Anshi Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar voting poll


Hello my dear readers , this is shama the author of Anshi Os Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar basically its totally based of Ishqbaaz brothers and their lives and problems but even though they all are one . my storyline began when anika was fired for bringing dev chabbra in the oberoi mansion as we all know anika is a self made woman so after leaving oberois she decided to resume her canteen work one day while working at her canteen ranveer Singh ranjhawa and his best friend cum brother shivin rathore halted at her canteen and at the very first sight shivin (who looked alike shivaay) fall in love with her and for keeping anika close to him he offered her a deal as shivin was the proprietor of a restaurants and resorts chain and he needed a supervision cum expert in food and that time anika was needy so she accepted slowly their friendship bond turned stronger and one day shivin decided to name this relationship more than friendship as he was truely madly was in love with anika and at that moment anika was hurt and broken from shivaay behaviour and she accepted his proposal and was engaged one day anika was at work when she got a call from omkara that shivaay went Newyork to meet Rudra ( as Rudra was pursuing his degrees) and he got kidnapped anika was shocked and agreed to help omkara whereas Rudra searches shivaay and anika and omkara reached Newyork and they got a CCTV footage and with the help of it they somehow managed to find out the culprits as well as shivaay who was tortured by roop ,riddhima ( she was forced to do so as roop kidnapped her sister Ishana) and gayatri cops arrested them and shivaay was rushed to hospital… Whereas Ishana manages to escape from clutches and gets hit by somya car and somya on dadi suggestion brings Ishana oberoi mansion .

Doctor misunderstandings SHIVIKA as couple and omru teased them shivaay realized his mistake and wanted to apologize but was not getting chance SHIVIKA omru reached oberoi mansion and om was shocked to see his love interest Ishana there [ Ishana was the third girl in om life after riddhima and ishika] on this note I need your help that with whom you want om to pair with ……

Anshi Takarar Ya Pyaar Article whom should be paired with om and is my article interesting?

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  1. Options only vanished wah Telly updates…. Or maybe I can’t see can you guys??

  2. Liya

    Shama dear?? hope you are doing well. I want ishana as Om pair #ishkara forever?#….waiting for your next part

    1. Liya di now I am bit fine thanks and you replied that means ur able to see the options good….

  3. Rithik


  4. Sat_9492

    Ishkara forever…

  5. ShubhangiRokxx

    i want only nd only nd only nd only nd only #ishkara dear that is om nd ishana

  6. Half results are ready thanks but can you all do one more favor whom ever wanted me to write another Friends gang article please vote here so that I could plan something fresh with new characters, new story new friends it can be you too so please drop ur valuable views here too and a remained which story would majority of votes will be posted on the WU telly updates not @ Ishqbaaz page ….

  7. Thanks for 100% votes for this poll kindly see the link on my ?above comments or on my wall as I need it please drop ur valuable views friends

  8. Renimarenju

    I want to see ishana with omkara….no one else….as their saga of love ended in ishqbaaz without a proper way…so ishu should be paired with omkara….bshama…am happy that u are back with new ff…..

    1. Thanks di and this ff is upto complete 30 episodes so its not that much new but thanks and yaa I am willing to start up new friends OS

      1. Barbieannie

        How u made this poll?..yea ur ff is interesting….!!!…nd just ishkara no ishika .. Upload Ff soon

  9. ishkara forever…..
    hi shama di send ur Fb id in private massage plz…..

    1. Dear I have put that on deactivation becoz of some reasons so you can ask
      Naina,nandhini,ananya,fatarajo,shama,sanaya malik,sahana anyone please

  10. Sriya

    I want ishkara as pair dear!

  11. Really want ishkara…

  12. Ayath

    I want ishkara ….

  13. Ishkara
    Om should be paired with ishana

  14. Puvi

    Only ishkaar di pair up with ishaan di

  15. Hidden Sunshine

    AIshkara always(ISHANA) …n abt da new ff thing ..can u write a sequel of ishabaaz ff by shama or simply erase its last epi from r minds n u can continue with a new twist instead of endin it ..what say? …N tq fr dis summary now i kinda hv idea abt da storylne ?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion I will try to provide a summary of my first ff

      1. Hidden Sunshine

        I think u tuk it wrong dr.. i meant thanks fr writin summary fr anshi in dis page … if u r sayin dat ur gonna wri8 summary of ishqbaaz ff by shama Fr me ..dn no need coz i almost remember each n every epi ?… but i think u shud coz it vl help da otr readers …
        N e1 i vl b 20 in few months callin u di is not a gud idea?

  16. Anujohnson

    Di….I want ishkara together… they both look so good…pls make twists and turn in their story….
    And pls do write a new friends gang story…last story was so good…pls if you can add me also….

  17. Fama

    I want omkara’s love to be only ishana they made an awesome pair on screen but unfortunately we’re not able to see more of their scene in the show so only ishana aka Vrushika Mehta

  18. SamSun

    Shama di u know my answer, it is always ishana #ishkara!!!!

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