does anybody love me? yes or no (3rd shot)

guys I know it’s just a story but it is also the reality of our society… u all must saw at least one example in your surrounding or in your family where they wants only boys… they didn’t get happy on the birth of a girl.. even in my family my father’s brother got daughter after 9 yrs of their marriage but my mother told me that my chachi cried aloud because she gave birth to a daughter… guys I was thinking what is this now a days mostly educated ppl do this type of things parhay likhay jahil (educated illiterates) but ya my parents are the proud parents of 4 daughters no son 😉 including mee the last and beautiful piece (self-praising) 😛 😉 hehehehe

Part 2

Shot 3 part (a) :-

Swara didn’t goes to clg for next 2 week.. on which kaki suspect swara because swara never skip her clg… because clg is the only place where she found some peace… so kaki decided to confront her on insistence of sanky because he don’t want to give her stress till she will be normal..

Kaki: swara baby why r u not going to clg?? Any problem??

Swara : no kaki she said while not looking towards her

Kaki: swara im with u from last 14 yrs soo now tell me the truth…

Swara : tells her about her frnds selfishness

Kaki felt pain on seeing swara’s pain and she hugs her tightly… swara starts crying bitterly

Swara: kaki why nobody loves me why always I have to go through this pain why god send me to this world am I that bad kaki??

Kaki: noo my bachaa noo u r not a bad in actual this world is cruel who didn’t understand such a pure soul like u… kaki made her sleep and comes out where sanky is standing with teary eyes

Kaki: im seeing from last 14 yrs there is not a single day when her pillow didn’t filled with tears..

Sanky : I know I did very very bad for not understanding her… he bangs his fist on wall hardly…

Sanky : why kaki I didn’t able to see her sufferings?? Why I didn’t cares about her?? Why I didn’t felt any humanity why?? He bang his fist more tightly and it starts bleeding

Kaki holds his fist and takes him towards the first aid box…

Kaki while doing his first aid: u know sanky baba… in this world there are 2 types of ppl one who feels the pain of others and one are those who says that why we care for others… u was the 2nd type of person before but now u became the 1st type of person….. because if not then why did u run that day when I told about swara locked herself

Sanky to himself: why I ran that day?? Why i scold the girl whom I think as my g.f?? but didn’t get any answer and to kaki : kaki will she ever forgive me??

Kaki: baba it is the pain of 20-21 yrs it may take time to heal… she always suffer due to her family u r an out sider for her maybe she will forgive u earlier but just give her time….

Sanky : I promise kaki I will heal her wounds which we all give her

Kaki: God bless u beta…. She go after doing his first aid…

Sanky to himself: swara I promise I will remove the reason of your tears from your life for lifetime… after that I will ask forgiveness from u…

After 3 days swara got ready to go to her clg…

Swara open the driving seat door and shocked seeing sanky sitting on it

Swara: what the hell u r doing in my car??

Sanky : can’t u see im sitting for driving

Swara: who said to u sit here??

Sanky : I myself

Swara: get out of my car

Sanky : noppp

Swara : okay

Sanky smiles but his smile fades on seeing swara going outside the gate because he thought she will sit on the passenger seat..

Sanky shouts swaraa and runs behind her

Sanky : swara stop where r u going??

Swara : can’t u see I am going outside

Sanky : copy cat

Swara: why r u eating my brain??

Sanky : I don’t eat human’s flesh

Swara : arrghhhh sanskar what u want??

Sanky : just come with me

Swara : no I don’t want to come with u just leave me alone and by saying this she stops the rickshaw butt sanky pulls her and drags her towards the mansion

Swara is struggling to free from his grip but failed sanky make her sit in the passenger seat and put the baby lock on door so that she will not go out and he himself settle down on driving seat..

Swara shouts : how dare uu

Sanky: uptill now u didn’t saw my dare baby so chill

Swara : open the lock right now

Sanky : if u didn’t stop talking I will put tape on your mouth so just shut your mouth and let me drive

Swara in anger : blo*dy hell and turns her face towards the window

Sanky smiles and continue driving…

They reached her clg and sanky got down and opens swara’s side door…

Swara got down after giving him death glare but her anger reaches its peak when she saw sanky is following like a body guard inside the clg while all students seeing them in amusement because they all know sanky….

Swara with low pitch but dangerous voice : why the hell u r following me?

Sanky : oo hello im following my wife

Swara : I will kill u for sure

Sanky while putting hand on his chest and bends toward her and said: with pleasure mam

Swara going to say something but stop on listening her so called group’s voice

One of the girl who loves sanky screams in joy omg sanskar meheswarii here oo my goddd swara why didn’t u told me that he is coming okay forget it she pushed swara a little on which sanskar frown while swara controlled her tears..

Girl: sirrr and she is going to hug sanky but sanskar stops her by putting hand infront of her on which girl become embarrassed….

While all the other members… start scolding swara that why she didn’t tell them that sanky is coming…

Boy : swara I think u don’t want him to meet us

Boy 2: ya right that’s why she didn’t talk about this

Girl 2 : how could u swara

Like this all are saying rubbish and stops on hearing a loud voice

Sanky : enoughhhhh

Swara saw him with teary and wipes her tears but sanky saw her tears

Sanskar : is she is your personal secretary?? or am I your personal property that u r talking to her or talking about about me like that??? Who the hell u all r??

Girl 1 beccome jealous on seeing sanky taking swara’s side and said : sir we know she is your family frnd but she didn’t talk about u it means na she is just a mere girl not any important person

Sanky roars : shut upppppp

All flinched

Sanky: she didn’t talked about me because she is not a show off low class person like uuuuu

Girl 1 become shocked and said : sir u r insulting mee

Sanky: noo im not insulting u in fact I am insulting myself after talking to such a cheap ppl like u who dared to raise their voice against sanskar meheswari’s wife

All gulps: wife???

Sanky shouts: yess wife swara sanskar meheswarii got it… by saying this he grabs swara’s arm and pulls her towards him….swara mouth hung down on seeing this

Sanky ignores her expressions: listen everyone the day u hurt my wife that day itself will be your last day and to swara

Sanky : who wants chance in my company

Swara didn’t reply because she is in the shock state…

Sanky jerks her by putting hand on her waist and asked again

Swara : no need

Sanky with low angry tone: shut your mouth and tell me

Swara got scared and points towards one boy

Sanky to boy : so u want a chance in my company by doing frndship with my wife han??

Boy keeps mum

Sanky : speak upppp

Boy : y…eee…sss

Sanky : now u will not be able to study even in this clg…

Boy : s.ii…rr… i…aa…mmm sorr…yyy…

Sanky ignores him and to the girl 1 : u loves me right??

Girl nodes in fear

Sanky : soo u abused my wife for this isn’t it??

Girl face turned pale…

Sanky: dearr now u see my love.. by looking at u it seems that u want to become a model in future soo from now u will not be able to walk infront of any modelling company…. And don’t u dare to speak a word

All the while sanky is holding swara tightly by her waist….

Like this sanky insults all her soo called group members who accused her…

Swara all the while seeing him with teary eyes….

Sanky saw her state and takes her towards the car… and drive back to home… when they reached swara was sitting silently and lost in her thought…

Sanky : swara we reached

Swara with teary eyes not looking towards him: why r u doing all this??

Sanky : I want to rectify

Swara : u no which is the most unbearable pain??

Sanky nodes in noo

Swara looks towards him and put her finger on his heart side and said: when it happens in heart

Sanky become teary eyes but said nothing

Swara while looking in his eyes: sanskar please don’t give me such hopes of love again from anyone which is breaking continuously from last 20 yrs… I am not having any capability of bearing one more heart break again… u saved me that day but again I will not be able to survive she got down after saying this…

Sanky with tears : swara I don’t know how much heart wounds hurt or bleeds because I never experienced it but I promise I will surely heel your wounds… even if it will cost a wounds on my heart then I will also doo that… I don’t know what is the feeling which I have for u because I never felt this feeling for my soo called gf

Mind curse him : abbay gadhay pyar hay ye 😉 😛 (u donkey head it’s a love)

Sanky wipes his tears and go inside behind swara

Swara is lying by facing her back towards the roof and silently crying by putting her head on pillow and grabbing pillow by hands…

Sanky came and become sad on seeing her like that but think something and smiles naughtily…

He goes and jumps and lay beside swara… swara got up with a jerk…

Swara : now whatttt????

Sanky : what what??

Swara : don’t u have your office today??

Sanky: nooooo umm actually yesss

Swara : arrghhh she got up and start leaving but sanky holds her hand

Swara turns toward him and said : can u please stop irritating me??

Sanky : nooppppp

Swara : sanskar pleaseee

Sanky : noppp

Swara : what do u want???

Sanky : one genuine smile on your face

Swara : the one who saw bitterness through out her life cant smile genuinely she frees herself and go out

Sanky signsss and said : don’t worry dear i will turn your bitterness into sugar free sweetness 😉

After 2 days swara is doing her clg work while sanky is doing his office work… swara is sitting on bed while sanky is sitting on couchhh…

Swara saw that sanky is searching something from last 15 minss

Swara : what r u searching??

Sanky : my new project tender file… tomorrow I have to submit it and now I even not finding it..

Swara saw towards the side table and signs…

She got up and picks the file from side table while grabbing the file it got opened and swara saw inside the file… she goes towards sanky and put the file infront of his eyes…

Sanky become confused but later saw the file..

Sankyy : oooo thankuu soo much babess

Swara nodes and turns to go but stop and turns toward sanky and said : 1st thing im not your babes and second thing decrease the bid from 2 points

Sanky: what???

Swara didn’t reply and go towards the bed and picks her all things and put them on side and lay down while covering her from blanket….

Sanky is seeing her with confused expressions but later got what she said he read the file and after thinking for some time he change the bidd

Next day sanky won the tender…

Sanky is sitting in his office and thinking some thing

Sanky : swara is a very talented girl the way she said to change the bid it shows how her mind works as a business women…

Sanky starts thinking and after few minutes he exclaimed in joyyy and shouts yuppppiiiiiii

To be continued…..

Precap : sanky blackmailing swara for joining the office

Sorry guys I was not able to complete shot 3 fully due to sore throat and high fever soo I split it into 2 parts  and I also need separate part for shemish and shashank… I’ll try to update tomorrow if I fell little better 


  1. Purvi

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    Awesome part rabia di…update next part after getting well we will wait till then…

    What u told abt the thinking of people about having daughters is exactly crct as some even asked my parents for not having a son as they r parents of two girls
    but I am so happy that my parents never thought like that abt us.They always answer everyone that both girls or boys both r equal.I hope we could be able to find a change in the thinking of people…

    Now I will stop my bak bak as I will feel tired to read

    Take care di…Get well soon😊😊😊

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    Awww!! loved Sanskar’s care … (in ur TS) love it Dii… Thnk u… ;*

    • Rabia



      kakali im having a pain relieving med in my mouth now itself….
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    I would love it if u turn ts into a beautiful ff but anyway its what blackmail will sanskar do.but the question is how will he heal the wounds created by her parents n bro.
    update very soon

    • Rabia



      thankuu soo much dear 🙂 actually i don’t want to convert it because sometimes story loses its value when it being dragged that’s whyy don’t worry i will give some other story 🙂

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    awesome rabia loved it and u right its the truth of todays society that girls are either killed or remain uneducated but not in my case my parents tteat ne as a boy despite having 4 sons like urs haha

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