Anshi OS Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 6) by shama

First of all , Thanks a lot for loving my bakwaas ff from the bottom of the heart thanks for commenting and for the first time I came to know that I am having “silent readers” .. Thanks a lot for coming forward my dears and motivating me please do continue… And in case anyone of you feel the current track is boring short or off track so please drop your valuable comments down …. I will make sure to spice it up and a big apology to all English readers for not adding translation !!!!
In case anyone has missed Episode 5

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Present Episode – ( sixth episode)
Scene 1
At oberoi Mansion -rumya
Somya was angry with Rudra and Rudra was tensed that now how should clear this mess he scratched his head like a monkey and thought and to say something special to her and he said in his meri pyaari Somo
( my lovely Somo)meri aachi Somo ( my good Somo ) holding her shoulders meri khubsurat Somo
( my beautiful Somo ) somya was slowly melting and was feeling good she was holding a glass a water because he was continuously admiring her that’s why she holded the glass that after he finishes I will offer him water with love ( she smiled) and while admiring her he said mera moti Somo
you’re so moti that no one will apologize like this to you and especially me the Rudra Singh oberoi I never thought ki I will go friendship with a moti… Suddenly Somya’s smile vanished from her face and she was angry now she turned and Rudra saw glass and asked yeh kiske liye
( for whom ) she said tumhare liye phichale 10 minutes me tumne mujhe 115 baar moti kaha hoga ..

He nodded his head and stretched his hand for taking the glass but somya thrown water on his face and he was drenched and somya pushed him outside and banged the door on his face ..
He walked to shivaay room for help

Scene – 2
@ Shivaay Room
Shivaay was holding anika mobile it was still ringing and the phone was flashing the name of ” mumma” he thinking that whose this as he know that anika was orphan he was thinking and anika was tensed that shivaay should not pick the call otherwise raita phel jayega.. She walked slowly and came to shivaay as he was about to pick the call Rudra entered the room and anika took the sigh as shivaay kept
the mobile on bed and Rudra said with a crybaby face ?? bhaiyya..
SHIVIKA saw his drenched and shivaay said phirse…
Anika said – Rudra what happened ?? Tumne shower?? liya kya??
Shivaay looked at Rudra and said maximum people take shower and then wear clothes …
Rudra says kya bhaiyya Somo ki wajahse ye…
Shivaay says tum bar bar yese aapni bezati (insult) kyu??
( pointed his finger on him)
He looked at shivika and said bhaiyya ye aapki wajah se aapne anika di se intni bar aapne uper pani girwaya hai ki main aapse inspire ho gaya
Shivika looked at each other and said at once shut up Rudra!!!
Their voice reached everyone in the home as if earthquake had come ishkara broke their hug Ishana disconnected the call and switched off the phone and ishkara looked at each other and said why this place is shaking like earthquake had come…

Omkara said no ishu this is not earthquake but shivaay and anika …
Lets go and check they ran to SHIVIKA room they entered and Rudra turned towards them and omkara was like phise… Tu inspire hua …. And shivaay looked at om in anger and omkara zipped his mouth …
Shivaay said to Rudra ki tune phirse kuch kiya aur anika aur mujhe kyu blame kar raha hai…
Rudra made puppy face …
And omkara saw shivaay and thought ki nowadays shivaay is remembering anika a lot and smiled and sang..
” Phirse naam liye phirse yaad kiya ”

Ishana was standing beside omkara and looked at him and thought ki uff zulfi Singh oberoi is multi talented he sing so good and she unknowingly she started singing with him and they both were now singing in one rhythm beat .. And Rudra forgot that he was facing an problem and he started dancing.. So Rudra became dancer ishkara singers and shivika audience..
They finished that song and Rudra said waaah bhaiyya ab dusara wahi shivaay bhaiyya aur anika di ka favorite…
He started singing now…
” Billu ki shaadi hoti , Billu ka sehara sajhega , Billu ghodi chadenga billu dulha banega ”
And ishkara was controlling their laughter when Rudra was dancing..
Anika hits her forehead and shivaay gives his brothers a deadly glance…
And finally SHIVIKA together went out and bought four glasses of water and thrown it on Rudra and ishkara….
They were shocked….
Shivaay said all for one and one for all anika said hoga tum sabka ganga sanan …. ( holy bath)..

And shivika let the room in anger and in room Rudra was like ab 3 din tak shower lene ki zarurat Nahi….
Omkara gave a deadly glance to Rudra and he was mum …
Omkara saw his shirt and wet hair and in anger said what the wack … And started gathering his wet hair and Ishana was going the same…
Rudra was quiet and was was watching ishkara and thought waaah SHIVIKA – panibaaz jodi
Aur ishkara – zulfibaaz jodi…
Bhaiyya aur anika ek dusre ko compliment pani se karte hai Aur ishkara zulfo say kya similarity hai…
( Rudra thought wow!! Shivaay and anika compliment each other with water and ishkara compliment each other with their long hairs what a similarity)…

Scene 3 ( @ Rathore Mansion)…
Outside ground….

All the servants were in a line with flower plates in their hands … They were waiting for someone special…

That guy entered and stood in front of them …. Still in position hands in the pockets was wearing goggles and was waiting when a voice called him
“Shivin ” he turned and smiled and walked to the person and hugged him and said wow!! Acp Ranveer Ranjhawa joh na kabhi jhukta hai na bikta hai !!

Ranveer said shivin why you’re giving my intro my friends I had to come as today aunty is coming from abroad na!!
Shivin said yes mom is coming today infact just around a hour back I was talking with her she was in the chopper and was reaching… By the way where is Ishana ??
Ranveer said I don’t know as she is not answering my messages or calls I called her just few minutes back but no reply I thought to bring her here @ Rathore mansion as tomorrow is a special day for rathore and ranjhawa both … But
Shivin nodded his head in agreement and said I can understand your situation and saw his phone which was in his hand with a sad face…
And Ranveer said what happened shivin ??
Shivin nodded his head in no !! Nothing

And ranveer said I am ACP and I can understand everyone’s feelings just through glance
Ooooooo …. I understood shivin you have not talked to anika since long that’s why you’re upset now tell me shivin am I right ??
( he asked this question and kept his hands on his shoulder….)
And shivin with a sad face said yaa.. You’re right …. Nowadays these girls enjoy to trouble poor boys….
Ranveer smiled and said I agree this is a fact…..
A copper sound came and they looked towards that side …
The copper landed it was having a symbol of R… On it and the same lady gets down from it and flowers were showered on her welcome…

She was gorgeous she was wearing a dark green mehandi colour saree with a Navy blue silk embroidery shawl which was tucked on only a shoulder her attitude personality was killing …
She hugged her son shivin with a smile and shivin said I missed you a lot mom she said me too beta…
Ranveer smiled and was waiting for his turn he cleared his throat with sound and the lady extended her hand and said ha …ha aaja …. And she gave a tight hug to both ….
Ranveer said how are you aunty??
The lady said I am fine thank you ranveer.. But why you call me aunty you know I don’t like it … You’re like my son shivin so you should call me mumma..
Shivin hits ranveer and said samjha..
Ranveer holded his ears and sorry !!
And he saw new phone in her hand and said aunty I mean mom new phone….
Where is your phone it was purchased one week ago na..
Shivin saw this and said ranveer that friend tujhe paata hai na mom ko kitana jaada gussa aata hai … You know one week is a long time other every second day we have to purchase new phone …
The Lady hits playfully both boys with love …
Ranveer said oh mobile shop wale ki toh lottery lag janti hogi every second day a new phone… They give each other a high five…
OK now boys shut up and anika is not picking my calls too ….
Shivin said strange !! She never avoid your calls in fact within half ring she picks it …

Scene 4

@ Anshi – corridor
Anshi was walking and they both at once said yeh Rudra bhi na..
And looked at each other and was silent for a while and anika broke the ice and said billu ji woh hai toh aapka hi Bhai na help toh karna hoga ..
Yes exactly anika ek bar phir humare opinions match kar rahe hai … But what special we should do for Rumya they were on thinking mode
When anika ki dimaag ki bati ? jali and she hits shivaay shoulder with hand and said aa gaya khidki tootdh idea !!! How about a dinchek date …
And due to her sudden hit shivaay the great wall dis-balanced and anika said Arrey Arrey and holded him again they both have an eyelock which was broke by the sound oh my Mata !!!
And they moved backwards …
Shivaay anika kya khichdi pak rahi hai tum dono ke between huh
Shivaay says mom that is * dono ke beach
Pinky says corrects… Billu tu chal rest kar and anika aapne ghar jayegi …
Ghar!!! Mom I will drop her … Shivaay said
Pinky asked why’s ???
Anika again got a call from name sweetheart….
Anika said ji billu ji aap aunty ji ki Baat maan ligeye or rest kijiye please making puppy face and shivaay was like ?? so sweet my panika and asked to rest he turned to go…

Meanwhile anika went down in hall ( running) and lifted the call and said sorry sweetheart ….
And billu stopped when he heard the word sorry and sweetheart at once from anika mouth…
And thought sorry aur anika impossible Aur ab yeh sweetheart kyon hai ???
Chod shivaay…. Mujhe farak Nahi padta but from in he was desperate to know Scene -5
Rudra and ishkara
Rudra cried like hell?????
Ki pahale Somo or ab bhaiyya ne mujhe ignore kar diya …. Uuuuuve…
Ishkara looked at him and said at once chup bhi ho jao..
Rudra rubbing his teared eyes like baby said jabse bhaiyya ki zindagi me anika di aai tab se bhaiyya apne dumbbell oberoi ko bhul gaye aapko paata hai pehle bhaiyya ki liye main number 1 tha or unhe irritate karne me bhi per anika didi ne toh mujhse meri pehchaan hi jhinli …??????
Episode ends
Thanks for reading my bakwaas episode
Do comments ….and let me know whether I am on track and sorry for short update

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    1. Thanks dear priyanka for ur valuable suggestion sorry for inconvenience actually in the previous part everyone said they were missing omru so I tried but the balance went high and I really forgot shivika but plz tolerate this for few more episodes as I will slowly slowly show it….
      Actually there is one more reason I wrote this episode in hurry as I got many demands so….

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