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Episode 19

Its been one week im here in my home with maa papa and vinay..They all are happy..Because after so many days im with them..Me too happy to see all happy..But im missing my Sanskar..Its my decision only to come here..But I didn’t think that it will be this much tough for me…Without him,its like I cant even breath properly..I didn’t see him..I didn’t even speak with him in these one week..He called me many times..But I didn’t pick his calls..I know it hurts him a lot..But I don’t have any other option..If I hear his voice,I cant able to control myself..I know that..His voice itself have that effect on me…I always lost somewhere even when im with maa and papa..They thought that im upset becaue of all incidents happened..They tried to cheer me up..Me too pretend to be happy..But I really cant..Whenever they ask me about this I somewhat manage to convince them with my fake reasons..

My mind and heart is full of Sanskar…Whenever I close my eyes, his teary face comes in my mind..I cant tolerate that…I know he will curse himself for whatever happened..ya..its true that I get hurt when he told like that…At that moment,My heart just breaks into pieces..I felt like my life ends that moment itself..He is my only hope…He is my everything..If he leaves me,there is nothing left in my life..But I know,my Sanskar loves me like anything…He loves me more than anything in this world…At the same time,ragini is most important for him..She is there for him throughout his life from childhood…Actually I get Sanskar just because of ragini only..Ragini is my best friend..She cares for me always..She is same like sanju…But I don’t know why she behaved like that with me..Thats not my ragini..Something is wrong with her..There must be something big..I can sense that…That’s y Sanskar told her like that to convince her..I can understand this very well..But now ragini is in confusion..She feels insecured when im around Sanskar…She feels like I will snatch Sanskar from her completely..She behaved like that because of her insecurity only..Thats the reason I decided to come here leaving Sanskar there…Because If I stay there then Sanskar get stuck between me and ragini..I cant see him like that..I want him to be happy..For his smile I can sacrifice anything..But I cant sacrifice my Sanskar for anything..I know he will make ragini understand everything..I hope that When I go back ragini will accept us like before..I ll get back my ragini and my Sanskar…

Just 3 days more Sanskar…I ll be with you..I just want to hug you and tell you that how much I missed you..Im waiting for that moment Sanskar..This is the last time sanskar..Hereafter your swara will never leave you alone till her end..I love you…I love you Sanskar…

Im here in my room thinking about my Swara…Already one week passed..I only know how difficult it is to spend these days without my swara…This one week is like a decade for me..I cant able to be normal..I cant smile…I cant sleep..I cant do anything…I tried many times to contact her..but all in vein..She didn’t even pick my call..I know she wont pick my calls..Still I want to hear her voice only once..I want to make sure that she is fine and she is not angry with me..But she is not picking my calls…

Im reading her letter repeatedly…I can feel her love whenever I read her letter..How could she love me this much..I did abig mistake by telling ragini like that..I didn’t mean that..But still I shouldn’t tell like that to convince ragini..I felt like my world crushed when she locked herslf in the room and cried..I can feel how much she get hurt…I thought she will confront me and punish me for that..even I was scared of loosing her too..But it didn’t happened..Because she is my swara..She didn’t demand any explanation..She didn’t punish me or leave me..Instaed she understands me..Nobody can understand me and love me like she do..I feel really blessed to have her in my life..

She always tell me that she will not demand anything from me..She is so pure..She is so precious..I will not loose her at any cost..She wants me to make ragini understand everything..Thats the reason she leaves from here..If she tell me this before,im sure I ll not allow her to do like this..I know that’s y she didn’t inform me anything..
In this one week,I tried my best to make ragini come out from her problem..Somewhat she too became normal..I told her about everything…Everything means everything..About me and swara and about karan also..She didn’t reacted much..But still she is not convinced about what I told about karan..I don’t know y..But she told me that may be karan is possessive about swara..Thats y he did like that..Its really irritating whenever she support that bastard..But I controlled myself..I convinced myself that she will understand gradually..Now im really relived and happy that she understood swara and our love too..Thats enough for me now..
Im waiting for my swara’s return..Just three days more..She will be with me..Just come to me once swara..Then I ll never allow you to leave me ever..come back soon swara…I want to see you..I want to hear your voice..I want to hug you and feel you…I love you swara…I love you a lot..Come back soon..Your sanskar is waiting for you…

After 3 days…..
Today is the day im waiting for…Im in college waiting for my shona from morning…She didn’t come till now..I tried her mobile many time…But its asusual switched off…im very restless to see her..Finally college over..I rushed to home without waiting for anyone..May be she come to home directly…I parked my bike in my home and rushed to ragini’s mansion..Finally im happy to see her luggage in her room..But she is not there..I searched the whole mansion..But she is nowhere..Suddenly something strike my mind…I know where my swara is….

I guessed that she may be in this park…This place is very special for both us..Yes this place is where I unknowingly confessed my love to swara..So whenever we feel sad or happy or missing eachother we both come to this park..So I thought she may be here..Like I thought,She is here only…
Yes my swara is here infront of me..Finally my wait is over..My love my shona is standing infront of me facing her back towards me..Without wasting a second,I run towards her and hugs her from back tightly…This is the moment im waiting for…I hugged her tightly…She too sense my touch and my presence..I just hide my face in crook of her neck and feel her…
Swara: sans…..sanskar…
I didn’t reply anything..I just hold her tightly to feel her..She tried to turn but I didn’t allow her to do by holding her that much tight..I feel tear drops in my hand which is holding her waist…After sometime, I released the hug and she turned to see me..
Swara: (touched my face lovingly)Sanskar….
I just cupped her face and kissed her face everywhere…
I: (hugs her and cries)I missed you swara…Y u did this…Y swara? Atleast you could have attend my calls na..You don’t have any idea about my condition here…I know I did a big mistake..I know I hurt u a lot…But I cant bear this separation swara..I really cant…
Swara too cries and hugs him tightly…She breaks the hug and made me sit in near bench…She kneel down infront of me..
Swara: (cups my face) you didn’t do anything wrong Sanskar…I know y do that…I can understand you Sanskar..You too know very well that why I leave to my home…Now please don’t cry…(wipes his tears)
I: (holds her hands which cups my face)really you r not angry on me?
Swara: really..Y should I angry with you?you are my everything Sanskar…I cant be angry with you…Not even for a second…
I: Y ur like this swara?
Swara: because I love you Sanskar..I really really love you..(in a breaking voice)I cant live without you…
I just cant control myself..I take her in my embrace…It feels like heaven for me…She makes me feel special every moment…
I : (still in hug)enough swara…This is enough for me…I don’t need anything…You are enough for my lifetime swara…I love you…
Swara: I love you too Sanskar..You don’t have any idea about how much I missed you these days..These days are like hell for me without you Sanskar…
I : (breaks the hug)then y you didn’t call me?Atleast you could have attend my calls na…
Swara place her head in my lap and holds my waist tightly…
Swara: you dont know how much I controlled myself whenever you called me..Its really tough for me Sanskar…But if I hear your voice,the next moment I ll come to you…I cant stay away from you after hearing your voice…Your voice always melts me Sanskar…That’s y I didn’t call you…Im sorry…Im really sorry…
I caressed her hair when she speaks with me..I just placed my face above her face which is in my lap…
I: enough swara…No more tears and no more sorries…I know my swara…Now you are with me..Thats enough for me…You are enough for your Sanskar swara…Here after only happiness is in my swara’s life…I love you…
Swara: (smiles with teary eyes)I love you too..
I : will you promise me onething?
Swara: (lifts her head from my lap and looks at me)what is that Sanskar?
I : promise me that you will not leave your Sanskar like this..If I do any mistakes in future,pls punish me but don’t leave me…This separation kills me swara…Will you promise that?
Swara: (look inti his eyes) I promise you Sanskar..I ll never do like this…
We both had a eyelock..It always a plessure to lost myself in her big lovely eyes…I love to lost myself in that big and killer eyes…After sometime,I break the eyelock and open my arms…
Swara: (confusingly)what Sanskar?
I : wont you hug your teddy? Your teddy needs his shona now….
Swara with bright smile hugs me tightly…We both just lost in that hug…This is the most precious moment in my life…My love My lifeMy shona is in my embrace…Whatelse I need…Only one thing comes in my mind…
I : (with contented smile) im blessed…Im blessed to have my shona….

Precap: swara-ragini-sanskar moments…

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