Anshi- takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 12) by shama


Hello again my dear readers I am back with a new episode I will try to satisfy myself and you with this track in the recent episodes I got some comments saying your storyline will gripping and while reading it I become a detective someone says it is like mental exercise of mind like science most of you pampered me with such comments and I will sound somewhat greedy but I need more comments if you all are satisfied with this track a big thanks to all who spear their precious time on my post thanks a lot …
Recap of the Previous Episode.

Shivomru entered rathore mansion Rumya had a cute fight … Om was frightened to see Ishana faint and moreover in her bedroom there was a sketch which portrayed om past he crumbled it and thrown it on floor and Ishana picked it and saw she felt that somewhere I saw this girl janvi goes to the deadend area in oberoi mansion and opened the secret door and went in that room dadi too follows her… Instead of shivin name on mehandi shivaay name printed … They have a silent thought fight.
Present Episode : { Part 12 begins}
Scene : 1
At Rathore Mansion
Ranveer thought that Omkara Singh Oberoi how can I let you be happy so easily you thought that you will make Ishana your so easily without any problem how it can be possible when I am here till I take my last breathe I will try my best to destroy you and your family like years ago my happiness was ruined because of oberois … When I saw you for the first time in oberoi mansion I was filled with anger with that pain from which I suffered and now I am returning you the same pain as gift you can’t run away from your past so easily { he was walking in the corridor with several changing expressions happiness sadness angriness pain } while walking towards his room on the entrance he phone rings……
He stepped into his room closed the door and held the Mobile in his hand and lifted it..
Ishkara Room
Omkara was waiting for Ishana and he sat on the bed { head downwards hands forming a tight fist he rested his hand on his chin } He thought I am culprit for how much time I can deny this but the truth is ki ab Nahi hota ( I can’t do it anymore) my soul is pricking me somewhere that I am wrong due to my lives drastic experiences I have to take the support of drugs because I my family my brothers and dadi only understands me better than me… I promised shivaay that I will never consume drug again in my life but if again my life halts at the same point in halted 5 years than I will be finished… If Ishana too did something like……. His heart scolds him no om stop it nothing will happen to your Ishana she was yours and is and always yours… He felt somewhat pacified …
Whereas Ishana thinks that something is wrong with om like his past is haunting him I will not let om happen anything but this sketch { she was holding the sketch tightly in her hand } she was having a strong feeling as if somewhere she saw this girl she closed her eyes and some unclear scenes flashes …
A open garden fully decorated with some posters she was trying to remember when om knocked the bathroom door ( knock knock) and link breaks and she comes back to reality and again crumbled the sketch in closed fist and was doubting ranveer for all this mess and opened the door…

Scene : 2 – @ Oberoi Mansion
Dadi closed the wall door and saw janvi in the room weeping she entered the room and called her out she turned in shock and saw dadi there and sat on the bed dadi asked janvi that why she opened the room which was closed from years after that accident in our family .. Janvi says in a cracking tone I am sorry mummy ji but after seeing preksha alive in front of sight how can I control my emotions so easily after all she is my sister when her death news arrived I was broken I felt like I failed in fulfilling my duties towards her as a sister dadi understood her condition and sat beside her and pacified her by saying whatever happened in past we can’t correct it now and somewhere we all were culprits not only you you tried your best as a sister to console your sister in her tough time but the truth is this that she is alive and OK yes its a truth that preksha was a part of this family and I accept that we hurted her very badly and still we remorse for it …
Janvi says mummy ji will my sister forgive me and oberois … She asked in a kidish manner and dadi dadi said why not your eyes is reflecting your emotions and I know her she is like you big hearted she will forgive us janvi asked and what about shivaay omkara and Rudra … Dadi gives a serious expression and puts her head downwards… Janvi says akhir kab tak hum unse sach chupa payege ( till when we can hide the truth from them ) pinky voice came oh my mata where is my billu omkara and Rudra at this time…. Yeh shivaay jab se birth hua jab se mujhe tensions hai….
Shivin was at hospital there he got the news that his friend was shifted to other hospital in Hyderabad by flight urgently as his condition turned critical and the hospital authorities surrendered saying that we can’t take risk with his life so …. And shivin says receptionist thanks for the information by the way can I see where my friend is moved I mean which hospital exactly in Hyderabad …
Receptionist says just a moment sir and checks her system and while checking her hand dashed a Glass full of water which was near to her and it falls on keyboard and CPU wires due to which the computer displays vanishes…..

And shivin had to wait for the details the Lady calls the system engineer to come and check ….
Scene 3 : Near hall in corridor
Anika thinks that why is she quarreling with shivaay let him do whatever he want otherwise this jwala mukhi Singh oberoi ?
will blast for no reason as always ….
Shivaay scanned her mind that what is anika thinking after reading her mind he makes a weird face and anika gets up from her place avoiding shivaay and tries to escape but shivaay Singh oberoi can’t tolerate this he sees preksha and gets an idea and started shouting anika sweetheart you don’t care na ( he imitated shivin ) and anika turned towards him and thought ab yeh kya drama kar rahe hai billu ji ….
And while thinking she looked at her mehandi and says oh beta ki when she sees shivaay name on her palm and says phel gaya raita … Shivaay thinks what happened to anika all was a sudden anika moves backwards and shivaay thinks madam ne mehandi me kya Dekh joh aase react kar rahi hai he moves forward and she thinks billu ji go back … Shivaay thinks what shivaay Singh oberoi doesn’t take he steps back…
Anika gives an angry look and thinks offo taadibaaz oberoi kabhi joh kisi ki Suno …
Shivaay reply back in thinks ummm no… Until that person is close to my heart… Why I should obey your orders panika….
Preksha was watching all this like when shivaay stepped forward she steps backwards and preksha smiled and thought not to disturb the romantic Ishqbaazi happening… She goes ….
Shivaay says anika stop moving backwards as if you saw a ghost OK…
Anika says aap bhoot se kam hai kya billu ji kahi bhi kabhi bhi prakat ho jate hai ….

Shivaay says kya… She says kuch Nahi ….
Shivaay and anika heart questioned what is your relationship ….
Computer engineer comes and fixed the computer and shivin thinks finally !!! And thinks that why anika is not replying my calls ….. SHIVIKA thinks that yaa what is the connection between us…..
Shivaay asked asked anika that why I feel so strange when I am close to you ? Anika says I too feel same…… Shivaay takes a step forward and asked anika you know whenever I scold you afterwards I remorse on it … Anika says billu ji same same I also remorse … Billu ji when you’re tensed I become tensed … Why?? .. With every question shivaay was getting close to anika.. Shivaay thinks that I hate my heart because its mine but beats for you … Anika looked into his eyes and said billu ji whenever I see you my heartbeats raised….

( shivin gets the information and gets into his car and on call booked a ticket for Hyderabad ) but feels to inform this to anika and mom so he speeds up his car he was about to reach …
SHIVIKA reaches to the deadend of wall and shivaay locked her in arms and asked why these many questions anika… Anika says I don’t know billu ji and shivaay sees his name on mehandi and holded her hands tightly interlocking his hands in her and moves close as much as he can …. Anika starts loosing herself and was lost in his kanchi aakhe and their noses touched each other that much close … They were about to k*** when shivin at entrance shouted anika…. And their moment breaks and shivaay looked at anika… Shivin asked what’s happening…..
Scene : 4
Priyanka in her room was thinking about ACP Ranveer Singh Ranjhawa that what is the connection between him and our past she remembered her meetings with ranjhawa and takes a deep breathe and sits on bed … Her phone rings … It was her collegemate and bestie Naina Arora…
Prinku lifts the call and said hello dear…
Naina : uff itna thada hello upset hai kya ?
Prinku : Nahi woh actually…
Naina : bus bus reason search mat kar mujhe paata hai ki ….
Prinku : ( in shocked scared tone) ki ….
Naina : ki tu us handsome dashing acp ke bare me soch rahi hai…
Prinku : kya !!! Handsome dashing aur woh anika ki chandini bhi use reject kar de priyanka Singh oberoi toh door ki Baat hai…
Naina : OK OK baba chill … Actually humara college ek camp organize kar raha hai … Which contains many trilling activities .. Toh tum aa rahi ho na…
Prinku says me no !!
Naina requested repeatedly please please please please please…
Prinku says OK OK baba yeh please ke bomb mujh pe blast mat kar….
Naina danced yippee that means your joined na actually without asking you I filled your name in the form … But I knew that somehow I will manage to convince you and I did …. Yippee … ( naina danced like Ishana) …
Prinku says OK bye …naina says bye…
Priyanka thinks I think naina had did correct thing but filling the form at least ab woh acp mujhe pareshaan Nahi karega…
Ranveer in his room was on call it was sinde … Sinde said sir your work has accomplished I am sending you the documents on your mobile. ….
Ranveer gets email he opened the document it was the same form which naina filled for priyanka… And he smiled and said priyanka ji its not easy to go away from me so easily I am coming to trouble you…
Shivin voice raised and he shouted terribly omru somya Ishana preksha ranveer all gathered and first shivin pulled shivaay because he was too close to anika … Preksha understood that the guy who entered before was shivaay and he is shivin she cups her mouth … Omish looks at each other Rumya too … All rushed down ….
Shivin said what is oberois problem huh ?
How dare you touched her I know that we both look alike but it doesn’t mean that you get the authority to touch her … Anika tries to calm shivin but he signed her to be quite..
Shivin saw mehandi and was shocked he asked shivaay that you only wrote your name on her hand na…. Omru comes in between and pulled shivin and said stop it you can’t talk with shivaay like this ….

Shivin hhhhh.. I don’t care how dare he !! Anika is mine…..
( anika was in tears) shivaay reacts no she is not your OK … If you dare to call your so I won’t kill you…
Anika looks at shivaay…..
Shivin asked shivaay that your mom didn’t teach you that jiss ladki ki shaadi hone wali hote hai uske saath ishqbaazi Nahi karni chahiye….
Shivaay holded shivin collar and anika came in between and kept her hand on his shoulder and with pleading eyes she requested… Silently through soul and shivaay stops…. Shivin burned in anger that OK that much understanding you both share he raised his hand to slap shivaay but before he could anika holded his hand and started giving both shivaay & shivin lecture.. That I am not an award you both can win someone asked me my opinion my feelings both are like animals…. And yaa billu ji is correct on his place and whenever any problem comes on him I will become his great wall … Because he is special to me …. And I can do anything for him …
All were shocked…. Shivaay said anika …

Anika holded his hand tight and stopped him… Shivin was hurt…
Anika says I know you shivin I tried my best for this relationship because I felt you trust me but I was wrong ..
You both billu ji shivin don’t trust me a percent also so… I guess we have to think on our future shivin…
I am quitting this relationship and every relationship who don’t trust me…..
I am sorry she takes the engagement ring from her ring finger and throws it on floor which goes straight to shivin….
And for the shivaay name …. I will punish myself she goes to temple and keeps her hand over diya and shivaay name starts to burn and tears fall from her eyes her voice was having pain shivaay couldn’t see it and he rushed and rescued anika before his Name burns……
Episode ends
Many trilling surprises awaiting …

Author note: sorry for no ishkara Rumya scenes and secret reveal …. Actually I am rushing from my house due to some urgent issues so sorry hope you all understand …
And I will try to post next episode asap but I don’t know……
Thanks for reading
Lots of love….

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    daivam orortharkum thanna kayhivukal athintethaya reethiyil vetyasthamanu…
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    hridayathinte bhashayil manasukondu ezhuthunnathu ennum ellavarudeyaum manasil nillnilkum..
    I love you and your writtings a lottt reach high and higher than your dreams…
    (after you have read this put a reply ..I will translate the whole thing…)

    1. I understood somewhat but I figured out that ur Malayalam…
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      1. Cuteprincess

        ohh that’s great you undertood it….

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