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Episode 13
Swara and sanskar hugging each other passionately..After sometime sanskar break the hug and stares swara lovingly with teary eyes..
Sanskar: (cups her face)is it true swara?
Swara: (holds sanskar’s hands which cups her face)yes sanskar….You are my everything sanskar…I don’t know when and why..But you became my everything…I cant live without you sanskar..When that karan try to misbehave with me,only onething is running in my mind that I should save myself for you..
Sanskar: (caressing her cheeks with his thumb)swara…
Swara: yes sanskar..Thats the only thing in my mind..I went to terrace to commit suicide sanskar..But I was scared like hell..I don’t want to do that..I want….I….I….want…(closing her eyes and crying)
Sanskar: (wipes her tears)what swara?
Swara: I just want to live with you sanskar..I want to spend my whole life with you..I want to make you happy..I want to make you comfort when you need me..I want to hold your hand when you need support..I want to make you sleep in my lap when your tired..I want to caress your hair when your sad..I want to be with you..I want you to be mine..

Sanskar is in cloud nine..He never thought that swara loves him this much..He didn’t expect this all from swara..He feels very special..He want to shout and tell the whole world that swara is mine.He is interrupted by swara..
Swara: But….
Sanskar: (looks her confusingly)
Swara: (in a low teary voice)I don’t deserve you sanskar..You deserve the best..You deserve the true happiness..But im a problem sanskar..Im full of problems..You will not be happy with me..
Sanskar hugs her tightly to make her stop talking..He cant tolerate her talking like this..
Sanskar: don’t you dare to speak like this don’t have any right to speak about my swara like this..She is mine..
Swara: (breaks the hug and look at him teary eyed)sanskar…
Sanskar: how could you swara?(cups her face)you are my life..You are my everything..U know what..I got the most precious thing in the form of you who can do anything for me..Im sooo lucky swara..Only u can make your sanskar happy..You only have that effect on him..Sanskar is for swara only..swara is for sanskar..

Swara happily smiles looking at him..she kiss the hands which holds her face..Sanskar also smiles seeing her kissing his hands..
Sanskar: swara
Swara: hmmmm…
Sanskar: (still cups her face)I want to hear it from you first.
Swara understands what he is telling and shyingly looks down..
Sanskar: (makes her look at him)please
Swara look into his eyes..Sanskar too staring her lovingly..
Swara: (looking into his eyes) I LOVE YOU SANSKAR…I LOVE YOU…
Sanskar smiles with tears in his eyes..He is just out of the world..He joins his forehead with her and closed his eyes feeling the moment..
Swara departs from him and look at him angrily..sanskar gets confused because of this reaction of swara..
Sanskar: what happen swara?
Swara:what did you say?thank you?
Sanskar smiles seeing her reaction..He got an idea..
Sanskar: (teasingly)so madam is angry because I said thank you to her..
Swara nods with the pout face..Sanskar suddenly kisses her cheek..Swara shocked because of the sudden kiss and looks at him with wide eyes..
Sanskar: (smiles naughtily)what?why you look at me like this?its a compensation for that thank you..
Swara smiles blushingly and hides her face in his chest and holding him by his waist..Sanskar holds her tightly and caresses her hair with one hand..
Sanskar: (still in the same position)u know what swara..Few hours back,I thought this day is the worst day in our lives..But now this day is the best day of our lives..
Hearing this swara suddenly remembers karan and departs from hug..
Swara: (in fear)sanskar that karan..he will do something sanskar..
Sanskar: (holds her hand)calm down swara..he cant do anything..I ll deal with him..
Swara: (cups his face)if he will come to know about this,he will do something to you sanskar..What if he ll hurt sanskar..I cant tolerate that sanskar..(tear roll from her eyes)
Sanskar: (takes her in his embrace)calm down swara..he cant do anything to me..I ll deal with him..I ll solve all problems just come home safely..The next day itself I ll finish his me..But for that you have to do onething for me..
Swara: (lift her face and look at him but still in his embrace)I will do anything for you sanskar..
Sanskar: (holds her cheek with one hand)don’t leave me ever..Be with me like this forever (kiss her forehead)
Swara:(again places her head in his chest)I promise sanskar..I ll be with you till my last breath..
Sanskar: (breaks the hug)its too late swara..its not good for you to wakeup like this..come you sleep..
Swara: I ll sleep..But you please be here with me..

Sanskar smiles looking at her..He open his hands widely and signs her to come into his embrace..Swara smiles blushingly and holds his hand and put it down back..Sanskar looks at her questionly..Swara without saying anything adjust herself to sleep in the bed..Sanskar sadly going to get up from the bed..Before that swara places her head in his lap and close her eyes with a lovely smile in her face..Sanskar kisses her forehead and lovingly look her sleeping peacefully…
Sanskar: (caressing her hair)(in mind)finally you are with me swara..I never thought this day would turn out to be most special one..when u told me that u wanted to be safe for me,I felt im a luckiest guy in the world..Just few more days swara..I ll make everything perfect..You suffered a lot..Now its enough..I ll make your life more beautiful swara..I ll bring back my swara..sanskar’s swara..Its your sanskar’s promise..
Sanskar too sleeps unknowingly while thinking all this..After many days,it’s a peaceful night for both of them..
Our love birds are still sleeping..Ajay and sanju enters the room and stunned to see the scene infront of them..Swara is sleeping in sanskar’s lap by placing her head in his palm…Sanskar is sleeping by resting his head in one hand while the other hand is under swara’s face..sanju and ajay understands what happened last night and smiles looking at each other..
Ajay moves towards Sanskar and wake him up..Sanskar slowly open his eyes and confusingly look at ajay and sanju who teasingly smiles seeing sanskar..Then only Sanskar realized his position and smiles blushingly..He carefully place swara’s head in pillow and moves out of the room..
Sanskar comes outside the room followed by ajay..Ajay stop Sanskar by holding his shoulder..Sanskar turned towards ajay and smiles brightly..
Ajay: (hugs Sanskar)im so happy Sanskar..After so many days you are smiling whole heartedly..Im really happy to see you like this..
Sanskar: (breaks hug)actually ajay last night…..
Ajay: (teasingly)han han I can understand… and swara confessed na…i can clearly see in your eyes Sanskar..(Sanskar smile shyingly)don’t blush Sanskar
Sanskar: (hits him playfully)don’t tease me ajay..i ll kill you..

Sanskar and ajay laughs whole heatedly..ajay is happy to see his friend happy..He is happy that he get his love..Suddenly he remembers karan..
Ajay: but Sanskar..what about karan..We should inform swara’s parents..
Sanskar: (in a determination tone)no ajay..We wont inform maa papa now..Before that I have something to do with karan..
Ajay: what r you trying to say Sanskar?what do you want to do with him?
Sanskar: I have a plan ajay…(looks ajay and smiles evily)
(plan muted..will revealed in next part)
Ajay: but why you wanted to do this Sanskar..we simply tell swara’s parents na..
Sanskar: no ajay..How dare he touch my swara..He must be punished for this ajay..
Ajay: ok..If you want him to be punished means we can complaint to the police..
Sanskar: no ajay..It ll affect swara too..karan is a well known businessman in delhi..So if we complaint against him,then the news will spread..It will affect swara and her parents..I cant let that happen..
Ajay:ok Sanskar..we can do as per your plan..
Sanskar: (hugs him)thank you ajay…

Swara wakes up and smiles seeing sanju..sanju immediately hugs her..
Sanju:thank are fine know..u scared us a lot..
Swara: (breaks the hug)don’t worry sanju..Now im fine na..(looks around the room searching Sanskar)
Sanju: (understands her and teasingly)someone is searching for someone..
Swara: (try to manage)no no not searching for anyone..
Sanju: hmmmm…I know swara..dont try to cover here to see you..But you are searching for Sanskar..he is with ajay outside..
Swara: (blushes)sanju please….its not like that..actually last night we both confessed sanju..
Sanju: (hugs her)I know swara..Im really happy for deserve a guy like Sanskar..sanskar told me everything about karan..
Swara: (breaks the hug and smile looking at her)
Sanju:I was worried that how will you come out from that incident..But now im happy..Thankfully you forget everything..
Swara: (teary eyes)no sanju..I cant forget that so easily..It will take sometime..How could I forget that someone tried to play with my dignity..Im still scared..But I manage to be strong infront of Sanskar..If I looks broken,then Sanskar will blame himself for all this….So I have to be strong for him..I just want him to be happy without any guilt..I can do anything for that sanju..I can do ANYTHING FOR MY SANSKAR…
Sanju and swara hug each other..

Precap:sanskar’s plan and swara’s fear..

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