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Episode starts…..

Day starts asusual for everyone..swara decides to tell everything about karan to sanskar today..they all attend their class and asusual spend their time passed normally..its time for sanskar and swara’s regular meeting in music room..sanskar goes to music room bt swara is not there..sanskar takes his mobile to call swara..thats when he notice the message from swara..the message shows


Sanskar smiles reading the message and moves towards garden..There swara sitting in a bench facing her back towards sanskar..Sanskar decides to tease her..He slowly tiptoed towards her and covers her eyes with hands from back..Suddenly he realized his hands become wet..He takes his hands back and quickly moves to face her and shocked to see her crying..
Sanskar: (cups her face)wat happen swara?y r u crying?
Swara: (wipes her tears and fake smile)nothing sanskar..just like that.
Sanskar: (looks her suspiciously)r u hiding something swara?
Swara: (looks sanskar and tears starts rolling again from her eyes)
Sanskar: (immediately wipes her tears)again u started crying..wat happen swara?tell me wats the problem?we will sort out swara..pls don’t cry..tell me wat happen..
Swara:(still sobs)sanskar…karan….(cant continue)
Sanskar: swara pls stop crying..if u don’t tell me means how can I know your problems swara?
Swara: (wipes her tears)that karan sanskar..

Sanskar: (shocked to hear the name)karan?what happen to karan?is he ok..are you crying for him?
Swara: am not crying for him crying because of him..
Sanskar: (confused)what?what are you trying to say..i cant get you swara..
Swara: (tells everything about karan’s behavior)im so scared sanskar..i don’t know what to do..(starts crying again)
Sanskar: (shocked to hear all this..he don’t know how to react..he just thinking something blankly)

Swara: (shakes him lightly)pls say something sanskar..tell me what to do..i cant understand anything..
Sanskar: (composes himself and try to convince her)swara listen..first stop crying..if you are continuosly crying like this we cant think about anything properly..pls stop crying and listen to me..
Swara: (wipes her tears composes herself and starts to listen sanskar)hmmmm…now tell me..i ll not cry..

Sanskar: (smiles )that’s like my listen..u know karan for just 2 days didn’t even speak with him could you judge him without any proper meet or without knowing anything..
Swara: (interrupts him)no sanskar..i am not comfortable when he is around..He is sooo rude..His behaviours are not normal sanskar..and about judge him,we became friends in a single meet na?trust me sanskar..he is not good..
Sanskar: (smiles when she tells about their meet)relax swara..everyone around you will not be same..everybody have their own habits and behavior..may be karan’s way of approach is different..many people looks rude from outside but they may be good hearted..they don’t know how to show their love and care towards others..thats not their mistake swara..may be karan also like that..

Swara: (thinks and again nodded her head in no)no intutions never went wrong..try to understand sanskar..why people around me are not like him..tell me sanskar..u,papa,vinay are not like him..i never feel scared wen u all are around me..why sanskar..
Sanskar:swara you are not feeling like that because they are your family..
Swara: (looks in to his eyes)ok..they are my family..what about you sanskar..why Im feeling like that when you are around me…

Sanskar: (shocked and looks into her eyes too..small eyelock)
Swara: (still looking him)tell me sanskar..answer me..
Sanskar: (composes himself)because you know me karan’s case is different..
Swara: no sanskar..
Sanskar:swara pls listen to me..first stop comparing karan with me..not only me..dont compare him with papa and vinay too..we all are different and karan is different swara..we all know about you very well..we all are always pampers karan is new to you swara..not only you, karan also don’t know anything about ll take sometime swara..pls don’t think too much..dont confuse yourself

Swara: (looks down and stays silent)
Sanskar: (understands that swara is still not convinced)ok swara..leave about u believe papa?
Swara: (still looking down and nodes her head in yes)
Sanskar: you always tell me that papa choose best for you in everything right?then how it goes wrong when it comes to your marriage?
Swara: (stays silent)
Sanskar: (sighs)look at me swara..
Swara: (still stays the same)

Sanskar: (holds her arm and turns towards him)look at me swara..(she look at him)do u trust me?
Swara: (looking him)more than myself..
Sanskar: (smiles)then believe me..nothing goes wrong..dont judge him so soon..give him some time..dont think too much about this swara..try to understand him..just go with the flow swara..there is no compulsion..papa chooses him for sure he ll be good for don’t think anything now..just relax..let it be like this..if u feel the same after sometime also then we will speak with papa..ask him to stop this..ok?

Swara: (nodes her head in yes)
Sanskar: (cups her face)listen always with you don’t want to face anything alone swara..whatever it may be..i never allow anything wrong happen to me..
Swara: (smiles)I know sanskar..
Sanskar: (smiles)u should know more give me my smile..
Swara: (smiles brightly)u knw what..u always makes me smile sanskar..
Sanskar:ok ok..dont butter is ur chocolates..
Swara: (takes from his hand)hahahaha..thats my sanskar..
Sanskar: (smiles hearing my sanskar bt composes himself)swara tell me onething..did sanju and ragu know about karan?
Swara:no sanskar..if I tell them they will be worried for I didn’t tell karan speaks with them..they are very happy about karan…
Sanskar: (sighs)ok swara..

When they are speaking,swara’s mobile starts ringing..its sanju..swara lifts the call..
Swara: ya coming to room only..dont worry..
Sanju:let me speak swara..u not calling for this..
Swara: sorry sorry..tell me..then y u call me..
Sanju:uncle and aunty are here to meet you..come fast..they are waiting for you..
Swara: (shocked)what maa papa?
Sanju:haan baba..come fast..
Swara: (thinks something)sanju do onething..come here to garden area with maa papa..sanskar is also here..i ll introduce him to maa papa..
Sanju:ok ok..i ll come..
After disconnects the call,swara tells about this sanskar..
Swara:maa papa come to meet me sanskar..(lost somewhere else)
Sanskar: that’s great swara..2day finally im going to meet them..(notices swara)wat happen swara?what are you thinking?
Swara: sanskar,dont you think something is wrong..
Sanskar: offo swara..dont start again..seriously you are thinking too much..may be they missed you..

Swara:pls be serious..2 days back only they met sure something is wrong..something is fishy sanskar..
Sanskar: (he too feels same bt for swara he manage to be normal)don’t think too much swara..they are coming here can ask them now relax..
Swara somewhat composes herself..meanwhile shekar,sumi,ragini and sanju reached there..seeing them swara runs and hugs them..
Swara:maa papa u both are fine na?
Shekar:princess we are fine..wat happen to you?
Swara:nothing papa…this sudden visit?u didn’t tell me too..
Sumi:we also don’t have any idea about this till yesterday night swara..its all because of karan
Swara: (expression changes)karan?
Shekar:we will speak about this later..princess I have a surprise for you..
Swara: (without any interest still thinks about karan)what surprise papa?
Shekar:here is your surprise..(points towards back)
Swara: (turns back and shocked)vinay..

Yes its vinay..seeing swara,vinay run towards her and hugs her tightly..
Vinay:I miss u a lot are you?
Swara: (still hugs)mee too are you?
Vinay: (breaks the hug and tease swara)im fine till now di..dont knw wat will happen next..pls don’t start your advice,then I ll be fine here after also..
Swara: (opens her mouth like ‘o’ and beats him in his shoulder)go don’t talk to me..
Vinay:thank god escaped..
Sumi:stop it vinay..dont tease her..see her dull she is..
Swara: (smiles seeing vinay)no fine..i missed these a lot..i love this vinay only..(hugs him)

Vinay too hugs her..shekar and sumi smiles seeing this while sanskar,ragini and sanju admires their bond..swara breaks the hug and introduces sanskar to everyone…
Swara: papa,this is best friend..u know papa he is same like you..
Sanskar smiles hearing this and takes blessings from shekar sumi and hugs vinay..
Vinay: you are great sanskar bhai..after papa, only you tolerate this creature..(pointing swara)
Everyone laughs loudly..sanskar just smiles and looks swara lovingly bt composes himself..
Sanskar: (in mind)don’t want to tolerate..I can happily admire her for life long vinay..
Sanskar’s thought break when shekar starts to speak..
Shekar:princess I want talk to you about something..can i?
Sanskar: (to give them some privacy)papa u all spend some time with her..we ll leave..
Shekar:no no beta..u all can be here..we have no problem..
Sumi:you all are also like our family beta..pls stay here..
Sanskar: (hesitates)

Swara: papa telling na..stay here..
Sanskar agrees..sanskar,ragini and sanju speaking with vinay..vinay loves he starts asking about volleyball to sanskar..soon vinay bonded well with sanskar..
Episode ends with this..

Precap:wat will be the important thing which shekar wants to speak with swara?is it some plan of karan..

Hai guys,done with another episode..i ll try to post next episode 2day itself..share ur views about this episode guys..

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  1. Nice….when will swara realise her love? When will shekhar come to know about karan? I think that karan wants to marry swara soon or does he have a problem with her going to clg.

    1. Vyshu10

      Dat was me….don’t know why i was suddenly logged out. Anyways, upload soon dear

      1. Sahana

        thank u vyshu..from next episode onwards swara will realise her love for confession part,u have to wait for 3 to 4 episodes..

  2. Wow amazing part of swasan bt plz don’t make ragini negative

    1. Sahana

      thank u ani..ragini will not be negative..dont worry

  3. Super duper dear….don’t make Ragini negative..

    1. Sahana

      thanks a lot paru..don’t worry ragini will not be negative dear..

  4. Mica

    ahhh sanskar so mature enaf
    luv it sahana, ty

    1. Sahana

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  5. boring and crap

    1. Sahana

      thank u so much ragsan lover..u find it boring still u read it..thanks a lot for that..i have a suggestion for you..pls try to comment differently..u comment the same in almost all swasan ff..I think u r simply copy paste this..try to show ur creativity in comment atleast..

  6. Gayathri

    I m loving it. Yesterday I was upset because u didn’t upload but today I am happy. Upload soon. Amazing epi

    1. Sahana

      thanks a lot sorry to make u after I ll upload regularly

  7. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear …loved it.. Yesterday really missed it

    1. Sahana

      thanks a lot means a lot to me..

    1. Sahana

      thank u s

  8. Nice

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      thanks afra96

  9. Khushiii

    Awesome dear

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