happen sanskar?any problem..

SANSKAR:yes maa..u knw sterday ragu got cold and fever ma..i dnt knw wat to
do..uncle and aunty also not here na?
AP:oh my god,hw is she nw sanskar?y u didn’t bring her here sanskar?..y u leave her there alone..
SANSKAR:me too want to bring her here u knw our situation na..already she s nt well..if I bring her here,sure dad will insult her..i dnt want ragu to face tat ma(with dull face)
AP: (with teary eyes)I knw beta..wat to do..we are helpless..
SANSKAR: (to cheer her)bt dnt wry maa..u knw ragini is not alone there..her friend is with her..she is such a sweet person maa..she only taking care of ragu..
Sanskar tells her the whole incident happened last night..

AP:wat happen to u sanskar..hw could u hurt her?seems she s a really a gud soul..dnt hurt her again..
SANSKAR:never maa..
AP:I knw my sanskar never hurt anyone intentionally..its k beta..nw tell me hw is ragini nw?
SANSKAR:I dnt knw maa..i don’t want to disturb her this early..let her sleep peacefully..ill cl her later and inform u maa..nw am going to my room ma..hav to go college early 2day..
AP:ok beta..get ready and come down for breakfast..
SANSKAR: (thinking while going to room)dnt knw hw s ragini nw?her mobile is also switched off..nw wat to do?shall I call swara?wat if she thinks tat I disturb her..wat if she thinks tat im taking advantage with her by using ragini?no positive..just one call..after tat I dnt distub her..ok..let me call her once..
By thinking this,he taking his mobile to call her..Bt
he get surprised by seeing his mobile screen..yes..its a message from swara..he immediately open it..
Gud morning sanskar..sorry to disturb u this early..just want to inform u that ragini is fine now..her temperature is absolutely normal now..little bit weak..she needs some she wont come to college today..just thoght to inform u..i knw u will be worried for her..bye sanskar..have a great day

Sanskar smiles unknowingly while reading the message and thinking “how sweet..she is so understanding and caring..let me call her..i should thank her..”
Sanskar called swara bt no answer from other he decide to meet her directly in college..he get ready and leaves for college..
After reaching college,sanskar going to the place where his gang usually ganthered before their class starts..
KAVYA:hai sanskar,do u knw hw is ragini nw..we tried to reach her bt her mobile is switched off..she is nt coming to college also..
SANSKAR:don’t worry guys..ragini is fine nw..just need some she will nt come 2day..
BUUBBLU:hw do u knw buddy?i mean kavya told tat ragini’s mobile is switched off from last night..
SANSKAR:I didn’t speak with ragini bubblu..actually swara told me about this..
AJAY&BUBBLU: swara????

SANSKAR: (he tells them about the whole incident)she is really sweet guys..i should thank her..u guys go to class..i ll meet swara and join u all..
AJAY:wait too come with nt in a mood to attend tat boring class..
KAVYA:u wont change ajay..ok u in canteen after class..
By saying this,bubblu and kavya going to their class..sanskar and ajay going to meet swara..They search her in she is nt there..sanakar tried to call she didn’t pick the sanskar decide to enquire with her class mates..suddenly,he sees sanjana there..he saw sanjana with swara and ragini many times..he approach towards her to ask about swara..
SANSKAR:hai,sanjana right?im sanskar..

SANJANA:hai..s im sanjana..i knw u sanskar..swara told me abt u yesterday..ragini is fine now sanskar..u don’t worry..
SANSKAR:no no sanjana..i knw ragini is fine..swara told me abt here to thank swara..i tried to cl her bt she s nt picking my calls..i just want to meet her..could u pls tell me where is she?

SANJANA:she is in hostel sanskar..i think she is sleeping tats y she is not picking ur calls.
SANSKAR: (in a caring tone)is she ok?wat happen to her?y she s nt coming to college today
SANJANA: (feels weird about this reaction of sanskar)she is fine sanskar..she is in hostel to take care of ragini..she is there with ragini the whole night..thats y she is sleeping nw..
SANSKAR:oh ok sanjana..if she calls u tell her to contact me pls..
SANJANA:ok sanskar.sure..bye
SANSKAR:bye sanjana..

After meeting sanjana,dnt knw y bt he is very restless..only one thing running in his mind tat is swara..he is nt in a mood to attend the class..he just want to b after informing ajay,he goes to library..he again and again call she is not picking the calls..he feels disturbed..

Y im so restless?i knw ragini is im sure this restlessness is not about continuously thinking abt she alrite?sanjana told me that she is still im disturbed..i should think about I knw she will be fine wen swara is with her..wait..wat im thinking?wat happen to you sanskar?hw could u b soo confident about a person who u knw for few hours?i cant understand anything..i just want to speak with her once..thats it..its just a care..i just want to knw she is fine..thats it..she is taking care of ragini..she is helping her a lot..tats y I feel very connected to her..nothing else..
By saying this he is tyring to convince he cant do finally he decided to message swara..

After sending this message,he went to canteen to join his he looks very disturbed..he continuously checking his mobile..time passed like this..Finally the wait is over..His mobile rings and it shows swara calling..His face brightened by seeing this unknowingly..without any delay he attends the call and starts his blabbering nt even allow her to answer..
SANSKAR:hello swara..u r ok na..wat happen to u..y u r nt picking my calls..u knw hw worried I am..(interrupted by swara)
SWARA:sanskar…sanskar…relax absolutely just in deep sleep..tats y I dnt knw abt ur calls..

SANSKAR:pakka na..u r ok right?
SWARA:pakka sanskar..dnt wry abt me..actually last night I didn’t sleep..i dnt knw wen I slept this morning..just nw wake up and see ur missed calls and sorry sanskar..u call me to knw bt Im sleeping like a kumbkarn here..
SANSKAR: (smiles listening this)no swara..i knw ragini will b fine wen u r with her..i just cl u to knw abt u only..dont I call u to speak with u?u r also my friend swara..
SWARA:I didn’t mean that sanskar..u can call me anytime..
SANSKAR:that’s better madam..i just thought to meet u 2day swara..but u r nt in college..
SWARA:oh,anything important sanskar..

SANSKAR:nthng swara..just like tat..
SWARA:no pbm sanskar..evening ill be come there for music meet u there in music room..
SANSKAR:sure swara..ill b there..take rest..before that eat something..tell ragini to call me wen she wake up swara..bye
SWARA:sure sanskar..actually ragini is still sleeping..ill tell her..bye..
Three pair of eyes watching the whole scene without even blinking..yes his friends..they are shocked by sanskar’s behaviour..sanskar never shows this much care except ragini..they can see the care,restlessness and relief in his face wen he speaks with swara..sanskar is always caring towards his friends..Bt this is something different..they can feel the change in his they don’t hav courage to ask him about this..Becoz they knw his reaction very without saying anything they leave to their class..

Sanskar enters the hall and mesmerized by listening a melodious voice..he moves toward the stage and saw swara singing passionately by closing her eyes..yes..its swara..swara is a trained singer..from her childhood she is learing is her is her only companion whenever she is sad..she joined in university music band two months back..the band includes both seniors and juniors from various department..they all get impressed by her talent..Nw she is one among the leading female singer in the band..AARAV is the head of this band..(he is swara’s year student..great guitarist..)
Swara finished the song beautifully..sanskar just stands there and stares swara..After the performance,all claps for her and appreciate her..Meanwhile swara spots sanskar there and signs him to wait..she excused herself and move towards sanskar..

SWARA:hai sorry..just didn’t notice u..sorry to make u wait..
SANSKAR:no swara..i came just nw oly..and really awesome..u hav really a melodious impressed..
SWARA: (laughed loudly)thank u boss..if u r finished with ur praising,could pls tell me y u want to meet me?anything important?wanna give anything to ragini?

SANSKAR: (little upset)y swara?dnt i hav right to meet u?i just want to meet my friend and thank her..
SWARA: (guilty for mking him upset)im sorry sanskar..i didnt mean tat..u can meet me..i just thought something and blabbering sorry..u knw im a stupid..(hits her forehead with her hands)pls don’t get upset
SANSKAR: (smiles seeing her antics)its ok..actually its not ur mistake swara..anybody in ur place will think like that only..yesterday only we talked with each other..we didn’t knw anything about each other..nw im here to meet looks weird right?bt its not like that swara..really I wanted to thank u(interrupted by swara)
SWARA:no need to(interrupt)

SANSKAR:let me speak completely swara..(swara keeps queit)this thank u is not for taking care of ragini..this is for understanding me..nobody around me understands my relationship with ragini..not even my close friends..they thinks tat im in love with ragini..i knw im over protective towards ragini..this behavior of me looks weird to everyone..u r the first one who understand me..ragini is with me from my childhood..she is my support system..i cant afford to lose her..thts y I behaved rudely with u last night..eventhough I apologise to u and make u my friend,I don’t hav any idea about ur opinion abt me..i thought u ll think me like a mannerless wen I see ur mgs in morning,im really shocked..hw could u be so understanding swara?
SWARA: (smiles) u dnt want to thank me for this sanskar..actually this is nt all a big thing..i can feel ur restlessness and caring for ragini wen u speak..yes it sounds little rude bt its absolutely fine..mistakes are common..i got to knw that u r really a nice person wen u apologise me..i knw u r worried about ragini..tats y I messaged u..there is nothing to thank me in this..
SANSKAR: (just listen her without speaking anything)

SWARA: (continues)and regarding this meeting..its not weird sanskar..s..i knw we dnt knw anything about dad always told me tht we should start every relationship with trust not with any character certificate or background research..friendship also like that na happens just like tat..wen I accept ur friendship,I really mean it sanskar..
SANSKAR: (stares her with smile)u r really sweet swara..thank u for everything..and this is my last thank u..pakka..hereafter no sorry and no thank u between us..
SWARA:thats better mr angry bird..

SANSKAR:angry bird ?and me?
SWARA:sss..angry bird..tat too tat red colour big wala angry bird
SANSKAR: (laughs loudly)k k enough of ur teasing..come lets celebrate our friendship with coffee..
SWARA:not 2day sanskar..we can go 2morrow..ragini will also be there..ill come with ll be fun..
SANSKAR:no swara..2morrow I hav a important volleyball match with team will b selected based on this oly..
SWARA:no pbm sure u ll get select in we can celebrate both after ur mathch..double treat..
SANSKAR: (smiles)ok fine getting late swara..hav to practice for the match..will meet u later..take care..
SWARA:ok sanskar..u too take care..bye..

Both starts moving towards in opposite direction..sanskar starts thinking about swara while walking..
U r very sweet and innocent swara..i never feel this much close with anyone except ragini..u make ur space very quickly swara that too within a day..there is something special about u..U ARE VERY SPECIAL SWARA..
Chapter ends with sanskar’s smiling face..

Precap:sanskar admires swara

Finally im done with second episode..Hope it matches ur expectation..keep supporting me..have a great day guys…

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