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Episode 14
Sanskar and swara in swara’s room..Sanskar send sanju and ajay to get swara’s dress from mansion..sanskar feeding soup to swara..
Swara: Sanskar pls..i don’t like this..
Sanskar: chup….You have to finish this swara..
Swara:pls Sanskar..I hate this soup..yuk (make weird face)
Sanskar frowns..Swara too look at him..
Swara: (sad face)k k..dont look at me like that..I ll finish this soup..Give it to me..(forwards her hand to take soup bowl)
Sanskar: (smiles seeing her expression and takes her hand from bowl)Don’t keep ur face like that swara..(pulls her nose)you look soo cute when you pout like this..
Swara: (still sad face)stop buttering me..
Sanskar: hmmm..k..stop behaving like..its just for few days swara..Its for your health na..listen..After your recovery,I myself will cook and feed your favourite briyani..Ok?
Swara: (smiles brightly)really
Sanskar: ( smiles)really..Now finish this..Come ur mouth..
Sanskar takes a spoon full of soup,blows air to cool it and feed her(how sweeeeet)…
Swara: (close her mouth with hand)ahhhhhh
Sanskar: (panic)wat happen swara?is it still hot…im sooo sorry really sorry..
Swara: relax Sanskar..its not hot…
Sanskar: then wat happen?
Swara: actually I cant open my mouth wide because of this wound..(point him the wound near her lips)
Sanskar place the soup bowl in the side table and move close to swara..He holds her right cheek with his one hand and gently caresses the wound in the corner of her lips with his thumb..
Sanskar: (look into her eyes) is it paining a lot?
Swara: (lost in his eyes)hmmm…
Sanskar moves too close to swara..His hand still holding her cheek…His thumb still careesing the corner of her lips..There is only an inch gap between them..swara closed her eyes due to his closeness..She feels tickling sensation because Sanskar caressing his thumb near her lips..she is breathing heavily..Sanskar slowly gives the peck in the wound i.e, corner of her lips..Swara clutches his shirt tightly feeling his kiss..
Sanskar: (still in the same position)(in a husky tone)is it still paining?
Swara opens her eyes and look into his eyes then blushingly hugs him..sanskar too reciprocates the hug..
Sanskar: you didn’t answer me swara…is it still paining?
Swara simply nodes no but still hugging him..sanskar caressing her hair and smiles recalling that moment..They both are in the same position for sometime..
Sanskar: (breaks the silence)swara don’t you want to go home..
Swara realizes their position and breaks the hug..She looks somewhere else..She cant meet his eyes..
Sanskar: (teasingly)swaraaa….dont blush this much..Then don’t blame me ah….
Swara: (hits him playfully)shameless… shameless..But only for my swara..
Swara: (smiles shyingly)
Sanskar: ok ok..Now stop blushing..finish this soup fast..Sanju and ajay will be here anytime..We have to go home na..
Sanskar feeds swara with so much love..They didn’t speak anything in the meantime..Sanskar carefully feeds her while swara admires Sanskar..After feed her,Sanskar gently cleans her lips with wet cloth…In the mean time sanju and ajay came there..
Sanskar:sanju you help swara to get ready..Me and ajay will finish the discharge formalities and come..You get ready swara..
Swara: (holds his hand)Sanskar one minute
Sanskar: what swara?
Swara: I want to speak with papa..I want to tell him everything about karan today itself..
Sanskar: no are not gonna tell him anything now..
Sanju:but Sanskar..they should know about this..Its not a small thing..He tried to molest her..We should inform them Sanskar..
Sanskar:I know sanju..but before tell papa everything I have something to do with karan..After that we will inform them..
Swara: (in fear)what are you telling Sanskar..You don’t want to do anything Sanskar..just leave him..If you involve in this,he will harm you too..No Sanskar..Pls sanskar..
Sanskar: (in a strict tone)nothing will happen to me will tell papa only after I tell you to inform him..And that’s final..I ll explain you everything once we reach home..Now get ready..We are getting late..
Sanskar leaves the room with ajay to finish the discharge formalities..Sanju helps swara to change her dress..Swara is in her own world..She is continuosly thinking about sanskar..After finishing all formalities,they all leaves to home..
Sanskar and sanju make swara sit in the bed in her room…
Sanskar: sanju you take care of swara..I have some work..I ll finish and come…U take rest swara..I ll come after sometime..
Swara: (holds his hands)Sanskar I want to speak with you alone..
Sanju and ajay understands and leaves from there ..
Sanskar: tell me..what u want to speak..
Swara: (makes him sit beside infront of her)what you are going to do with karan?
Sanskar: (sighs)listen swara..
Swara: pls Sanskar..dont try to hide anything from me..tell me everything..
Sanskar: (in anger)do you think I ll leave him just like that after what all he done with you?never ever swara..
Swara:im scared because of this Sanskar..If u do anything he will harm you too..(hugs him)I don’t have strength to see you like that Sanskar..I cant even imagine that.. (crying)pls Sanskar just leave him..You are with me na..thats enough for me..
Sanskar: (breaks the hug) you tell me onething…
Sanskar: have you forget everything happened in farmhouse?
Swara: (looks down)han..I forgot everything..
Sanskar: (makes her look him)look into my eyes and tell…
Swara look into his eyes…Tears rolling down her cheeks automatically..
Sanskar: tell swara…
Swara: (closed her eyes and crying)I cant Sanskar..I really cant..Still my body shivers whenever that incident comes to my mind..I just want to be strong..I want to be strong for….(interrupt by Sanskar)
Sanskar: for me…u wanted to show me that you are normal and strong..So u hide your pain and fear inside you..Because if you are like that,I ll will feel I right swara?
Swara shocked to hear all this..How could Sanskar know all this..
Swara: (confusingly)but Sanskar…
Sanskar:You think about how I came to know all this.?right?I know about you very well swara..If I cant understand about your feelings then there is no meaning for my love..You are trying a lot to hide ur pain and fear…But u cant swara..You know what..(cups her face)I love your eyes more than anything in you..Because it speaks a lot with me..More than you..It always shows your love for me,your care for me..(teary eyes)but now it shows only fear..It is full of pain swara..I just cant take this..I cant see you like this..I want to see love in your eyes swara..not this fear…
Swara: (hugs him tightly and cries)I love you Sanskar..I love you..why u loving me this much sanskar…
Sanskar: (reciprocates the hug)Ur love make me to love you this much swara..Pls don’t try to hide anything..You don’t want to hide your pain and fear from me swara..
Swara:But Sanskar I ll forget everything you are with me..thats enough for me..Your love is enough for me Sanskar..I don’t want to give punishment to anyone..What if he harm you Sanskar?no..I ll die if anything happen to you..
Sanskar: (breaks the hug)swara look at me..Nothing will happen to me….Trust me..i ll not even touch him..But I cant leave him like this..He tried to harm my angel..He tried to misbehave with my princess..He tried to snatch my life from me..I cant leave him swara..He should get right treatment for this..I ll make sure that..
Swara: but Sanskar….
Sanskar: i promise you na..I ll not touch him..But he ll get his punishment..I planned everything swara..I ll tell u the plan in right time..Nothing wrong will happen..I want you to be happy swara without any fear..
Swara: (holds his cheek with one hand)but I want your happiness Sanskar..I don’t want my Sanskar to get into any trouble..
Sanskar: (sighs)u want my happiness na swara?
Swara: s Sanskar..I want your happiness only..I can do anything for that sanskar..
Sanskar:Then do onething for me swara..That will definitely make me happy..Will you do that for me?
Swara:sure Sanskar..tell me..
Sanskar: (look into her eyes)I want my princess to give him punishment..I want my princess to prove karan that she is not weak …I want my princess to be strong in front of him and make him get the same pain which my princess undergone..Will my princess do all this for me..
Swara is speechless…she is filled with lot of emotions..She feel soo special and lucky to get him in her life..She simply looks into his eyes and nodes yes..Both had a eyelock..
Sanskar: (break the eyelock)hmmm..U sleep swara..U need some rest now..Im leaving now..Will come after work get finished..ok…take care…
Saying this Sanskar turns to leave..Before he get up from the bed,swara holds his hand and kiss him in his cheek tightly..Sanskar stunned because of this sudden kiss…He touches his cheeks and looks at swara lovingly..
Swara: (blushing)I love you..
Sanskar too smiles blushingly and leaves from there without saying anything…
Precap: Sanskar in action…
Sorry guys..I cant write the plan part as I mentioned in the precap of previous episode..In next episode,sure I ll reveal Sanskar’s plan..Next episode will be on monday…

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