does anybody love me? yes or no (2nd shot)

Thanku guys for such a huge response actually yesterday I was fasting and due to lack of sleep im very much tired and because I wrote shot 1 in a hurry so made too many mistakes soo sorry for that … and one more thing guys when swara is 12 sanky is 17…. 5 yrs elder then swara and 1 year younger than shasha… and i came back early from sister’s home so i am posting it early and love between swasan next part will be posted on saturday after completion of this TS

1st shot

Shot 2:-

With the passing days swara is becoming more quite her only companion is ramla kaki she shared everything of clg with kakii… because swara don’t have any frnd in clg….it is true that she is such a natural beauty which can attract anyone… with her blue sparkling eyes but she scares to make any new relation because every relation only gave her pain nothing else….

Now swara is 20 yrs old and sanky is 25 yrs old… he becomes a businessman… shekhar sumi always on their tours while shasha is handling the business.. and ap and dp lives in abroad and handling business there… now at mansion only swara,sanky,shasha and kaki lives and servants…

Sanky and shasha didn’t talked to swara… sanky didn’t give a damn look to her because if he ever saw her clearly maybe he can melt on seeing her innocence and beauty….

Swara spent all her time with kaki or with studies…one day shemish came back and they call swara…

Swara becomes happy that her parent’s calls her but her happiness blow out after listening to them

Shekhar to swara: listen we have arrange your marriage with sanskar because we wants to join our companies…and after 1 week there is your marriage now go and starts preparation

Swara nodes and goes to her room… in her room she cried a lot…

Swara complaint to God: why God why?? U send me to this world where nobody loves me nobody cares for my feeling what was my fault… if they don’t love me then why they gave birth ( swara didn’t knows about that they were going to abort her) she cried whole night by putting her head in the pillow….

Sanskar didn’t showed any reaction to this marriage he agreed only for his parents because he was having a gf kaira (same girl who was with him in the study)

One day sanky drops swara to clg because her car was gone to garage and ramla kaki requests him to drop her because that day there was a strike of taxis and rickshaw.. so unwillingly he dropped her but on the whole way he was on the blue tooth talking with his gf come p.a

When he dropped her some students of her class saw her with sanky because he was a youngest business tycoon so everybody knows about him… so from dat day one group of her class starts getting frndly with her the group contains 5 students… 3 boys and 2 girls… swara who never made any frnd done frndship with them… they all seems to very nice and sweet with her so swara also starts feeling comfortable with them… from her they got to know that sanskar is their family frnd but she didn’t told anybody about their marriage…

One day after clg sanky is going from the side of swara’s clg where outside he saw swara is hugging a guy and that guy kissed her cheek…

Sanky fumes in anger and said: if she is having a bf then why she is marrying me?(idiot then why u r marrying her if u also having a gf huhh idiot )

Finally the marriage day came… on their marriage day one of sanky’s client said that swara was his x- gf and she is having an affair with many boys… sanky anger reaches its peak.. but he controlled for his parents reputation…

Marriage rituals completed bit sanky didn’t look towards swara even once… swara also didn’t look upwards all the time she was looking down…

After marriage also shemish bless her only for the media sake and shasha did nothing….

Finally the wedding night came…

Swara was standing near the window she was not feeling any happiness in her heart.. which she don’t know also why… after 2 hrs sanky came while swara is sitting near the window and looking outside…

Sanky gave her a disgust look and said in a very harsh tone : don’t u dare to think that I will ever give a right of a wife

Swara jerks towards him and saw him with confused expressions while sanky continues…

Sanky: I don’t want to be a husband of that girl who is characterless and having affairs with many boys

Swara gave him a shocked expressions and stand up with a jerk

Swara : what are u saying sanskar??

Sanky: don’t be soo innocent I know the complete reality of yours my client suraj thaapar tells me that u was his x gf and having affairs with many boys and I myself saw u outside the clg hugging a boy and he was kissing u

Swara becomes teary eyes and said : u r taking me wrong it….. but cut by sanskar

Sanky: oo just shut upp u know I know your type of girls who only marry someone just for the money blo*dy gold digger

Swara is crying silently..

Sanky came near her and hold her from chin tightly: if u ever tried to come closer to me than that day u will see worse of mee understand and by saying this he jerks her… and goes out

Swara sat down on the floor with a thud… now again fate plays a dirty game with her…. Her own husband thinks her as a gold digger… how can she explains to him that suraj thaapar was back of her and when she denied by slapping him he said that he will surely take a revenge from her… and he took that by telling a lie to her husband..

The boy who hugged her and kissed her was her class fellow and he did that without her consent suddenly to which she slapped with and warns him… why sanky didn’t saw that she said in her mind…

Swara sets her mind that nobody will ever loves her in life soo she compromised with the things like the way they were going…

Sanky always insults her and taunts her in front of his clients.. guests… in parties etc… she beared all this silently..

Ramla kaki tried a lot to talk with sanky about swara but he always changed the topic… so swara stops kaki and said and don’t try nothing will happen..

The thing which sooths swara to some extent was her frnds the group of 5… they all don’t know about her marriage…

But one day swara got to know about their reality…

Swara reached late clg and goes towards the ground where her frnds were sitting but stops on hearing her name…

Girl 1: I don’t want to do frndship with that nerd silent swara but when I came to know that sanskar meheshwari is her family frnd then that day I decided to do frndship with her because I loves him a lot but that b*t*h never talked about him

Boy 1 : I also do frndship because I want a chance in his company but that swara blo*dy *****
Like this all five abused her infront of her and says that they only done frndshiip wwith her for a reason…. They don’t know that swara listened all their talks…

Swara’s heart broke into pieces once again… she runs from their crying and reached home and locked herself in the room.. and broke all the gifts which her soo called frnds gives her and burn all the pictures with them and when sanky confront her she outburst all her pain which she was hiding from several yrs…

Past ends…..


Sanky is seeing swara who is having many bruises on her face neck and arms with guilty eyes…

After 20 mins kaki came with a lady doctor… sanky goes out and wait outside the room…

After 40 mins doctor came out…

Doc: mr meheswari she gone through a very severe mental trauma and having many deep bruised on her arms and light on face and neck… she needs a stress free environment… because if not they it’s a possibility that she may suffer with brain hemorrhage please take care of her I bandaged all her injuries..

Sanky listened all this with blank expressions and nodes okay….

He go inside and saw swara who is sleeping with a dull and pale face bandage all over her arms and few on neck and face…

Kaki came inside after dropping doc…

Kaki: baba u go I will sit near her

Sanky : no kaki u go I will be there

Kaki : baba u now swara baby is innocent…. And by saying this she told him about her all suffering from childhood to now also tell him about suraj and that clg boy…

Sanky listened all this with teary eyes.. he was feeling ashamed on himself because he hurts a pure innocent soul….

Sanky : kaki u go and take rest I will call u when she woke up

Kaki nodes and go

Sanky : sat down on couch in front of the bed he was seeing swara with teary eyes and then saw towards his hand who is now also having a dry blood of swara….

After 3 hrs swara woke up but she was feeling extreme pain in her arms… she got up with great difficulty and saw sanky sleeping on couch by putting his head on back of the couch…

Swara saw him for sometimes and then towards the window… she walks towards the window with great difficulty and stands on its edge…

Swara is having no feeling no emotions in her mind only one thing is coming in her mind that she don’t want to live here where nobody loves her.. she knew that if she died nobody is there to cry for her accept ramla kaki but now she can’t bear all this pain she wants to die… wantd to get free from this world…

She was going to jump when one hand pulled her with full force… and she lands in someone’s embrace and fall down on floor above on someone….

Swara saw and found sanskar is lying beneath her and seeing her with angry eyes…

She got up from sanky with great difficulty… sanky also got up…

Sanky held her shoulders tightly and shouts: what they hell u r going to do??

Swara jerk his hand : can’t u see im doing suicide she shouts with the same pitch

Sanky : who gave u permission??

Swara : I don’t want anybody’s permission

Sanky hold her again and said in a dangerous harsh tone : swara stop all this rubbish and go and sleep

Swara tries to free herself but sanky’s grip was tight

Swara shouts : leave meeeee

Sanky : nooo

Swara : why r u doing all this? Don’t worry nobody questions u after my suicide butt stops because sanky sealed her lips with his

Swara becomes shocked and numb she didn’t get it what is going on while sanky is kissing her harshly and passionately and after few minutes he broke the kiss and joins his forehead with hers… now also he was holding he tightly from shoulders..

Sanky : I am sorry swara

Swara shocked on listening this and saw towards him with blank expressions

Sanky : I know I am not reliable for your forgiveness but please forgave me I hurt u a lot.. the girl who was suffering because of her family I didn’t spare a chance to hurt her more..

Swara starts crying silently but now also she is seeing him with blank expressions

Sanky continue : I will bear any punishment of yours but please forgive me I know I have done very very bad… insulted u taunted you… each and everything which will pierce your heart… may be I will never forgive myself on hurting such a pure soul but plz give me first and last chance… plzzz

Swara with teary voice: wounds of heart can’t be filled easily sanskar and by saying this she got out from his grip and lay down on bed and covers herself with blanket… while tears of guilt starts flowing from sanky’s eyes…

To be continued…..

precap: sanky came to know about swara’s frnd…

so guys what u want that swara forgive sanky or not?? or will sanky be able to make the things right??


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    finally Sanskaar relaise his mistake now it will be intresting to see how Sanskaar will heal Swara’s Heart

  2. Simin

    No di everyone who did wrong with swara should be punished
    Sanskar should punish them maybe after that swara will be able to forgive him

  3. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome awesome….feeling sad for swara. How much mental stress she had gone through!

    Dont hit me………..Waiting for next part😁😜

  4. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Diiii finally u posted it and sanky came to know the truth of swara…swara should forgive him but not so easily and I think sanky will be able to set everything in her life…Now i can’t be at peace until I read the next part so pls try to update of by tomorrow if possible by today itself…

  5. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    awesome part so many things in one part swara friends are not worth for her friendship how could they do this to her its not good. sanskar also came in others talk but atlast find out the truth and realise his mistake and ask forgiveness. may swara won’t accept as everyone hurt her very much but hope so that the will accept soon. and the people who do wrong will got to know how its fell when someone hurt them. as they do to swara like that. swara going to do sucide how can she?? she can’t be so weak but sanskar came at right time thank god that he do one thing good. loved the part post asap can’t wait for the next part 😍😍😃😃

    • Rabia



      thankuu soo much radhika actually swara bearing all this from 20 yrs soo finally her tolerance broke down when her frnds also ditched her

  6. Romaisa

    Yeah swara should forgive him but pehle sanky ko sub kuch thick karna ho ga phir swara can forgive him❤️

  7. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Amazing Rabiaa Dii !!! loved it very muchh…

    All needs to be punished… not only her parents but also Sanskar…
    i dunno why but feeling disgusting with this Sanskar..
    Parents toh parents he is also same..
    just married to her for business..
    Is this a way to treat a girl?
    taunting , humiliating without knowing d whole truth…She is also a human being.. huhhhh !!! i hate this kind of boys…
    i would love sew them together in ur TS…

    but in case of real life KICK OUT THOSE blo*dy MORONS FROM UR LIFE… no need of them…
    we girls can leave alnoe with self respect..we r strong enough to handle ourselves…

    huhhhh !!! seeee kitna bakk bakk kiyaa…don’t know what will happen to me…
    thnk u…

    • Nagamanasa


      |Registered Member

      What u told us exactly crct kakali di we girls can live alone instead of living with those Morons we shld kick such people out of our lives di

    • Rabia



      kakali i luv your bak bak more than u 😉 :* thats why i took this concept may be all the things were not real but its the reality that girls always degraded more than boys… and don’t worry kakali and nagama may be not in real but in my storyy i will do justice with swara aisayy kaisay janay dn sabko 😛

      • Kakali


        |Registered Member

        Thiss iss d thing i hateee d most… girlz r digraded than boys … huhhh !!! it’s reality.. *my foot..

        *acc to me … i never accept it n will never accept it..neveerrrr !!!

  8. Aliya khan

    poor swara…….sanky her parents bro nd friends no one love him unhe punishment to milni hi chahiye api bt swara itni asani se maaf kaise kar sakti hai they should also bear the pain waiting fr ur next shot bye

  9. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Evry1 who hurt her shud b punished… mostly her mom dax n bro… i dun undrstnd y sanky bhvd wid her lyk dat huh.. i hate him he did vry bad wid her…
    She shud nvr frgve her fmly n dey shud b punished… n she shud not frgve sanky easily… he shud earn her love n trust..

    • Rabia



      arsha sanky was an outsider… he looks the behavior of family members towards her soo he also behaves the same…
      it is the reality some shows humanity and some says why would we care about others if nobody cares for him/her

  10. Bhavana


    |Registered Member

    OMG…………. so its the past of swara that i wanted to know its so emotional how can parents be like that they should also think from swara pov but no they dint if anyone dont love us its very big pain to our heart but the part is awesome waiting 4 next………….

  11. Shreeyu


    |Registered Member

    Thnk u Rabia for this episode …. Ur writing and concept is really amazing …. No one can control oneself from praising u ….. And according to me now Sanskar shud suffer due to his guilt …. And coming to shemish they shud b taught a lesson along with their idiot son Shashank…

    Huh Disgusting fellows …. How can they hurt a pious soul …..

    Chalo I know I sometimes talk a lot …
    Sry for this much big lecture …. And I have started another ss with Tvisha … Name is Kaun tujhe …Do read it if u get tym ….

    • Rabia



      thankuuu soo much shreeyu dear and i already read your new ff actually i am hell tired that’s why i didn’t comment on any other story but u said with soo much love soo i immediately commented on it 🙂
      and don’t worry i love these type of lectures 😉

  12. s swara should nt forgive sanky easily..
    she is a human being nt a toy..hate dis kind of

  13. Maryum


    |Registered Member

    I read full story now and right now I m crying like a bady u r so bad itna zulam bhi koi karwata hai abhi bhi ankhon main anso hai 😭😭😭😭 plz next part main kam rolana ☺☺☺☺

  14. Cuteprincess


    |Registered Member

    I had stopped reading swaragini ff’s a long back…but now I feel I need to come back ..
    you are an awesome writer …the way you expressed their emotions …its superb
    i think swara should forgive sanskaar soon..but not that fast..and after that he should teach those friends, classmate and suraaj a big lesson for hurting his dear wife…

  15. Pramudi

    Superb.. Loved it. Sanky should suffer. Swara shouldn’t forgive him easily.
    Rabia.. Want the nxt part soon..

  16. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Sisi its awesome….. Very emotional….. Atlast she decided for suicide its a tragedy….. Hope sanskar loves her

  17. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Sis if sanskar didnt love swara y he rushed to her room when kaki told about her…. And y he scolded his pa

  18. ashwinimool

    Awesome story awesome concept swasan love story superb 2 part me hi u nailed it dear just perfect 👌 💕 💕 💕 plzzz continue & post daily ur story story mind blowing atlist 10 part tak le jana story I know few shorts h but story is mind blowing yrr or swasan love story to just start hui h 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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