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Episode 16
After all the drama,all are in swara’s room..There is a pindrop silence..All are in the shock..Finally swara breaks the silence and move towards shekar who is sitting in couch with heads down..
Swara: (kneels down infront of him)papa
Shekar: (stays silent)
Swara: papa don’t you speak with your princess…
Shekar breaks into tears and hugs swara..

Shekar: (in a crying voice)im sorry princess..Im really sorry..I didn’t know anything about that karan ..You suffered a lot because of my stupid decision..If u can Pls forgive your papa..
Swara: (breaks the hug and wipes his tears)papa..wht is this..Y u r saying sorry..Its not your mistake papa..I know my papa will never do anything wrong to his princess..
Shekar: (chokeing voice)no princess..U trust me a lot..Wen I tell u about karan,u accept immediately without any second thought..But see..I ruined everything..I lost your trust swara..I feel really guilty..But trust me..I really thought karan is a good guy..
Swara: papa pls..Stop speaking like this first..Im still ur princess papa..I still trust you..I ll trust you till my last breath..Its not your mistake papa..Infact its not anyone’s mistake..Just forget it papa..

Shekar: no swara..I know you are saying this to convince me..But what if something happen to you..What if he harm you badly..See how much you got hurt because of him..You lost ur smile..You lost your own bubbliness..Its all because of me..
Swara: (in a calm tone)no papa..Im perfectely alright..Im dull because im just weak papa..And more thing..I didn’t lost anything papa..Infact the most memorable thing happened in my life because of this incident..(look towards Sanskar)karan gave me most precious thing papa..(Sanskar too look swara lovingly)
Shekar: (in confusion)swara..Precious thing?

Swara: (realize wat she tells and try to manage)haan papa..Most precious thing..My friends…They are the ones who helped me to come out of this mess..It wouldn’t happen without them papa..
Shekar look towards the direction where Sanskar stands along with ajay and sanju..He move towards them..
Shekar: (folds his hands infront of them)thanks a lot beta..Thanks a lot for saving my daughter..
Sanskar: (holds his hands and brings it down)what is this papa?Pls don’t do like this..Its our duty to protect swara..
Ajay: yes uncle..We did this for our friend..So pls don’t thank us..
Sanju: (hugs shekar)Uncle we are also like swara and aarav to you na?
Shekar: (hugs her)ofcourse beta..
Shekar opens his arms and Sanskar ajay also joins the hug..Swara watches this lovingly..Sanskar looks swara and smiles..

Sumi: (touches swara’s shoulder)swara pack your things..We will leave..
Swara: (in confusion)where maa?
Shekar: (breaks the hug and move towards swara)to our home princess..You are weak..You need complete rest..
Swara looks at Sanskar..Sanskar sadly look at her..Swara can understand what he thinks from his face itself..

Swara: no papa..Im fine here..Im alright now..
Sumi: (in a strict tone)no more arguments swara..Now get ready..
Swara: maa please..Im fine..Moreover my exams are near maa..pls understand..
Shekar: but princess..How could we leave you here alone in this condition..
Swara: papa don’t worry about me..I ll be alright..See my friends are here..They take good care of me papa..Trust me..They care for me morethan you..

Sumi:But you need healthy food..Orelse you will be more weak..If you are with us ill take care of ur food..We cant leave aarav alone..His exams are going on..Pls swara..Come with us..
Swara: maa pls..Dont worry about my food and all..I have another maa here..annapurna maa..Sanskar’s mother..U know she is preparing food specially for me daily..So u don’t worry…
Sanskar proudly smiles seeing swara..swara too reciprocates..
Sumi:but swara..
Swara:maa trust me..I ll fine here..If I feel like come there sure I ll come..Dont worry..
Shekar:hmmm k princess..But you have to take care of yourself..Promise me..
Swara: promise papa..
Shekar: shall I ask you something?

Swara: what is this papa?y are you asking permission?Ofcourse papa..U can ask me anything..
Shekar: I know I did a big mistake by choosing karan for you..Im really ashamed and guilty for that..But still I have one wish swara..I know I don’t have any right to ask this after what all happened..Still im asking you..Will you marry the guy whom I choose for you?
Swara and Sanskar both are shocked..Tears are brimming in sanskar’s eyes..swara looks at him helplessly..
Shekar: If u agree for this,then I ll be happy that my princess still trust me..
Swara: (composed herslf)yes papa..I promise..I ll marry a guy whom you ll choose..
Sanskar shocked seeing swara promising shekar..He leaves from there with teary eyes..Swara wants to go after Sanskar..But she is helpless..Ajay too follows Sanskar understanding his situation..
Swara:But I have a condition papa..
Shekar: what is that princess?

Swara:you shouldn’t compel me for the marriage until I tell you..
Shekar: sure princess..I ll not compel you..You marriage is completely ur decision only..U still trust me..Thats enough for me..
Shekar and sumi hugs swara..They are happy..But swara’s mind is full of Sanskar..His teary eyes makes her restless..
After spending sometime with swara,Shekar and sumi leaves from there..Swara immediately rushed towards her room and continuously call Sanskar..But he is not picking any calls..She is trying continuosly bt there is no response..So she called ajay to know about him..But he too don’t know about Sanskar..She became restless..

Swara: (in mind)Sanskar where are you?i know you are upset..I want to see you..I ll make you understand..Please pick my call only once..Please..
Suddenly something strike her mind..She informed sanju and rushed outside..
Swara:sanju I ll be back in sometime…
Sanju:But swara where are you going..You cant go alone..Wait I ll come with you..
Swara:its ok sanju..I ll problem..Bye..
Swara somewhat guesses that Sanskar may be in park.So she rushed to the park and search him everywhere in the park..Finally she find him sitting in the bench alone and blankly watching something..She gets happy seeing him and run towards him..
Swara: (place hand in his shoulder)Sanskar….
Sanskar is still lost somewhere without even realizing swara’s presence..Swara again calls him bt still no response..She sits infront of him in the bench..
Swara: (cups his face)Sanskar..Look at me..Pls speak something..

Sanskar: (comes out of his thought)swara…what are you doing here?You should take rest swara…
Swara: (hugs him)please Sanskar..dont need to hide anything from me..I know you are upset..
Sanskar: (closed his eyes to control him and try to be normal)no swara..Im absolutely fine..Who told you that im upset..look at me..(breaks the hug) smiling..Im absolutely fine swara..
Swara: (smiles sadly)don’t try to hide Sanskar..Because you cant..You cant hide anything from me..I know you are upset because of my promise to papa..
Sanskar: (stays silent and look somewhere to avoid eye contact)
Swara: (cups his face and make him look at her)trust me Sanskar..I ll never leave you..I ll die without you..
That’s it for Sanskar..He hugs her tightly..He tried to control tears but it flows unknowingly..Swara too reciprocates the hug..She can feel his heart racing..
Sanskar: (in a choking voice)I trust you swara..I know you will not leave me..I know you love me more than I do..I can understand ur situation and papa’s situation..I can understand why you promise papa..Im not upset with you swara..Im not upset but scared..
Swara: scared? (swara tries to break the hug but he holds her firmly)

Sanskar: yes scared…Im scared of loosing you swara..
Swara: (breaks the hug and cups hi face)look at me Sanskar..
Sanskar: (looks down and make a fist in his hand to control his emotion)
Swara: (makes him look at her face and see his moist eyes)listen me carefully Sanskar..I promised papa that I ll marry the whom he choose for me..Because I know he will choose my Sanskar for me..I know he will accept our love when I tell him about you..I know he will understand that you are his princess everything and she cant live without him..
Sanskar: (holds her hand which holds his face)really swara..He will understand na?what if he wont accept our love..What if he wont like me..
Swara: (smiles lightly) how could anyone dislike my Sanskar..He is a gem..He is most precious..Papa will love you for sure Sanskar..

Sanskar: (turns to other side)but swara its not easy..I have many responsibilities swara..I have to fulfill all that first..I need to start a fresh from beginning..Because I cant trust my papa..He ll throw us out anytime he want…I need to take care of maa..I have a huge responsibility towards my brother..My life is not easy one swara..I have lot of problems..It will take time to settle everything..I cant just leave my responsibilities..Eventhough if papa like me and agree for our marriage also,I marry you only after all this swara..For how long papa will wait for me?Your marriage is his dream..How could I make papa understand my situation..Will papa understand my family problems?What if my problems will affect you too swara?I cant make you suffer because of my own family problems swara?i really cant…
Swara: have you finished?If you finished your blabber,can I ask you something?
Sanskar: (nodded his head still looking at other side)
Swara: do u really love me?

Sanskar: (schokingly looking at her)swara…Why are you asking like this?
Swara: first answer me Sanskar..Do you really love me?
Sanskar: what rubbish?i love you damn are my everything swara..
Swara: then how could you speak like this Sanskar?You are speaking about your family…really Sanskar?so till now am not included in your family right?If ur family is ur life means im not in ur life..right Sanskar…
Sanskar: (in a irritating tone)stop it swara..I didn’t mean that..I don’t want you to suffer because of all this mess in my life..
Swara: (smiles sadly)so you don’t want me to suffer..Ok..tell me what will we do for that..
Sanskar: (stays silent)
Swara: listen Sanskar..You are in confusion now..But im very clear about everything..I promised papa..But I also tell him not to compel me for marriage until I tell them…I know ur family problems Sanskar..Till now you didn’t share anything about that problem..But still I can understand that there is some problem and its not a normal one..I know you need time..I know about your dreams Sanskar..I want to be a support to you..When I tell you that I love you,I really mean that Sanskar..I don’t want anything from you..I don’t want any luxorious life..I don’t want anything from you Sanskar..I just need your love..I just need your warmth..I just need your care..I just need you..Just you..Nothing else..I just want to hold your hand forever..Your problem is my problem also Sanskar..Trust me I never demand anything from you..I just want to be your support..Thats it..U need time right?you can take your own time..I ll wait for you Sanskar..If you need your whole life time then also no problem..I ll wait for you..

Sanskar stares her with tears in his eyes..He has mixed emotions…
Swara: You are my life..Thereis no place for anyother person in my life..I want my love to be ur strength..I just want to hold your hands in every thick and thin Sanskar..Please try to erase these thinkings from your mind Sanskar..I want my Sanskar to be happy..I will do anything for that..Pls don’t try to go away from me..I ll die..(tears in her eyes)I love you Sanskar..You are my world..You are my everything..I cant live without you..I really cant..I love you Sanskar..I really really love you..

Saying this she started leaving from there…Sanskar stunned to hear this from her…Suddenly he realized swara leaving..He grabs her hand and pulls her towards him and kissed her lips..Swara is shocked because of this sudden act and closed her eyes tightly…Sanskar too closed his eyes and tears rolled down from both their eyes..Its a short and sweet kiss..
Sanskar breaks the kiss and hugs her tightly..
Sanskar: (emotionally)I love you swara..I love you..Im sorry..Im really confused..Thats y…Im sorry,..
Swara:I love you too Sanskar..Pls don’t speak like this hereafter…Don’t leave me Sanskar..I ll die..I can bear anything..But I cant live without you..

Sanskar: never swara..I ll never leave..You have to bear me for life long..
Swara: (breaks the hug and smiles)I ll Sanskar..I ll be happy if you are with me..I will do anything for your happiness..
Sanskar: (cups her face) anything?
Swara: anything except onething..
Sanskar: (questionly)whats that onething?

Swara: (looks into his eyes)I ll do anything..But I wont die for you Sanskar..Because I wanna live with you..I just want to be in your embrace for lifelong..
Sanskar stares her lovingly..His eyes turns moist to see her love for him..He moves close to her without breaking the eyecontact..In no time,He places his lips in her soft lips..He kissed her passionately showing his love for her..Swara too reciprocates his kiss and caresses his hairs with one hand and holds his collar tightly in other hand..Sanskar hands are still cup her face..They both share a sweet,soft and passionate kiss showing only their love for eachother…

Precap: not yet decided..You all tell your suggestion..tell me what you want next….
I know this episode is boring..But still I couldn’t make it better..My little brain is not working..Im sorry guys..

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