Anshi Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana Mushkil hai yaar ( Surprise 4) by shama

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In case anyone has missed last episode here is the link to it

Episode 3
Recap of last episode:

Obros turned agents to catch the culprit of shivin’s murder ( shivaay’s twin bro) and to clear all the false charges on shivaay they made an intent move which was successful and the intruder was reveal to be none other than ishana’ s sister Riddhima.
Scene : 1

Riddhima plonked by the sudden jerk on the floor she steals some untowards looks which was obviously filled up with wrath .

“Riddhima, I wonder you’re flabbergasted ” well no wonder why my sister was behind the bars , I warned you five years ago too that don’t ever try to harm omkara physically or emotionally but you did it again .” Ishana stated

Riddhima sarcastedly looked into those black eyes and said : Tell me someone else ishu you don’t fed up repeating those same lines huh ?

“Well , to be frank why am I expecting a reasonable answer to your acts as I know your hopeless my sister , I should have understood that you can’t get my words straight into your head …. ok I know you always loved fame , money , status and power more than anything else in this world for these things you ruined our sisterly relationship which we used to share in past .


Riddhima yes , money is and was my priority you know why ? Because of this society . I just hate it money rules no one in this world would turn up for emotions ishu and I was frustrated by all this I wanted to rule then I got omkara and I thought of marrying omkara but after meeting you at that party I don’t know what happened to omkara he instantly fell for you and how can I let that happen ishu . So I created rift amid your bond …

Priyanka ear was aching so she kept her bluetooth on a table nearby and continued to dance and omkara was shooting a video all couples dancing cutely when he was tired he kept the handy cam on the same table without losses a moment of dance when he heard some weird sounds. ..kosh kosh as if someone is talking he turned to look here and there no where that kosh kosh whispering sounds were there when his eyes fall on bluetooth that sound was coming from there he wore the bluetooth and it was ishana he scoped the hall when he heard ishana

Ishana : yeah how can I forget the worst day of my life .

Om : where Is ishu ? And what is she talking about ? The WORST day ?
5th June 2012

A girl obviously ishana is shown walking and working in the kitchen she opened the refrigerator to keep something when her eyes fall on a sticky note @top she skimmed it my gosh , today is omkara and my first friendship anniversary I never thought of having a friend like omkara in life but I guess I am lucky .

Riddhima was crossing the area when she heard ishana she thought dear ishu , luck never stays for long nowadays u and omkara are getting close together whether it’s ngo work or a simple dinner at our place omkara ‘ s all attention is for you and where do I exist? nowhere….. and you know this very well that your closeness is bothering me but you didn’t stop nor omkara .
but don’t worry you’re very happy now but after some time you’re happiness will vanish when om will himself say “ISHANA YOU DON’T EXIST IN MY LIFE “.

And ishana was preparing a cake especially for omkara she said to herself Kitna Maza aayega …

Riddhima repeated Sach me Kitna Maza aayega …. Riddhima got a phone call “ROOP BUA” she lifted it and walked into her room .
[Phone conversation]

Plan is ready for implementation make sure you and ishana must be there on time .

Riddhima: Yes , bua but what’s the guarantee that after this plan omkara will consider me as her lady love and will marry me?

Roop: after the drama , omkara will break and you will support him all the time and marriage ki chinta mat karo I am there to take care of that .

Riddhima : Why ? Would you do that favor for me huh?

Roop : Oh ho, you saved me na when I stole handsome of money from veer ji safe as he neglected my needs so I had to do so and I was almost caught when you said that it’s a donation from oberio family for dada ji somehow you succeeded so now it’s my turn and it’s good for both of us if you became an oberio .

Riddhima : well than I am coming there now and ishana will be there in a hour as she’s baking cake !
After a hour

Ishana entered into oberio mansion taking the cake very carefully her eyes were searching omkara and omkara saw her back he was in jolly mood so he thought of it some mischievous act he slowly went behind ishana and almost shouted : BHOO

ishana leaped up shouts in return and due to the suggest jerk the delicious red velvet cake was about to travel the distance to floor when omkara and ishana both steadily held it before the floor could have the pleasure to taste the valvet cake ….Their fingers touched each other …They both looked at each other and was lost in each other.

Omkara instrumental background music plays. ….

And rudra and Shivaay was coming down from stairs rudra said shivaay bhaiyya you don’t feel ki o is interested in bela oops ishana di ?

Shivaay : nah rudra o is shayaribaaz he can’t be ishqbaaz .

Rudra hits his elbow to shivaay to check out ishkara both were shocked and rudra says so kya kaha tha abhi apne?

Shivaay cleared his throat intentionally which broke the moment and drove ishkara back to reality and to avoid teasing omkara asks this cake! That too my favourite . Ishana smiles

Rudra : cake for what?

“Our anniversary”……. Tej was coming down sipping his coffee with janvi when his throat was almost choked he coughed and asked omkara when you both got married ?

Om: Mr .oberio no one taught you to drink slow why are you always in a hurry huh ? Are you ok ?

Everyone was shocked except ishana as she was trying to develop a soft corner somewhere in his heart for Tej . This was the impact of their friendship that omkara was now trying to care for Tej.

Tej such nods …..and omkara says good and well today is our first friendship anniversary.

And everyone was like Ohh….

And dadi came down to hall and asked janvi that I gave you some precious diamonds to keep in safe .

Janvi : ji mummy ji I kept it safely

But it’s not there janvi where did the diamonds vanished from house?

Roop :”Maa don’t worry we will find it”

Dadi : janvi puttar yaad kar you kept it in the safe only na as you were inebriated did you keep it will you?

Janvi : mummy ji , you feel I have theft in my own house so you no one trust me what’s the need to be here. Janvi moved a bit to make an exit but then she felt an arm gabbing her hand tight she turns her face and finds “Tej” …… Tej says in a soft voice said there is no need to go I trust you janvi and I know you can’t even think of doing anything like this so please don’t weep and help me in finding the diamonds ….will you ?

Janvi nods with wet eyes and everyone was searching everywhere when slowly Roop took those diamonds from her Saree pallu and passed it to riddhima and she said I will search there and went near ishana purse and as she found everyone busy she kept it in .

And at a few more Riddhima suggests to call the police and she simultaneously asked ishana to call in ngo that we will be late they must be tensed. …..ishana goes in hurry and without looking into the purse she takes out mobile and the diamonds scattered from her purse ….

Everyone was left shocked

Omkara was not ready to believe this before he could prove ishana innocent cops arrived and after all tries also police arrested her from a crime she haven’t done.

And after a day or two Riddhima went to meet ishana in lockup with fake tears she knew that om will to reach anytime so she begin

Riddhima ( fake sobbing): ishu media is spending rumours that you have stolen diamonds for money and did friendship with omkara for your profit no one is trusting me now

Ishana said : but i trust om he wouldn’t leave me in this mess i trust him and will wait for him till he comes ( omkara is shown walking down to meet her )

what did you say I have stolen diamonds for money and used omkara for my profit

Omkara heard the last lines and stood there in shock the words where ringing in his mind “I HAVE STOLEN DIAMONDS FOR MONEY AND USED OMKARA FOR MY PROFIT”. Something inside him was broken into a million pieces .

Riddhima made an escape from there giving a silly excuse and as she went omkara entered and without listening a word he lashed ishana and she was trying to elucidate but he was not believing she said that i was talking with Riddhima so omkara called Riddhima and she totally denied and said om i am at ngo now if you want you can check!

Om : No need Riddhi I trust you more then the person who is standing front of me. And he said this with tears and said “you’re now history ishana ” you don’t exist now ….He went

Ishana was shocked broken that in a day she lost her friend , her love and her sister she was in tears WHY RIDDHIMA! !!

After some days Roop was pricking Riddhima and she wanted Roop to get lost from oberio mansion as Roop wanted to book handsome shares on her name which obviously Tej and Riddhima didn’t let this happen
Flashback :2

Riddhima entered into omkara room and hugged him and hi and wished Tej “good morning”

Well Riddhima Mr . Oberio has some document can you check out for me please !

Riddhima : yeah sure she takes the file and skimmed it and said lie it’s donation for some good cause …….the truth was It was Shares transfer

Omkara just signed it and went for some work .

A courier boy came with an orange envelop which was for omkara he took the delivery and red the pages as soon as he red he yelled at Tej and everyone was shocked by his behaviour .


Riddhima entered and wishes hi everyone I am sorry om i am late actually i was purchasing light lamps now we will light it together……

Diye toh main jalaoga but tumhare saath nahi tumse koi saugaat nahi chahiye Riddhima you also broke my trust .

Riddhima trying to elucidate om Suno toh sahi I did because. …..

“Get out Riddhima I said get out he yelled …..rudra and Shivaay held him “.

The courier boy calls someone and says hello , ishana mam your courier has been received and blasted at Riddhima as you wished.

Ishana in the cell : through a mobile she was answering she said good job

[actually as soon as Roop got information that veer ji and Riddhima are one now she thought of ishana ……Roop sent a lunch box for ishana which contained mobile and the plan . So ishana decided to protect om from her cunning sister and bua by using them . ]
Omkara was alone all alone he just needed janvi he walked back to janvi room and kept his head in her lap and said Maa is the only word on which he can trust to the fullest.

Flashback ends
Omkara was shocked to learn all this ,in a trice his world turned upside down he plonked at the edge of the chair he was sweating

What have I done ! My ishana was innocent my heart was right that time also then why I took decision from brain she was continuously trying to elucidate she even said” PLEASE OMKARA DON’T DO THIS PLEASE TRUST ME JUST FOR OUR FRIENDSHIP FOR THOSE MOMENTS WE SPEND TOGETHER , I KNOW I SAID THOSE WORDS BUT I WAS TALKING TO RIDDHIMA …..”

And what did I do I left her all broken alone behind those bars ( he held his temples and a tear escaped from his eye) her eyes were filled with tears and that tears where gifted by me why !

His body was not in his own control it automatically started heading towards the dark passage with every single step omkara was recapitulating how Riddhima swindled him and played with his emotions more to it created enormous misunderstandings amid ishana and me which i don’t know how i will clear now i doubt will ishana accept me ? No I can’t give up again once I did it with my friendship and I lost my buddy ishana somewhere in it… how can I loss my love again Omkara thought to himself and was determined that whatever punishment ishana will give I will accept without a word.
Scene : 2
@ Rumya

They were swaying on the music but Somya was in some other world when she was in rudra embrace she forgot almost everything she was just enjoying the moment destiny gifted her.


I have being with many girls danced with them but never ever felt something like I am feeling now with somya , her touch is driving me almost loca ( crazy) and her eyes which is constantly fixed on me damn they are deep I feel like I am already sinked in them and her words which is I don’t know why but making me fall in love with her I loved it when she rephrased my sentence “meri nahi , humari family ”
what does a guy need more than this when a girl considers his family as her no doubt why is she love angel and why I love love angel she makes love so easy.

I don’t know but I feel rudra is happy with me as now I am with me , we are not made for each other type couple we just complete each other by our craziness and weird conflicts what do a girl need more than some respect and love . I feel complete

Somya finally broke the ice : rudra!
Rudra : Yes somya

Somya took a deep breath : rudra thode naadaan thode badmaaz ho tum magar jese bhi ho mere liye Bhahut khwaas ho tum ! So thank you for making my life special

Rudra was woo by this sudden cute confession he wanted to say the same to her and was about to utter a word but then thought when shivaay bhaiyya can’t propose his wife his showing that much taadi so how can I can do confession so he shows some attitude ” I knew it Somo one day you will fall for me just like every single girl does I mean it’s not your fault it am so dashing smashing and hot.

Somya ( emotional) I was ok with your attitude as your a guy I thought for a while that you can fall for me or just to pacify me you could have said that you feel same for me but I never thought you could do this to me you “compared me”rudra thanks for reminding me that for you love is based on “SIZE”.

She withdraws herself from his grip and was almost weeping she was hurt she just walked away .

Rudra was shocked he never expected that his small prank would hurt her that deep as he realised that somya was gone…… he immediately trotted towards his room where somya was heading he thought of hitting himself with his dumbbell as his so called taadi had made Somo weep firstly I have to convince my love angel than I will teach a lesson to my taadibaaz brother.

Shivaay asked by anika bluetooth : what did you say rudra ?

Rudra : was I loud? …..shivaay said yes you were and go Joh raita phelya hai usse samate.

Rudra nods and Shivaay ordered khanna to come out and cover Riddhima it’s high time .

Riddhima gets her gun and was about to aim on ishana when suddenly she felt herself surrounded and she felt she had no option left now she opted to run ….. as she took few steps a tight slap knocked her out .

Ishana : ” omkara”

Everyone was shocked to hear omkara as he was not involved in plan everyone said “om”

[Scene shifts to Rumya Room ]

Somya thrown the bluetooth and messed up her hair in anger and locked herself in the room she was angry on herself that she let herself flow with the atmosphere and express everything . She slide down and sat on the floor by the time she was weeping badly.

Rudra almost reached the room when he heard weeping he tried to unlock the door but damn she locked it and is behind the door .

Rudra knocks the door : somya please don’t weep and open the door

Somya murmurs I won’t compel you just like Riddhima did with bade baal wale bhaiyya I won’t tell you to feel the same as I do …..but please leave me alone

All agents could clearly hear what was happening with rumya…..

By agent 5 aka priyanka bluetooth omkara said duffer singh oberio don’t repeat the mistake I did with my friend my ishana , every one can’t get a buddy in their soulmate you’re lucky enough you have it so please don’t let it go so easily . ( all this while he was holding Riddhima from elbow but his eyes were glued on ishana)

Ishkara shared a short but emotional eyelock

Rudra finally says : ( emotional ) …..I just…..can’t ….do that…..Somo !

He saw the room window opened in no he leaped up and was in the room he said I can’t leave you somya you were always in me what ever I do from somewhere I remember you and our marriage . ( he took his bluetooth and kept it he knelt down and wiped out her tears ) and said I am sorre Somo

Somya ( smiled with tears) Offo duffer singh Oberio she hits his forehead lightly and says at least learn sorry spelling .

Rudra : smiles back and says you will make me learn as your my friend na ? And you know friends turned partners are the best ….now don’t snatch my identity of being the official one and only cry baby your cry back of this house or else I will cry.

Somya grins and just hugged him tightly and said I am sorry rudra I overreacted …….. rudra said stroking her hair I am sorry Somya I won’t hurt you ( he broke the hug and held somya little finger in his and said “pinky promise”)

[Scene : 3 ]

The entire oberio mansion was lighten up again as the dance came to its end all this while Ranveer was just seeking some glances of DevYanka every thing had cool down but Ranveer was burning
I guess Oberios are in a mood of romance with their partners in crime they all look so damn lost in each other but I don’t know what priyanka is searching in his ……eyes and what is he whispering in her ear what was his name ….yeah dev ! Is dev eyes so attractive? that a girl like priyanka whose always shy is all of sudden turning on , every one is doing romance and this dev is always grabbing a chance on priyanka wow and what am I doing ? Sipping cold drink to cool my emotions down ……well done ranveer singh ranjhawa good going if things will go like this na so soon you will shower flowers on priyanka wedding!

No ….I have to do something or else priyanka is in full mood to turn my worst dream real he looks here and there he guestues a servant to take his empty glass and refill it with more cold drink the servant was doing it when ranveer kept a note in the tray and said **********. The servant looked at DevYanka and nodded .

The servant bumped into dev intentionally and Dev hits the cold drink glass the servant was holding … soon dev forehead was oozing .

people around me just like ranveer feel that I am frightened , shy and whatever they will say I will obey them without a word but that’s not actually me . When it comes on “Family” I am valiant and suddenly I turn to be an “oberio” as I know the difference between good and bad and illusion and senses of love …… I don’t know why but I feel there is some reason behind ranveer ‘ s good nature but from a couple of days I am attracted to him probably just because he saved me . I won’t let myself commit the same mistake om bhaiyya did , ranveer singh ranjhawa i am an oberio it’s not that easy to make me fall in love with you as you feel.
( all this thoughts were running in her mind when ranveer was constantly staring at her )

I don’t know from where dev came into my life I still remember that day when he came down for rishta when my eyes met his it was like for the first instantly liked him i still remember when my alliance broke and he came down to meet me he said

“Main jaanta hoon humare beech connection hai Isliye main ek baar aakar Saree Baatein clear karna chahata tha you deserve it “.

From then we were not in touch and then suddenly dev called me and informed about Riddhima how?

I gathered all my strength as I have already embarrassed myself from that hug and thank you wala whisper .. I cleaned my throat .

Thank god dev asked what happened are you ok? I immediately said from where you came to know about Riddhima residence .

Dev smiled and whispered in my ear actually somya Mom called to apologise I had a word with with her then my mumma asked me to check on the tenants and ask them to pay the rent for our farmhouse that was when I sensed something fishy around me and when I checked I saw Riddhima .I remember her as I saw her in some pics of Oberio family hanging in your room then what the first name was shivaay I couldn’t call shivaay bhaiyya as I remember how much he is concerned about blood lineage. So I turned your “informer”.

Priyanka : oh I felt hurt for dev when he said about blood lineage someone had said true words act more than actions . I was in my thoughts when I sensed dev breathe near my ear I was losing myself ….no priyanka watch your actions.

I was trying hard to compose myself when thank gosh finally the dance came to an end and before I could do something a servant bumped into dev I don’t know why but I felt myself panicked ……. I lead him towards my room to give him first aid .


Ranveer face dropped when he saw priyanka holding dev hand and leading him towards her room.
[Scene : 4]


The party almost came to its end the guests congratulated me and Shivaay and wished us to be happy in life together I looked at shivaay who was busy with escorting the guests and media amid all this drama we were able to grab some moments for life I am happy about it but somewhere in all this my desire to hear his feelings for me was incomplete I was feeling tired I asked khanna what happened of Riddhima , the witless lady who spoilt everything khanna said omkara sir dragged her into his room and ishana mam followed him …… I felt sad for omkara and ishana some one has said true “jab pyaar dono tarah se saach ho ko kismat juda kar deti hai” .

With all this thoughts I entered my room with a sad face and changed my attire .

When I was busy with guests I saw anika lost in thoughts I saw a gloominess on her face maybe if I am not wrong because of the complicated relationship ishkara share I know my anika she always like to see everyone happy and I want to see her happy but before I could have a word she was gone when I was entered the room she was changing I took a seat on bed and soon drift in sleep.

To be continued ……
♥ Precap : More past revelations ,and a good surprise someone will accept feelings it can be anyone …..
I tried my level best to entrail you all sorry for no shivika scene hope you liked it if time permits please drop your comments below.

B_isha ( shama )

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