Ant man (5 or 10 shots)


Hey amigos!!!! Sorry for the delay but I dropped the ff soul mates as I wasn’t getting any ideas and I did not want it to be like a normal typical storyline so I dropped it but now I am back with a new plot. Yes I will be posting out another os too and a great iconic ff if u all want its an adaptation from a great show
These might be 5 or 10 shots I don’t know but this plot is something really close it makes me remember my sis Suha. I too was shocked actually traumatized and stopped writing but this one is dedicated to her as I have seen she really wrote a lot of fiction stories so this is for her
So lets start:
The story opens up in 1989 where ram arora a scientist resigns from his job in order to not let anyone get the formula to replicate the ant man suit. he vows not to let anyone get it until he is alive.

In present day
An old Man is his late 60’s gets out of his Porsche 911 Turbo convertible (Type 997)(just search it on Google so u get a better image.) He throws the keys to the valet and walks towards Arora technologies. He sighs looking at the building and moves inside. The security stop him and ask who is he just gives them some money and they look back at a picture of Ram Arora
S: sorry sir
R: no problem move
Now the Arora technologies is controlled by Darren Cross, his former protégé. He wants to replicate the ant man suit at any cost. Cross is close to perfecting a shrinking suit of his own, the Yellow jacket.
A girl comes out of the cabin holding a few files adjusting her specs towards ram.
G: Good Morning mr. arora
R: u can call me Dad Pragya
P: Boss is waiting for u inside
(Pragya is ram’s estranged daughter)
Ram enters inside the meeting room
C: so gentlemen think of a solider as small as an insect who can infiltrate, or assassinate a target. It was possible many years back if only my mentor mr arora who stated it as a myth would have agreed

Cleint: Mr cross get to the point
C: yes and now it is possible I present you the yellow jacket a suit which can become small by the particle model of matter
CL: how long will it take to become finalized
C: Just a few more weeks and yes it will be ready
All the buyers left. Leaving ram Pragya and cross
R: u’ll regret this stop now
C: u resigned actually thrown out of this company and after that they made me ceo and I spent all my years trying to make that particle size small and now I am so close and u exepect me to stop. We could have done this together but no u did’nt care.
He goes closer to her
C: (whispers) and don’t worry your daughter is in right hands
R: uuuurrrrrrrrrrh!!! And leaves
Pragya looks on

Precap: Abhi’s entry

So guys episode ends here and for the ones who know the idea its going to be different than the plot in the movie .
Guys I need your support
I hope I find new friends and sisters.
Take care all,
Adios amigos

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  1. RiyaDcruz

    A different plot yaar i thnk it will be fab…….

    1. Thanks Rita and yeah that Fatima is me my real name

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    Something Different!!!

  4. Superbbbbbbb…

  5. Superb and Different ! Go Ahead … waiting to see more !

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  7. Monesha

    Awesome awesome….. i loved it to the core……

  8. Prabhi

    thank u all

  9. Nice yaar…

  10. Prathi

    Good one!! Its a fantasy and I miss Suha reading this one!!

  11. Actually I love this movie…..tq for changing it to a ff….but wonder if Abhi has a family in this ff..cause if he loves prags thn wat abt his daughter n wife….anyway….good start

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