Life is not so colorful for everyone. Its like a roller coaster. We can experience unexpected twists and turns here. Like that my heroine also have a roller coaster life with lots of love, pain and sacrifice. Let see how she overcome all the hurdles to get her real happiness of her life.
SWARA: Sweet, simple girl. Belongs to a middle class family. Loves her family a lot. Princess of her dad. Can do anything for him
SHEKHAR &SUMI: Parents of swara.loves her a lot.their only is theie dhaughter’s future.
VINAY:swara’s younger brother.swara is like his second mother.can do anything for her happiness..also partner in crime.
SAHANA & SANJANA:close friends of swara.they know every secrets about swara
Finally our hero,
SANSKAR: Mature,bold,handsome,kind and lovable person.loves friends and family equally.belongs to middle class family.have one younger brother.mumma’s boy
DURGAPRASAD&ANNAPURNA: parents of sanskar
RAGINI:common friend of both swara and sanskar
KARAN: Swara’s changer in my story.
AARAV: Senior of swara..Will enter later in my ff.
Life is not a bed of roses.I agree.But its also not a bed of thorns always.I realized this when you enter into my life.
Im swara.Here refreshing my memories which are always special for me.Eventhough I belongs to a middle class family,my parents treat me like a princess.Im their only dream and their everthing.Im a girl without any expectation and dream about my life.But im determined about onething,that is I wil marry a guy who my dad choose for me.But that determination made me to face worst of my life.My dad wanted to choose best fo me.But unfortunately it becomes my life’s biggest disaster ever.
Until tat incident happens,you are one among the people around me.But that situation makes you everything in my life.You sacrificed a lot to make me normal.You did everything possible to make me overcome my problem.You make me a better person.You make me to live my life again.You are there for me everytime whenever I need u.You did everything for me.Now its my turn to give you ur happiness.I just want to make ut life with full of happiness..For that I can do anything even if its demands mylife and soul.ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING FOR YOU SANSKAR.

Credit to: SAHANA

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  2. Ur r right shahana. Life is in not colarful to all. Bt story n reality is diffrent. Story is always sucses, hapiness like this. Story makes poor to rich n reality makes rich to poor. Reality is hard. Ur story is like realtity. Nice. Wil read surly

    1. Sahana

      thank u dear..i agree..reality is different from stories..i just want to portray a real life love story in my ff..hope will match ur expectation..keep reading..

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