Hey guys Anu here.. First of all I am very contented because some chapter of my series hitted century.. I mean to say striked 100 comments… I am very grateful to all my readers who commented on my various series.. Next , I would like to thank all for their precious wishes which all gave me on my birthday.. It really made my day..


Many of the readers appreciated my writing skills and asked me to write a ff.. Guys practically impossible for me .. Managing studies with regularly giving an update is a very difficult task .. And I am not so flexible to do so.. Ok guys , so as I said before I say tatta bye bye to tu , I will write an os … But I need your pretty suggestions for it..

I have written compositions with fun, hatred , revenge, betrayal, love, etc etc..

Guys lemme know on what topic or track or like what u want me to write ..
Of course I will write a love story one shot .. But what type u want ..

Do you want me to continue a track from the swaragini drama??


Do you want me to write my own story??

Do you want me to write a revenge love story


Do you want me to write a happy wala love story.

Do you want me to add love at first sight ?? If yes one sided or double sided


Do you want me to show struggle for love?

Do you want me to write a story with corresponding to moral values and society’s Cruel phase


Do you want me to write fairytale fantasy story..

Option goes on and on .. I can’t tell .. Tell me what type of story you want . I’ll be at service… I know I’ll not be Able to fulfil everyone’s wish but I’l surely try to combine ideas and the track you want..

From your sis and loving friend


Message for janavi..

Janvi bacche.. I tried to register par go nahi raha hai .. This is the message they are giving. “Please upgrade to a supported browser to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.

Alternatively if you think you are getting this page in error, please check your internet connection and reload.”

The captcha is not coming so I can’t register .. This is because I am regestering from mobile and the safari browser ( the default browser of Apple products) has to be updated which will happen only when I update to the newer version of iOS.. I thought of doing that but the phone software will be updated only by wifi which I had already told you is not working.. In short, I am not able to register so pardon..

Credit to: Anu


    • Anu

      Yup.. But the problem is everyone at my home uses Apple products .. Either iPhone or iPad or MacBook and so no one is like using uc or chrome.. Everyone uses safari.. So I first need to either download chrome or I need to do software update na .. Then only I’ll be able to register .. And I don’t why wifi boosters are not working .. Bhai is getting put another one but it has still not started working.. ???

    • Anu

      Divyanshari.. U know ant me to write something social but the people who have commented , majority want fairytale fantasy or revenge love story.. U won’t mind na if I go with the majority.. ???”puppy eyes”

  1. Shree

    Need a story in which sanskar being an arrogant nd heartless husband to swara whereas as acting to be a cool and good guy in front of whole world.. Hoping for swasan intense track..

    • Anu

      Shree.. Ur idea is good but what if I make sanskaar, arrogant and heartless man and not husband .. And I will surely give swasan intense track for you.. ??

  2. Sumeeta


    |Registered Member

    Fairytale love story will be amazing.nd to register u just tick the box where is written that i am not robot

    • Anu

      Sumeeta.. I know that yaar but the box is only not coming .. I am not a robot wala so then how will I tick.. The tu captcha is not supporting the browser and it happens because tu ka server processor is different and Safari ka server processor is differ

  3. Tamanna


    |Registered Member

    Plz write revengeful love story and first sight love from one side and write your own story….n plz write on swasan….

    I agree with the idea of Shree…plz write something like that….

    • Anu

      Tamanna .. I will go with the majority dear and most of people want a revengeful story and fairytale fantasy so I’ll go with it .. ??

    • Anu

      I am so sorry janavi.. I completely forgot about it.. So sorry.. But I can’t do that.. I have to work on people’s majority and polls.. Try and understand “pout”.. ???

    • Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

      Janvi diiiii pls pls pls continue ur family tree I m waiting desperately for it

  4. naina

    I want diff smething like selfles,pure lov of a boy for a girl wit disability to walk or anything. Actualy i read many ff bt there is nting lyk dis.

    • Anu

      Naina.. U r wonderful dear.. Very nice thoughts but sorry yaar I have to go with majority.. If I get time , I’ll write an os but why don’t you write dear.. U have really nice thoughts.. Work upon it .. I am sure people are going to love it..

  5. Zeenat

    Hi dear ! Thank u for making us feel sooo SPL! Can u write a ff on miley jab him tum. I miss it

    • Anu

      Really.. I made you all feel special.. Then that’s great.. “Miley jab hum tum”.. What’s that dear,, is it a movie or serial.. Actually .. I am like more to Hollywood side.. Don’t know much about Bollywood and swaragini is the first daily soap I am seeing .. I have always been more involved in studies , that’s why I didn’t pay attention to these all things and then living in London.. Forget about all these things.. So sorry

  6. Prakriti

    Same pinch Di….I am also not able to register because of this reason only…
    BTW I want moral values types of os…BTW Can you give me your Email ID….Are you using Hangouts…
    Bye and come back with blast..
    Love u so much Di..

    • Anu

      Comedy genre I can try but for political genre.. I can’t actually make any comments on that

  7. |Registered Member

    Di….any story u write has to be awsm….just has to be awsm….but di, so many ff’s are showing breakup track that I’m fed up of pain pain and pain! So di, I want it a happy wala love story with love at first sight and two sided. But di, as I said, it’s entirely upto u….anything u write is as good as gold, truly saying! We are always there to read and support u….tc di…

    • Anu

      Aww ladoo.. I love u so much.. U all are my inspiration.. My lifeline to write.. U all don’t have any idea , how much I am going to miss u all after I leave tu.. Phew.. But I have to do.. So ladoo wants to have a happy wala story.. But this time it’s not gonna be a happy wala story.. It will be a happy wala ending but.. Many are asking for revenge and fairytale track.. Is my composition that good?? Thank u for making me fell so special.. So greats love u loads.. Will miss u all.. ??

    • Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

      Di r u same anu di whom with janvi di ur writing making a family tree if yes then pls pls continue it u know what di I m wating for that since long time * puppy face *

      • Anu

        ‘Puppy face’.. Kanha ji.. I can’t ignore such cute face .. Now what to do.. Actually Sanskriti, janvi wanted to make a family tree and she asked for my help but the next day . I was leaving tu as I was going back to London.. Now I again came for short time and I’ll leave tu after completion and posting of the os.. For family tree, u have to talk with janavi only because I have no idea about it.. Sholly

  8. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Hey Anu!
    Can u plz right your own story? N whatever the track maybe, i want a happy ending in that!! N i even like shree’s idea

    • Anu

      Ok nita.. I will write my own story only but the base track of the story will be the majority poll and that’s eventually fairytale and revenge love story

  9. deepu

    whatever u write i love that…but r u leaving tellyupdates or what…..pls anu dont do this….continue dear…pls

    • Anu

      Yes deepu.. I am leaving tu.. I was never a permanent member .. I am a temporary member.. I study in London and I am going back.. When I’ll return to India then only I’ll be available on tu.. I have to leave.. No other option.. After writing this os, a final goodbye.. It’s becoming difficult for me but I have to

  10. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    i would like to read a swasan os that continues from some previous track but its fine….write whatever u feel like

    • Vyshu10


      |Registered Member

      hey…u have asked me in kidnapped last ep whether i would like to join d family tree.sorry i didn’t see dat msg. I would love to

    • Anu

      Thank u vyushu.. And about the family tree.. I was just helping janavi to collect members.. All these days I wasn’t there on tu.. I came back when I started writing my veiled princess.. And again I am leaving after completion of the os so u need to consult janavi for the family tree

  11. Nusz Khan

    Nusz Khan

    |Registered Member

    Register Hm, why don’t you trying doing it on a computer or laptop it will work out.

    Let me know if it worked xx.

    I have seen many Fan-Fictions by you, it’s really interesting aha.

    Anyways keep smiling like always.

    ~Nusz xx.

    • Anu

      Thank u .. And oops.. Don’t laugh after what i am going to say to you., we don’t have a computer at home.. It was never needed.. Everyone at home either uses MacBook or iPad or iPhone and Safari is not supporting the captcha and that’s why I am not able to register ., I am trying but it’s not happening .. Bad na.. I am plastering a smile on my face but I am feeling so heavy that I have to leave tu.. Will miss all these chats

      • Anu

        I was never. A permanent member of tellyupdates.. I am doing my graduation in London .. For sometime, I came back to India so joined tu again but then this will prove as a distraction in my studies.. Seeing tu, I will never be able to control my urge to write and then I’ll end up ruining everything.. From 10th I have my manual presentation and assessments and I want to fully concentrate on it .. I have targeted for the top position.. No. 1 in my batch and I need to do it .. If I’ll use tu I’ll be distracted from giving my best and spend more of my time here.. And that’s why I am leaving tellyupdates..

  12. navi

    so many idas u hav anu…. im astonished… mine wish is anything u cn write based on ur comfort…. hi hw ru??? bye anu tc

    • Anu

      Thank u so much navi.. It was so sweet of you to say that.. Love u.. I am fine just wishing I don’t have to leave tu but my hands are cuffed.. ????

    • Anu

      No janavi.. Koi mujhe pareshan nahi kar raha.. See all are so excited.. Chalo continue with your family tree and miss me.. Janavi.. How will you register for me.. How will I tell my email id and password to you and if u use your id then how will u give me the email and password to me after you register.. And moreover , no use because I am soon leaving.. ??

  13. Zeenat

    It was a daily soap featuring a group if friends m their CLG life n how they fell on love n for rest Google is d king

    • Anu

      A daily soap.. Yup Google baba ki Jai ho.. But I’ll not be able to write.. I have no idea about it.. ??

  14. Arunika

    I would be very happy if u write an os on revenge love story!!
    I just love reading them!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.