Hai friends…first of all im really sorry for not posting the next episode yesterday..I told you all that I ll post the another episode yesterday I cant really write after reading the comment in which one reader said its boring and crap..Being a married women im putting lot of effort and spending lot of time in writing a single episode..i have to manage both my family and im writing this fanfiction whole heartedly because some of the incidents in this fanfiction is happened in my real life also..I thought to ignore that comment first..Bt I cant really ignore that easily..I replied that person boldly..still It really hurts when someone said like that..Being the readers u all have the right to criticize my work..Bt I find that comment little rude..So I was upset tats why I didn’t post yesterday as I said..For that single person,I don’t want to disappoint my regular this episode is specially dedicated to my lovely regular readers..thanks a lot friends..keep supporting me guys..ur support means a lot..back to the story..

Episode starts with shekar sumi and swara conversation..
Shekar: (holds swara’s hand)princess listen patiently..dont get tensed hearing wat im going to tell you..ok?
Swara: (fear starts to build up)ok papa..
Shekar: yesterday night kaveri di called me..she told me that karan really likes you a lot..he wants to marry you after ur second year exams..He also told me that he ll never stop u studying further..he just wants to marry you..

Everyone gets shocked hearing this except shekar and sumi..two persons are in more than shock i.e.,swara and sanskar..they don’t know how to react..tears sarted rolling down her cheeks..
Swara: (in a shaking tone) could i?u know na..its mt dream papa..
Shekar:princess let me complete first..i told no to them..i told him that if he wants to marry you he should wait till ur studies get completed..he too agreed for this..
Swara: (gets relief after hearing this and hugs shekar)thank u so much papa..
Shekar: (hugs her too)I know my princess..i ll never go against your wish..but
Swara: (questionly)what but papa?

Sumi: (continues)ur bua wants you to stay with them in their mansion swara..she feels that if u stay there she can take care of you..karan and you also will get time to understand eachother..
It’s a another shock for could she stay there with karan in a same house..
Shekar:don’t panic about anything princess..see that’s your bua’s house..dont think that as karan’s house..ur bua will always with you there..karan feels that if you are staying in hostel,u cant get any time to spend with each other..then how could you both understand each too thought its right..wat do you think about this princess?tell me frankly..
Swara its there without any expression but tears in her eyes..she looks towards sanskar..he too stares her blankly..he cant do anything..he is helpless..swara composes herslf and somewhat manages to speak..

Swara:no papa..i cant stay can I papa..they are new to me..i ll not be cinfortable there papa..
Shekar: (try to convince her)that’s what we too tell you swara..they are new to need sometime to adjust..After marriage you may not be able to make urself confortable nw its just your bua’s u can be with them casually..u ll get time to understand princess..
Sumi:listen frankly telling you karan wants some time to understand too need he wants to spend some time with you..thats the main reason ur bua wants u to stay there with them..if u r staying here in hostel,u ll have some restrictions..they don’t allow outsiders to visit you except ur parents..

Swara:maa I can understand what u r I cant maa..pls try to understand me..these all are too fast for me..i cant stay there maa..i ll nt be confortable there..pls try to understand maa..pls(she starts to cry..
Ragini and sanju feels bad for swara..they can understand her situation..sanskar watches all this and stands there helplessly..everyone there don’t know the real reason for swara’s this behavior except sanskar..Bt he cant do anything..Finally ragini break the silence there..
Ragini:uncle if you don’t mind can I say something?

Shekar:of course beta..
Ragini:karan feels that if swara stays in hostel he will not able to meet her and spend some time with staying in hostel is the I right uncle?
Shekar:s ragini..
Ragini:I have a solution for this that,swara don’t want to stay there in karan’s house and karan too can meet her..
Everyone there looks at ragini questingly..swara looks ragini with hope in her eyes…
Sumi: (breaks the silence and asks in curiosity)whats that solution beta?
Ragini:aunty I have my own house parents don’t want me to stay there alone..thats why I stay here in if you don’t mind we can move there aunty..sanju will also come with us..(looks towards sanju..she too nods her head and smiles)
Shekar: (hesitates)but ragini how can we allow u three stay there alone..its not safe beta..
Ragini:uncle don’t worry..we have servants we ll not be alone there..moreover sanskar is our neighbor we ll be very much safe there..dont worry uncle..
Shekar: (still hesitates)but beta

Ragini: uncle pls don’t hesitate..think me as your daughter..pls uncle..
Sanskar: (kneels down in front of shekar and holds his hand)papa don’t worry..agree for family will be there too..i promise u..i ll take care of them papa..
Sanju:pls uncle..say yes for swara..
After lot of struggle,shekar gets convinced and agree for that and informed that to karan also..its decided that they will move to ragini’s house in this week end..All gets happy because of this..First time sanju hugged ragini tightly and said I love you ragini..sanskar is happy that his swara will be with her always..swara is happy that now sanskar will be there to take care of her anytime..Finally its time for shekar sumi and vinay departure..they bid bye to everyone and move towards the car..vinay excused himself and runs towards swara who is standing there with ragini,sanju and sanskar..
Vinay: (hugs her)di u r happy na?

Swara: (breaks hug)y u r asking this vinay?
Vinay: im telling frankly di..i don’t like that karan di..pls say no to this marriage..
Swara: (shocked to hear this)why are you saying like this vinay?
Vinay:I don’t know I feel something is not good..i want you to be happy di..i cant see you suffering..
Swara: (to convince vinay)(cups his face)don’t think much vinay..everything will be fine..u don’t worry..u know what 2day I came to know my little brother has become big..He is worried for her di..(teasingly)
Vinay: (frowns)di pls..(hugs her)pls take care of yourself di..i ll miss you..
Swara: (reciprocates the hug)I ll..u take care..i ll miss you too..(kisses his forehead)maa papa waiting for you..
Vinay bids bye to ragini sanju and sanskar and leaves from there..After that swasanrag also bid bye to sanskar and goes to their hostel..
I am here in my room thinking about swara..I don’t know why but I feel like soething bad gonna happen..when swara told me about karan,I thought its a misunderstanding..but why vinay also tells that he don’t like really something wrong with karan?oh god im relly confused..watever it is,now swara will be here infront of my eyes..i will not allow anyone to harm her not even that karan..

While thinking about swara,he notice the message in his mobile..its from swara and it shows
After reading the message,sanskar immediately call her..within a single ring swara lifts the call..
Sanskar: tell me..just now I got ur message..
Swara:have you reached safe sanskar?
Sanskar:haan in my room..
Sanskar:wat happen swara?you wanna tell me something na?why you are silent then..
Swara: (surprisingly)how do you that?
Sanskar: (smiles)I knw swara..tell me
Swara:sanskar still you feel karan is good..
Sanskar: (stays silent because he too is in confusion now)
Swara:sanskar r u there?

Sanskar: im here only swara..
Swara:u didn’t answer me u still believe karan?
Sanskar: I don’t know swara..frankly speaking me too confused after what all happen this evening..But I sure about onething..nothing will happen to you swara..nw I ll be with you..i ll not allow anyone to hurt stop worrying..and
Swara: (interupts him)one minute sanskar..
Sanskar: wat happen swara?

Swara: actually karan is coming on the second line continuosly..
Sanskar: ok..u pick the call and speak..dont be nervous..speak with him normally..ok?
Swara:no sanskar..i cant speak with him really not in a mood to speak with him..pls sanskar..
Sanskar: but swara if u avoid him like this,im sure it ll become the problem for you..why don’t you understand that..
Swara: pls reall scared to speak with him..i promise I ll compose myself and speak with him tomorrow..pakka minute sanskar..
Sanskar: wat happen now?
Swara: karan send some message sanskar.
Sanskar: ok..atleast reply to his messages swara if you don’t want to speak with him..
Swara: (there is no reply from her side)
Sanskar: swara r u there?
Swara: (still no response except sobbing sound)
Sanskar: (panic hearing sobbing sound)swara r u crying?speak up swara..r u crying?
Swara: (sobbing sound increases)
Sanskar: swara u r making me worried..wat happen swara..why are you crying?answer me damn it..
Swara:(manages to speak between her sobs)sans ….sanskar….karan…he ….he….send me some message..
Sanskar: (panic more)stop crying first..forward that message to me immediately..u got it now..

Swara forwards that message to sanskar..sanskar is still in the call..when he sees the message,his anger reaches its peak..his eyes are burning red in anger..the message shows

Reading this message,sanskar get to know wat swara telling is right…it makes him rage in anger more..Bt now more than his anger,swara is important for he controls his anger and try to convince swara..
Sanskar: (in a calm and caring tone)swara listen..dont panic..he cant do anything when I am with you..just three more ll be here infront of my eyes swara always..
Swara: (cries)sanskar im really very scared..wat if he do something..
Sanskar: swara pls..first stop crying..u have to be brave swara..u should face him bravely…I ll be always with you..nothing will happen to you me..
Swara: (controls her tears)I trust you wat will we do now..
Sanskar: I ll handle this swara..we have to handle this should inform dis to papa at right time..dont inform him suddenly because he is very happy about u have to be carefull..for that u have to be strong first..
Swara: (composes herslf)ok sanskar..i ll

Sanskar: Im with you swara..i cant bear your pain..i can do anything to make you happy..pls be carefull..dont tell this to anyone..just be normal..
Swara:ok sanskar..but pls don’t leave me sanskar..
Sanskar: never ever..not till my last breath..(unknowingly)you are my life could I leave you
Swara: (stunned to hear this from sanskar..cant able to reply)
Sanskar: (realizes what he tells)(to manage)ok swara..its already late..dont worry about anything..sleep you in college..
Sanskar disconnects the call and thinks about the message..

How dare he?how dare he speak with swara like this..wat did he think of himself?No….nothing will happen to you swara.. I ll not let anyone to hurt you..i happily sacrificed my love because I thought u ll be happy marrying karan..but now I got to know that he ll not keep you happy..i cant let this happen..i ll make you get out from this whole mess swara..I WILL GET YOU BACK IN MY LIFE..I WILL GET BACK MY LOVE..ITS YOUR SANSKAR’S PROMISE SWARA..I LOVE YOU..I CANT LET ANYTHIG HAPPEN TO YOU..

Here swara thinks about sanskar’s words..she recalls his words ‘you are my life swara’continuosly..unknowingly a smile appears when she recalls this..May be this smile is the sigh of love blossomed in her heart..
Episode ends with swara’s smiling face and sanskar’s determined face..

Precap:sanskar karan faceoff,swara’s realisation

Pls ignore spelling and grammer mistakes..its not proof readed…

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