Hai guys..thanks a lot for all your concern and love for me..It means a lot to me..It really encourages me a lot..I wont stop writing this fanfiction because of that one person..Because this ff is very close to me and it gives many good hearted people to its very special to me..once again thanks a lot guys..
Episode starts…….
Its been three days we shifted here to ragini’s mansion…Its really big and luxurious…There are lot of rooms…me and sanju provided with separate rooms…I felt very peaceful and protective in these three back to my original form..sanju and ragini thinks that its because of karan..Bt I knw who is the reason for this..Its not like that karan didn’t call me or disturb me in these days..He did..But I simply ignored him..I don’t feel scared anymore..Im not confused..I am happy now..Its all because of one person..sanskar..He is the only reason..He comes to this mansion frequently..Everybody thought that he came here to meet his bestie ragini..But I only know he came here for me..He make sure that im fine and happy….He told me to tell papa about karan as soon as possible..Me too tried lot of time to tell papa..But whenever I called him he happily tells me about kaveri bua and karan..Sanskar understands my situation and always comforts me.. He is very special and unique…Not only sanskar,his family also very unique..I love his maa and his sweet brother arjun..maa is soo sweet and caring..Now im sure his caring nature comes from maa only..arjun is very peculiar..He is very shy..Whenever he sees us ,he just run inside..Sanju and ragini teased him a lot..But he just understand what sanskar wants to tell in his looks itself..They share very special bonding..Not only them,his chacha,chachi and his sweet little sister all are very sweet and caring except his papa..I don’t know why..But sanskar gets angry whenever someone speaks about him..I just want to ask sanskar about this..But I don’t want to make him worried..Ragini also scared about sanskar’s papa.. while im thinking about sanskar,ragini comes running into my room..
I: what happen ragini?y u r running like this?
Ragini:you come with me swara..
I: (confused)but where ragini?
Ragini: (excitedly)u just come with me..i have a surprise for you..
Saying this she just close my eyes with her hands and take me to somewhere..After sometime she just remove her hands and shouts surprise….I opened my eyes and sees that we are in living room then I turned to other side and get shocked to see the person..There karan was sitting in sofa and speaking with sanju..I don’t know how to react now..Again that fear,nervousness occupies my mind..He looks at me..i just simply sits in front of him..sanju and ragini speaks with him excitedly..They teased me and karan a lot..I just smile fakely…Finally ragini and sanju leaves from there leaving me alone with him..I started sweating..
Karan: so baby how are you?
I: mind ur language karan..dont call me baby..
Karan: hmmmm..just relax know what you looks very beautiful when you are angry..
I: (disgustingly)just shut up and get lost from here..
Karan:baby u shoulnt talk like this to your future husband darling..
I: in your dreams..listen it ll never ever happen..just make it clear in ur mind and now get lost from here..
Karan: (laughs loudly)nice joke..but u cant do anything baby..u know what your dad that shekar believes just erase these things from your it..
I:chiii..he believes you a lot but u….u are disgusting
Karan: (moves close to her)you can call me wahever you want baby..i don’t have any problem..
I: (moves backwards)just stop right there karan..i ll shout..
Karan: try that too baby..
He still moves towards me..i moves backward and hits the wall..I plead him to leave from there..But he didn’t listen anything..he forwards his hand to touch my face..I just closed my eyes tightly and tears started rolling from my eyes..I cried..But I didn’t felt any I slowly open my eyes to see what happen..There I see something which gives a great relief..There my sanskar stands in between me and karan holding karan’s hand in which he tried to touch me…im really very happy at that moment..I just holds his arm tightly and hides behind him…
I was in my room simply reading some books..dont know Why but I felt very I decided to go to ragini’s house..I went to her house and reach living room..There I seen something which sends shiver in my spine..There my swara stands stick to the wall and one guy tried to touch her..I quickly guessed it must be karan..I ran towards them and stands in front of him and holds his hand before he touch my swara..He look at me angrily and confusingly..who cares about his anger now..Then I felt a tight hold in my arm..I just turn my face and look swara..She stares me with fear and tear in her eyes..I cant bear that look anymore..i holds his hand tightly..he just jerked my hand..
Karan: hey mr…who are you?just move from here..
I:im asking u the same who are you?what are you doing here..
Karan:just get lost from here..she is my fiancé..i can do whatever I want..
He pushed me from his way..Thats it..I cant control my anger anymore..I just hold his collar and drags him to the entrance and push him outside..
Karan: (holds my collar)how dare you…you don’t know who am i..
I: (removes his hands from my collar)I know very well about you karan..remember don’t try to disturb swara hereafter..if you try then you will see the worst of me..just get lost from here..
Karan:who are you to tell me this..she is dare you to warn me..who are you..wait wait..dont tell me tat you both are lovers..
I:you want to know about me right?im sanskar..yes you are right..i love her..she is my swara..dont try come near her again..Now just get lost from here..If u don’t go now,I ll call the police..
Karan: (laughs loudly)now I got everything clear man..what do you think ill leave her that easily..never ever.. wait and im going..soon you yourself will come and beg me..
Saying this he leaves from there..His words makes me scared a little..But now I need to see swara..I don’t know what will be her state now..I just rushed towards living room where she stands lifelessly with tears continuosly flowing from her eyes..It really pains when I see her like that..I moved towards her and cups her face..
I:swara see..nothing happened now..see im here with you..pls speak something swara..
But she stands there without any reaction..I don’t know what to do..If sanju and ragini see her like this then they too will get scared..This is not the right time to tell them about all this..I should make swara normal first..So I just holds her hand and take her to nearby park..I make her sit in the bench and sits infront of her..
I:swara listen..nothing happened..pls speak something swara..u made me scared too..pls don’t be like this..i cant see you like this swara..pls speak something..atleast look at me..
Suddenly swara starts crying loudly..I tried to calm her..But she cried continuosly…..Me too have tears when I see her like this..I cant see her in this state..I really cant..I don’t know how to convince her..I coulnot control I just moves from there…I couldn’t see her I just turned to the other side..
After few minutes,I felt someone holds me from back..Its my swara..she hugged me tightly from back and holds my t-shirt tightly in the front..I can feel my shirt gets wet at the back due to her tears..I just holds her hands which holds my shirt..Me too have tears in my eyes..
Swara:sans….sanskarrr…im really scared..wat if u didn’t come sanskar..i really didn’t know what to do..
I couldn’t take this anymore..I just break the hug and turned towards her..I cupped her face and wipe her tears..
I: pls stop crying swara..nothing happen to you…im with you na..pls u are fine..nothing will happen to you..
Swara:I don’t know very scared..He is upto something sanskar..wat if he ll do something later..
I:He cant do anything swara..Im with you..i ll always with you..
Swara: (holds my hand which cups her face)just hold me sanskar..i need you..pls just hold me tight for once..
I really cant control..I just hugged her tight..Me too starts crying with her..I tried a lot to be strong in front of her..But I really cant control when she ask me to hold her..I can understand how much she break inside..I just want to hold her forever..I just want to protect her from all evil eyes by holding her like this..At this moment,I really feels that she is mine..mine only..I just controlled myself and try to convince her..
I: (still hugging her)swara look at me..
She just nods no and hides her face completely in my chest and clutch my shirt even more tight..I just love this….I can sense that she is no more crying..She feels safe in my arms..I can feel that..That thought itself makes me happy.. I don’t want this moment to end..But we have to go back..otherwise ragini and sanju will get worried..So composing myself and tried to tell this to swara..
I :swara listen..we have to go back to home..
Immediately she departs from me..
I: nothing will happen to u..Im with u..u trust me na swara..again im telling are my life swara..i cant afford to lose you..u believe me na swara?
Swara nodes..a lone tear rolls from her eyes..Immediately I wiped her tear..
I : I cant bear this in your eyes swara..pls don’t makes me weak..
She wipes her own tears and smiles looking at me lovingly..Me too looks at her..we both had a eyelock..Finally I break the eyelock and ask her “shall we leave..ragini and sanju will be worried for you”
Swara nodes and turns to leave..I stops her again and tell her,”don’t tell anything to ragini and sanju now..first you have to tell this to him and tell him 2day itself..we cant take risk anymore..ok swara?”..she nodes yes and we leaves from there..
Swara and sanskar both reaches their home..Swara somewhat manages to convince sanju and ragini telling something..sanju and ragini thought that she may go out with they started teasing her..Swara blushes but its not because of their teasing..she excuse herself and went to her room and locks herslf..
Im blushing..whatever happen today,after that I should be crying..But im blushing here..Its because of sanskar…I just try to recall everything again…But I only remember sanskar now..I don’t know why..But I really need him at that time..I just wanted to hug him..I really didn’t think about what will be reaction of sanskar..But when he reciprocates the hug I really felt very happy..I just forgot everything happened..i felt very protective and safe in his arms..i wants to be in his arms always..till that moment I thought we are friends only..i know he is special for me..But I didn’t really realize what is that special feeling towards him..I just convinced myself that its friendship only….Whenver I felt scared or restless immediately my eyes search sanskar only..Why I feel like that..Till now I have that confusion.. who is he to me… Now my heart knows the answer for this..Yes..HE IS MY LIFE..HE IS MY EVERYTHING..HE IS MY LOVE..I LOVE YOU SANSKAR..I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU..But I cant tell this to you..How could I tell you when im in this much problem..I cant trouble you more sanskar..I ll tell you after the problems get settled..
Episode ends with swara’s smiling and blushing face..
Precap:swara missing,sanskar’s reaction and many more…

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