Ragini slaps Sanskar which shocks swara and sanju…
Ragini: (teary eyes and holds his collar)how could you Sammy?how could you do this?For this girl you forget your ragu..
Sanskar:ragu pls listen..I ll tell you everything..Just relax..
Ragini: foot…I don’t want to hear any explanation Sammy…
Swara:ragini pls..There is no mistake of Sanskar in this..
Ragini:just shut up..its all because of you only..You snatched my Sammy from me na..I thought you as my best friend..But you…Don’t try to come between me and my Sammy…
Sanskar:ragu pls..let me explain..Its not like what you think ragu..
Ragini: (cries)no cheated me..You very well know that you are my everything..I don’t even have any friends..But you…How could you give my place to someone that easily Sammy?You have changed..She chamged you completely..Now you don’t need this ragu na?
Sanskar: (cups her face)ragu pls..Its not like that..Im still ur Sammy only..Ull be always my ragu..You are very important to me ragu..Understand..I can do anything for you..
Ragini:then leave swara..Tell her to leave you..(cups his face)I cant see you giving importance to someone Sammy..I cant share my importance in your life with anyone..I cant allow someone to snatch you from me..I ll die Sammy..I ll really die..
Sanskar: ok ragu..I ll tell swara..Now you pls don’t cry..If you don’t want this relation means I ll end it..
Sanskar and ragini distracts by the glass breaking sound..They both shocked to see swara there..swara runs from there cryingly..
Sanskar pov
Swara pls..dont do this to me..I cant bear this..Pls give me a chance to explain swara…I know I did a mistake..But I have a reason..Pls give me only one chance..Im dying here in guilty..Pls come back to me swara..
Is this the end of swasan love story?
Y Sanskar tell ragini like that when he truly love swara?
What will be swara’s reaction?
Hai friends..Its a promo for upcoming episodes..Im sorry for this bad promo..But story need this..tell me your views about this through your comments..Let me know about your suggestions also..Bye friends..take care..Meet you all soon with next episode..

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  1. Aweeeesome promo di..?? i think Ragini has some problem ,, thats why she is reacting this way n Sanskar is also supporting her.. m sure Sanskar doesn’t want to give her any shock ,, that’s why he just noded whatever she said him to do..

    Swara is a very mature n understanding girl,,, she will surely understood Sanskar’s condition n will come back to him for sue, . just it will take time..??.
    its just a guest..??

    thnx 4 d wonderful promo.?

    1. Sahana

      Nice guess dear..i like the way you guessed about swara and sanskar…lets see..thanks a lot dear…

  2. Update pls

    1. Sahana

      Will update soon

  3. Sammykapoor

    damaka… is ragini loves sanskar?????

    1. Sahana

      I ll tell you about this in next episode dear….??????

  4. Awesome update plz

    1. Sahana

      Will update soon ani

  5. awesome… update soon.. is ragini loves him or anything other u only can tel.. update

    1. Sahana

      I ll tell u everything in next episode dear..will update soon

  6. Oh no Ragini… Loves sanskar…? Don’t do this ??…may be he will stuck b/w his friendship and love…
    Waiting for next update

    1. Sahana

      Will update soon paru..dont worry..u ll love the upcoming track

  7. Oh god now ragini……..

    1. Sahana

      Sry ragini..dont worry..our swasan will tackle this too dear..

  8. Vyshu10

    awesome…dhamakedar promo

    1. Sahana

      Thank u vyshu

    1. Sahana

      ??? i love ur reaction simi..

  9. nice promo di…but at the end of the show plzzz swasan ek hona chahiye… :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. Sahana

      Ofcourse dear..its a pure swasan chill..thank u dear

  10. Niku

    Awesome teaser diii….
    Dii Tell me your profile pic so I can identify you….

    1. Sahana

      Thank u sissy..the same one here as profile pic dear

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome di …. and I think so u had accepted my suggestion

    1. Sahana

      Thanks for ur awesome suggesstion sanjana..

  12. Arshaanya

    Promo bad ? wat r u saying?? I toh jus loved it… i want to see ragini jls n creats prblms btwn swasan… little sprtn or u can say ruthna by swara n sanskar manaoing his swara…n dclrng to ragini dat swara is d most imprtnt prsn in his life

    1. Sahana

      Thank you dear..hope you will love the upcoming track..will add ur suggesstions for sure

  13. Mica

    uhuu,, finally ragini on the show..
    i can understand what ragini’s feel, swasan always covered everything in front of ragu..
    being their best friend, she will get hurt for sure
    in fact, sanskar is the most important person in her life whether there is love feeling or not..
    she feel a betrayal…poor her, but still swasan love each other…
    what is dhamaka ?

    1. Sahana

      awesome view dear..Love you for this…

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