Anshi OS ( takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar part-1 ) by shama..

Thanks for commenting my dears it gave me a lot of energy to write 30 comments I guess good started not bad but let’s see till when you guys comment more .. Thanks for accepting my Os as there is lot of competition in IB ff and OS too…

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Present Episode ( opening episode).
Scene 1..
@ godown..

That person was monitoring everything from lappy and was able to see what all was happening over there.. They were on the way and was enjoyed they switched on the radio and it was playing old evergreen hits and then started dancing singing… The person said that stop it with commanding tone I have given you money for going work not for this madness you ..
Goon 1 – oh hello aapun wahi karega joh jahege.. ( I will do whatever I wish).

Goon 2 – yes gaana sune me kya problem hai..?

The person in anger said tum log mere commands per ho or tum logo ko maana hoga samjhe … Or tumhe kya lagta hai tum kisi maamuli insan ko kidnap karne wale ho … ?

Goon 3 – ha kyuki aapne kaha tha Nahi ki woh sabse bhola innocent duffer hai joh aapka kaam karega..

Yes woh Rudra Singh oberoi innocent hai isse yeh Nahi badalta ki woh ek Oberoi hai OK… Uske pass bhi dimag hai.. Agar usne gaana suna ho.. Toh woh gaane ki beats count karega I mean to say that when he sits in the van and listen music that from which line it begins and on which you guys moved the van here and there on roads and at last he will inform his brothers …

They switched off the music and kept quiet at the long lecture…
Scene 2
@ Rudra Apartment.. ( New York)

( Rudra has came down from India to finish his MBA here .. )

It was a fine morning and and guy was sleeping after heavy workout and the beautiful chirping of birds wake him up he got up from bed and uncurtained the windows and the room was filled with sunlight and positive energy… He went in restroom and started brushing his teeth like a good boy and suddenly from hall opened window a person shadow entered and peeked into his room.. He felt anybody’s presence in home..
And turned to check … He thought I am just thinking I am alone at home now no one is there… As his said this he saw a voice from hall like something has breakdown… He ran towards the hall and saw a broken vase with flowers and table… He holded his head that how it fall he screams out that anyone is here so please come out…
He walked in whole apartment He was screaming and the camera focused on a man with hood and mask on his face with knife was heading towards Rudra… He sensed anyone behind him and turned and was super sacred and as the man stepped forward and he was taking steps back and fall on sofa and begged for life and started crying like our crybaby does .. The person in hood and mask saw his condition and started laughing and Rudra got more scared but suddenly he thinks that I have heard this laughter somewhere and gets up and with lot of courage took off the mask..
And was shocked to see the person…
Scene 3
@ India – @ gayathri residence..
Roop entered with a victory smile that our plan is working well gayathri I hired a person who is instructing the goons to kidnap.. My bechara bhanaja Rudra ..
Gayathri said its OK roop but what’s the guarantee that ” the person whom you hired will not cheat us “.

Roop says gayathri the person won’t think of it
I am pretty sure as oberois love their family and siblings the person also does and if he/she blackouts then his /her family will be killed…
Gayathri said that do you know her family ?? And how will you attack on that family if the person blackouts in nick of the moment…
Roop gives a victory smile and takes gayathri to a room and opened the door …
They shared a devil laughter.. And the person in that room got scared and shouted for help..
Roop locked the room again and said security to keep eye on it…

Scene 4
The person in godown who was working for Roop & gayathri forcefully said .. I am sorry oberois as I don’t have any other choice to obey their orders as they have my family under their custody.. And suddenly that person became restless as his loved one was in pain and started walking like pendulum again and prayed to god that please forgive me as I don’t have any other choice and please save my dears from that bi**h please..
Scene 5
@ Rudra apartment again..

Rudra took that mask and was pretty shocked to see Shivaay there and he took the knife from his hand slowly and made a weird face and said Iss knife say bhaiyya aap mere saath dadiya khelne wale the and danced ??with the knife dinta titar … And plays garba… ( like Ishana)
And then regained his senses and said..
aapko paata hai mera dil moo me aagaya tha .. Bhaiyya what a dangerous surprise..

My darpok oberoi you don’t have mental strength ha we are oberois and we don’t scare by such things and yaa I wanted to give surprise I came down from airport to meet you but found that the door is locked so I entered by window and while walking towards your room I saw this hood on hanger and found this mask in your cupboard and thought of scaring you by this ..
And you got scared be an oberoi ok now I saw the kitchen it was fully messed and why no veggies or fruits are there in the refrigerator .. I was cutting herbs from knife and I heard your voice and came here and you thought that I will kill now…
No one can scare an oberoi OK.. Rudra now I am going to the supermarket to purchase grocery…
Shivaay stated and their in godown the unknown dangerous person said I am sorry oberois but its the time to scare you and trust me I can scare an oberoi with ease …
Rudra was so angry on shivaay that he looked here and there and nearby he saw a cup full of paint.. He thrown and shivaay clothes got spoiled … He scolded Rudra and went in his room opened cupboard took a nice suit and wore it and went out….
The van was waiting out and saw a person (shivaay) in Rudra clothes and misunderstood that its Rudra and started following him they were not able to see shivaay face…
But were ready to attack the goons covered their faces and got got down from the van took the bamboo stick and shivaay sensed anyone presence behind him and turned and broke the stick and Goon 1 and shivaay fight started black blue… Shivaay was busy hitting him when goon 2 & 3 took drug injection and gun and goon 2 caught him with gun and shivaay showed his shiv roop and got angry and started betting both then goon 3 injected the drug in his shoulder..
Shivaay turned to hold goon 3 collar but faint..
And then they told through BT that he is with us…
OK pick him up slowly and comeback…
The goons adjusted their whole body first because of fight and then made shivaay wear a black cloth so that he can’t see anything… And (shivaay) was taken to the godown instead of Rudra..
The goons made him sit on chair and tired his with ropes and was given high doused drugs back to back in the gap of 2 hours…
He was not in senses by with great difficulty he saw a piece of glass and picked it and started cutting his ropes and was freed by the locks but he was not having enough strength to fight with the goons again so he chose the option to run away but his ego pricked him and he said that an oberoi don’t run away from situation but his heart advised him to run after a battle between the mind and heart the heart ruled… And shivaay runs from there he was feeling weak but he managed to walk slowly…
Roop ordered the hood person to check over him and goes in and said missing and ran towards him whole godown was on high alert all 3 goons person in hood and some other people sent by gayathri separated and started to search shivaay…

Will shivaay be able to free himself from the trap??
Why Roop & Gayathri planned this ??
Who is the person in hood..?
Who is in gayathri custody ..?

No precap..

Episode ends…
Do wait please..
Hope you all like it and please do share your views on it and do comments
Love you all readers…
And sorry for short and bore OS as always
A huge sorry if it get published late and you had to wait

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  1. Can u try to add romantic scenes?? I don’t really like action
    Sry if I hurt you..

  2. Shaza

    Wow …so much suspense in the first ep itself !? ??….waiting for the next one ..pls post it ASAP….will be waiting for it ?…..can’t handle suspense yar ….btw ur PM is not working ..?

    1. ???? pm is not working dear whatever I typed it vanished so irritating but thanks for comments and yaa I am happy that ur happy ..

      @ janvi
      Yes dear I will surely add scenes because its their ff only please wait dear

  3. nice continue
    i think shivaay will go to anika house is protect

    1. Thanks for commenting and yaa stay tuned if you like it

  4. Sat

    Suspense ka maharani what can I tell,
    Ek Bhar romance or ek Bhar suspense or ek Bhar comedy or ek Bhar tragedy
    Thum ek dum extraordinary di
    No words,i am speechless. Anyways you put a lot of suspense, o post it soon.
    And shivika more please
    And if my Hindi is wrong, sorry, I dont know that much. Just wrote what comes from my heart

    1. Its fine dear and the comment was pretty heavy one I am not Queen ur dear.. U inspired me

  5. Yashasvi

    hey shama darlo that was really very amazing……….
    god just love those fights………..
    hmmmm…… there’s a grt suspence ahead i think…..
    welll will wait fr nest part dear………..

    and ya will this sweet dii become my dear friend….
    hope u dnt mind ha…..
    keep smiling and stay blessed…….
    love uh….??????
    Yashu !!!!!!!!!

    1. Yashasvi here all are my friends dear welcome to my gang… And thanks for commenting dear

  6. Pragya

    Same with sat da full of suspense….??? …but no romance…..??? plz. …..

    1. Akka there is romance please wait for it

  7. Priya15

    Suspense uffff di…u r nowhere less to make me restless by ur suspense…wr s om??

    1. You will come to know about others in next few episodes

  8. Nithu

    Omg di…

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    So much suspense ?
    But awesome ?

    1. Thanks for commenting dear I was expecting you dear

  10. Too much suspense to handle please post the next one ASAP ???

  11. Ketaki19

    haww its very interesting…

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