Anshi OS takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 9) by shama

Hello again…I guess after IB FF , friends gang ishkara os and now this Anshi Os I don’t need any introduction so I am leaving a request note …. If you all readers feel that I am good at my writing so called skills so please drop your views on it as it motivates me to entertain you all more .
Recap of the previous episode
Unknowingly omkara prints Ishana pic shivaay admits his love for anika in thoughts and determined that today he will confess it in Maha aarti but as said before the Maha aarti bought shocking surprises for oberois … Tej does announcement of ishkara marriage preksha does announcement of anika marriage with shivin.
Present Episode { Part 9}
Scene 1
@ Oberoi Mansion after Maha pooja
Shivaay entered the house senselessly as he was still in shock he was taking deep breathes to digest the fact that anika was engaged to his Xerox copy shivin as he closed his eyes for awhile immediately the scene flashes when shivin and anika holding the lantern together and performing aarti as he opened his eyes he was filled with anger he thought how can he(shivin) hold anika’s hand and perform aarti as a couple.. He thought woo… They can’t be together as I love her and shivaay Singh oberoi doesn’t share his belongings with anyone at any cost .. Marriage toh door ki Baat hai …
Anika you are only mine and forever mine and how dare she accepted that …. Whatever his name is who the hell cares … Panika you have to pay as you ditched me you used to say that you have not decided anything about life partner.. So how the hell from where he came and spoiled my plan to propose you… Shivaay walks restlessly and while walking preksha announcement was hitting his ears and he tried to divert his attention he goes to bookshelf and took a file and goes to janvi room.

Rudra on the other hand can’t see his brother shivaay in this condition he was crying ? ki ab main kya karu bhaiyya ke liye ( what should I do for bhaiyya) he walks here and there murmuring the same sentence afterwards he gets an idea and he called his personal
” fire brigade ” means love angel and called her and started crying on call too and says ab aap hi bataye love angel main kya karu
( now you only explain love angel what should I do)
Itna toh Mumbai ka weather bhi Nahi badalta jitna mere emotions I mean I am confused… Somya says confused for what ?? He says I am confused because I can’t decide ki o ki shaadi ki announcement ki khushi me dance karu ya bhaiyya ke liye sad ho… Somya said don’t worry if time is showing its bad faces then surely it will show good faces too but for that we have to wait.. Rudra says you’re very good love angel and somya smiles and a vase falls by mistaken by a servant and that voice is audible at both ends somya comes in the balcony to see where Rudra saw him as love angel and got angrywala look on his face and goes to her room

Whereas in omkara room omkara and Ishana both sat together and Ishana was chatting that I didn’t expect marriage announcement for us and while talking she saw omkara was in thoughts and she just scanned his mind and said keeping her hand on his that don’t worry shivaay will get rid of this sudden shock and omkara gives a surprised look and asked that you are reading my thoughts huh.. He lifted her hand and kept in his hands and said now you have started reading my mind huh… But dear wifee marriage has time yaa I am tensed for shivaay as he is weak in taking decisions from heart he believes that every relationship is a deal but I know he loves anika. Ishana phone notified a photo she was listening om and tried to ignore but it flashed the name ranveer and she checked it .. It was a photo with a caption ..
” yaado ki kitab me hoge panne hajaro,
Tumhare sawalo ke hoge jawab hajaro,
Zindagi ko jeene ki wajah hoge hajaro ,
Per agar us zindagi me tum Nahi ,
Toh zindagi gham se kam Nahi “…

As she red this shayari loud and was trying to figure out that why ranveer sent this to me ..and she looks at om .. He suddenly stopped talking his eyes of full of fear his breathe rate increased and Ishana was not able to understand that what is happening to om she goes close to him and saw him he was frightened as Ishana was about to ask he tightly hug her with running breathe.. Ishana asked kya hua om but he was in his thoughts and didn’t reply

Scene 2 { Rathore Mansion}
Anika was remembering the moment when preksha announced her wedding and oberoi family and especially shivaay expression her she walked to the mirror and saw her reflection her expressions were changing in a minute she asked her self conscious that is she happy with this decision ?? Her mind replied yes , you got a nice partner which is more like a friend a mother in law that is more like mom anika what do you need more anika her mind asked and she was silent but her heart had a reply it said takkar ka Pyaar her heart anika close your eyes and you will know whom do you love the most she did the same she saw her fights with shivaay as she saw shivaay her heart started beating hard dhak dhak dhak dhak…
Ranjhawa and shivin was in a room ranveer said with a smile bahut khush tha na om aapni shaadi ki announcement se … Per use paata bhi Nahi ki uska past uske peche hi hai..

( om was very happy with his marriage announcement na but he don’t know that his past is following him..)
Shivin said seeing your facial expressions and the victory smile anyone can guess that you have done something now tell me … Ranveer shows his mobile and the message which he sent to Ishana and that shayari .. And seeing the message shivin was shocked he said ranveer yeh tune kya kiya … What have you done now the past will revealed and Ishana will be broken…
At the very moment he said this omkara still in Ishana arms said I wanna share my…. He took a pause and took a deep breathe and said my past … with you and narrated the whole which was mute and Ishana took her hands back and was in tears and shock …… And ran from oberoi mansion and om for awhile was thinking that why I told her? And immediately followed her

Scene changes……….
and shows shivaay in janvi room he was waiting for tej and was walking like pendulum as he walked something came under his foot and he picked it …. It was a burnt photo… and he was shocked
( flashback. Janvi closed the door and opened the treasure box took the bangles in her hand in haste and was breathing heavily her hands were shivering as she saw holding khandari bangles of oberois and the treasure box falls from her hand and the burnt photo was peeking out and in haste janvi picked the box but didn’t see the photo..)
At Rumya room..
Somya greeted Rudra and asked did your tension reduced Rudra he replied yes you don’t know love angel and she was shocked she said in a stammering voice WO…WO… I wanted to tell you Rudra but … Rudra blasted in anger he said somya and pinned her to the wall and said you’re taking revenge from because I denied to know you why did you do this somya I thought yes your not hot but your heart is pure clear and innocent but I was wrong… Somya said you are misunderstanding me Rudra I tried to say Rudra cuts and says you must have tried hard from today now our friendship ends and he walked out
Somya repeatedly tried to stop him and tried her best to explain but Rudra goes
Anika tries to compose herself and starts to select dresses for all the functions she picked and dress from bed and touched it from back shivaay hugged her and rested his chin on her shoulder and said my panika will look gorgeous in this dress and she smiled and moved forward to hug him but he vanished and she was like what is happening?? And picked all the dresses and said no anika this is wrong shivaay rejected your love for him so why are you pacifying yourself and goes to shivin room for dress selection and shivin too selected the same dress which shivaay selected in thoughts.
@ Roadside
It was raining and Ishana was walking senselessly as if her world came to an end and she was continuously weeping and omkara from far was cursing him and Ishana sat somewhere under a tree and said why om??? Why this happens always with me ? Don’t I deserve someone’s love ? I was at cloud 9 that I am going to marry someone whom I love to the core but…. Omkara sensed her pain in her voice and words he came forward and squatters on his knees wiped off her tears and said holding her cheeks with both hands and said nothing is changed between us and I promise you that in future nothing will change .. She said with teared eyes that everything is changed om … I can’t marry you.. And om said don’t say this dear I will die … Ishana said I am dying now om why did you do this to me ?
Shivaay was still in room when he heard dadi,shakti,tej coming and he hided behind the pillars and janvi comes out of washroom and dadi said how can preksha come in that pooja
Tejanvi said maa we don’t know but if she is here so we have to try our best to keep oberoi brothers away from her
Otherwise….. Shivaay was like why should we stay away in fact this burnt photo is trying to say the unsaid truth this photo is of badi maa, roop bua ,dadi and that lady preksha what is the connection between her and our family…. Shakti at any cost we have to keep especially shivaay away from rathore family and preksha….
Ishana walked and omkara holded her hand from back and said where are you going ? Don’t leave me dear I can live without you she says you have to learn om and I am going to …. And she paused and thought that ranveer said not to inform om regarding her that where she is staying with whom etc ..
And she calls driver and the car with the symbol R ( means rathore ) was already waiting as ranjhawa ordered…
( flashback after sending the message ranveer called the driver and said wait on this road for Ishana mam as it is close to oberoi mansion and after you see ishkara and Ishana calling after 10 minutes you enter with the car)
and the car arrived and Ishana said I now only called you so how come you came so quickly ?? The driver said mam I was nearby this area for some work and when you called me so I found it easy to trace ..
Ishana said OK and looks back at om he was giving her mat jao look .. And she sits in the car and goes om remembered the same symbol car in Maha aarti and understood rathore mansion but why did Ishana go there I have to find out!!! There at the same moment shivaay saw the photo and said I have to find out the hidden truth and stop panika marriage
Somya was crying and was upset with Rudra behavior she gets a call from rehaan and Rudra thinks to apologize her and walked back to her room he was on the entrance when he heard the convo between rehaan and somya somya speaking to rehaan and rehaan said somya ummm… I guess you are upset you know I got a invite from rathore family so I thought to ask you to join me ..
She said as a partner no ways but afterwards she thinks that I can try to stop anika di wedding as bade bhaiyya loves her and said OK rehaan rathore mansion na done I will reach… Rudra was like why rathore mansion and that too with rehaan whom she hates to the core he was like yeh bin mausam barsaat kese hui how did she forgave rehaan.. I have to find out !!!
At the same time shivomru says we have to go rathore mansion
Episode ends
I hope its thriller types..
Sorry for being late always.. Aadat se majboor types plz forgive me…
And do share your favorite part or comments with me …

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