Anshi OS ( takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar promo ) by shama..

Hello guys , I am shama signed in many of you know me and many don’t so no problem let’s begin our friendship bridge which will reduce our gaps through comments… I personally Consider comments as steps to your hearts… So now assume that I got the way to you’re hearts and I am at entrance of it but the door is locked and you’re comments are the key for it please do more comments if you like the # Promo … On a special request of many readers I am introducing an Os based on # Anshi…
Note for dear readers of this OS..

1. Please my dear readers comments is needed and I don’t know that I have silent readers or not but its a humble request to comment doesn’t matter positive or negative long or short but comments are needed and if I get satisfaction by you’re comments than only I will continue..

2. I have a deadline till December and I will try my best to entertain you all till deadline..
3. Willing to close down my ishkara os as I am not satisfied by comments because I am greedy..
4. Don’t worry ishkara OS will close down in Part 10…
Trailer of “Takarar ya pyaar “( samjhana mushkil hai yaar )..

scene 1 – @ A Godown..

The place was full of darkness no one was there .. A person in hood at entrance opened the shutter and stepped in … The camera focused on that person from bottom to top… The person walked and came under lamplight but still the face was not visible as that person covered it with cloth and stood near the table … On the table a brand new smartphone was kept and that person looked at it again and again in every five minutes … That person walked like pendulum restlessly as was waiting for something, and this wait continued till 20 minutes …
The person was frustrated and was about to go from there and the very moment he/ she turned .. The phone rang… And was picked quickly..

The person said I am not a fool to wait so long..
The voice said.. Hey don’t ever dare to talk like that again and anyways you know what and how to do …
The person said yes I know but I am in a need of photo of target..
The voice said don’t worry I have sent it check you’re gallery.. And I want the work done positively …
And disconnected the call .. As the very moments some goons entered in and the person turned… And walked to them with a briefcase in hand which was full of money.. And showed the photo of the target on mobile and said I want him ….
As soon as possible..
And gave them a BT to stay connected for instructions…
A black van without number plate entered with sun shield in it so that nobody can trace them…
The person opened the door of the van .. It was fully comfortable with cushions and there was another briefcase …
The person pointed the goon to open this briefcase .. He came forward and opened it…
There was a medical kit in which drugs were there with injection and and proper map to reach the target…

And the person goes in the van sits on the back seat and bends down and took a huge bamboo stick and a Gun .. Now the person trained them to shot and they practiced the whole sequence and when the person was satisfied he/ she gestured to proceed the kidnapping… The goons went in van ..

The person said finally the time has come to react… Oberois you’re are finished… And went in and settled in place and was monitoring by lappy and instructions were given through the BT..

Precap Ends…

I hope you liked it and please do let me know … Waiting eagerly for you’re comments…and sorry because I can’t post it regularly or ASAP … And sorry for not posting ishkara OS part 6 as my mom is serious … She got hurt by slipping so not able to post ..

Please cooperate if you like my loads .. Sorry for waiting…

You’re immature but trustable friend

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  1. Sat

    Yar, what to say about your ff, I really loved it. So much suspense, how do you get it di, I really have to learn a lot from you . You are junior James Bond. Hah, array di, Teri creativity Na , ek dum bindass hai. You always delight is with your ff.
    Ha and I am also angy with you for not posting the ff and ending it??
    And di all the best for this os. I am lucky to have you. You are the best author di.
    And di, take care of aunty, and don’t worry, she will be fine. Most importantly dont at all be worried
    And Yar talking talking, I just forgot about your ff
    So I am continuing, tum suspense ka rani ho aur romance bhi. I don’t what to tell, not getting words di.
    Di, don’t forget that I will be Waiting for your ff eagerly, so please update ASAP

    1. Sat thanks dear but some many names suspense ki rani jr James bond oh my mata I am about to fall after reading ur comment dear …. And yaa I have to learn from u and not you and I have not finished the – OS… OK dear thanks a lot you’re comments are like fuel dear thanks..

      1. Episode 1 ????? heart is scared that pass or fail in SHIVIKA OS don’t know but seeing today’s response on ishkara OS need suggestion from your good self dear… Only 6 comments ?

  2. Jara

    Wow…you just made my day when I was thinking to read all missed ff and you wrote a new one…love you cutie pie…

    1. Unnako rumbo Miss panita akka finally thanks for inda super comment u made my day

  3. awesome

    1. Thanks for compliment

  4. Ayath os…realyy nice dear am a big fan of shivika

    1. I loved ur surprise dear but whenever I am messaging you that stupid pm is not sending it and yaa big hugs… Dear thanks for OS and commenting

      1. Ayath

        thank u somuch shama

  5. Nice story plot

  6. Gd one dear…..u even inspired me to write who doesnt even know tht……plz do read my os too…..n i liked it a lott…!!!

    1. I red and commented too by the way I can’t be like sat but let’s see how the output comes and thanks by saying that I inspired you and you’re a good writer from the core just the thing is u don’t have mental strength u r also good and in fact all for one and one for all fixed here all my friends are beyond awesome accept me

      1. Cuteprincess

        quoting what you said :” here all my friends are beyond awesome accept me”

        how dare you say that you are an awesome writer ..and anyway much better than me …

  7. yaashi adiwaith

    Good one dear

  8. Nithu

    Di i love it…I’m a big fan of shivika……deadline for what di?? …n cumin . ISHKARA’S ff … words for it….I understand your greed..for comments di…BCUZ comments only give us whole and sole strength….

  9. Shaista

    Wow amazing ??????

  10. Priya15

    Superb di..i think this is the first shivika os m reading… Just for u…

    1. Thanks dear just for me was awww..

  11. First of all thank u Di for listening our requests and start writing back an Anshi ff ??✍?️✍?️love you for this ….. ands the promo was awesome full of suspense liked it very much.????????…. waiting eagerly post ASAP?… and sorry to listen about aunty… wish she gets well soon ??

    1. Thanks dear and I will surely post the epi 1 when I get more comments nice that everyone is liking it

  12. Aarion

    It is awesome di….mind bowing…such a great promo and then what would be the episodes….eagerly waiting for your episode……I am not as good writer as you …..but pls read my ff too………god gifted quality…..

    1. ??? god gifted quality speechless dear and please if you don’t mind provide me link please and that not good as you was killing me at surely cloud 9 …

      1. Aarion

        I am sorry di….I don’t know how to give links….you can go to my profile- > my posts……and surely I will kill you….if you don’t update soon……

  13. Pragya

    hi shaaa first of all sorry for commenting late …actually I came just now from work ….and os is supereb and full of suspence hood…voice….super…..and its going to be close to my heart as its anshiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..shivay and anika……..and humble request plxz don’t close ishkara… …I love to read …it…..any way I wont force you….. waiting for the next episode……….all the best for the ansi os…..

    1. Thanks dear after 1 hr you’re comment moderated and reached yaa mom is on bedrest 50% OK and doctor told rest medicine precautions etc…
      N I am not willing to stop akka but if I didn’t get atlest 20 comments so what’s the thing … Then I thought that somewhat I am mistaken and I started with this promo…

  14. Pragya

    how is your mother shama …..hope she is fine…..and take own time with mother….will wait for ur os ……love u dear…..

  15. Nida

    Woooow woooh what a suspense eagerly waiting for the new OS

  16. Zuha Fatima

    It is nice and interesting! I am looking forward to this OS! Take care of your mom! Keep smiling.


  17. Cuteprincess

    shama di you are really fabulous …
    don’t know how you get such great ideas….a wonderful beginning for a wonderful ff..

  18. Cuteprincess

    how is your mom dii , is she alright now..

  19. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG shama this is good i liked it a lot actually i m not able to comment for a few days as I m busy the story seems interesting and i was missing ishkara today a lot so i saw ishkara scenes online and i read ur that ff m reading the other chaps too ?
    Btw i hope ur Mom is fine and what is the deadline for

    1. Thanks dear for commenting my all friends are inspiration for me and which ff and chappy u r talking about ?.
      ??you liked it that’s a big thing

  20. Pragya

    Actually can u resend the pm … got deleted by mistake…….I feel like shooting tu some times……

    1. Which one dear I just wanted to ask you whether ur able to open mail and read my mails if you would reply than only the track will be finalized.. I need you’re suggestions too
      And best of luck for season 2
      Eagerly waiting

  21. Akshaya

    Yippee you started another os for me . I mean for us. Nice precap. post the next when mommy is well . Get well soon mommy. All the best shama dear.

  22. Very different and interesting storyline!!!!!!!! Please continue……..

    1. Mukta long time dear thanks for commenting dear

  23. HarSHaN

    Nyccc Shama..

    1. Thanks for compliment

  24. di ur os is really good thanks for coming again &take care your mamma & we will wait for ur os

  25. Its awsm ….. Mind bobling promo… Please continue

  26. Great os
    Does anyone know where goms is ?

    1. Goms is busy in I guess seminars assignments etc

  27. Shaza

    Hey it’s awesome ????♥️..loved it …..was mailing ur ff on shivika and just then I saw this ..???…will be waiting for it …and hope ur mom gets well soon ???…

    1. Shaza

      Missing *

  28. Ananya7044

    Maharani saahiba…ur great mujhe aashevad do…..and ya ur writing a story it’s a big thing for me really that too on my favorite pair shivika so I just cant express how happy I’m…iluv u for this…and ya do upload omish ff soon…really luv u for this..truck full if hugs and kisses

    1. Aashirwad for what dear but thanks for commenting maharani of suspense do read ishkara ff new face of life by renima she is just mind bobbling

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