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Hai friends..How are you all..Im so sorry..I cant post my next episode as I said..Actually I met with an accident yesterday morning..Thankfully its just minor only..But I cant move my left hand..Doctors adviced not to move left hand atleast for 1 week..So im using only right hand to type..Its really very difficult for me to type using one hand..Im typing this episode from yesterday night..But I couldn’t post yesterday..Im soo sorry for the inconvenience..Pls bare with me for next one week..The updates may be short for this one week..But I ll post..Once again sorry for Not posting yesterday friends..Now back to the episode..
Episode 15
Sanskar and ajay is in ragini’s mansion discussing about the plan..Sanju and swara is in swara’s room..
Ajay: Sanskar do you think it will work..
Sanskar: (smiles)sure it will work ajay..He himself will tell everything..
Ajay: But Sanskar what is the use in this..How could swara’s parents know about this..
Sanskar: (smirks)what do you think ajay?I already informed papa..Papa and maa are on the way….
Ajay:wow Sanskar..But y u didn’t tell swara about this Sanskar?what did you tell to uncle?
Sanskar: I didn’t tell swara because if I tell her about this,im sure she will not agree ..I just tell papa that swara is not well..So she want to meet both of them..Once they reach,we will tell them everything ajay..
Ajay:Ok Sanskar..
Sanskar:lets hope for the best..
Sanskar: swara are you ready?
Swara:is it necessary Sanskar..
Sanskar:ofcourse its necessary swara..I cant take risk in your safety..
Sanskar: (cups her face)look swara..I ll not be with you..But im here only..So don’t be nervous..Just be strong..ok?
Swara: (nodes her head)
Sanskar: everything is in your hands only swara..This is the only chance to get rid of him from your life..So pls don’t get scared infront of him..I ll be in the parellal room only..
Swara:hmmm..ok Sanskar..
Sanskar: (turns towards sanju)sanju you call karan now..Ask him to come here..Tell him that its an emergency..After 10 minutes,call karan mom and tell the same..After karan reach,Just drop him in swara’s room and leave..After karan mom reach just engage her with your talks nad be there in living room itself..I ll give you missed call at the right time..After receiving missed call,come with that aunty to swara’s room..ok?
Sanju:ok Sanskar..Dont worry..I ll do everything perfectly..
Sanskar:swara be strong ok..Im here only..Now im leaving..I have some work..
Swara: (holds his hand)pls be here for sometime Sanskar..Pls..
Seeing this sanju leaves from there..Now swara and Sanskar only in the room..Swara hugs Sanskar and placing her head on his shoulder..
Sanskar: (hugs her)what happen swara?If u are scared we will drop this plan swara..
Swara: No not afraid..Im nervous Sanskar..I don’t want to see his face..
Sanskar: (breaks the hug and cups her face)Just 2day only swara..From 2day there will be no karan in your life..Hereafter only Sanskar in your life..I just want my swara to be mine completely..
Swara: (look into his eyes lovingly)im ready to do anything to be yours Sanskar..I ll manage..Now you go..
Sanskar: (kiss her forehead)carefull swara..I ll go now..Karan will be here anytime..
Sanskar leaves from there..Sanju called karan and his mom and ask them to come there…Swara is in her room..Sanskar and ajay is in the room next to swara’s room..Shekar and sumi also with them..Actually after shekar and sumi reach delhi,Sanskar received them and tell them everything..he makes them understand the situation..They too agree with Sanskar and come to ragini’s mansion..Swara don’t know about shekar and sumi..
After sometime karan reaches there..As per plan,sanju drop him in swara’s room and signs swara and leaves from there..After few minutes of karan’s arrival,kaveri also reach there..Sanju engaged her with her talks and waiting for sanskar’s call..Later sanju and kaveri too comes to the room where Sanskar sumi and shekar are there..
Swara is sitting in bed and karan sits in the couch opposite to swara..
Karan:so how are you darling?
Swara: (with anger)don’t call me like that..why you are here?just get lost
Karan: wow…Still you are same like before..I thought u ll be changed after that incident..But thats ok..I like this angry look of yours..You look damn hot in this red eyes and shivering lips..
Swara: (shouts and stands from the bed)shut up..just shut up..I ll kill you if you speak one word more..just get lost from here..
Karan: cool down baby..Its not good for your health..
Swara:its all because of you blo*dy bastard……don’t make me speak more…Then you ll regret later..Just get lost..
Karan: (moves towards swara)its not because of me..Its all because of you baby..If you agree with me silently,then we both would enjoy..But you spoiled everything..Haan..I forget..where is your romeo?
Swara: (shows her hand to stop him)this is your limit karan..One word more I ll forget that you are my bua’s son..The respect I’m giving you is just for Bua..Not for you..What do you think?After what all happened I ll stay quiet..Never..I ll finish everything..I ll tell papa about everything..I ll finish your chapter 2day itself..
Karan: (laughs loudly)hahahaha….Nice joke baby..What will you tell to your papa..You tell whatever you want,he ll belive me only..
Swara: He believe me more than anyone karan..I ll tell him everything..
Karan: everything…Then why you didn’t tell him till now..Because you cant tell him anything…If you tell him about me,he ll break down..If he came to know that I tried to molest you means he may die also..haina swara? (threatening tone)
Swara:what do you think mr.karan?by saying all this you are trying to threatening me..Right?listen..I ll not come into ur trap..I know about my papa..It’s not his mistake..He trust you..But he didn’t know that you are a cheap..No problem..I can make him understand that its not his mistake..So u don’t worry about me and my papa..I ll finish your chapter 2day itself..I ll throw you out of my life 2day..wait and watch mr.karan..
Karan: (pins swara to the wall in anger and holds her cheek tightly)You cant do this will not tell anything to ur papa..You are mine..Just mine..If u don’t agree then I ll make everyone suffer around you..I ll make you mine by hook or crook..
[The whole incident is witnessed by all the family and friends in the other room..Actually Sanskar fixed camera in swara’s room and the whole thing is monitored by all of them in laptop..Seeing karan’s behavior everyone rushed towards swara’s room to rescue swara]
Sanskar reached swara room followed by others..Before Sanskar could react,karan’s cheek treated with a tight slap..Yes it is swara..
Swara push karan with her full strength and gives him a tight slap..Before karan could realize she slapped him again and holds his collar angrily..
Swara: you bastard…What do you think?you can do anything with swara and she will nt react..right?I am not that much weak mr.karan…I was silent because I don’t want my parents and friends suffer because of you….What did you say?you will make them suffer right?Not anymore karan….If you try to harm any one of them then you will see the worst of me..Dont think me as a innocent girl..I can do anything..I ll do anything when it comes to my loved ones..
Karan: how dare you?h0ow dare you to slap me you.. bitc……
Before he completes he gets another slap..Its also from swara..she burns with anger..
Swara: mind your tougue…just stop your rubbish….just stop…what do you think..Do you think I am joking…listen me carefully karan..If you try to harm anyone around me,then I ll give police complaint that you troed to molest me..Just think..I ll spoil your reputation..I ll snatch everything from you..Your business,your reputation,your pride everything…
Karan:ohhh…do you think they will believe you?you are a normal girl..I am a top businessman in delhi..What proof you have?hann…DO you have any proof
“she have proof mr.karan”,a voice cane from behind..Both swara and karan turned towards the direction..Both swara and karan shocked seeing the whole family there..Swara didn’t expect her family there..
Sanskar: (moves towards them) she have proof..Actually this whole incident is recorded by the camera..(points towards the direction where camera is fixed)so now your game is over..
Karan: how dare you…You (moves towards Sanskar to holds his collar)
Before he holds sanskar’s collar,he gets another good slap..Now its from Kaveri…Karan’s mom..
Kaveri: (in anger and tears)what is all this karan?i never think my son will do like this..Not even in my dreams..How could you do like this?chii…..shame on you..I feel like die at this moment by seeing all this..I trust you a lot..after your papa,I just live for you only…You know na..After your papa’s death how much I suffered…I thought you as my pride..But you….You cheated me karan…After so many years I get my brother again..But you spoiled everything again..You snatch my brother again from me..How could you misbehave with a girl?Is this the moral I gave these many years..I ll never forgive you for this…You are not my son anymore..I break all the ties with you here itself..Dont show me your face hereafter..Get lost from our lives..
Karan: (with tears)mom pls..Dont say like sorry mom..
Kaveri: (stop him by showing her hand)I’m not ur mom..My decision is final..(turns towads everyone and join hands)pls forgive me..Im sorry for what all he did..I know its not forgiveable…But I don’t know what to do…Im sorry…(turns to swara)im sorry beta..Pls forgive me..
Swara trying to speak but kaveri leaves from there cryingly without giving chance anyone to speak..
Shekar: (holds karan’s collar)how dare you to misbehave with my daughter..I trusted you a lot..But you…chiii..(jerks him)get lost from here..If I see you anywhere near my daughter again,I ll kill you..get lost..
Karan: (laughs madly)what do you think mr. shekar gadodia?Your great daughter is rejecting me because of behavior..Then you are wrong..Your daughter is in love with someone else when her marriage is fixed with me….do you know who the guy is?
Swara and sanskar gets tensed hearing this..But before karan could speak further shekar slapped him hard..
Shekar:hold your tongue..Not a word about my princess..
Karan: (with anger)you….You all will pay for this..Mark my words…Your daughter will run away with a guy soon..You will see that..
Shekar: I ll kill you if you speak a word more..I know about my princess..You mark my words..My princess will marry the one whom I ll choose for her..I ll choose the best person for my princess not like you blo*dy bastard..My princess will marry that guy..You will sure watch it..
Both swara and sanskar get shocked hearing the statement of shekar..Both look at each other shockingly..But soon swara composed herself and signs sanskar to relax..
Karan: (smirks)Let see..
Shekar:get out from here right now…
Before karan could speak further,Sanskar dragged him out by holding his collar and throw him out of the house..
Karan: (angrily)how dare….
Sanskar: (gritting teeth)just get lost from here..If u try to disturb swara again,I ll kill you..Remember that..
Karan:I ll never leave you..You will pay for this..If swara is not for me,then she ll not for you also..
Sanskar: (laughs slightly)Are trying to threaten me?sorry..It will not work anymore..Now you are trapped karan..Got it..You cant do anything..Regarding swara,she is mine..She was mine..She is mine and she will be mine forever..So now get lost from here before im loosing my patience…
Karan angrily goes to his car..Before he get into the car,Sanskar stops him..
Sanskar: one minute mr
Karan: (angrily turns to Sanskar)
Sanskar: Actually I promised swara that I wont even lay my hand on you..But how could I leave the one who tried to misbehave with my swara and causing this much pain..Its not possible right?
Saying this Sanskar punches karan’s nose with full force..His nose breaks and starts bleeding..
Karan: ahhhhhhhh(shouts in pain)
Sanskar: (in angry tone)Get lost from swara’s life..If you try to disturb her again,then you will see the worst of me…Now get lost from here…
Sanskar goes inside the mansion leaving karan..Karan boils in anger and leaves from there..
Is it a end of karan’s chapter?let see in the upcoming episodes..
Precap: Swara-shekar moment,Swara’s love for Sanskar…..

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