Ant man (5 or 10 shots) shot 2


Hi guys I am back
Thank you all
I can see that many of u like this new plot as it is different and guys the ones who call me Prabhi well actually there was no user name available that’s why I kept pragya’s pra and abhi’s Abhi as a name. My real name is Fatima. So guys if u want changes or some tracks to extend the shots your most welcome as after their reunion I have no idea how to make a perfect 10. There is a treat for y’all as I might post out two parts and another three shot ff
Now without my further annoying talks lets get into the story:

RECAP: C: u resigned actually thrown out of this company and after that they made me ceo and I spent all my years trying to make that particle size small and now I am so close and u exepect me to stop. We could have done this together but no u did’nt care.

He goes closer to her
C: (whispers) and don’t worry your daughter is in right hands
R: uuuurrrrrrrrrrh!!! And leaves
Pragya looks on
Shot 2 : Ram to himself: Ragini if only u were here nothing would have been like this
As he reaches home and enters inside he sees his daughter Pragya leaning against the wall arms folded. She was staring him
R: when did u come home
P: Just when u were lost in your deep thoughts
R:Come lets have lunch
Both sat on the table and started having lunch. There was a long silence. Pragya was the one who spoke first
P: Dad we need to do something. We can’t let project yellow jacket be a success
R: I am trying but Darren is to far ahead he can’t be stopped by words Action has to be taken against him
P: Dad the suit Is still there
R: Don’t even think about it
P: (Irked) why dad why not, from years I am the inside man and I know everything. than why can’t I go inside wearing the suit
R: Pragya no more arguments leave (shouts angrily)
P: U’ll never believe in your daughter( in dismay) and is about to leave when a thought hit her mind
P: who will then
R: what?
P: neither u nor me than who will stop it
Ram leans back into his chair
R:I do have someone in mind

Screen shifts to the Mumbai jail where all the prisoners are rounded around two people
Looks like a fight is going on. Lets see
B1: so peachy
B2; come o
B1: does a left right jab and a hook but peachy doesn’t budge
Peachy: that’s all
B1: hey man sorry and punches him bad
PEAchy jabs him giving him a scar on his eyebrows
They grab each others hands and hug each other
PE: nice Abhi we’ll miss u
A: yeah me too
All the prisoners cheer
An officer comes there
Off: who is abhishek prem Mehra
A: bye guys my time is over see y’all soon, yes its me
O: let’s go
Abhi is shown exiting the jail

A boy is shown standing leaning against a van
B:yo bro
A: hey purab
P: whats that on your head
A: Peachey’s souvenir
P: oh I still have mine and shows his
They get into the van and start moving
P: so are u done with all this
A: is this a question to ask of course I’m done with all these scores and robberies no more of them
P: where to
A: to my ex- wife’s house I want to see my daughter
P: okay lets go
They were headed towards her EX wife’s home
(oh my all are thinking what Abhi is married yes and divorced)
Abhi looks on and goes into flashback

To be continued

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  1. Monesha

    Really awesome episode dear. I loved the it to the core. Keep rocking….. good night

  2. RiyaDcruz

    Who might be his ex wife????????? Is tht TANU or else PRAGYA????????
    Epi was sooppperrrbbb…………

    1. RiyaDcruz

      No it can’t be pragya…. Coz if it’s pragya where is his daughter soo it might be tanu………

  3. Nice……

  4. Superrrrrr……. Waiting for next episode…..

  5. Interesting nice

  6. Mukundraj

    nice come soon

  7. Prathi

    Wow its going good!! Enjoying it!! Ex-wife Tanu?

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