Anshi OS Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 8) by shama

Hello Sorry guys if I am late actually this TU submission page irritated me from last times whenever I copy paste or write it vanishes oh god !! I am trying to post this episode since yesterday but this tu is showing dumbbell sized nakhare to me anywhere nowadays I am highly upset from the response I am getting for my articles and I got the news that the offer of free net access is going to stop at December 3 so I have to stop too everything … Can’t help it .but rumors are there that the company is going to allot free net access at night after 10 plz conform this news for me if this news is true then I can continue but the speed will be slow so you all have to wait …
The special day arrived for which the three families where waiting ” Maha Aarti” which is performed for happiness and prosperity but in oberois case it bought shocks and disasters for them the previous day ended with a tensed atmosphere for oberois as Ranjhawa arrested Anika and Ishana and the new day arrived with new surprises…
Scene 1
Ranjhawa called an inspector and said please arrange a press conference in which I will spend a rumor …… The inspector did the same.. Ranjhawa was sitting on a rocking chair near him some small arrows was kept after keeping the call he picked one arrow and shooted it on the dartboard the arrow straightly hits omkara photo exactly on heart and he smiled and said countdown begins omkara Singh oberoi for your destruction I will snatch everything from you om like you snatched long back .. And goes wearing his goggles.. He reached the press conference and media shooted many questions.. Media said yesterday you went to oberoi mansion and arrested two people regarding some case and not gayatri murder case.. Ranjhawa smiled and replied no it was regarding murder case only as I said in my previous statement that shivaay Singh oberoi was saved because of her employee Anika and she somehow managed to shut the case but now some twists and turns came in that case so the police management decided to reopen the case and yesterday I got to know that anika is again in oberoi mansion so I went there to clarify some doubt and I saw another girl named Ishana she is in our records so I had to bring both the ladies for introgression and in that process we got to know that Ishana was relived by every allegation of being a con girl so we released her from introgression and anika was just an employee of oberois in her statement she said that being a well wisher of oberois I helped them but it was true that shivaay was with her but not for whole night .. So we released them from every allegation …

Rudra and all others were tensed for anika and Ishana everyone was silent and was thinking of remedy when somya thought to change the atmosphere and she switched on TV and the same conference was showed… Everyone was happy hearing the news ..

Shivaay saw the news and was pretending like yeah OK OK in front of everyone but from in happiness bombs were blasting for anika he thought thank God panika and Ishana is safe otherwise I would kill that ranjhawa for troubling you.. I am only having the right to trouble you give you tears ,wipe those tears,give you wounds and healing it giving you happiness and enjoying it… I know I hurt you by rejected you and rejected my feelings and choosing that universal irritation Tia kapoor.. Thank God you saved me from her panika but that time I was unaware of my feelings for you and insulted you for doubting Tia and again fired you from the job but today you were there you healing my wounds and pain I was seriously stupid to reject you panika I care for you and I will always ? pinky promise dear..
Rudra saw shivaay in deep thoughts he said in mind ki mere superhero ko meri Supergirl say takkar ka pyaar ho gaya hai and he will surely bring my Supergirl back he whispers in somya ears ki kal se phirse wahi sab she asked kya sab Rudra? He said ayye nok chok takkar ki taadibaazi ya ishqbaazi god only knows aur phirse WO song ” billu ki shaadi hogi ” they smiled and somya wanted to convey the same thoughts to om she says bade Baal wale bhaiyya aapko paata hai and saw om was also in dreamworld like shivaay .. Somya hits Rudra shoulder and he was like kya hai and Somo pointed at om and Rudra said in dono ki toh ishqbaazi shuru … Kisi ki taadibaazi / panibaazi Aur kisiki zulfibaazi uff… And Somo gives him a kabhi Nahi sujharega look and smiled…

Om was like Ishana ko kuch Nahi hona chahiye she is my inspiration ,my smile and good advisor I can share every pain with her with ease and she is the answer for all my questions we connect each other and tej was happy seeing his huge smile and decided to bring Ishana in his life and if I do so then maybe my son will accept as a dad and maybe one day he call me papa that day will be the most memorable day of my life and that day the emptyness which is pricking me from long will go… Janvi thinks that from the very moment when anika & Ishana entered in oberois life from then all problems which wanted to harm our sons but you both became their shields thanks my dears.. Dadi thinks that may anika become Mrs billu and Ishana as Mrs omkara may god listen my prayers and for Rudra some girl who can control him.
Ranjhawa smiled at his idea and said himself that this happiness for oberois are for only sometime like miraj illusion afterwards you all will get many shocks
Ranjhawa was thinking when shivin called Ranjhawa and asked about fake coverage as Ishana and anika was at Rathore Mansion ranjhawa said shivin its just an illusion for oberois don’t ado its just the one step let them be happy and live this illusion to the fullest and then I will enjoy snatching that happiness one by one and then we will take sigh as our past will stop pricking us .. He says yaa I agree with this and I am waiting for their destruction Ranveer and today its the day the Maha aarti which will enlighten the light of truth and burn the hands of culprits come rathore mansion soon. And he disconnected the line and shivin was thinking shivaay Singh oberoi you can’t snatch anything from me and especially anika from me as I love her to the core.

Shivaay thinks about anika and said to himself ki anika you were always there with me in my tough time and this great wall of shivaay who protects his family and now I got my protector my panika as he admitted his feelings his ?? heartbeats raised dhak … Dhak..dhak…

Anika was doing preparations for the Maha aarti and decorated the whole house she walked to take a flower basket and as she took it she reminisced the moment when shivaay got hurt by basket and she helped him and that thought brought a smile on her face and then after awhile the smile vanished as she saw her hand ?engagement ring and remembered the moment when shivin makes her wear the ring and consoled her that she is committed to shivin . when shivaay doubted her for being jealous with tia and giving silly excuses for breaking the marriage he failed her again and this time she was determined that she will never ever show shivaay her face and after somedays shivaay gets to know about tia reality and again he cursed himself and was thinking that now what should I do for apologizing meanwhile anika resumes her catering job and one day Ranveer and shivin were crossing that place and were super hungry they halted in front of her cafe entered and ordered and when shivin tasted the food he was like wow !! He decided to meet the owner of the place and offering her a deal as Rathore were thinking to open a chain of resorts and restaurants he met anika and he was like wow !! She is pretty ? and he offered the deal and that time anika was needy and she accepted she started working with rathore family and slowly she made a special place in everyones heart and preksha rathore decided that anika will only become my bahu and one evening shivin proposed anika when she was heartbroken? and seeing shivin nature caring sharing she accepted but somewhere something was pricking her..

And when she was in Srinagar regarding rathore restaurants chain she got a call from om and informed preksha and rushed to Newyork with him..

Anika was continuously reminds her that shivin is having all rights on her .. Her mind was agreed but heart was conflicting that what about shivaay huh !! As her lips said shivaay and took a breathe her heart started beating hard ?? dhak dhak dhak dhak .. Oh jaana plays afterwards she resumed her work..
Scene 2
@ oberoi mansion
Omkara goes in his room and said to himself your doing wrong om you hate lie and liars na so why can’t you hate Ishana huh?? His heart said shut up Ishana is like water transparent clear and pure if circumstances forced her to mix impurities in her like lie ,secrets ,darkness so how she is faulty … Omkara says to his mind and heart shut up you both don’t confuse me more. What you both can’t understand my paints and canvas does he sits holds paintbrush in his hand and dips it in prints and closed his eyes for inspiration only one picture flashes in his Sight Ishana and Ishana he was not able to concentrate his breathe rate increased as he was thinking about Ishana. And there at rathore mansion one room Ishana was also facing the same she decided to transfer her attention to something else she sits and picked the paper to read it was having om photo as her fingers touched his photo omkara said Ishana and she reacted saying ji om .. Both felt no one is there in their rooms and unknowingly om painted Ishana picture and he was like yeh main kab banai…
Scene shifted to hall dadi and all others were sitting excluding Rumya ,omkara ,shivaay when tej represented his feelings among others he said to janvi that thanks..
Janvi said thanks for what tej ??
Tej said for making me understand that decisions which are taken from happy gives you peace rather than minds decision which sometimes leave you in stress..
Janvi was like wow I never expected these words from you tej dadi and pinky agreed
Tej said I took a decision which my heart says I am right !! And I want it to share with you all dadi asked kya hua tej say?
He said in my whole life I was always a failure I can’t become a good son ,husband, father .. Janvi cuts his sentence and said you are wrong tej we don’t feel such things

Tej says let me janvi .. He says I guess that’s why omkara doesn’t call me dad but from when Ishana entered the house and more over his life omkara is slowly at least trying to accept me and I am happy with this itself but now I am greedy for his love and I know that a girl who made omkara soft to me can make my dream come true ..
Dadi said what you want to say straight away say na!!

Tej said I want Ishana to become an oberoi as I feel she is one who can change om.
Pinky says oh my mata !! Om and Ishana and says pinku let’s bring sweets from kitchen.
At the very moment as pinku pinky goes a delivery boy entered with a parcel and janvi received it and it was on name of kalyani devi oberoi ( dadi) she opened it it was a stone studded awestruck small treasure box and the person who delivered it called Ranjhawa and informed the box is received
As the box opened it leaves everyone in shock.. It was containing khandani bangles of oberoi family one was in janvi hand and other was in treasure box … Everyone became silent in shock as they all hided the box behind the cushions as they saw pinku pinky with sweet tray..

Oh my mata sabke chahre pe 12:00 o clock kyu baj rahe hai jisse koi bhoot Dekh liye ho hahaha…
Janvi said I am getting an urgent call and leaves with the box she goes in her room closed it and took the bangles in her hand opened her kit and added those bangles in her collection as if dadi had given her at time of marriage and acted that she was in call and signed that now everything is under control.. And everyone took sigh .. Rumya saw this and said ab log itne khush kyu hai jise India ne koi match jeeta ho… Somya hits his head and said shu… Duffer oberoi dadi said om ki shaadi ki Baat Ishana ke saath ho rahi hai…
Rudra was dancing mere o ki shaadi hai ..
Everyone gets a reminder that on 8 pm we have to be at pooja and it was already 7 so everyone runs here and there .. Janvi takes out tej clothes and for a change tej gifted her a red saree with some Jews.. And she was like tej sometimes you surprise me..
At shivaay room shivaay decided to meet anika and confess his feelings towards her omru entered actually Rudra forceful made om enter as om was busy in Ishana portrait shivaay gets ready in white Indian karta and was thinking how I should confess om got ready and Rudra made faces looking at mirror shivom asked kya hua?
Rudra says ?dekho na dekho main kitna mota ho gaya hu ? look he touches her stomach and says wait I will change and come shivom dragged him and said we are getting late …
Anika and Ishana to gets ready in beautiful attires preksha was in front of dressing mirror and was about to wear those bangles and she was like where are they my bangles … There in oberoi place janvi was going makeup pinky says jethji ke liye ha… And saw those bangles and asked ki this is kgandani bangles of oberois and I guess in your marriage you got only one so how come there are two bangles here.
Preksha said I cannot misplace those bangles it was from mummy ji to me … How can I !!! And searches it all around and after failed attempt he throws her phone in anger.
And finally with a sad face wears some other bangles and goes in car with anika shivin and Ishana.
There oberois too gets into their cars and rushed to the place .
@ venue media was covering the event and first oberois reached the place and got the chance to do pooja media was clicking snaps but before the Maha aarti tej announced omkara marriage with Ishana at the very moment he said Ishana got down from car and omish from far looked at each other with mixed emotions for the first time in over joy omkara hugged tej and everyone was shocked.. Media clicks snaps … Afterwards obros hug and aarti starts on deva shree ganesha … Ishana was behind omkara like a supporter and preksha shivin anika was in crowd
As the aarti finished ishkara was blessed as a forever loving couple by pandit and all others ..
Pandit puts a question that who is gonna represent rathore pooja ..
Preksha comes towards the lord and says looking at oberois … Who were in shock seeing her … Excluding shivomru pinku etc
She said my son and would be daughter in law will represent this pooja as they are going to marry soon and now they are engaged …
Oberois were like preksha !!! Son!! Daughter in law !!! Engaged!!! Marriage!!
And she brings anika forward as would be bahu …
Everyone was like Anika !! Shivaay was broken and angry on anika and more over of him ..
Shivin comes towards the place and another shock for oberois dadi looked at shivaay and shivin and said billu both were Xerox copy in face style but not in attitudes dadi looked at preksha with a question mark look!!! But she ignored it and shivin and anika does aarti but more than lantern shivaay was burning seeing his Xerox copy with anika as a couple he was like yahi mila tha kya !!! ?? preksha announced that the marriage will be in a week
Episode ends

Shivaay breaks and misses anika … Anika menhandi ceremony… Omkara shocked when Ishana denied to marry … Rudra jealous by rehaan closeness with somya

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3 December last…
Gonna miss all ..
# but the show must go on keep rocking friends gang….

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    Omkara painting ishana’s pic and saying – ye maine kab banayi *I wish this happens in the show*
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