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Episode 12
Sanskar,ajay and sanju are restlessly waiting outside the room..After sometime a nurse came and inform them to meet doctor in her cabin..They all rushed to the doctors cabin..
Sanskar:how is swara now doctor?she is fine right?
Doctor: relax sir..May I know who are you to the patient?
Sanskar:we are her friends..
Doctor:where is her parents?have you informed them..
Sanju:actually doctor…(interrupted by sanskar)
Sanskar:we informed them doctor..They are not here..She is staying here in hostel..Her parents will come pls tell us about is she now..
Doctor:she is fine now..But still unconscious..actually….(hesitates)
Sanskar: (understands doctor’s reaction)pls can tell us..She is our pls don’t hesitate..pls doctor..
Doctor: actually someone try to misbehave with a doctor I can surely tell this..he struggled a lot to save her..she has many injuries..Her head hitted by something god’s grace its not deep..we put some striches..
Tears starts roll down sanskar’s eyes..He made a fist of his hand and clutches the key in his hand tightly…
Sanju:she is fine na..I mean…
Doctor: I can understand what you are trying to ask..she is absolutely fine..She will gain her conscious in sometime..she will feel some dizziness due to medicine effect..You all can go and meet her..
Ajay:thank you doctor..
They all comes out from the cabin..Sanskar sits with thud in the chair outside the cabin..
Sanju:sanskar come..will see swara..
Sanskar: (crying)I cant sanju..I don’t have the strength..Have you heard what doctor said?That bastard torture my swara..How much pain she undergone when she tried to save herself from that animal..I failed to save her sanju..I failed to save my swara from that pain..
Sanju and ajay also have tears seeing sanskar like this..Sanju looks ajay helplessly..Ajay signs sanju through his eyes..
Ajay:listen sanskar..pls don’t be like this..In this situation,swara needs you more than have to be strong sanskar..
Sanju: we cant change anything which happened in past sanskar..Just think about swara..If we feel this much pain when think about her then what about swara sanskar?We have to make her normal sanskar..we have to make her come out of that incident..More than all of us she will need you..You have to be strong sanskar..
Ajay: (wipes sanskar’s tears)pls control yourself..Bring back your swara..You only can do that sanskar..You will do that na?
Sanskar nodded and composes himself..They move towards the room where swara admitted..Swara is still unconscious..Sanju cried seeing swara like that..sanskar looks swara without blinking his eyes..Tears only rolling from his eyes..His knees goes weak..He feels like he cant stand anymore..He holds the edge of the bed tightly..
Ajay can understand his condition..He holds sanskar protectively and rubs his arms caringly..
Sanju:you both go ajay..its already late..I ll stay with swara..U both come in morning..
Sanskar:no sanju..I ll be with swara..u go with ajay..
Sanju: (hesitates)but sanskar…
Sanskar:(pleading)pls sanju..pls let me stay with swara..
Ajay too signs sanju through eyes to accept..
Sanju: ok sanskar..
Ajay:ok sanskar..we cant leave sanju alone there in mansion..I ll take sanju to my house..If you need any help,call me..i ll come immediately..
Sanskar: (nodes his head)
Ajay: you come with me..i have set of dress in my car..U can change your shirt..How could stay in this shirts with blood stain..
Sanskar and ajay went to change the dress..After they return,sanju and ajay leave from there..Sanskar comes with them till entrance..
Sanskar: sanju don’t inform maa papa about swara..
Sanju:but sanskar….how could we
Sanskar:we ll inform them later..actually papa is out of station..So its not good to inform them now…(in mind)before telling this to papa,I have to do onething)
Sanju:ok sanskar..You take care..
Ajay and sanju leaves from there…..
When sanskar and others leaves swara’s room,swara slowly regains her conscious..She cant open her eyes…She open her eyes with much difficulty and looks around the room and trying to know where she is now..She tried to wake up ..But she cant..She slowly holds the edge of the bed and sits in the bed..She trying to recognize the place..She recalls everything happened in farm house..She holds her head in hands and crying loudly in pain and fear..
At that sanskar open the door and looks swara..He shocked to see her like this..He became worried to see her like this..
Sanskar: (rushed towards swara)swaraaa…..
Swara sees sanskar coming towards her..She immediately get down from the bed and runs towards him..She falls due to weakness but sanskar holds her at the nick of time..Sanskar hugs her tightly..Swara too hugs him tightly and crying her heart out..
Sanskar: swara…swara….are you alright?u know how scared I am?
Swara: (crying)sans…..sanskar….you came…sanskar that karan….karan….he tried….(cries cant continue)
Sanskar: (caressing her hair)shhhh….shhhhh…swara relax..karan is not are safe now..You are with me swara..we are in hospital…Look at me..
Sanskar made swara look at him by holding her cheek with one hand and still in hugging position..swara is crying looking into his eyes..sanskar also have tears in his eyes..
Sanskar: nothing happen to you swara..You are safe with me..Im sorry..I didn’t come there to save you at right sorry..
Swara: (nods in no and wipes his tears)
Sanskar kisses her forehead tightly and tenderly..Swara closed her eyes feels his kiss and holds his shirt collar tightly..Sanskar hugs her tightly like he don’t want to leave her..He holds her in his embrace tightly to make sure that she is with him safely..After sometime,he composed himself..He make swara sleep in the bed and move to call doctor..
Sanskar: swara you be here..I ll inform doctor and come..
Swara: (holds his hand)pls sanskar..dont leave me alone..
Sanskar: (cups her face)swara I will never leave you..Im just going to call doctor..just one minute swara..(kisses her forehead and leaves from there)
Doctor comes and checks swara…She told that swara is fine now but weak..She needs complete rest..Saying this doctor leaves from there leaving sanskar and swara alone..
Sanskar: you sleep swara..You need rest..
Swara: (holds his hand)don’t leave me sanskar..Pls be with scared sanskar..please..I….I….need you sanskar….I need you…(cries)
Sanskar immediately sits beside her in the bed and holds her in his embrace tightly..Swara holds him more tightly and clutches his shirt..
Sanskar:swara pls stop crying..I cant see you like this..I feel really guilty for this condition of yours..Its all because of me swara..If anything happened to you,I ll die swara..
Swara breaks the hug and covers his mouth with her hand..
Swara:no sanskar..pls don’t speak like that sanskar..Im here because of you only..
Sanskar: no swara..I didn’t do anything..Infact I failed to protect you..
Swara: no sanskar..U only saved me..
Sanskar: but swara(interrupted by swara)
Swara:let me complete sanskar..dont you want to know what happened in farm house..
Sanskar:I don’t want to know are are fine..thats enough for me..
Swara: But I want to tell you sanskar..
Sanskar:no swara..just forget it..Dont want to tell anything to anyone..
Swara: pls sanskar let me tell you..
Sanskar nods his head..Swara holds his hand like her support and started telling him whatever happened..
Swara: Kaveri aunty call me when me and sanju in canteen..She told me that she is waiting in college entrance to meet I came to meet her..But there is no one near the entrance..I again called her to ask where she is..She told me that she cant come inside the she is waiting for her in car just outside the college..I thought its aunty only so I went near the car..At that time I felt someone place something in my face from back..When I regain my conscious I was in car and karan is driving the car..I was shocked..I fight with him..I ask him to stop the car..But he didn’t listen and he slapped me..I tried to call you..But he broke my mobile too..He forcefully take me to the farm house..There he tried to misbehave with me sanskar….(crying loudly…cant tell further..sanskar side hugged her..he too crying..swara composed herself and continues)I struggled with him lot..But he slapped me and throw me in the room forcefully..i hit my head in the table when he push me..blood started oozing but that bastard didn’t affected by this..(sanskar clutches his hand)After lot of struggle,I pushed him and runs out from the room..(actually swara didn’t lock him in the room..she rushed outside by closing the door..The door gets jammed..thats y karan gets locked inside)I know I cant save myelf from that animal so I went to terrace to jump off from there..But I felt dizziness and fell unconscious..
Sanskar gets schoked to know that swara went to terrace to commit suicide..
Sanskar: (holds her shoulder tightly)are you mad swara?hoe could you think like that?if you die wat happen to me damn could you swara..
Swara: ( with teary eyes)I would prefer death rather lost myself to someone..How could I allow someone to touch me when im belongs to my love?I tried to save myself for my love..But I cant able to fight against that monster anymore..How could I betray my love sanskar?
Sanskar shocked to the core when he hear swara speaking about her love..It feels like someone snatch his life..tears starts rolling down his cheeks unknowingly..
Sanskar: (in a shaking voice)what do you mean swara?
Sanskar has mixed emotions hearing this..He don’t know how to react..He hugged her tightly..Both are hugging each other and crying..Its a passionate hug..They both need this hug the most at this moment..sometime our action speaks more than our words..Its shows more emotions which cannot describe by words..They are doing the same now..
Precap:swasan emotional moments…..

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