THE ANTAGONIST…Swaragini…Prologue

The Antagonist

Hello everyone.. Here is prologue of my new ff.

“Leave me” she shouted.
He slaped her so hard. She held his leg and pushed him.He fell down.She ran out of the room. The boy shouted “You will pay for this”. #############
That Girl is slapping another girl.She held the other girl’s neck and said”from childhood onwards,you always snatched everything from me,but now…I have nothing to lose,but you have alot. The other girl is crying and she said”plzzzz…please dont do anything to him.plzz..”

“Your plz cannot save him.But one person can save him.And you know very well who it is. I want him to apologize.I know that he will do anything for you.So if you want your fiance to be alive,better ask him to apologize.

“okk..He will..He will apologize..i promise”
“So you want me to apologize..right?”

“yes!!You should..otherwise your best friend’s fiance will be dead!!”

“For killing him you must be alive na”
“what the hell are you saying”she looked at him confused.

He took out a knife and held her close to him.He kept the knife near her neck.

“Leave me..if i die,they wont leave him alive” she laughs
“nothing will happen to him,because he is already with me”

He held the knife more close to her neck.She closed her eyes.
He left her and leave from there. She looked confused.
He to himself:I can never kill you.And that’s my penchant.

Guys ..thats the prologue..keep guessing the pairs… Sorry for grammatical mistakes. Love you guys..

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  1. Ragsan n swalak pls….

  2. Phoniex

    Haha dangerous

  3. AMkideewani

    First couple is Swalak and the second couple is Ragsan

  4. Asra

    awesome prologue abhi dear….ur last xam finish or not dear…waiting for ur update….tkcr dear….

    1. Abhi142

      Thankeww di…tomoro is my last exam..

  5. tëìtō kUn


  6. swasan raglak

  7. Lahari

    Ragsan swalak

  8. Abhi142

    Thankeww u ppl …pairs will be revealed soon

  9. Ragsannnnnn.

  10. plz swasan n raglak plz

  11. swasan and raglak

  12. Nice

  13. Venni

    Ragsan ragsan ragsan

  14. lz raglak n swsan

  15. Plz swasan and raglak.

  16. Nice dear

  17. Smiley010403

    Swasan and Raglak dear

  18. Interesting

  19. Why do you have to keep us in suspense, it’s not fair but I think it’s ragsan and swalak. Only you know

  20. Awesome​

  21. A.xx

    amazing and I think that girl is ragini and the boy is lakshya or sanskaar xx

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