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Episode 17

Days are passed like this…Swara is completely fine now..But still Sanskar don’t allow her to come out of her room..Sanju and ajay also taking good care of swara..Swara is staying at home only because Sanskar didn’t allow her to attend college…Sanskar also stay with swara whole day to take care of her..He cooks for her..He feeds her..They are spending their lovely time with eachother..After lot of struggle,swara somewhat manage to convince Sanskar to go to college today..

Im alone in my room..I really miss my Sanskar..In this one week,we both spend a wonderful time together..He cares for me a lot..He not even allow me to come out of my room..He cooks for me… he is an amazing cook..He feeds me like my maa..He makes me sleep in his lap..He caressed my hair to make me sleep..It feels like heaven.. It’s the most romantic thing for me..I feel so lite whenever I sleep in his lap..He always makes me feel so special..He treats me like a child..But I love this attention from him..I love this Sanskar a lot..Im free from all tensions..He solved everything..Now its only my Sanskar..He is my world,my soul,my everything…After lot of struggle,I only convinced him to go to college..But here im missing him badly..Its like I cant even breath if he is not with me..I love this phase of my life..I love everything about him..I just want to be like this till my last breath…

Swara is standing near the window thinking about Sanskar while waiting for him..She feels like someone hugs her back …She feels the touch..She closed her eyes and leans to the person’s chest..
Swara: (smiles)Sanskar….
Sanskar: (smiles and places his chin in her shoulder)hmmm
Swara: when u came from college?I was waiting for you..
Sanskar: (breaks hug and turn her to face him)so my princess missed me…
Swara: (smiles and hud him)haan..Your princess missed you a lot..
Sanskar: (hugs her too)me too missed you shona..
Swara: (break the hug)shona?
Sanskar: haan shona…Y?dont u like this name?
Swara: not like that Sanskar..But you call me princess na?
Sanskar: (smiles and pull her cheeks)yes you are my princess,angel,sweety,cutie,shona…But u know papa always call you princess na?I don’t want to snatch his princess from him..So hereafter I ll call u shona only…Its cute na..Do u like it?
Swara: (cups his face)I love it Sanskar..U know I love this name..Sometime maa call me using this name..
Sanskar: (make sad face)see how sweetly I call you..But you always call me Sanskar..
Swara: (laughs seeing his face)so you want me to call using other names?
Sanskar: ofcourse..You are special swara..So I want to feel that im special to you whenever you call me..
Swara: (think to tease)but I already call you with special name na?
Sanskar: (confusingly)is it?what is that?
Swara: (moves little far from him)my cute wala angry bird…
Saying this she runs from there..Sanskar starts chasing her..
Sanskar: swara stop…Once I get you then you will see what this angry bird will do…
The whole room is filled with their laughing sound..They both are enjoying the moment..

Sanju is playing some games in her mobile..At that time,ragini entered the mansion..
Sanju: hai ragini..Wat a surprise..U didn’t inform us about ur arrival..
Ragini: (shows her hand to stop)where is Sammy?
Sanju: (confusingly)Sanskar..
Ragini: (in harsh tone)I know he is here only..where is he?
Suddenly they hear the laughing sound from upstairs..Before sanju could speak,ragini marched towards upstairs..Sanju try to stop her..But all in vein..Sanju sensed that something is wrong with ragini..So she too followed her..

Finally Sanskar get hold of swara..H held her by her waist..
Sanskar: (smiles)finally madam….Now tell me..what did you say?
Swara: (holds his shoulder)my cute angry bird…
Sanskar: (smiles teasingly)accha…Let me show what dis angry bird will do…
Swara: (blushes and cups his face)you are my savior who always saves me from all evil things..You are my angel who filled my life with full of happiness..You are my sunshine who lights my life..But I love to call you teddy..You know why?
Sanskar: (gives unbelievable look)seriously…teddddyyyy????
Swara: (smiles seeing his look)haan..teddy..Because I love to cuddle with my teady…(blushes and hugs him tightly)
Sanskar: (smiles and hugs her tightly)I love you shona…I want to be like this forever..
Swara: I love you too..Be like this forever Sanskar…Don’t leave me ever…
Sanskar:never ever..Now you are my life..You are my world…I never allow anyone to snatch your place in my life..Sanskar is only for my shona…
The whole scene is witnessed by ragini and sanju…Ragini cant take this anymore and she screamed his name..Sanskar and swara are happy to see ragini there…But ragini is fuming in anger..Seeing ragini there,Sanskar runs to her and huds her..
Sanskar: (excited tone)ragu…What a surprise?when did you came?Why you didn’t tell me?
Ragini in rage breaks the hugby pushing him and slaps him hard….sanskar is blankly standing there holding his cheek..Swara and sanju schoked to see ragini slap Sanskar…
Swara: (runs towards Sanskar) ragini…..
Ragini: (shows her hand to stop)be in ur limits..(holds Sanskar)whats all this Sammy?
Sanskar: (in confusion)what happen ragini?
Ragini: (in anger)do you love swara…
Sanskar: hann ragini…I love her…But why are you angry?
Ragini:I met karan in airport…He told me could you Sammy?
Everyone is schoked to hear about karan…Sanskar somewhat guessed what happened in airport and the reason for ragini’s anger..
Sanskar: (in a calm tone)ragu..Listen..Dont believe that karan..He cheated everyone ragini..
Ragini: he only cheated all right..
Sanskar: yes ragu..You first calm down..I ll explain you everything…
Ragini:I don’t want your explanation Sammy..If karan is at fault means why u didn’t tell me about him before…Y u hide this from me..
Sanskar: ragu its not like what you think..I didn’t tell you because its all happen when you are in US…
Ragini:ohh..Its all happened in this 10 days only..Within this 10 days, you both fell in love..right?She is commited to karan na..Ok I agree karan cheated her..But how could she fell in love with you immediately..How?tell me Sammy…
Swara’s eyes filled with tears after hearing this from ragini..Sanskar looks swara…He closes his hand tightly to control…

Ragini: So like karan said she only cheated him..How could she fell in love with you when she is already committed to karan…
Sanskar: (in anger shouts at ragini)think before you talk ragini..Do u have any idea about what you are speaking now?
Ragini: (teary eyes)wow Sammy..for this girl you are shouting at me..Is she tat much important to you than me Sammy?
Sanskar: (control his anger)ragu pls try to understand…
Ragini: (teary eyes and holds his collar)how could you Sammy?how could you do this?For this girl you forget your ragu..
Sanskar:ragu pls listen..I ll tell you everything..Just relax..
Ragini: foot…I don’t want to hear any explanation Sammy…
Swara:ragini pls..There is no mistake of Sanskar in this..
Ragini:just shut up..its all because of you only..You snatched my Sammy from me na..I thought you as my best friend..But you…Don’t try to come between me and my Sammy…
Saying this she runs to her room…Sanskar stands there blankly..He wants to go to ragini and console her..At the same time he don’t want to leave swara alone because he knows that ragini hurts swara by accusing her for everything..
Swara: (understands his dilemma)you go to ragini Sanskar..She needs you now..go and convince her..
Sanskar: but swara…
Swara: (looks down)im fine Sanskar..You go and convince ragini…
Saying this swara leaves from there..Sanskar feels bad for swara..But now convincing ragini is important for him because he knows his swara understand him..

Ragini is sitting in her bed and crying badly..Sanskar sits beside her and hugs her sideways…
Sanskar: ragu pls..stop crying..Its not like what you think..Try to understand..?There is nothing in this to cry ragu..Pls..U know na I cant see you crying..
Ragini: y u did this Sammy..How could you just ignore me like this..Am I not important to you..
Sanskar: ragu you very well know that you are important to me..then y u are asking me like this…
Ragini:no Sammy I feel like I lost that importance in your life..I think you don’t need this ragini anymore…
Sanskar: (breaks the hug and makes her look at him)stop speaking like this ragu..nothing is changed..You are still my ragu only..Y don’t you understand?you are different and swara is different..You both are important for me ragu…
Ragini: (jerks his hand)she will snatch you from me Sammy..she will separate us..You know dad and mom applied for a divorce…
Sanskar: (schoked)what?
Ragini: (crying badly)yes..They had a fight..Mom told me that dad has extra marital affair..They called me there to tell about their divorce only..
Sanskar: But ragu…(he feels bad and hugs her to console)ragu pls don’t cry..Pls…
Ragini:now nobody is there for me Sammy..If you too go like this means I ll die..
Sanskar: ragu pls..I will never go anywhere leaving you alone..Listen.. swara is not like what you thinking..You very know about her na..Then y you behaving like this now..
Ragini: tell me onething..If you have to choose between me and her means whom will you choose..Me or swara..
Sanskar: whats wrong with you ragu..You both are important for me..How could I choose between you..I cant leave swara ragu..
Ragini: (crying)see I told you na..She already changed you Sammy…
Sanskar:ragu pls..let me explain..Its not like what you think ragu..
Ragini: (cries)no cheated me..You very well know that you are my everything..I don’t even have any friends..But you…How could you give my place to someone that easily Sammy?You have changed..She chamged you completely..Now you don’t need this ragu na?
Sanskar: (cups her face)ragu pls..Its not like that..Im still ur Sammy only..Ull be always my ragu..You are very important to me ragu..Understand..I can do anything for you..
Ragini:then leave swara..Tell her to leave you..(cups his face)I cant see you giving importance to someone Sammy..I cant share my importance in your life with anyone..I cant allow someone to snatch you from me..I ll die Sammy..I ll really die..

Sanskar is schocked to hear this from her…How could he leave swara..Its impossible for him..He very well knows that how important swara is for him..But now he wanted to convince ragini..He think that ragini feels very lonely and insecured because of her parents divorce..So she will understand later when she becomes normal..So he decided to agree to convince now..
Sanskar: ok ragu..I ll tell swara..Now you pls don’t cry..If you don’t want this relation means I ll end it..I ll forget swara..
Ragini hugs Sanskar hearing this..But Sanskar curses himself for teling like this..Sanskar and ragini distracts by the glass breaking sound..They both shocked to see swara there..
Sanskar: (shocked)swaraaaa
Swara runs from there crying….She locked herself in the room and crying her heartout…Sanskar also comes there and see the door locked from inside..He can hear swara’s crying sound..He bangs the door and tell her to open..
Sanskar: (bangs the door)swara…swara…Pls open the door..I ll tell you everything..Pls open the swara..Dont cry pls..(teary eyes)swara pls..listen to the door only once..pls swara…
He bangs the door and ask her to open continuosly..But there is no response from her side except the sobbing sound..ragini comes there to see Sanskar..
Ragini:Sammy..leave her..Anyway she should know about your decision na..
Sanskar:but ragini…
Ragini:she feels for sometime then she will be don’t worry..Come with me Sammy..I wanna tell you manythings happened in these days..
Saying this ragini holds Sanskar hand and drag him from there to her room..In ragini’s room,She tell him everything happened in these 10 days..But Sanskar hears nothing..He just simply sits there but he thinking about swara only..Swara’s crying face and her sobbing sounds are disturbing him..Its like someone stab his heart hundred times..He tried to leave from there but ragini didn’t allow him to leave..Finally he somewhat manages to leave from there and rushes towards swara’s room to see swara..

Swara’s room door is opened now..When he entered the room,he sees swara sleeping in sanju’s lap..Sanju angrily look at him…He bows his head in guily..Sanskar moved towards swara but sanju stop him by showing her hand..She slowly places swara’s head in pillow and drags Sanskar outside the room..
Sanju:what do u want Sanskar?
Sanskar: what do u want means?I want to meet swara..
Sanju:y..Is there anything remaining to hurt her?
Sanskar: sanju pls..You know very well that I cant hurt swara..I cant even think about this in my dream too..
Sanju:then whats all this Sanskar..How could you tell ragini like that..
Sanskar:sanju I have a valid reason..I just tell like that to convince her..I really didn’t mean that me..Im nothing without swara..
Sanju:may be you have valid reason…Whatever may be the problem,You should not tell like that Sanskar..For convincing ragini,how could you hurt swara?I know ragini is important to you..Then what about swara..
Saying this she angrily leaves from there..Sanskar enters the room and sit beside swara..He can clearly sees the tear marks in her cheeks..Her face is pale..His eyes also filled with tears..He slowly caresess her hair and speaks with sleeping swara..
Sanskar: (heavy voice)im sorry swara..Im really sorry..I didn’t expect that you will come there..I just tell that to convince her only..ragini is in problem swara..she is behaving like this because of that only..I don’t know any other way to convince her..I thought if I tell u everything later, you will undertand me..I know nobody understands me morethan you..But everything get spoiled..Its all because of me only..I shoulsnot tell ragini like that..But I don’t have anyother option swara..Im really you cried because of me..I feel like kill sorry..tomorrow morning I ll tell you everything swara..if you want punish me… I ll accept any punishment you will give to me..Trust me swara I ll make everything fine..
He kiss her forehead and leaves from there with heavy heart and teary eyes..

Precap: swara missing and Sanskar guilty….

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    1. Sahana

      Thank you madhu..will update next part 2morrow dear…

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    1. Sahana

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      Thanks a lot dear…sure i ll make sanky to convince swara…will update next part 2day eveng..actually im writing now dear

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