Anshi OS Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 7) by shama

Author Note
Hello again dear readers please forgive me if I am late as always this is the fifth attempt of this same episode hope you all like it actually I typed this episode four times but failed to satisfy myself by my writing skills so I didn’t post till I am happy with the episode which should have all elements in it I will not post if it is late also I love to showcase my thoughts in a perfect manner hope you all understand and sorry for being late and now let’s begin …
Present Episode
Scene 1
At Rathore place.
My lady walks in hall and takes her seat with the corner of her eyes he looks at Ranveer and says ranveer beta bring anika home as she is in oberoi mansion and I don’t want her to be there because after that incident I am not having trust on them shivin comes forward and says mom why you are sending ranveer there I will go and bring anika back here
( and shivin bends to grab keys which was on table ) the lady gestures him from finger to keep the keys at their place shivin says why mom ?
The lady gets up from her seat and looked at him with attitude she goes near him and said why you are asking these questions when you know that your will not get the answers
( shivin gets upset because he wanted to see anika his mom pats his cheek and says don’t worry dear anika will be here )
She holds her forehead shivin asked with concern what happened mom ?
The lady says headache … Oh god I have to something otherwise my works will halt and I don’t want that to happen she climbs the stairs and shivin follows her …. She opened the bed drawers and took a medicines and the box falls and the medicines scattered on the ground and shivin holds his mom and makes her sit and squatters down to pick the medicines and asked is this your headache medicine…
She nodes in no… Shivin asked this again he got reply in negative the Lady takes the box in her hand and one by one eats 8 tablets .. And shivin said mom just for a headache you took 8 tablets oh my god
lady says you will not understand beta if I fall sick then our company has to bear a loss which I am not willing to afford.. She took high dosed tablet that why she drowsy shivin made her lie down and covered her body with blanket and pats her forehead…. She sleep and he goes.. and called anika and went in hall
Scene 2
At Oberoi Mansion..
Anika lifted the call and the first word she uttered was sorry sweetheart ( she said in a very low voice but shivaay hears ).. And reacts he sticks into his place and pinky pulls him from afford she dragged her slowly omru and Ishana entered and omru was arguing that what should he plan for somya o batao na please ..
Om says duffer tumne use gussa dilaya hai ab tu hi sambhal
( duffer , you only made her angry so you only handle)
Om says ( pointing his hand towards his drenched shirt and hair ) Dekh teri wajah say joh prasad anika shivaay ko deti thi woh mujhe aur Ishana ko bhi mil gaya .. Aasa lag rah hai ki sach me Ganga sanan kiya ho
( look you are the reason for this what prasad shivaay would get from today I and Ishana too got it feeling that like really we took a holy bath..)
Rudra says waaah o aapko toh yeh prasad ek hi bar mila hai mujhe toh tin mila mera soocho . bechara main

( wow o you only got this prasad one time and I got it 3 three times think of me poor me )
Om says bechara aur tu !! With a question mark look..
( poor and you ) Rudra says mujhe lagta hai mujhe malaria ho raha hai koi mujhe ICU me shift karo… Omkara says hitting his head duffer oberoi don’t you know malaria occur by mosquito bite and not water..
Ishana was looking at Anshi pinky was dragging shivaay and anika was on call
Ishana pats omru and says daily soap dekho !!
They all look at Anshi…?
While dragging shivaay gets an idea to stop anika he intensionally hits his leg on the corner and screams and anika looked back and says billu ji and rushed to him .. ( the phone was on and shivin could hear what all was happening )..
Anika says are you OK ?? And touched his feet and he screamed in pain and omru supported shivaay and took him in his room anika Ishana followed them ..
Omru while taking him in room says bhaiyya aaj kal kya Baat hai bahut phisal rahe ho ..with smile
( bhaiyya nowadays you’re slipping very much )..
Shivaay gives a deadly glance to Rudra.. Om says galat Baat Rudra… Shivaay agrees … Om says tune galat sawal poocha you should have asked phisal rahe ho kisike attention ke liye… Points at anika
( om says bad manners Rudra shivaay agrees.. Om says you asked wrong question you should have asked nowadays you’re slipping for whose attention points at anika.)
Shivaay says you both are impossible
Omkara and Rudra made shivaay lie down on the bed and takes pinky with them and before going they gestured best of luck anika entered andsits on bed ( far) shivaay thinks why is she sitting so far she should sit really close to me and gets an idea he acts as if his head is paining keeps hand on his forehead and make sounds anika gives a tensed look she asked are you OK??
Shivaay says panika am I looking OK ..
Pass me that medicine box anika passes it and shivaay searches medicine intensionally and founds it but pretended as he is struggling in searching … He calls anika to search anika sits near him and finds the medicine and takes it out and says billu ji aapki kanchi aankho ko kya hua suddenly he smirks… And tried to apply it but his feet pained and he gets restless…
Anika sees him struggling and takes the ointment in her hands which shivaay actually wanted he was in pain but his medicine was anika … She moved close to shivaay and in gestures she asked can I help you he was giving a weird look but from in happiness bombs were blasting..
Anika lends on shivaay and applied ointment on his forehead and on only focusing on that but shivaay was exploring the depth on her eyes and breath which was driving him crazy he encircled her in his arms and pulls her more close… And felt her and anika straightly looked into his eyes anika was feeling his warmth they share an eye lock ..

Anika POV
Oh my god his blue eyes is really driving me crazy anika you have to control your emotions at any cost shivaay is just a dream to me he can’t be mine so why to pacify yourself she tried to control but her heart asked her are you not happy in his arms .. Anika stays silent and her heart won

Shivaay POV
You attract me anika you are a challenge for me I feel I got a competitor in my life from which is of my takkar I am shivaay Singh oberoi loss but in your case I always loss but I never regret on this fact … I wish I could explore your beauty always like this
Scene 3
@ Hall and at car
Shivin calls acp Ranveer as he went to pick anika and shivin said tu kaha hai yaar tujhe paata bhi hai waha anika shivaay ke saath romance kar rahi hai call me tha aur anika madam ka dhayan shivaay pe hai ..

( where are you buddy you know there anika is getting romantic with shivaay I was on the call and anika madam was focusing on shivaay).

Ranveer said don’t worry chill I am on the way ok I will bring her to you and disconnected the call …
Omkara was walking with Ishana he sneezes aaaachu… And Ishana holds him and asked him whether his OK he said yes…I….. Aaaachu…
Ishana pampered him that please sit and she arranged a towel and started drying his wet hair he was loving this gesture and started ordering her that see here is wet she smiles and dry it off…
Rudra from far was watching this and hitting her head ki somya has kept correct name for me duffer oberoi I never get such ideas like o and bhaiyya he walked to somya ….
Scene 4
@ Somya Room
The door was opened he entered and started his acting aaaaa… My head is paining like hell … Somya was sitting on the bed and looked back and thought I kept wrong name for my crybaby I should keep dramebaaz baby now let’s see what he go to grab my attention like SHIVIKA and Ishkara…
Rudra on the other hand was thinking what a girl she is she is not caring at all otherwise girl would die for me and in her case she will not die for me but while trying to grab her attention I will surely die .. Idea… He goes from room and somya looks back Arrey where he went and searched for him everywhere and Rudra sits with his Lappy and headphone and switched on the RED FM its hot …. And they somya switched to Love Angel ….. ( For Rudra love guru)…
Somo says….
Hello guys your love Angel is back for you all … Like a painter an artist is incomplete with his art and a businessman is incomplete with business senses like eyes are incomplete with vision similarly our life is incomplete without love…

Rudra says holding his headphones your my vision love Angel without you what would happen of me you complete me… You’re my love my love Angel… Now please solve my problems… He calls love Angel ( Somo)..

Hello caller ,can I know your name please?? Rudra mumurs my name is RU… And stopped … And Somo understood that on the other side crybaby is speaking.. Rudra thinks aarey Rudra if you say your real name then in college more than choppers and airplanes or rumors my name will fly in the air…
Hello hello Somo says … Rudra says my name is amar … Somo says wow you took this much time to recognise your name … Rudra says love Angel I am in a huge problem I have a girl in my life which is like what bhaiyya says … He thinks and said yaa… Chalti phirti problem ki dukan
Somo thinks I am a problem ki dukan huh and her jaw drops in anger… She says very bad how can you say this words for that girl
Wait what name you said can you repeat as I forgot Rudra holds his head and thinks of the name and Somo thought my crybaby is such a duffer he forgot his name only he says prem somya says but just not you said amar right!! He rephrased his sentence and said my name is amar prem … So what talking about my girlfriend .. Somya eyebrows touched the heights he rephrased I mean my friend and she was like OK …
I wanna take her to a date and grab her attention but she is not looking at me … Somo smiles and thought my crybaby is asking me that how to impress me !!!
Rudra says you know I love her…. Somo was eating her paratha and listening the word ” love” it choked and she coughs and sips water which was near her she was shocked … And Rudra came in senses that what he just blubber he rephrased it I mean I like you… And Somo was blushing a bit but I don’t know how to impress her as she is not an dumb but intelligent girl …
Somya was like ??loving it and said OK sing or dance for her on some special song or cook her favorite dish and look smashing and dashing she will surely love it… By the way I forgot again whats your name…. Rudra in tension bites his fingers and holds the microphone and said in thoughts do naam the kya tha??? He bites his hand and says bishach raj Nahi Nahi he thinks of an idea he takes off the headphone and says hello hello …. Aawaz Nahi aarahi … Hello hello and disconnects the line and takes a deep breathe .
He reminiscences love Angel words”sing” ” dance on her favorite track” ” cook ” ” look smashing and dashing ” ” I am lady killer main pehle se hi smashing and dashing hu he cares her hair.. But says Somo per ye work Nahi karega and gets and idea … He ran to kitchen.. Somya was reminiscing his words and smiles…
Scene 5
@ hall ( oberoi mansion)

ACP Ranveer entered and thought ki yeh oberoi mansion hai aur main yaha se anika ko kese lejao he gets an idea he says loudly who is Anika here anika anika….
In bedroom the eyelock breaks and shivaay says Ranjhawa here … Anika says in mind oh no he came to take me Rathore Mansion shivin and aunty must be tensed because I am not properly answering their calls and she walks out shivaay too with her help..
omkara and Ishana was busy in each other when ishkara heard ranjhawa voice and omkara walked out and said Ishana to join Ishana thought how can I come when he is down omkara dragged her out holding her hand here from kitchen Rudra comes to ishkara and pats them from back and says o and they both turned and screamed aaaa…. Om and Ishana got scared seeing Rudra face they asked yeh kya.. hai.. Omkara touched his face and rudra said haldi facial good for skin you know you also want…
Omkara said cleaning his hands with Ishana’s dupatta ( shawl) unknowingly no dumbbell oberoi I don’t want to look like you .. Rudra praises himself I know o I am smashing and dashing … Ishana smiles omkara says I meant that I don’t want to look ghost like you .. You know Rudra you’re a chali phirti horror films and Rudra jaw dropped when he looked down while talking omish also looks down omkara was holding Ishana duppata still tightly … Rudra teases om by saying o leave her bha… I mean Ishana di will not run away…
Omkara hits Rudra head and again haldi pack come on his hand and ke says duffer first clean your face otherwise …. ( points his finger ) and Rudra ran to clean it off but before going he holds Ishana duppata and gives it to omkara ki lo hands clean kar lo… ( and smiles naughty) and runs … Omkara looks at Ishana and she cleans his hand…
Everyone gathered down in hall ..
( Anshi, ishkara, Rumya, tejanvi, dadi,pinky ) shakti and pinku was not at home …
Ranveer looked at anika and looks all around and suddenly he eyes glued on Ishana and Ishana panicked and looked down..
Shivomru asked what’s the matter now ranjhawa.. Why are you here ?
He sees anika and Ishana and points at them and says I came here for taking them .. Ishana and anika was like mar daye …. Raita phel gaya…
Shivomru and all reacts for them why?
Ranveer smiles and says they both have to come with me as miss anika has given wrong statement and miss. Ishana is a con girl…
Shivaay and omkara says ( angry) mind your language ranjhawa…. You can’t take them like this..
Ranveer says I can do anything what ever I want and you both are not supposed to interfere … Drama happens .. But ranveer manages to take anika and Ishana not to jail but to rathore mansion…
Episode ends hope you liked it
Its the auspicious day for Rathore Ranjhawa and oberois it was the time for Maha aarti pandit asked oberoi family and tej and pinky said we have 3 waaris and the brother came forward and media clicked their photos they lighted the lantern .. Media said there are 3 poojas at a same place who will do Rathore and ranjhawa aarti and 2 voices came the media turned….
Shivaay and all shocked… Anika and Ishana tensed … Omru confused..

Please do comments and let me know what you like in my OS and what I have to improve hope you all are happy with the length…

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