Anything for u my love… Swasan – Part 4

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@coffee shop
Swasan and raglak were having coffee and spending time together.
Rag: di and jiju. Have u thought of something about us or not?
Swa: about u? what?
Rag: I mean our marriage.
San: what we have to do? U both love each other. Get marry.
Lak: sanky u very well know. Without u both how can we yaar?
Rag: yes di. Think about marriage. Mom and papa also want u to get marry. U know that our parents want us only to go and tel that we are ready for marriage. Till that they wil not ask.

Swasan look at each other.
Rag: ok di. Jiju. I’ve next shift now. Have to go. Lucky drop me pls.
Lak: ok. Come lets go. U both guys enjoy. Shona I’ll meet u tomorrow in company. Bye.

They both left.
Swa: sanskar. I think they are rite. Its time to get marry. Shall I talk to mom and papa.
San: but swara I’ve thought something for our future. I need some more time.
Swa: I dint get u.
San: am starting a new buiseness with my frnds. Once it works then we’will marry.
Swa: you can do that after marriage also.
San: ya but before marriage I want to be something infront of ur parents. I want them to feel proud for me, that ur decision of marrying me is rite.
Swa: (with little pause) ok sanskar. Anything for u. I’ll wait. Atleast I’ll tel abt this to my parents na.
San: ok swara. No prob.
Swa: ok then I’ll talk to them.
San: swara. Are u happy with wat I said?
Swa: yes dear. No prob. I already told anything for u.
San: thanku my love.
He kisses her forehead.

@gadodia home
All were having tea and snacks.
Swa: mom, papa I want to talk with you something.
She: tell shona.
Swa: (hesitating) actually its about sanskar and me.
She: I know that.
Swa: surprisingly . wat?
She: yes. We know you shona. We understand our kids. We both like sanskar. He’s good boy. And I know that my daughter will take correct decision.
Swara goes and hugs him happily.
Swa: thanku so much papa. Love u.
Sha: (teasingly)wat abt me ?
Swara goes and hugs her too.
Swa: mom u both r my life. Thanku so much.
Rag: di.. my turn?
Swa: come laado u too.( hugs her too)
She: swara. Wat abt sanskar’s parents? Did they agree for u both?
Swa: no papa. Still he has not talked. But we r sure that they too will agree.
She: ok beta. Be sure abt that first.
Swa: ok papa.
Then they talk for sometime.

Precap: swasan marriage discussion

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