Anshi Os Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 4) by shama

Thanks guys for all your concerns .. I will try to clear all your doubts asap my dear .. If you think I am somewhat good so please do share your views and a special thanks to my friends gang to accept my ideas ,suggestions etc its just a cute gesture ..
Present Episode
Scene 1
Oberio Mansion

Everyone got the news that something has happened there at the spot they all were tensed for omru Anshi..
Pinky said to everyone that itna sanaata kyu hai why silence you know I have prayed for billu and everyone safety so no worries my mata will take care ..
Janvi said patting her shoulder pinky shivaay ki koi khabar Nahi hai tum samjh rahi hona shivaay thik hai ya Nahi ab tak Nahi paata chala ..
Pinky said o ho mera billu aayega aap Dekhna ..

Dadi said ha pinky mujhe paata hai WO aayega bilkul thik kyuki uske saath uske Bhai aur uska………
She paused and thought of uska pyaar uski anika hai jab tak uske saath yeh tino hai tab tak use kuch Nahi hoga…

{ janvi understood that what dadi was thinking and smiled and said mummy ji your right}..
Pinky said hmm.. Sahi Baat boli aapne
Per mummy ji aap kyu chup hogi kya bol rahi thi aap ??
Dadi says WO…WO and a sound comes.. and everyone looks there at the entrance …
Pinky said oh my mata yeh kya hua?? ( everyone stood up from their seats )
Scene 2
@ Hospital.. ( Newyork)

Anika and omru reached hospital with shivaay who was unconscious now the trio omru anika shouted doc….doc.. nurse please bring the stretcher and no time he was on it holding anika hand tightly.. The trio was walking with the stretcher and praying for shivaay life shivaay for a while opened his eye

(not fully and tilted his eyes towards anika )… He saw her in a weak manner not in consciousness she was weeping like hell shivaay tightened his grip on her hand and she saw that shivaay is looking at her.. Shivaay …. Anika said
Omru saw shivaay …
Shivaay said in a very low voice oh meri panibaaz champ aaj rooh rahi hai…
Anika moved her ear near his face and cleaned the tears with one hand and said… In a running shaking voice…
Ha….h.. ? bill…billu ji… Aap …thik ho jayege…
( holded shivaay hand tightly with both hands with a weak smile on her face)..
Shivaay then saw Rudra and omkara crying and said.. Hum ooo..oberoi hai … Rooh raheho??

Anika took her hand back and doctor said we need to operate him as the goons has given him high dose of drugs and he have to treat him … They take him in ward but he holded anika hand and went again in unconscious state ( his grip was so tight on her that she couldn’t even move it ).. Doctor saw this and said mam you have to come in without your presence the patient won’t let us go treatment omru requested anika that please for his seek forget your fights for family surname linage blood etc and please save him as he is the most precious for us he is like breathe to us please.. Omru said..

Anika said you don’t need to tell me what he means in your life’s I understand I will take care of him as much as I can… And she entered the ward with panel of nurses and doctors.. ( a nurse shut the door)..
Omru came in front of the window and was seeing shivaay through it and touched it with hands and both said in minds shivaay tujhe kuch Nahi hoga …
Scene 3
@ { Unknown Place}…
The scene focused on a edifice which was beautiful now wooden roof and designing the edifice was sea blue with white contrast a security person ran in full speed and opened the wooden designed door with both hands and climbed stairs and walked to a room and halted… There at the room entrance and knocked…
( using one hand he knocked the door knock … Knock)
And waited for a reply from in ….
Voice said…

What is the update????
Security person said hmm… Sir Anika mam is in Newyork with oberois brothers in hospital as per my sources the eldest son of oberois have met and accident so…
Voice said oh OK keep an eye on oberois….
Security person said OK … And walked back to his place
Scene 4
@ oberoi Mansion again….
Somya entered in with a injured girl supported her with arms she was helping her ( riddima elder sister)..
Dadi said somya aa gayi puttar isse lekar …
Tejanvi asked maa… Aap isse janti hai kya ?? ( pointing their fingers on her)..
Dadi explained everything to all and said shakti to call our family doctor for treating this poor girl ….

As per dadi ordered shakti called the doctor …
Till that somya janvi gave her support and made her sit on the sofa .. And janvi called omkara to know whether any updates…
Pinku went in kitchen and brought juice for the injured girl…

And made her drink it ….
she slowly lifted her head dadi was stroking her hair dadi asked dear are you fine??
The girl said yaa I am feeling better now and doc.. Is also coming na so..I will be fine..
Scene 5
@ hospital again…. At shivaay private ward
Shivaay made anika sit really close to him ( still holding her hand in his)..
Doctor said to anika … That your husband is alright now.. Anshi looked at each other and took their hands back and Anshi tried their best to clear the confusion anika was about to speak …
( that time omru entered the room) with a huge smile on their faces looking at each other omru said….

H…u…s…b…a…n..d ? ha… So sweet
O jiss Baat ko sune ke liye mere kaan taras gaye woh toh ladkiya bhaiyya ko seconds me kahedeti hai…
Om smiled and said ha…. Woh great wall hai na shayad iss liye tumne dekha Nahi log 7 ajubo ki tarif karte hai eighth ajuba humara shivaay hai…

Shivaay said Rudra shutup ….om tu bhi .. Tujhe toh use shikhana chahiya na…
Om said shivaay tu sikha raha hai na..?
Rudra said ha bhaiyya ye hand holding therapy toh sikhani hogi…?
Anika said doc you have misunderstood he is not my husband shivaay looked at her angrilpadega
Janvi called omkara his phone rings with a melodious tone…

” joh na kahe sake hum ,joh na kahe sake tum ,joh na kahe sake hum joh na kahe tum kahe ne lagi dono say woh khamoshiyan oh saathiya… Saathiya saathiya “…
Rudra unknowingly started dancing on it and omkara gave him a deadly glance hitting his head and lifted the phone….

Janvi – omru shivaay ki khabar hai kya?? Kya woh thik hai ?? Phone kyu Nahi kiya ?? Hum log tension me hai…

Om – maa… Shivaay thik hai… Hum bhi thik hai aur sorry itne stress me phone Nahi kar paya…

Janvi – Shivaay thik hai… Tum log bhi
( looking at everyone everyone took a breathe of sigh ) aur koi Baat Nahi stress me phone kana bhul gaye toh I understand…

( pinky patted her shoulder and said jethani ji woh log kab aa rahe hai….pucchu na )
Om hears it and says bus raat ki flight hai shivaay ko discharge medical precarious le kar karde iss condition per ki ghar me uski care ho..

Janvi says ha OK main arrangements karti hu taki jab tum log aao ge toh problem nahi hogi…
Om said OK and disconnected the call
Shivika looked at each other
( and soul talk)…

Uff itne aasu bhagad billu ke liye bahadiye main
( showing some attitude ) shivaay said loudly in mind uff itni der main iss panika ko yaad kar raha tha or yeh …
Anika eyebrows raised she asked him through soul … Billu ji kya kar rahe the aap mujhe??
Shivaay realized what he thought just now and said WO…WO
Anika said I understood …and smiled and thought mujhe maaloom hai ki tum aapni feeling express Nahi kar pate jise omkara shayari Nahi chod pata…
Doctor said OK discharge formalities are finished now you can go…

Omru thanked doctor ….
Anika was still looking at shivaay when her phone rang and her expressions all of a sudden changed .. .? she gets up to lift the call and there omru helped shivaay in getting up from bed… But shivaay eyes was stuck on anika he wanted anika to hold and support him he made sounds anika was about to lift the call and turned hearing shivaay in pain and om understood that shivaay wants anika he messaged Rudy ki kabab me haddi mat ban shivaay ko anika sambhalegi ….
He smiled and sent ???? Rudra was happy

He moved and anika holded him and supported him ( her one hand was on back and the second on chest )…
Shivaay was again and again tripping and anika continued to hold him they shared an eye lock for some seconds and all reached airport and in no time in flight…. SHIVIKA sat together and omru sat together and said wah kya jodi hai… Omru ki bani jodi and gave a high 5 to each other…
Scene 6
@ oberoi Mansion… After many hours..

The girl was OK now doctor prescribed medication and she was sitting with oberoi family and explained everything
That some goons were following her and at the same time she got hit …
Omru Anshi entered.,… Everyone looked at the entrance and got up from their seats everyone went close to shivaay…
Tejanvi asked together shivaay tum thik hona ??? And looked at each other
Dadi said billu puttar …. And hugged him …. Pinky and pinku did the same somya was standing aside and omkara looked at her and said tumhe kitni bar bolna padega ki sister family ka part hoti hai… She ran and hugged shivaay as she moved the girl face was visible omkara shocked he screams I……s….h…a..n..a
And shivaay Rudra and all others were shocked….

Ishana gets up from seat and says om…
Everyone asked omkara that she is the same Ishana ha…
Omkara just nodded his head in yes
and everyone looked at Ishana as if she has gone a crime….
Meanwhile anika phone rang again she disconnected the call many times and messaged to the caller…

” I am in India now I know why are you calling I will meet you at your place tomorrow Sweet heart please maaf kardo phone katne ke liye …. “..

At unknown place same mansion ( mentioned in scene 3 )
That Same room it was full of darkness but a guy was sitting on beanbag and messaged to anika…
OK sweetheart maaf kiya … Per missing u come soon and smiled his face is not shown …
But their was a portrait of anika on the wall ….
Anika received the reply and smiled and messaged thanks we will meet soon missing u too…

Episode ends…
Ishkara hug …. Rumya first date…. Shivaay is happy that anika is taking care of him … Anika tensed…. Ishana tensed…

Sorry guys for late update as my sissy shivanya came with aunts and bros too all time she was on fb so hope u all understand my problem…. Thanks to all commenters and readers who red it ..

Thanks a lot dears for patience…
I will be back with a new one …
Thanks a lot dears for motivation my friends gang sat,nithu,pragya ,ananya etc…
Love you all…..

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