Anshi- takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 10) by shama

Thank you readers its my terrific 10 episode hope you all like this one and thanks for all your support my golden hearted readers….
Episode 10 begins -:
Scene 1
At Rathore mansion entrance Ishana gets off from the car and wiped her tears off and proceeded to enter while walking she was in thoughts of om and her meeting and that secret she was terribly upset but she controlled her emotions and consoled herself by reminiscing anika unconditional love and sacrifice towards her relationship she thought anika and shivaay concept is right that we should not enter a relationship with thousands of expectations if always breaks you in pain and tears .. She said to herself learn something from anika she loves shivaay but knows that he will never accept her as his life partner as she is not from high class family status etc … And anika is aware of this facts but she fall for shivaay and withdraw herself by that relationship I know its not easy for her but she is doing it so why can’t I do for om if his having a past then I too had a past of a con girl but when we fought last time then I decided to surrender myself to police and there I met ranjhawa and he cleared my name a bought me back in om life …. Woah.. What I thought now for a while she halted and rephrased her sentence … Ranjhawa brought back in om life… And her mind shooted a question why would he do this without any reason…. She thought for a minute and said wait how he knows om past.. She thought of asking this question to ranveer and entered .. She saw a servant working she said stop.. She asked about where is ranveer sir ? The servant saw ranveer peeping from his room window ranveer in gestures said I am not at home say… The servant said the same Ishana said OK .. And the servant went … She dialled ranveer number… In his room from window he saw and disconnected the call and immediately text her that Ishana I am at police station with my assistant shinde ..
She red the text and became more curious to know that how ranveer is connected with Om past… ( she goes in her room with curious look on her face.)
At ranveer room her curtained the window again and said to himself that be careful while playing tricks ranveer now don’t be over confident .. I know Ishana now you are doubting me that why did I gave clean chit to you .. First when you came to surrender yourself I was like OK a simple girl is surrendering before police but when you took oberois name in your introgression I was shocked for a while then I thought of this plan of revenge by oberois through you Ishana.. You’re functioning as a harmful weapon to me for destroying oberois and especially omkara Singh oberoi and priyanka Singh oberoi.
Now the second step he called someone and said ab omish shock me hai marriage postpone ho gayi ab second step ki baari tomorrow is shivin mehandi function and you have to come for sure which will surely shock prinku and om and Ishana.. Tomorrow’s party will be a nightmare for prinku and omkara.
The voice said yaa for sure I will do my job and you keep the cash ready.
Ranveer said if everything goes according to my plan so I will pay you double amount OK..
Voice said don’t worry and remember your double pay promise and I promise that tomorrow om will confess the truth…
At preksha room
Preksha was in front of the dressing table she was teared eyes as after so long she saw oberois and especially ….. She said to herself in a cracking voice why ? The life always plays with good souls and test its patience . why again and again I come across the life which I left ? She takes a deep breathe and says sorry mummy ji
( kalyani devi oberoi) … Long back you gave me the kandhani bangles and told me to keep it safe but see today after so many years I misplaced it..sorry.. But thank god I got such a support system my shivin and my brother not from blood but from relationship who supported me at the worst phase of my life and now his son ranveer ranjhawa . shivin and ranveer shares the same bond which me and praksh Bhai used to share
( here praksh ranjhawa is ranveer dad who is no more now ).
Scene 2
At oberoi Mansion
Dadi was restless and was not getting sleep she whenever tried preksha face was appearing in front of her sight and that khandani bangles incident.. She got up from the bed opened her bed side drawer and took a book from in and opened it a particular page was bookmarked she flipped the pages and on the bookmark she saw her husband photo and touched it as she touched a tear droplet falls on the page she said I am sorry.. I am the reason for complicating our lives and her life too yes I was the reason behind which preksha rathore entered oberois life and a tornado came and took preksha out of our lives .. I am still in guilt for spoiling her life with us.. I am sorry preksha.. I know I don’t deserve it but please if my voice is reaching to your heart so please try to forgive me dear…
At tejanvi room .
Janvi was dressed in night wear and was glancing at the bangles in her bangle box tej was sitting and was busy with files well not really he was just flipping the pages and at every flip he was looking janvi who was lost in thoughts which was making tej concern finally the ice breaks and tej said janvi janvi.. No reply he got up from his seat filled water in a glass and served her she looked at it and came out of thoughths and asked water for whom ?
Tej holded her and made her drink water and makes her sit on bed.. He sits beside her and said I know you’re thinking about Maha aarti and preksha afterwards you both are blood sisters ( janvi before marriage was Janvi Rathore ) and then … Janvi cuts his sentence and said then … Looked into his eyes and said that storm came in oberois life when everyone was happy .
Tej took a deep breathe and said OK now its late we should sleep ..
At shinky room ( shinky = shakti + pinky)
Shakti was on bed and was finding it difficult to sleep as whenever tried preksha face was appearing and shivin too he was just twisting his body here and there .
Pinky was happy with the announcement of anika marriage as she was doubting SHIVIKA relationship was more fake than they pretend .. Shivaay tried to show as his not concern for anika but whenever some critical situations occur my billu concerns reflect for anika she reminisced the moment when shivaay made anika drink water on karvachauth instead of tia and afterwards shitia marriage broke because of anika omru and my dream for a Hera bahu broke …. She switched on the tv that baba prawachan will come but that serial was not able it was showing no singal and she started changing the channel and finally halted at news channel it was showing maha aarti telecast she shouted oh my mata anika fiancé looks alike my billu.. She said shakti ji I mean I can’t believe my mera billu ki ek Xerox copy bhi hai… He said yaa for while I was also shocked I didn’t expected this… Pinky says right na?? And that lady what was her name…. She thinks and shakti expressed changed and pinky says yaad aaya preksha rathore she is so beautiful na shakti ji oh my mata I am impressed by her attitude I wanna go and attend the mehandi function please …. Please chalte hai na please shakti shouted pinky stop it and sleep please.. And he switched off it …
Next Morning
Sometimes love writes our destiny love this only word has the power to change ones life but sometimes when I try to figure out what is love for me the only answer I get from my heart ? is understanding and sacrifice towards a relationship ones share and in my case there is no point which can take my ahead with you ‘shivaay’ I never expected that a small town girl will fall for a high class guy whom she fights with .. I expected that you will also give me the same unconditional love billu ji but alas.. What we always plan for our lives the life has some other plans for us like shivin.. Her eyes was filled up with tears but she composed herself ki zayad yahi tumhari kismat hai anika..
She was sitting in front of the mirror and said to herself stop it anika just stop for whom your eyes are waiting for ? When your destination is shivin and not shivaay
Finally she can’t control on herself and blasted in tears? .
Shivaay POV .
He was in his room and his mind was stuffed with my thoughts and questions and the only answer for it was Rathore mansion . He stood up from bed and said to himself wow SSO if you are in thinking mode so who the hell is going to anika’s mehandi and he rushed to his cupboard and was about to open it when he suddenly stopped he thought what the wack ? Will the hell I am getting ready and well dressed for anika mehandi function then his ? heart answer Mr. Shivaay Singh oberoi now you’re sounding like a duffer you have to get ready not for attending that function but for anika but for anika stupid… He opened the wardrobe took an awesome black sherwani with floral designed jacket and held that burnt photo in his hand and rushed to go … When he was driving his mind was hitting with thoughts like why I love anika unconditionally even though she is not like classy people she always keeps silly names of her belongings like chameli, chandni,champa and was not but I love that silly things too
Omkara ran into oberoi mansion and like P.T usha went in his room and locked it his eyes was full of fear to loose Ishana he opened his wardrobe took an attire and started getting ready he said to himself.. Om why you told Ishana your past that past which dragged you into darkness long back that horrible past which still gives me sleepless nights.
When everything was smooth on track Mr oberoi announced your wedding so why did you spoil it with your own hands .. Omkara took a deep breathe and said any relationship can’t built-up on the bases of a lie.. He looked himself in the mirror and his mind said the person who always gives a lecture on truthful life idealism honesty etc but in reality the real om is also a human after all he can also lie and he did that successfully he lied from his friends family and moreover shivaay and Rudra but today when Ishana hooked me with my past I can’t stuff the truth behind my thoughts personality and I said it to Ishana as she has the right to know every single thing about me and my life and I know that if I make her understand the real facts behind my past then she will surely change her decision of not marrying me He rushed out of his room and straightly headed towards rathore mansion
Ishana was walking in rathore mansion corridor and was still in shock that om who always sticks to his honesty idealism truth etc can also lie … Strange to digest this but this is the reality and I have to accept it at any cost but I wish this incident didn’t happen then Ishana would be Ishana omkara oberoi but alas this can’t happen as why would come down here to a con girl to make her understand and take her to his world….
Om in his place Ishana you will surely become an oberoi and I will not let you go anywhere leaving me and I will stay with only you in my world happily ..
Ishana walked and her earring fall on ground she picked it up and was struggling to wear it back she tried with both hands but failed and preksha called her out Ishana and she tired in the same position and ha aunty … Preksha said anika ko uske room se le aao mehandi function start hone wala hai she nodded in yes and walked to anika room.
Scene changes…..
It showed Rudra was tensed regarding somya and rehaan he cursed himself for rejoining them he said Rudra your really duffer and idiot oberoi … I am gonna kill that chalta phirta mosquito documentary I mean how somya likes him and such weird films EU… I mean who sees mosquito and fungus documentary and instead of apologizing Somo wrestler is going to attend anika di mehandi function and that too with that idiot … I wish romi rehaan ko fly ( makhi) ya Scooby doo ( dog) banaye jisse main PT usha ki tarah din bhar running karo ya shu…shu.. Karke bhagaadu …meri aur Somo ki life se forever .
Somo you broke my trust you hurted me and I am an oberoi and I will get an apology from you at any cost otherwise I will change my name …. You watch it rehaan I will not spear you … And somya you will surely get punishment for hurting an oberoi
He was setting his hair with a comb when he heard a sound of horn he peeped out through his bedroom window it was rehaan he came to pick somya .
Somya came and hugged him that was a casual hug for her but for Rudra it was a very big thing his small innocent heart broked in to pieces his eyes was in tears and a fear that he will loose his best friend and maybe more than that . he thrown the comb in anger and it hitted a vase and both broke and somya looked back she scoped all over and her eyes got struck on Rudra crybaby face and without a word she understood Rudra is hurt she wanted to stay but rehaan made her sit in car still her eyes were sticked on Rudra tears and she went off … Rehaan while driving thought somya I can’t loose you again last time I was a stupid to see your figure and not your heart and soul but now I know that love is beyond everything and I will today give you a surprise ..
At the function ….
Anika reached with wet eyes and with a fake smile but her eyes were only searching shivaay but somewhere she knew that hopes always don’t get their destination
” khawisho ki chahat manzil hoti hai,
Dil ki chahat dhadkan hoti hai ,
Aankho ki chahat ibadat hoti hai,
Joh khawishe USS ibadat ko naam dene,
Ke liye fanaa ho jaye woh mohabbat hoti hai”.
Anika sat in the center of the hall she thought pehle toh kismat ne mujhe toodh diya ( first my destiny broke me ) or ab shivaay tumhare pyaar ki chahat ne mujhe bekher diya hai
( and now shivaay that strong desire to get your love has scattered me )… But I don’t wanna change my destiny let’s see what the destiny has gifted me happiness in form of shivaay or pain …….
Preksha and all were praising anika beauty but somewhere shivin sensed that anika was upset so he planned a game for all the couples …. Rehaan somya Rudra om reached one by one …. Om eyes were glued on Ishana he saw anika and hugged and said congrats anika not for this relation but for that feeling you filled in shivaay I know he is full crack and finds difficult to express his emotions….. Rudra too hugged her and said but bhaiyya ki kanchi aakhe sirf aapko dekhana chahti hai forever… Om said wow today Rudra is sounding sensible… Rudra said yaa ( looking at somya with mixed emotions ) shivin took rehaan and somya for dance and while dancing rehaan came on his knees and proposed somya everyone was shocked but happy but om anika sensed pain in rudra and Rudra was loosing his control in anger… He too went on the dancefloor and sang aye dil hai mushkil …
Omkara Ishana and anika connected to the pain Rudra was having in his voice…
Somya was upset to see Rudra in this condition and without giving an answer to rehaan proposal she went in a corner sat on the ground and cried……
Rudra came with tears of anger in his eyes and clapped … Somya looked at him and he sat in a cracking voice wow somya will now become somya chabbra ….. Nice …
Somya said please Rudra…
And hugged him tight and said sorry baba I will never hurt you please don’t punish me like this … Her eyes pleaded apologize and Rudra said OK maaf kiya senti kyu kar rahi hai huh…
Omkara goes on first floor when Ishana was avoiding him and he was calling her … Ishana. .. Ishana but someone pulled Ishana in a corner and injected injection on her neck and she slept and some other girl took her place in the same attire hairstyle … And omkara finally saw his Ishana running towards the balcony and holded her hand from back but she didnt turn and on said Ishana I know hurted you but please listen to me …. The girl took her hand back from his clutches and ran to balcony and turned omkara was shocked …. And the girl saw in the corner the man was holding real Ishana and signed the girl …. And after this om said tum…. Tum yaha.. Kese… He holded his head and was sweating…his Breathing rate raise ,..h…h….h
And the girl jumped from the balcony. ….
And omkara shouted no…….
But no one heard his voice as music was on full voice….
He rushed down but the girl vanished like air … And om was shocked… When he turned he saw Ishana on ground…
Omkara was like ye ho kya raha hai??? He lifted Ishana and took her into her room and while going he tried several times to bring her out of sleep but failed….
As he entered the room … He made Ishana lie on bed and went near coffee table picked the jug to fill water and got a note…
Mehandi done but…… Omkara was tensed… Shivaay…. Prinku in ranjhawa custody….

Hope you all liked suspense and sorry for no couple scene but in next one you will get it…
Do drop comments… I am eagerly waiting

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  1. Nansshivika

    What a suspense yaar it’s awesome and roumya scene superb

    1. I am glad that you liked the suspense but which suspense .. Preksha identity .. Ranjhawa game … Om past.. How will shivaay stop this marriage … Plz share and I am sorry for not adding romantic couple scenes I thought that Rumya and ishkara was left out in the show so I am now focusing at their lives and meanwhile SHIVIKA hope you guys support me

      1. Nansshivika

        All susupenses yaar I am like reading one part and like who is this preksha and just imagination starts and then om part like what is that Mona died what his past and then why is ranveer involved and about shivika and ishkara!! Reading ur ff it makes me a detective , but then not being professional all assumptions must be in wrong way…. U r a killer shama awesome

  2. Akshaya

    Awesome. Touchy episode for rumya fans

    1. Thanks akshaya I hope now I am not using so much difficult words of Hindi
      I am glad that at least Rumya story began from my side
      Thanks for comment

  3. Vincy

    Rudra was senti.. Shiviya n Om was confused…. Nxt episode asap

  4. Priyanka_22

    Awesome Shama
    waitin for Shivay’s entry in mahendi
    nd some shivka romance
    update soon

    1. Happy diwali priyanka and yaa surely I will try to cope up with ur expectations but I wish god fulfills all your desires and silent prayers too.

  5. Nithu

    Di lovely sorry for late comment as yesterday night i went to a my cousin party

  6. Samm

    I liked Rudy’s part the most ??

  7. Voting Poll in yes or no
    1. I am lacking in some elements like love scene comedy suspense character POV etc..

    2. I am good or not at writing what improvement you guys need
    3. I am worth to get at least 30 comments without my reply…
    4. I am willing to end ishkara OS as late episode got 15 comments only and I decided to end it in next episodes
    5. I was willing to write a one shot really very long should I ? But seeing the response I guess I should stop and think and comeback with a fresh start
    6. Do I have silent readers ???

    1. 1.No
      2.U r toooooo gud
      3(Sry I was nt able to cmnt regularly)
      N yp,,,,I read 2/3 epis in one go and maybe there are others lyk me who dnt get tym to cmnt in evry epi,,,,,,Bt u deserve 30+ cmnts N I’m sure u hv many silent readers

      1. Thank u dear…
        Ur reply and sat ayath nandhini reply made my day special thanks…

    2. 1 i dnt think so
      2 vry good
      3 yes n u vil get
      4 its ur wish dea.. bt i dnt thnk u shud end
      5 write os dea.. bt dnt end ff
      6 yes yes yes
      Dnt b sad dea? u r going great?

    3. Goms

      1 no lack
      2 you’re good
      3 yes you’re.. Of course
      5 yes one shot.. But you’re wish dear to start fresh or not..
      6 am pretty sure you have silent readers..

  8. Ishqkum

    So interesting Dr full of suspence I liked rumy scene

  9. Suspense thriller!!! oh my mata!! Cant wait..
    Next epi asap dea?

    1. Sahana thanks dear I am happy that I can write thriller too … Please vote I need to know

  10. Ayath

    wow awesome epi all suspenses are really suberb….dont worry dear somany silent readers are
    there may be they dont intersted in commenting they like reading only
    1 no
    2 u r a good writing dont be sad
    3 yes
    5 yes…dont stop
    please dear dont stop ur ff its really nice….and am sad bcz of that news after dec 3rd u will be here or not…..bavisha always remeber one thing may be 10 persons only read ur ff but next time… you write ur ff for them bcz they always supported u

    1. We both are having takkar ki DPS one SHIVIKA so other ishkara thanks for ur valuable comments and suggestion..

  11. Ayath

    nice dp

  12. Sat

    Shama di sorry for the late comment
    I am busy for a competitive exam
    Anyways I really love your writing skills and literary arts.
    Your story will always be unique and interesting not like mine. Then why are you sad. You are always awesome and rocking to me
    And coming to the episode
    As always it is filled with suspense
    Just thinking about the relationship between preksha and oberois
    And annika feeling for shivaay was awesome and ishkara scenes are sooooooo emotional
    And coming to the poll
    1) no, you are an all rounder, no flaws and demerits in your ff

    2)you are always good at writing, I love your works

    3)you are worth more than 30 comments, people are busy di, understand

    4)I am not going to leave you if you do that, but still I respect your opinion. I know an end will give you a great start. But still I want you to continue as I love that ff. It is completely unique

    5)whatever you write,you are superb di, so don’t worry I will be waiting for that one shot

    6)this is a good question, you have many, they are reading and are not commenting that’s why there are less comments than expected

    Is my reply fine????

    1. Thanks for ur valuable comments and suggestion such a long comment I am glad that you liked…. Thanks for ur motivation

  13. Shaza

    First a very big sorry cuz I couldn’t comment , actually b4 I used be commenting on every ff and all cuz my holidays were going on ..and now school started and exams were going on ..and afcourse I din learn anything in the holidays ?, so I had like so much to study ..and now my exams finished ??✌?️I had so much exam burden that I din even here Taylor swifts and Demi’s songs and now I’m hearing them like mad , ???, actually I’m crazy abt their songs and without it I won’t even sleep ..but now it was like while sleeping also learning ?..Now still school is there so i won’t be able to comment so frequently…hope u forgive me for not commenting from these many years ?✌?️…
    The episode was awesome..suspense is killing me yr …..

    1)no complains , ur awesome in writing di ???

    2)ur Perfect in writing , no improving needed di , if ppl don’t like ur writing then they need improvement in their brain?

    3)Afcourse ur worth more than 30 comments ??, but ppl will be busy and won’t be able to comment …usually there are so many silent readers also .. I’m a mad lover of ur ff’s ,but still was too busy that I couldn’t comment ..they’re will be many more ppl like em .,and even exam season is going on

    4)ishkara OS , I will respect ur decision if u end ..but I live that OS , it’s like a total unique and dif story , so try to continue ..pls

    5) Afcourse , go ahead for the OS , I can’t promise that I’ll be commenting but I will read for sure when I will be free ?…now only getting exited knowing that it’s gonna be long OS ..and surely an awesome one ..pls go ahead ..don’t worry abt the comments I said ppl will be busy usually , and exam Season also going on , and the. Silent readers just go ahead , I’m sure it will be rocking …go girl ?✌?️

    6)..silent raiders , I’m sure u will be having many silent readers , don’t worry di even I’m like a silent reader type who comments rarely in ur ff ( sorry for that ) ..I know many of my freinds also who read ur ff ….as I recommended them …they don’t have a a Email Id , or some mom don’t allow and some don’t have time , so they won’t comment , but they usually tell me abt ur ff being awesome…?? yes u have silent readers …

    I won’t be able to comment on ur further episodes most probably, maybe I will be , cuz my exams *again* FA starting on 19th November ???…and my FA-3 went awesome ..hope FA-4 will also be awesome..part for it l.and after the FA ..I will have SA-2 the hardest and biggest exam …that’s on feb ..but still have to start learning from b4 or it will be burden u know that I’m trapped in my school works, so basically I’ll be properly free after this term “March” till march , So much tension is there ..pray for my exams do

    Exited to know how shivaye will stop the marriage?..and Om’s secret
    ..I think I’ve typed a comment longer than the episode now ..
    Bye bye
    Hope u didn’t forget me..
    And sorry for typos , now no time to read what all I’ve written ?✌?️?

    1. Oh gosh !!! Sorry ke pathr marna bandh kijeye miss nutritionist ofc you duffer I know u ….
      By the way a track full of thanks to u and whole people who are supporting me.
      As I can understand u miss.bookwarm no problem and thanks for recommending ur friends to read my ff I am glad to know that I am having silent readers.
      And don’t worry ur studies will go smooth and haha ur comment made me? laugh thanks and yaa I am will to write something on Priveer aka priyanka & ranveer but not now afterwards I want some time to plan and I guess the end of all ff or OS will create something unique ..
      Your comment was not longer but it was overloaded by sweetness…
      Thanks friends gang …

      1. Shaza

        Was waiting for ur reply di ?✌?️…thnq for understanding ??…I actually saw ur status , and realized ur leaving TU on 3rd December ???, so left Algebra and came to ask ?..why r u quitting Telly updates ..and r u there on fb so that we can be in touch even later ? ..pls change ur decision na di , why r u quitting TU ? ..or pls tell ur fb username !? …will miss ur ff’s badly then ..!? .or r u changing the blog ? .or r u there on wattpad ?? …if ur not on fb also make an ID na ? Or how will be in touch ? …????? ..ur on TU just for a month more !? ..really depressed knowing ur quitting TU ??????

      2. Shaza I am quitting becoz my free net is going finish !!! And I will face difficulties … And my parents are strict to use social media dear …. If in future I have so I will let all u no…

  14. Nainaa

    Sorry! Di for not commenting on your ff. I have been writing exams and part tests nearly from 2 month and even now I am having a preparation leave ? but I couldn’t stop my self from commenting on such a beautiful Episode. You know what Di you are simply amaZing. My friends use to call me padaku because I am very perfect in my studies and I had not yet wasted any of my preparation holidays as per to their view….I don’t think so…And Di tomorrow I am having a exam and today I am on TU that’s all because of you Oh why! Why are you writing such a fantastic Episodes for which I am not able to control to control myself from commenting???

    Coming to my view:
    1. The way you are moulding Anika and Ishanah’s bonding is amazing
    2. The way you are showing their emotions and feelings is mind blowing
    3. Who ever will be having complaints with your ff I think there must be some problem in them..??
    And finally Di I will not be able to comment daily and if I do then I will pour all my love in that for you. I am really so sorry for that. Hope you will understand me.
    Di! You commented on my post that you are having a intuition of becoming a bestie with me. I think that will be no more a intuition I really want that to be happened right now….Pinki promise???
    Love you a lot my Dear??????

    1. Naina this one was really heavy dear I mean I feel I am an immature at writing and this one u said I am here because of u ???
      Thanks for such a lovely comment and I am glad that readers are satisfied with my writing…
      ?? friend request accepted dear..
      Finally I met someone here of my caste !!! Your Punjabi me too…

      1. Nainaa

        Di! This is my new post read it and comment your answers so that I can know you
        The link is here

      2. I red ur link yesterday night itself dear but I didn’t feel good to share my details online but I can in pm .

    2. Nainaa

      Aww Di! I don’t think you are immature at writing and what I said I really meant it…
      Thanks for accepting my request???
      How do you know that I am punjabi?

  15. Cuteprincess

    diii…I I am really sorry for commenting sooooo late…sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…..
    dii….you are very good at expressing emotions…
    Its amazing….when reality is expressed in words..they touch hearts in a different way…
    when you see a video it stays in mind for a very long time…but reading and then keeping them safe in mind is a tough stuff..but some people are able to do so..they are able to draw images with words and then put them in order and they keep on playing in different brains that read it….its not just a fact that those people are talented but they are gifted ..indeed special and unique from others…
    (just said what I felt about you..)

    1. Oh gosh look the great author is saying me talented ..
      Well from where u get such beautiful bundle of words which usually motivates others in a special way … Thanks dear… And if u kept writing what u feel than surely I will take ur autograph one day when u become a gr8 writer / author….
      Will u accept this fan huh???

      1. Cuteprincess are praising me a lottt…don’t no what I di that you praise me this much…
        but..still…I love you lotss…you are just amazing..your words are really special..i have enclosed each and every word you said in a beautiful crystal box inside my heart…let it stay there for long…

  16. Goms

    Shama sorry for the late comment Dr.. I have no words to say about ff.. It was toooooo good.. Your creativity was good.. New characters new thinking.. Bravo.. I loved all parts today.. Shinky, dadi, rumya hug & apology, shivika’s thoughts, omisha scenes.. ?

    1. Thanks di for reading n commenting I am glad that u liked it …
      ?? I was missing u and how is ur jiju brother who was irritating u ??

  17. Tulasi

    Hlooo diiii….itss suprbbb…..full on suspense mein hain……..i coompletely njyd rumya scenes in dis epi……waitng for d couple scnes in d next one…….especially shivika…..n also for tht randhawa s plan ……..
    1.. i thnk comedy shuld be incleded a bitt a dii…its full on suspense n thrill…so need of them…..n remaining u r an allrounder …..
    2….u r very gd at writng ….no improvements needed……
    3….ofc u deserve 30 but evn i feel low wen i dnt get comments….but ppl r sooo busy …….soo i thnk u shuldnt feel low for tht…
    5..yes..waitng forr tht…
    6….yes ofc diiii..

    Sry for late comment diii….thoda busy in diwali ….ultimately epi is ssuprrr se upar hain

    1. Thanks tulsi same I am facing today after diwali also my home was filled with irritating guests oh god then came 10 am and went just 5 minutes be4.. Uff I am feeling hell angry on my relatives…

      1. I will try to cope up all ur expectations …
        And I am not good as u sat or friends gang but will try to increase comedy thanks…

  18. Anu16

    Hello… I just read all the episodes of Ur story n found them unique n awesome… The episodes have a special touch. The couples are too good..also the POV of anika is mind blowing… I would like to further read updates from you…

    1. Thanks anu hope I can delight u and others with many more….

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